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Mr Wriggles

Mr Wriggles is a lovely, friendly and playful boy. He's always running over and checking out what you're doing. He does need to get to know you before he will accept your pats, but once he does, he's very happy to sit on the couch next to you. He may be a bit of the heavy side, so we're going to have to watch just how many treats this sneaky boy manages to take from us! He does love eating! Perfectly litter trained as well. Such a delight.

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Indi (very original name, thanks to moi) is a gorgeous blue female ringneck. She's actually quite placid and not as flighty as most aviary birds, so there is a chance that she was once very used to humans and being handled. A bit of patience and love and I think she'd make a great friend for someone. Her stunning colour is really not captured in photos (has anyone told you how hard it is photographing birds?! I thought the bunnies were uncooperative... hah).

Indi would love a knowledgeable home with lots of fruits and sticks and exploration time! She has a long lifespan, so needs commitment from her new owner. If you're looking for a best friend, she could be the one!

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