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This gorgeous boy has the best smile..... You just say hello to him and his face lights up......

His age is not know for sure and his history is a mistery but it wasn't good by the way he looked when he came in. I think he looked older than he actually is and as he gains weight the more playful he is becoming.

He is a staffy x and at the moment is still putting on weight but he still has a way to go. He just loves people and his little body goes around in circles when you talk to him in the morning. he loves his walks even though he does pull a bit. He loves sitting in the sun and of course just loves his food.

He is not good around other animals. so he needs to be in a home on his own, and although he isn't in foster with cats we have been told that he isn't good around cats at all.

He has the typical staffy talk when he gets excited or wants something. He is crate trained and lets you know when he wants to go out.

I believe Humphrey would be ideal in a home with a retired couple that want a companion to go for regular walks and just hang out with.. he would be in his element.

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So I have your attention !!!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Roxy and my game is to find myself a forever home.
I am around 2yrs old, white and tan and small in stature.. approx. around 15kgs and if you look closely I have white pigmentation in one of my eyes which adds to my awesome looks and character.
I am pretty normal for a staffy in that I don't really like to be by myself a lot, I don't like being crated and if you try I will wreck the crate..
I haven't been around cats in foster so I cant tell you if I would like one or not but probly not
I tolerate dogs but I can be a bit bossy so if you are going to be home I think I would like to be an only dog.
I am not fussed on the water but I do like to go in the car and I do love to go for walks,. I even come when I am called
I will not go to the toilet inside either.

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This gorgeous little girl came through the pound not long after we rescued her brother preston. She is a staffy x husky and around 11mths old.
Flick has been in care for a little while now as she was quite skinny and shy when she arrived so has taken some time for her to gain some confidence, but now she is playful and happy although still a little shy but I call it soft. She is so gentle and has the sweetest personality. She loves loves loves cuddles and hugs and pats. She is great with other dogs but doesn't like it when the play gets rough, She is ok in the car but hasn't spent a lot of time traveling. She walks quite well on the lead but could do with more experience and loves kids.
She isn't that good with cats, not that she wants to eat them but just wants to chase.
She has been down to the dog park and greeted everyone that came in the gate, but she was a bit overwhelmed with dogs sniffing her but after a few belly rolls she was everyones best friend.
Flick would make a great family pet but not to be left at home on her own 8 hours a day as she likes the company.
She is crate trained but not quite house trained but she does love being inside. She would benefit from further training and socialisation.

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This beautiful boy came into care a few weeks ago after being left at the pound. He is so loving and sweet it hard to imagine why anyone would leave him there.
He is great with other dogs, quite submissive if anything, he is great in the car, is crate trained, he rarely barks and he walks well with a halti.. He is good off lead and his recall is quite good although still needs a bit of work.
He knows sit but doesn't like to wait for his tea.. at all.... And , does he love his food.
Max can jump farm fences but he has only done it a couple of times.
Who ever adopts this beautiful boy will have an awesome companion.

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