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Callidora or Callie, princess or miss moo as her carer calls her is a right little lady.

She’s about 6 years old and was a street cat who was found with her kittens prior to being a foster cat.

She’s an affectionate little cat once she is comfortable and has built trust with a person. She’s best as a one person or couples cat, definitely no children as she’s skittish around them.

She is uncomfortable around loud noises & sudden moves. Callie isn't keen to be picked up but will however sit on your knee for a cuddle or on the chair with you.

She is good with other animals with the right introduction.

She has been in the same foster home for 3.5 years so you will need time and patience to help her relax and bring her out of her shell.

Please contact her foster carer on 0414249437.

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Phoenix is a cheeky little girl who was born in a warehouse along with her siblings. She is incredibly affectionate and just loves to have a chat with her humans.

Phoenix is blind in one eye but this doesn’t stop her! You would never know her sight is limited.

Phoenix loves to run around the house with her brother, Apollo, and play with her foster humans. When she’s happy her long tail flicks back to the back of her head & stays there!

Phoenix would be suited to a quieter household with older children. She would also love to go to a house with her brother, Apollo, or another kitty to keep her company.

Can you give this beautiful girl a loving home?
Please text his foster carer for more information on 0413 949 329 located NOR

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Skittles * No More Calls Please *

Hi my name is Skittles and I am a very confident and smoochy kitten, I love cuddles and play.

I am very good at using the litter tray and I currently live with other cats in the house, there is also a very boisterous dog who I like to play with.

I am looking for a family with kids so I can join in the fun and play alot.

For more information, please text my foster carer on 0401 780 010

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Anastasia is a very pretty fluffy girl who enjoys spending time with other cats and will need a home with another friendly cat for company. She is timid around new people and may take a while to settle in and relax. Having another friendly cat around will help her a lot and a home where someone is patient and will give her the time to settle in. Once she knows and trusts you she will enjoy a pat especially when the food comes out. The older she gets the more affectionate she is getting. She likes to rub against your legs. She will suit best a home with either a single person or a couple.

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Sasha is a beautiful young adult tortoiseshell.Sasha is not a big girl – but she has a full golden bib on her chest and a fluffy tail. She likes to entertain herself playing with feathers, ribbons and soft toys and has a vocabulary of soft mews to remind her people when she needs a snack, a chin rub, or a few minutes of play. She is an excellent self-groomer and easy to feed.

Once you have earned her trust Sasha is a loving companion. A gradual transition and a quiet household would be preferred.

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Hey there.... Quill is my name and I am looking for my new family!

I am a bit of a lad, I like to frolick around the house chasing flies or bugs or even just sun rays. I love playing with my brother drax (he is looking for his furever family too 😉)

I like a cuddle on the couch but I do need to get too know you first, I may seem a little shy to begin with but that's only cos I dont know you yet.

I would be best in a home with older children, I haven't really been around many children and the smaller ones scare me a little.

I am used to big doggos so a family dog friend would be fine... we would just need a proper introduction.

I would really enjoy having a feline play mate as I really do love to play wrestling and chase games with the other cats and kittens here.

I have learnt how too use the litter tray and never make a mess.... in fact I even try too clean up after my siblings. I have also been vaccinated, microchipped and desexed.

If you woukd like to come meet me, give my ma a call on 0402260550... hope too meet you soon

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Salsa is the prettiest little thing with her almond shaped eyes and dainty white eyeliner.

She is shy with people, but your patience will be rewarded with the softest little purr and cuddles.

She's very easy-going with other cats, and is happy to wrestle and play with big brother Tango, and gets along well with her carer's adult female cat. Salsa is speedy and inquisitive… she loves to explore everywhere, play in the linen cupboard, climb the cat tower, and she cheekily darts beneath your feet into rooms she knows she's not allowed in. Best suited to a quieter home with another cat.

Tango and Salsa would love to find their furever home together, but can be separated.

Sterilised, microchipped and vaccinated.

For more information, please text the foster carer on 0419 815 090

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No photo for Rocket **On Trial With My New Family **

Rocket **On Trial With My New Family **

Meet Rocket, a true loveable pocket rocket if I have ever met one.

Rocket is an Abyssinian cross and this is what come up when you google the breed:

“Abyssinian Temperament and Personality. If you're pining for a sweet, gentle lap cat, the Abyssinian likely isn't a good match for your home. The Aby is a highly intelligent cat who loves to play and interact with people.”

Rocket is a very playful maybe slightly crazy kitten, who even when giving you more affection than you can handle, is crazy !

His loves are very much in your face, all over your face no chance of missing him.

He would be ok with a playful social kitty as long as the introduction was done slowly he really isn’t a fan of dogs so would like a dog free home.

Due to his crazy nature he would also need an indoor only home.

I you are looking for a new furbaby to light up your home with lots of crazy playing antics Rocket is the guy for you.

Please contact his foster carer on 0417 997 224

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Odin (affectionately called Odd) is a very timid boy and will initially hide when arriving at your home. If given a safe space allowed time to settle in he loves to come for a pat and head scratch and just hang out. BBQ chicken or really any people food will be a big help in winning his heart as he loves people food.

Odd has been living with our family of four kids and has been fine with our youngest who is three years old. He gets on really well with other cats.

He is still timid on meeting new people but he’s a lovely boy with some lovely markings. He would fit in well with just about anyone so come along and meet him.

For more information please text his foster carer on 0409 995 357

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Otis [pronounced O-teese] is a pretty girl, who likes a quiet home, with an interesting view to watch in comfort, and places to explore.

She loves her food, especially her oral-care kibble, so you can win her trust with treats.

She has always lived with her brother, Harry, who is super-shy, so Otis would benefit from being with a friendly and relaxed cat who likes to play. She is not a fan of being picked up, but you can caress her when she feels safe, in a place like a scratching post platform.

Litter trained, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Not suitable for families with small children or dogs.

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