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Leo is such a happy go lucky boy who loves company. He isn't one to be left in the back yard by himself so if you work full time please don't consider this boy.
He is fantastic with other dogs and super friendly with people. He is crate trained and has had the odd accident inside. When you walk him on the lead he gets very excited to start with up jumps up and down on the spot but once he is walking he is fine. He doesn't pull unless he sees something that is interesting.
He loves the car and whenever the car door is open he is in and really doesn't want to get out.
He is not a barker and isn't a fence jumper.
Leo is a lovely friendly dog that just needs some training and lots of love

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Trudy is a very special girl that is so happy and playful and so deserves the best home where she will be part of a family.
She is a 3 yr old mastiff x boxer and like so many dogs hasn't had the best start in life. But you would never know.
We were told that she wasn't great with other dogs or males and had to have a quiet home.
She couldn't be in a noisier home if we tried. She is great with everyone once she meets them. She will bark and carry on when she first meets someone that she isn't sure of but if you let her come to you she will be your best friend.
She bounces around like a puppy , loves being inside, loves her food, is pretty good off lead but not around stock.
She has shown a lot of interest in horses etc when out on a walk. She can pull a bit on the lead but just needs more practice and she is great off lead with good recall.
she loves pats and cuddles and the car.
Trudy hasn't been around children or cats while in care but she shows to be a beautiful gentle girl that hasn't shown any aggression.

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Please meet the gorgeous Amarli.....This beauty is ever so clever....She sits, she is good with kids, she is good with the carers dogs, she loves playing fetch, she like being in the shell but isnt a fan of being sprayed with the hose, she needs a little work with walking but is getting better, she is house trained,
She is working hard with her foster family on her food manners and will need someone that will continue to work, Could be a little snappy at other animals if not continued with food training, she now sits and waits for dinner every night. She needs to be reminded to be gentle when you are hand feeding her.
She would love someone who is home a fair bit and a doggie friends but would be better suited to an only dog even though she has grown up with little dogs. , She needs companionship. She loves leaning on you when she is near.
She is very clam and doesnt bark very much.
Overall Amarli is a sweet girl who loves humans and doggie friendship

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