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Samson The Little Crossbreed

To apply to adopt Samson through Seniors and Silky Rescue please follow this link

A bit about Samson

Samson is a beautiful sweet boy who lived his whole life in a hoarding situation so he has not had the socialisation a young dog his age should have had.
Samson has thrived in a quiet home where he can warm up to his new people in his own time without pressure. Once he has learnt to trust you, you can expect to have a shadow who likes to watch everything with interest.
Samson is not 100% housetrained but he has come a long way and will continue to improve.
Samson loves other little dogs so a friendly little buddy would be great. He watches how they act and is happy to follow their lead once he is comfortable with them. Samson is overwhelmed by larger dogs.
In foster care Samson has found zoomies around the backyard is fun, soft beds are the best to nest in. While Samson has been for a car ride or two he much prefers to stay in and around his home.
Samson is not good with children or loud noises so a quiet home with one or two people would be great.
Samson is only young so he has many years of love to give and for the right home he will return your love and patience with trust and great companionship.

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Wow, Beeker is just gorgeous!
Please go straight from here to

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Lilly is a funny and strong personality. Please go from here straight to our website

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Hi, my name is Sam :)

I have very specific needs so if you go to you will find my full profile there.


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Hi everyone! Great news. I got myself a new home!

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Hi there! My name is Violet and you'll find out more about me at

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Pinky (F) & George (M)

Located in Sydney. Meet our two littermates who have been together forever, 10yr old apricot toy poodles.

Both walk well on leash, and are ignoring my cats. Happily sharing the lounge with a lazy grey tabby and black googly eyed persian.

Please follow the link to our website to apply

Pinky is pictured. Both are located at Inner West Sydney SSR

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Fifi Teefies

Located in Sydney. Fifi is the cutest, scruffiest cuddle bug who is active and adventurous
Visit her rescuers and fellow foster pets at

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Sunny is such a happy boy. We've got more information on our website. If you'd like to inquire please contact us or fill in an adoption application form. Please, Sunny likes children over 12 and no cats.

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​Monty is loving life and has learnt lots of manners in foster care. Monty has put on weight and is looking fabulous, we think he knows he is a bit cute with his cheeky ways.

Monty is full of personality, he is mischievous at times which is to be expected at the young age of 2yrs. Monty is great in the car and loves meeting new people charming them as he goes. He is a bit bossy at times with his foster sister's and goads them into playing games with him. If that doesn't work he will seek out the squeaky toys and loves a game of soccer. Another favourite past time of Monty’s is sunbaking so a doggy door would be perfect so he can go inside and out as he pleases.

He is affectionate and loves cuddles from anyone, visitors will need to give him attention as he hops up on their laps and reminds everyone how adorable that little face is. Monty will follow you wherever you go around the house to watch over you even for the most menial of tasks, he will be your shadow. He will sleep happily in his bed beside your all night long.

Monty knows how to sit and wait for his dinner, food is very exciting to him and will try to stare at you while you eat even if he has just had his.

onty will need a home without pocket pets or feathered friends, he finds them a bit too interesting. Monty is not a match with larger breed dogs as he is such a tiny boy that does not realise his small size. He loves his cuddles and human attention.
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To apply to adopt Monty, please click on this link

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