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Anastasia is a very pretty fluffy girl who enjoys spending time with other cats and will need a home with another friendly cat for company. She is timid around new people and may take a while to settle in and relax. Having another friendly cat around will help her a lot and a home where someone is patient and will give her the time to settle in. Once she knows and trusts you she will enjoy a pat especially when the food comes out. The older she gets the more affectionate she is getting. She likes to rub against your legs. She will suit best a home with either a single person or a couple.

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Robin is a delicate little girl who would suit a quieter home with older quieter children or no children. She is lovely and affectionate and enjoys pats once she has time to get to know you. Being a young girl Robin loves to climb things at home so she can get up high. She is good with other cats and would suit best a home with a friendly cat to play with and who will help her gain confidence around people. She likes to chase flies. Robin is kitty litter trained.

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Sasha is a beautiful young adult tortoiseshell.Sasha is not a big girl – but she has a full golden bib on her chest and a fluffy tail. She likes to entertain herself playing with feathers, ribbons and soft toys and has a vocabulary of soft mews to remind her people when she needs a snack, a chin rub, or a few minutes of play. She is an excellent self-groomer and easy to feed.

Once you have earned her trust Sasha is a loving companion. A gradual transition and a quiet household would be preferred.

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My name is Sparkles, I'm a very pretty little girl who is shy at first but I can be very smoochy.

Sparkles has made an excellent mother looking after 5 kittens being born with SAFE Perth. Sparkles is now looking for a forever home.

I am very cat social and currently live with an over friendly dog whom I tolerate but not interested in being best friends.

I am extremely litter box tidy.

Please contact her carer direct on 0401 780 010 located North East of the river.

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Ruby is a Bengal with a beautiful blue marbled coloured coat. She is a shy but friendly girl. Given a little time she will settle in nicely. She is gentle, curious and playful. She loves to play with the ball on her scratching post and leap into the cat tunnels we have. The way she moves reminds me of a cheetah, as she is long, sleek and light of foot.

Ruby likes to be close to people, she will generally be in the room that you are in. We have a chaise lounge and she likes to lie on the bottom of my legs when I sit on it. At night she likes to curl up by my feet in bed.

Ruby will eat anything put in front of her. She eats wet and dry food.

Ruby is desexed, litter box trained and is vaccinated.

Ruby has not previously lived with children and sudden movements scare her. However she is very gentle and friendly so over time may relax around them.

Ruby has not lived with dogs, so if she is to live with dogs care should be taken to make sure she feels safe and not threatened.

Ruby currently lives with her sister Roxy. They get on very well together. They often sleep, play and wash each other. They can be adopted together for a reduced fee of $500.

Please contact their foster carer on 0481 192 406 located SOR

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Bennie * Foster Or Adopt

Bennie was stray kitten that turned up in a backyard with his mum and another kitten.

Bennie has come a very long way since he came into our care. He will allow you to get close, closer still if you are feeding him however he is still wary of people he doesn't know. He can be picked up around feeding time, though he doesn't really love it he does settle and get used to it.

Bennie loves to climb high and snooze the day away and really enjoys the company of other cats. Not sure about dogs as he hasn't been exposed to any at this stage. He is fully litter trained and you will barely know he is there, unless you seek him out.

Bennie is a very adorable young cat and certainly deserves a forever home!!

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No photo for Misty


Misty is a pretty blue torti coloured girl.

Misty will come to you when she decides she is ready. She is rather independent and will take time to settle into a new home so will need someone who will be patient with her. Misty would best suit a quite home with no other cats. She does tolerate other cats but prefers her own company.

Misty is fostered in Bullsbrook. To meet, please contact us on 0414268948.

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Queenie is absolutely gorgeous with her fluffy black fur with rich chocolate highlights.

Queenie is a real diva! This puss expects to be pampered, but is quick to dismiss you when her royal highness has had enough.

She loves to have a good snuggle, and is quite partial to toys that make noise ie containing bells or rattling materials.

Not suitable for small children but older children are fine. Queenie has been at adoption event where dogs have been present and has not been fussed. However a slow introduction with dogs would be advisable.

Fine with other cats but would also be suitable as an only cat so long as she has plenty of interaction with her humans.

For more information on Queenie please contact her foster carer on 0414 329 786

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Tau * Adopt Or Foster

Hello! My name is Tau (tar-whoo). I am a handsome black and white tuxedo boy.

I am looking for a forever home with a single person or couple. I'm not comfortable around children as find them too loud.

I would like this person or persons to have patience and understanding and to give me time to settle in as I will be a little nervous for a while.

I also wouldn't mind a home with a friendly kitty as I'm ok with other cats.

Tau is located NOR. To meet, please call/text 0437870245 (no voice mail).

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Otis [pronounced O-teese] is a pretty girl, who likes a quiet home, with an interesting view to watch in comfort, and places to explore.

She loves her food, especially her oral-care kibble, so you can win her trust with treats.

She has always lived with her brother, Harry, who is super-shy, so Otis would benefit from being with a friendly and relaxed cat who likes to play. She is not a fan of being picked up, but you can caress her when she feels safe, in a place like a scratching post platform.

Litter trained, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Not suitable for families with small children or dogs.

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