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what a cracker of a dog.
Ollie is just one big puppy who has been allowed to get away with stuff and he still tries his foster mum out on a regular basis. He was brought up in a busy house with lots of kids so I would say he didn't get much training.
He is a beautiful boy , great to have around but he needs constant reinforcement that it is not ok to jump on you and eat your sleeve or trouser leg. However, he is gradually learning. He would be better around older kids because of the mouthing, even though he doesn't hurt.
He is good in the car and great with other dogs. Not sure about cats.
He also needs a bit of work on the lead but he will be a great pet in the right home where he can be taken to training and kept socialized.
He would be best with another young dog but if someone is home most of the time he would be just as happy as he loves people. He is house trained and crate trained and rarely barks.

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WILL is a gorgeous 18 mth old male kelpie. 💕He has the most friendliest and happiest  nature and great with other dogs. He does jump up on you but is slowly learning not to. He would not suit a family with young children as he does jump up. He is ok with cats but tends to focus a lot on them. Great in the car. Doesn’t bark at night. Needs work both on lead and off lead. His recall is great  once he knows you and then he is by your side. He is an active boy and would only be suited to an active household that would give him the best environment for owning a kelpie. He is brilliant at agility and loves to play with other dogs at the park. Ideally suited to an active family  or a person who will always have WILL by their side. He would make the best companion in a loving home that understands working breeds. 🐾❤️

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Trudy is the loveliest 8 mth old female kelpie. 🐾❤️ Loves being inside. Great in the car. Very good with cats. She is good off lead and has great recall. She needs work on lead. She hasn’t had a lot of socialisation with dogs, although great with them once introduced. She will learn very quickly if she gets the continued socialisation, training and excercise she really deserves. She will be brilliant. Ideally she would love to be in a home with a dog for a friend or someone home majority of the time. She really is the most gentle soul. 💕

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Hubble is just a baby and was left unclaimed at the pound with his sister.
Not sure of his breed but is going to medium size when fully grown.
He looks to have a bit of kelpie but what else ??? is a mistery. He is your typical pup.. loves to play and run and chew and pee and poop. He is great with dogs of all sizes. Being a pup he will need to go to puppy school and learn how to be a nice dog. He will need ongoing socialization and ongoing obedience training. He isn't house trained or crate trained but that goes with puppies.
Being a pup he cant go to a home with full time workers and no one home during the day.

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