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Noodle is a lovely little man. Sweet and sensitive, he loves a snuggle on the couch as much as an interesting walk to the park or a play with his mates.

He’s a terrier through and through, probably a foxie-type, with a curly ‘noodley’ tail. A real cutie with one ear up and one ear down, he has a head tilt move that just screams ‘what you talking ‘bout?!’. Whatever his breed, he is good looking boy with lovely soft, neat fur.

While he has been hanging out with his fosterer, he’s been getting along really well with his foster-sister doggies! We’d definitely recommend Noodle goes to a home where he is not the single pup as he will get so much more out of life with a friend.

Noodle will benefit from positive socialisation (spending time with people, and with other dogs outside the home). Noodle needs an experienced owner with a soft approach, and with continued socialisation his confidence will continue to improve and he’ll become the awesome dog he always was meant to be. A home without children will be best for Noodle.

Noodle learned some basic obedience, but would benefit from continued training. He walks well on lead and really enjoys his outings.

Noodle is house trained and sleeps soundly in a crate at night. He has a lovely soft and sleek low maintenance coat that will require an occasional bath and a regular brush to keep him clean and tidy.

Noodle requires access to the house via a doggie door or similar and he must sleep inside.

Noodle comes desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated and is on flea, worm and heartworm prevention, he has also had a dental. The adoption fee is $495. Noodle is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Noodle please email Denise

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Hank needs to find a new home urgently as his owner has had to move into a home unit. His owners are very sad but Hank really does need a back yard to mooch around in and a home unit just doesn’t cut it.

Hank is a very handsome lad with a wonderful nature, he gets along famously with humans of all ages and especially loves children. He is an active dog and will require regular exercise in his new home.

Hank is really good with other large dogs when he is at the dog park and he doesn’t mind playing with dogs who are smaller than him either. When he is on lead Hank may bark at other dogs to get their attention so that he can have a sniff and get to know them. In some dogs this can be typical behaviour if they have not been trained appropriately. Hank is a young dog and with the right owner will do well with some training in that area.

Hank comes desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated, wormed, heartworm tested. The adoption fee is $295.00 Hank is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Hank, please email Denise

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Jessie is a great dog with a fantastic nature. She has a lot of energy and requires a home with a family who are into exercise/walking their dog every day of the week.

Jessie loves to go to the off leash park and runs all over the place, she is extremely good with other dogs and would like a doggie friend in her home who can keep up with her high energy levels. Jessie’s doggie companion must be a male not a female dog as she is far more compatible with male dogs. She is extremely affectionate and loves her Mum and Dad foster carers very much. When she originally arrived into care Jessie was afraid of both males and females but as each day passes she becomes more and more confident.

Jessie is a house dog, she is house trained and uses a doggie door with ease. Her coat will require regular brushing to keep it free from knots.

Are you up for an energetic dog with all the love in the world to give?

Jessie comes desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated, wormed, heartworm tested and she has had a dental. The adoption fee is $495. Jessie is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Jessie, please email Denise

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Sundae is an enthusiastic, hilarious tripod dog. She has an undeniable zest for life, loves everyone and everything and is completely fearless. Sundae arrived into our care with a bad limp in her front leg, it was quickly discovered that she had an old fracture that had been left unattended and after vet investigation and discussion with multiple specialist we made the decision to amputate as it was causing her pain and discomfort. After her surgery Sundae woke up running, having three legs is certainly not something that has dampened her spirit. Sundae lives with 5 other dogs both big and small, she gets along well with all of them, including the resident cat. Sundae gets walked daily at the local dog beach where she runs, swims and plays with any dog up for a game. She is energetic, however tires reasonably quickly after her daily outing. Sundae is still very much a puppy, she is learning her manners and will need ongoing training to ensure she keeps out of trouble. Sundae is ideally looking for a home with another playful dog, she is great with children however does have a tendency to jump so older children would be better suited to her. Her new home, ideally would have minimal stairs, although she can get up and down stairs without issues the long term impact on her remaining front leg wouldn’t be the best. Sundae will need a good diet to keep her weight down so to not negatively impact her joints, she has a short shedding coat and only requires the occasional bath to keep her smelling fresh! She is house trained and requires access inside at all times.

Sundae comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, heartworm tested, and she has had a dental. The adoption fee is $495. Sundae is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Sundae, please email Denise

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