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Piper is another pound puppy that was let down by her owners. She was so scared she tried to hide under anything she could find in the pound.
When she came into care she was quite timid and frightened of everything and anything but she has now been with us for a while and although she still has timid tendencies she is a beautiful dog and needs to settle into her new home where she can feel she belongs somewhere and get on with learning life skills.
She was in care with other foster dogs and settled in to the point where she even loved to play with them. She became more confident so she moved to a foster home with less dogs. but children and cats all of which she has accepted and gets on well with.
She is still young and playful but loves her cuddles and is quite affectionate. She knows sit but will need ongoing training and socialising.
Piper is good in the car and she doesn't pull on the lead but she doesn't really have a lot of lead training. She is crate trained and pretty well house trained although she does have the odd accident.
She will need to go to a home with another dog that is going to play with her and not full time workers as she needs more interaction.

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Dexter was surrendered because his owners circumstances changed and they could no longer keep him.
He is a bloodhound x , about 4yrs old and a lovely natured boy. He spends most of the day with his female friend playing and when he isn't he is lazing around.
He does pull a bit on the lead but walks well with a halti. He is gentle and loves cuddles and the couch and being inside.
Dexter will resource guard and really doesnt like another dog sharing his couch so whoever adopts him needs to be aware of this if they have another dog,.
He rarely barks but he is in foster on property and he sees a roo he will bark at it. He also spends a fair bit of time with his nose on the ground.
He was an only dog before but had adopted quite well to other dogs. He is house trained

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indi is a stunning sweet husky x retriever.. She has had a rough start to life but is now a beautiful health happy girl that wants a human she can love forever.
Indi is highly intelligent and learns skills quickly. She is eager to please and keen to understand her human. Just after a few days she has learnt to sit, drop and stay. Indi has been in care with 3 other dogs and gets on great with them.. Where ever she goes she must be inside and be part of the famiy. She is house trained and crate trained, loves the car and loves meeting meeting new people,
Indi must go to a home where she will get ongoing training and socialising and must be part of the family as she will not do well as a back yard dog. She needs stimulation and human interaction otherwise she will be very unhappy.
Indi does have a strong prey drive so if anything moves she will chase it, including cats. She loves going to the dog park and is the first to meet new people and other dogs.

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This little darling came into care a little while ago and was scared of everything but she has been exposed to lots of new things and lots of dogs and has come out of her shell to the point where she is ready to go to her new home. She will need to go to dog training and she will need ongoing socialisation as she thrives on company of other dogs.
Pip is crate trained and pretty much house trained although she still leaves the odd puddle and because she is still a pup she shouldn't be left unsupervised inside and she loves to explore.
She has a delightful happy personality but still gets upset when growled at but she gets over it pretty quicky.
she loves pats and cuddles and walks although some things still worry her a bit on the walks.
At the moment she isn't comfortable in the car but that is just a matter of experience and more trips.
she has basic manners and will sit for treats.
Pip will not suit someone that works full time. and probably older children . She will need time put into her so if you don't have the time or are not prepared to then Pip is not the pup for you.

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**Bennett is doing really well in care, and the following is an update from his carer:

Bennett's update is that he is now having two sloppy meals a day and his megaesophagus is causing no other health issues. Since he has got healthier he has shown that he needs high secure fences.

He has not lived with cats. He is very food focused and very excitable at times so not suitable to a family with children under 12.

He loves swimming but his bad recall means he has to be on a long lead. Bennett loves life and just wants his human to be around a lot .**

Bennett is a dog who had done it tough for a while and came in to the pound as a stray very thin.

His breed is unknown but looks like a Retriever X and certainly has their personality. We think he is around 12 -18 months but learning the joys of being a dog as he has had a tough life.

After being desexed he became very ill and was diagnosed with Megaesophagus and an infection. He is on a special diet now and needs frequent smaller feeds that are liquidised so that food does not get stuck in the pocket he has in esophagus. He cannot have ordinary treats.

He has come a long way and is leading a happy healthier life.

He lives with a few other dogs and loves playing. He needs good fences and his scenting instincts mean he is not let off lead in unfenced areas as has poor recall. Bennett has been meeting a few other dogs and behaves well on the halti lead.

He loves people and just wants to be loved. He has been living inside and behaves well. Loves travelling in the car. He just needs a home that can give him a bit more time for his feeding and prepared to give him training.

He melts hearts and makes people smile.

Dogs with this condition can live long healthy lives.

For more images and information, please go to

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skipper is a little Ripper.
He was abandoned in the back yard and eventually ended up in the pound where no one claimed him so we did.
After a month or more of little interaction with anyone he was pretty excited once he came into foster care , to the point he jumped and nipped.
He has learnt that isn't the way to get on the good side of people. skipper has really tried to please and is going so well. He will sit and is learning to drop. He walks quite well on the lead and is obedient most of the time but sometimes the puppy comes out.. He is in foster with other dogs and is great with them and loves to play. He obviously hasn't been in the car much as he needs coaxing to get but once in he is fine..Nipper is a loving dog who needs a fun loving home where he will not be left alone too long.He is always checking his human is ok and needs an active forever human.He is house trained and crate trained has good recall.Very exuberant but is learning not to jump up . With consistent training will be an incredible loyal companion.
He is crate trained and almost house trained as he wasn't used to being inside before he came into care. He is great off lead and his recall is really good. He is now in foster with smaller dogs and a couple of cats and he loves to play with the little dogs and although he ignores the cats sometimes he can get a bit rough with both.
He is a great dog and will make a great family member with an active family that wants a new loyal , loving dog. Maybe not good around toddlers as he can be a bit boisterous when he gets excited.
He would fit well into an active family that will walk him everday and possibly another dog to play with

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How anyone could not claim this little girl from the pound astounds me.
She is so sweet and gentle and just a pleasure to have around. She had been fantastic with all dogs, she doesn't bark or whinge and will take what ever comes. She is crated at night and I am sure she would much rather sleep on the bed but she doesn't complain, she just looks at you with this "cant I come with you " look
When she came into care she had a nasty wound on her neck but that is healing beautifully now and her coat looks %100 after a couple of baths and lots of brushes.
Minny will make someone the most loyal companion and will never leave your side. She is happy to be left at home for short periods to do the shopping but if she can she will be in that car as quick as look at you.
She just loves her walks and I have found her great off lead with a great recall (most of the time)
I haven't really had her on lead much because of where her wound is. She loves to chase the hose too I have just found out.
Minnie must be an inside dog and must be included in the family activities and will only go to the most suitable home.
She would really suit an elderly couple (possibly retired) that are home and want a little dog to be a companion where she will get her regular walks and outings which is all she wants. She is house trained and crate trained.

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