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Little Tiger is a lovely little boy, who gets on well with my resident cat and dog. He is very confident and inquisitive, often finding himself trapped in cupboards.

He likes to be close to his humans, and especially likes to share your bed. He loves his food. He is toilet trained. He would do well in a home with cat friendly dogs, or a resident cat (with proper introduction.)

For more information regarding Tiger please contact his carer on 0400249450

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Napoleon is a beautiful honey coloured ginger boy, with love to give.

Napoleon is so soft and sweet he loves his tummy being scratched and will purr and wriggling around making sure you get all his tummy,

He is a little nervous around people at the start and that's why would best be in a house with no kids and a quieter house so he can shine once he is comfortable with what's around him.

He is great with another cats and rabbits, he would love a friend to play with and chase around the house

He is mircochipped and desexed and all ready for his forever home.

Napoleon is litter box trained and located close to the city.

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Shyla as her name suggests is a bit of a shy girl who will take time and patience to warm to new people but once settled she will be no trouble at all. Shyla is happy to be by herself all day and will snuggle up with you at night in bed for a cuddle.

Her purrs are so loud they can wake you up!

Because she am on the timid side of things she needs a home with no scary noisy children but she could live happily with another cat.

In her new home she will need a scratching post, a few toys to play with and a nice warm bed to curl up in and catch some z's!

Fostered NOR. Please call her carer on 0403806002 to inquire!

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Meet Spike! Spike was named after a vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Spike is a lovely fluffy ginger cat. He is quite independent, but will need one on one attention to fully have him on your side.

Spike is not suitable for young children has however lived with other cats.

If you are willing to put in the effort, he will be a great companion.

If you would like to give Spike a forever home, please contact his foster carer Yolanda on 0416471480

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Louis is a gorgeous little boy with a mischievous personality. He is mostly all black with a few strands of white fur under his chin.

Originally brought to SAFE as a stray from Carnarvon at 6 weeks old, Louis was extremely shy and scared, and would hide under a blanket whenever someone was around. Since then, Louis has come out of his shell.

His favourite activities are playing with his toys & brother, and eating! He is very cheeky and is always the first to wake up from his naps, annoying his brother until he wakes up too and plays with him.

Louis still needs a little socialising as he's not completely confident around people yet. Once he gets to know you he will follow you around the house and sit at your feet in the kitchen, looking up at you with his gorgeous big eyes.

Louis currently lives with 2 adult cats, and has spent some time around children.

If you are looking for a playful kitty and are happy to spend some time working on his confidence, Louis is the kitty for you!

Located NOR please contact his foster carer direct on 0413 949 329

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No photo for Sherri


Sherri is a long term foster of ours who we would love to see go to a good home. She is incredibly affectionate, and reserves a spot on your bed for herself at all times. Sherri loves watching you cook, hoping for food scraps to be thrown her way. Sherri came to us last February but unfortunately the home she found was not willing to give her a few days to settle.

As she does not like being picked up, she may not be suited to a home with young children. She is fine with other cats, and while jealous of kittens (older sibling syndrome) would never hurt them. Her best friend is a staffy x, as the dog stands the perfect height for her to have back rubs. Sherri would be fine in a single animal home, but company is always appreciated.

As Sherri is in the care of S.A.F.E Perth (a registered non-profit), she has been sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped. She will come to you with Veterinary records, a collar and microchipping tag. The adoption fee goes directly back to S.A.F.E. Perth to help other animals in need.

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Sylvie is a Christmas miracle! Found on the side of the road, not in good health she was handed into the local vet clinic. With treatment and good old fashioned TLC she came around.

Now that Sylvie has recovered, she is looking for her forever home. She loves being patted and is very playful, although a bit uncertain about being picked up. Shy in the beginning, she has gained her self confidence back.

Sylvie is currently living with three other cats, so would be fine in a multicat household. She would be best placed in a home with no children.

This golden oldie is still quite active, playful and full of life.

If you would like to learn more about Sylvie please contact her foster carer on 0423 198 462 or 9409 6855 (Kingsley Vet Clinic).

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No photo for Tau * Adopt Or Foster

Tau * Adopt Or Foster

Hello! My name is Tau (tar-whoo). I am a handsome black and white tuxedo boy.

I am looking for a forever home with a single person or couple. I'm not comfortable around children as find them too loud.

I would like this person or persons to have patience and understanding and to give me time to settle in as I will be a little nervous for a while.

I also wouldn't mind a home with a friendly kitty as I'm ok with other cats.

Tau is located NOR. To meet, please call/text 0437870245 (no voice mail).

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No photo for Satchmo


Hi I'm Satchmo and I am mischief!

I like to play between the table and the table cloth. I have been in foster care since February and am still a little shy to cuddles but I am warming up fast now.

For this reason I will not be best suited in a house with young children, but older ones should be fine.

I do like cat company and I have been living with a dog who likes to cuddle me and I tolerate this.

Please contact my carer direct NOR to meet me on 0401 780 010

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No photo for Barch'e


Barch'e is a lovely affectionate girl who lives with her best friend Lady.

Barch'e has shown herself to be a superb lap cat and loves to be around people.

They get on very well and groom each other so would love to find a home together. Barch'e has a beautiful fluffy coat plus a lovely nature to go with it.

If you're looking for 2 cats to part of your family then these 2 girls are for you.

Best home would be indoors with a single person, couple or family with older children.

Both are currently located in Dianella.

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