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Karri is a sweet delicate little girl with a glossy black coat and beautiful amber eyes. She is a very affectionate cat who loves scratches and pats and to wind herself around your legs. :) Karri loves to do head bumps too!

Karri is good with other cats and is a tiny cat for a mature adult. She is kitty litter trained and not food fussy. Karri would do well in a house with cat savvy older kids, a couple, or maybe even just to brighten the life of a single person currently living on their own and needing a companion. Catly company (or that of a gentle older dog) would be nice but is not essential. She does have a best friend in Roxy so if your looking for 2 cats then these 2 girls would be puuurrrfect.

Please contact her carer on 0414268948 to meet Karri today!

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I am a sweet but shy 3 year old lady who’s really come out of my shell at my new foster home.

I’ll hide in the windows or snooze all day, but around bedtime when the house is very quiet, I’m ready for some gentle attention. It takes me some time to warm up to people, but I’ll purr so loud if you give me chin scratches, and I love bedtime when I can snuggle up around the feet of my foster parents with my mum, Tash. I need a quiet, dog-free home and would suit someone who is retired and would love a cuddly companion, a couple, or a family with older, calmer children. I get along just fine with other cats.

I’m litter trained and up to date on vet work. I have been with SAFE Perth since I was born and am dreaming of the day I find my forever family! If you can help nurture me and build my trust and confidence, I have so much love to give.

I am currently fostered with my best friend and mum Lola, and we’ll need to be adopted together. We love spending our days together, sitting in the windows or snuggled up with each other on the couch.

Tash and I can’t wait to be your instant family! Please contact our carer at 0498 728 221 for more information and to arrange to meet us.

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Are you looking for an independent little miss, who loves nothing more than to spend her nights cuddled up with you in bed? Then meet Chitty!

Chitty is an independent little girl and whilst she can be a touch shy, she is a gentle lady and will easily bond with the person providing her with the most love! As long as you don’t mind the endless purring that comes from a content pud of course J

Chitty loves being around other kitty’s and can be a very social girl. She currently lives in a foster home with other cats and dogs, and whilst she won’t ever be a dogs best friend (the age old battle between cats and dogs!!) she is more than willing to tolerate them living in her household.

Chitty is sometimes frightened by loud noises or sudden movements, so would suit a family that can be a little patient with her whilst she learns to adjust. After this, I guarantee you’ll have a friend for life!

Are you already picturing this gorgeous girl keeping you warm at night? Please call us on 0414 268 948.

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No photo for Felix


Despite the name Felix is actually a pretty girl! She is inquisitive, loves to snuggle with her older foster sister, Kasey.
Felix has been living with 1 other juvenile cat, 1 older cat and 2 medium sized dogs which she is fine with.
She is very interested in water and you may get a frequent visitor when you are in the bath!
For more photos check out the Facebook album:

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Lina is one of those cats who is both friendly and chilled at the same time. An independent miss, Lina would be fine in a house with (cat savvy) kids or other gentle pets. Or perhaps as a solo guardian of the castle for you whilst you are out slaying dragons to bring home the kitten kibble.

Lina has tidy house manners but as with all new pets, will need to be gently taught the rules of the house so she doesn't pop up beside the toaster to see what you are up to.

A quiet lady overall, Lina has a nuturing kind soul and is currently in foster care with other cats, should you wish to adopt two!

Lina is a chubby gorgeous cat with all the love in the world to give.

Please call her carer on 0429313102 to inquire today!

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No photo for Gris


My name is Gris. I came into SAFE Perth's care with three tiny bubbas of my own. I also took on 3 more kittens as they needed a mum which brought my little group of kittens too a total of 6. I loved being a mum.

I am very talkative and will often walk around the house trumpeting at all the kittens that are here, they are all my foster babies but I let my foster mum think they are her's 😉

I am also living with two other adult cats and 3 big dogs... I am a pretty easy going girl and I love says I am a big smooch.

I am now ready to leave the mum life behind and live with a furever family of my very own.... do you think you would like to meet me? Contact my mum on 0402260550 and come say hi.

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No photo for Ernie


Ernie is ready to choose his forever home, he is a very petite and gentle lad and would love somewhere to chill out and watch the world pass by.

Ernie has a lovely nature although he can be a bit shy at first, he loves cuddles and would appreciate a comfy bed to sleep on, and even better he would love another kitty as a friend to keep him company when his human family are not home.

Ernie is good with other cats and also fine with the dogs at his foster home.

Ernie is litter trained and would need to be an inside cat to keep him safe, unless there is a cat enclosure for safe trips outside.

Ernie is fostered in Wanneroo, please contact his carer direct on 0403 171 716

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No photo for Jacinta


Jacinta is a very pretty girl with a beautiful white and black winter coat.

Jacinta is looking for a quiet home as needs a little time to settle in and get to know her new family. She likes to sleep much of the day then comes looking for attention and food in the late afternoon. She will best suit a single person who would like a companion and who will be patient to allow Jacinta time to settle in.

Once she trusts you she will rub against your legs and love a head and back rub. She won’t suit being around children.

Jacinta tolerates other cats but would best suit a home on her own. She is located in Bullsbrook.

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No photo for Elvis


Elvis is a sweet little boy with a lovely pure black coat. He is slight in build so not a big boy at all. He gets on well with other cats and is nervous around people at first but with some time and patience and soft food which he loves he will come around and enjoys a back scratch and pats. He would best suit a home with a single person or a couple. Having another confident cat around would also help him settle in quicker and be less nervous sooner. He is good friends with Khleo.

If you would like to meet this little boy you can call his carer on 0414268948 or email He is currently located in Bullsbrook.

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No photo for Adele


Adele has a beautiful soul, she is a little timid to start with but once she settles in she will let you carry her around the house and then have a cuddle together on the couch. Adele would best suit a quieter home and would love another flurry friend to relax with. She would be a perfect best friend for your cat. She has a beautiful grumpy face that would melt anyone's heart. Adele is litter box trained and located close to the city.

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