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Roxy is a loyal, affectionate dog looking for a forever home to shower her in love and cuddles. She is good with other dogs, cats and kids and loves nothing more than a good, thorough belly rub.

Before Roxy came to SAFE Perth she was left outside day and night, so she is still learning her manners and how to behave in the house. She needs a family willing to dedicate the time to her training but she is a quick learner and eager to please, a few good treats and you’ll have her undivided attention.

Roxy is currently fostered with a larger male dog and 3 confident cats. She does like to get up close to say hello to the cats so confidence in any kitty friends is a must. She would do best with older children as although she is gentle, she is still learning that it’s not ok to jump up and might accidentally knock over a small child in her enthusiasm.

Being a scent hound, Roxy loves her walks and has her nose to the ground at every opportunity. A daily walk with the chance to stop and smell the roses would make for one very happy pup. For the slightly more active family, an activity like tracking would be ideal and keep her ever curious nose busy.

If you’re looking for a happy go lucky cuddle buddy then Roxy is the girl for you, she would love nothing more than to be allowed to cuddle with you on the couch of an evening and warm your feet at night.

If you think Roxy might be the perfect little sweetheart for your family please call SAFE Perth today.

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Hi Everybody my name is Saxon!

I am currently spending time in kennels waiting for a new home and I am hoping that maybe my new home is with you!

I can be a little shy on first meet but once I get to know you I pawmise I will be the sweetest and bestest loyal and goodest boy you have ever known <3

I am ok with other dogs but would probably be best suited to a home on my own as only dog where I can be spoiled rotten! I am also better suited to a home where there are no young children. Ideally, a single person or couple who have experience with German Shepherds would be the best fit. I bond very strongly to one person.

I love to go walkies and will behave nicely on lead with you and not to brag, but I happen to know a few basic commands too ;-)

If you would like to know more about me and maybe come and meet me, please text your enquiry to 0437 870 245 (Office hours are 10am-3pm).

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you will consider me as your potential new best friend!

*Please note we do not accept online applications

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Chino, or Buns as he's often called, is bold and smart.

He's mainly
indoors and would suit a home with older kids or no kids. He's litter box
trained, so any room you keep him in, he knows what to do.

He gets along with chickens and dogs, and once you've bonded with him he'll get along
with you too. He loves his pellets for treats and running around the yard once every morning or evening, or both if the weather permits!

If he gets bored or lonely he'll chew through any wires he finds, so it's best to keep
them out of his reach and keep him entertained.

He would love a friend to play with, he's very lonely for a bestie, so
we'll be looking for a home who already have a rabbit or are planning on
having 2 eventually.

Chino has brought a lot of joy to our home, he will surely add a lot of fun to yours too!"

For more information, please text his foster carer on 0433 080 013

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Alfie **Foster/Adopt**

Hi everybody! My name is Alfie!

I am a little bit uneasy with new experiences and new people as I have come from a pretty rough start. I am good on the lead though and I love my walk and I have lots of energy and I love having cuddles… I just need to get to know you a bit first.

I can be a bit overbearing so I might be best off as an only dog, however I might be ok with the right female of similar size and energy level pending successful meet and greet prior to adoption.

I just need a little time, honestly, to settle into a new home and see that I am loved, and then I can do and be anything. I can be the best friend you ever had. Please give me the chance.

The kennel staff here have taken wonderful care of me but I want to be in a home with a family to call my own now! If you can't adopt me please consider fostering me

<3 Alfie

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Glenn is a big, very friendly and a pretty white and grey boy. He is very affectionate and loves attention and pats and will rub against your legs if your not giving him enough. Glenn is looking for a home all to himself though may be ok with a female cat. He is located in Bullsbrook. So if you like the big boys then he is for you.

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Auska is a lovely pretty girl and with a nice nature. She lives with her 2 siblings Ollie and Toni. Her mum is a Snowshoe but Auska doesn't show the same colouring. Auska could be adopted to a family with older children, couple or single person and could go to a home with another cat. She is located in Dianella.

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Ari is a fun loving bundle of fluff who will be a great companion.

He loves to be the little spoon and sleep close by, but hates when it's time to wake up.
ke a typical cat, normal cat toys are no fun. But hair ties are another story!!

He will always give you a warm welcome when you get home and keep you company with all your daily tasks.

For more information, please text the foster carer direct on 0439 948 642

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Ollie is a sweetie plus beautiful to look at with his blue and white fluffy coat. He is a lovely boy and lovely natured. He lives with 2 of his siblings Toni and Auska. Ollie's mum is a Snowshoe though he doesn't show the same colouring as her. He will suit a family, couple or single person and could go to a home with another cat. Ollie is located in Dianella.

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Hi, my name is Buddy and I am an 18 month old kelpie x that is full of energy!

I love being around people. Heck, people? I'm good with kids! I just loooove to play with other dogs!

I am quite smart and I think if you can keep giving me that bit of extra training, I'll continue to blossom into a great companion.

I'm all house trained and I've got the use the doggy door all sorted out. I love my toys and I’m learning to fetch my ball (kong).

I also love going to the river or the beach, so if you like water, or heading out for a walk? I'm your man!

Please contact SAFE Perth during our opening hours of 10am-3pm on 0437 870 245 for an explanation of our adoption process. Please note that we do conduct homechecks for dog adoptions and also offer a 2 week trial period on all adoptions.

If you cannot get through on our main number, please text for a callback (no voice mail capacity).

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Toni is a lovely affectionate girl and has a nice nature. She lives with her 2 siblings Ollie and Auska. Her mum is a Snowshoe but Toni doesn't show the same colouring. Toni could be adopted to a family, couple or single person and could go to a home with another cat. She is located in Dianella.

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