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Sooky came to us after she had been hit by a car.. She has been with us for some months now and after treating her leg for 8 weeks and she was still unable to use it, we decided to help her recovery she would be better off without it.. Not even 2 weeks after she had it amputated she was playing tug with the other dogs and running around as if she has been on 3 legs forever.
She is a really sweet girl and very much an inside, people dog. She doesn't suffer separation anxiety as you can go out and leave her inside no problem, but when you are home she loves to be around you.. She is good with other dogs , not sure about cats, good with kids, loves her cuddles. She is good in the car and her recall is great. She hasn't been on the lead much because of her leg but she on acres at the moment so there hasn't been the need to walk her on a lead.
Sookie is a real sook and would love nothing more that to have her own home where she can be spoilt and given lots of tlc and cuddles.

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Well !!!!!! what do you say about this little man. He is full of life energy and mischief.
Nobby is an American staffy mix about 6mths old that came through the pound. He is a typical puppy that is full of energy, loves to play with other dogs, loves to go for walks although is too busy checking things out to walk in a straight line at the moment.
He knows some commands although he will need more training wherever he goes.
He travels in the car quite well. He is crate trained but not reliable yet with the house training. He loves his food.
Nobby is a great little pup that will thrive in the right home. He is very social with other dogs so will need continued socializing to get the best from him. Being the typical staffy, they are not dogs to be left in the back yard while the family is out all day at work or school and they are need to be inside and part of the family.
Being young, puppy school or dog school is highly recommended.

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Charlie is a happy go lucky girl that came through the pound. She has been in care with other dogs big and small and is great with all of them.
At present she is in care with a resident cat and a chook, a Chihuahua and a couple of other little dogs and doesn't have a problem. (except for the chook)
She loves to play with other dogs so would be great with another young dog for company. She is house trained and crate trained, loves her walks, good on the lead and her recall is good.
Charlie sleeps inside and is good inside but can be a bit mischievious if left alone for too long.
She is good with the cat (sort of). if the cat doesn't hiss at her she is fine but she wouldn't hurt the cat. She can co-habitate with one.
Even though she is living with chickens , she needs to be separate from them.
Charlie is still young and playful so will do well with a young active family that is going to walk her regularly and take her to dog training.

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