No photo for Kasey


Kasey is a sweet girl who is happy to lay around the place and check out what's going on.

She would suit being an indoor only cat with another friendly cat as she can be a little timid, she may hide outside if she was allowed to roam.
She loves her pats and will happily purr and rub against you for hours while she is getting a pat.
She is litter trained, and will tolerate being picked up for a little bit. She also loves to play with her cat toys, especially the mini soccer ball. She will take a little while to get used to a new household but once she does, her affection is worth the wait! She has also met the few medium sized dogs that she currently lives with and she now loves to groom the dogs in the house and will cuddle up next to them.

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No photo for Madison


Madison (Maddie) is the mum of a litter of five kittens, although she still looks and behaves like a youngster herself.

Maddie is a brilliant mum, but now that her babies are old enough to be adopted she is keen to find her independence again and have the chance to let her playful side shine through without her kittens hogging all the toys!

She is a very friendly and affectionate cat and loves attention. She is also very chatty and always lets you know how pleased she is to see you, especially at dinner time!

If you are looking for a loving, sociable cat who will give you lots of affection, Maddie would love to come home with you.

For further information on Madison and to organise a meet please contact her foster carer on 0415 343 342.

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No photo for Odin


Odin is a young boy who gets on with other cats. He is ok with people and in a short while after meeting you he enjoys pats and back scratches. He will be suit a quiet home with a single person or couple that will allow him time and space to settle in.

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No photo for Panda


Hi My name is panda and I am so playful and loving that I follow my humans everywhere and beg for cuddles and pats.

I think everything is a toy and love the company of other animals and people, I also snuggle and purr on top of my humans at night in bed when sleeping.

I play chasey all through the house and would prefer to be a indoor only cat. I love my food and with the right introduction could love those dog creatures too, and I’m litter trained.

I’m very social and would love my forever family to come and get me.

I’m so loving that anyone who enters gets a cuddle and a head bonk from me, so if your interested please come and see me for your interview with my humans.

Please contact my foster carer direct by text on 0430 514 594 located NOR

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No photo for Kelly


Meet Kelly, a sweet-natured girl who loves the company of other cats, and understandably so since she spent the first year of her life living in a large colony. She has certainly begun to come out of her shell in foster care and happily curls up on her foster carer's feet once they are sleeping, and returns to the bed any time in the day that she thinks they are not watching. She is still quite timid so will need a patient and cat-savvy home but with time she will learn to trust a new family. Kelly would be best suited to a quiet household with a friendly older cat and without children, or with older children who are able to give her the space she needs to feel comfortable and confident in her new home. She is very food-motivated and has a very cute habit of pawing the floor when she drinks water. She loves to play and chase toys, and will do so with her foster carer and on her own. She as a very close bond with her sister, Coral PR486778, seen in some of her photos (leading them to be known affectionately as Fatty and Skinny) and her foster brother, Gill, listed separately.

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No photo for Napoleon


Napoleon is a beautiful honey coloured ginger boy, with love to give.

Napoleon is so soft and sweet he loves his tummy being scratched and will purr and wriggling around making sure you get all his tummy,

He is a little nervous around people at the start and that's why would best be in a house with no kids and a quieter house so he can shine once he is comfortable with what's around him.

He is great with another cats and rabbits, he would love a friend to play with and chase around the house

He is mircochipped and desexed and all ready for his forever home.

Napoleon is litter box trained and located close to the city.

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No photo for Karri


Karri is a sweet delicate little girl with a glossy black coat and beautiful amber eyes. She is a very affectionate cat who loves scratches and pats and to wind herself around your legs. :) Karri loves to do head bumps too!

Karri is good with other cats and is a tiny cat for a mature adult. She is kitty litter trained and not food fussy. Karri would do well in a house with cat savvy older kids, a couple, or maybe even just to brighten the life of a single person currently living on their own and needing a companion. Catly company (or that of a gentle older dog) would be nice but is not essential. She does have a best friend in Roxy so if your looking for 2 cats then these 2 girls would be puuurrrfect.

Please contact her carer on 0414268948 to meet Karri today!

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No photo for Elvis


Elvis is a sweet little boy with a lovely pure black coat. He is slight in build so not a big boy at all. He gets on well with other cats and is nervous around people at first but with some time and patience and soft food which he loves he will come around and enjoys a back scratch and pats. He would best suit a home with a single person or a couple. Having another confident cat around would also help him settle in quicker and be less nervous sooner. He is good friends with Khleo.

If you would like to meet this little boy you can call his carer on 0414268948 or email He is currently located in Bullsbrook.

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No photo for Harry


Harry needs a job!

Preferably an inside job as he has always lived indoors (unlike his royal namesake). So if you have a lighthouse, warehouse or micro-brewery that needs a watch-cat, give him a try.

Harry's not really a people pursson, but he is cat social, so would be okay with a four-legged partner - he has always lived with his sister, Otis, who is more outgoing with humans. They love to play and explore.

All Harry asks in return is some early morning sun and a snug igloo for naps.

Litter trained, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Not suitable for families with small children or dogs.

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No photo for Chitty


Are you looking for an independent little miss, who loves nothing more than to spend her nights cuddled up with you in bed? Then meet Chitty!

Chitty is an independent little girl and whilst she can be a touch shy, she is a gentle lady and will easily bond with the person providing her with the most love! As long as you don’t mind the endless purring that comes from a content pud of course J

Chitty loves being around other kitty’s and can be a very social girl. She currently lives in a foster home with other cats and dogs, and whilst she won’t ever be a dogs best friend (the age old battle between cats and dogs!!) she is more than willing to tolerate them living in her household.

Chitty is sometimes frightened by loud noises or sudden movements, so would suit a family that can be a little patient with her whilst she learns to adjust. After this, I guarantee you’ll have a friend for life!

Are you already picturing this gorgeous girl keeping you warm at night? Please call us on 0414 268 948.

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