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Hi Everyone, my name is Casper. I am a 4 year old boy who loves to play with lasers & explore my surroundings.

At first I can be a little shy so you may need to give me some time to get used to my new home but I will come out of my shell very soon, and you will see what a fun, well mannered boy I am. Even though I look fluffy, I am actually not a high maintenance cat, I keep myself clean, you might just need to brush my fur every now and then.

My favorite things in life are my toys, and having dinner every evening at 6pm, don't worry about forgetting, I will remind you!

I can be adopted on my own or with my mom, Sophie. I am an indoor car only, and cannot be around young children, or other animals. My foster carer said that I am up to date with my vaccinations, microchipped & desexed. I;m not sure what that means, but I think it has something got to do with me being the best cat ever!

If you would like to meet me, please contact my foster carer and she will arrange a time

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Apollo is a sweet little boy who started his life in a warehouse with his 3 siblings.

Since being fostered he has turned into a very affectionate and loving kitty with a big purr! Nothing phases him. He loves to sprint into his foster mum's bedroom in the morning for cuddles and kisses.
He loves to play with his sister (Phoenix), and gets along well with children. Apollo has a sensitive stomach and needs to be on a fresh clean diet.

Apollo would be suited to any household and would love a family who can give him lots of love and attention.

With his big eyes, cute little snub nose, Apollo has a constant look of surprise on his face - how could you resist him!

Please text his foster carer for more information on 0413 949 329 located NOR

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Sami is an extremely outgoing kitten who absolutely lives for love and attention.

He loves to follow you around the house, chatting to you all the while.

Sami is extremely playful and has very unique features. He is quite dominant and not much phases him, so would be fine as an only cat - he just wants cuddles from his humans!

He has been around dogs before and so would be fine in a dog household.

Sami would be best suited to a big family home with children to give him the attention and playtime he craves.

Please text his foster carer for more information on 0413 949 329 located NOR

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Elvis is a sweet little boy with a lovely pure black coat. He is slight in build so not a big boy at all. He gets on well with other cats and is nervous around people at first but with some time and patience and soft food which he loves he will come around and enjoys a back scratch and pats. He would best suit a home with a single person or a couple. Having another confident cat around would also help him settle in quicker and be less nervous sooner. He is good friends with Khleo.

If you would like to meet this little boy you can call his carer on 0414268948 or email He is currently located in Bullsbrook.

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No photo for Foster Carers Needed For Older Kittens & Adult Cat

Foster Carers Needed For Older Kittens & Adult Cat

If you love your travel or can not commit to owning a cat permanently - fostering is a great alternative. We are in desperate need for foster carers who can foster older kittens (5 months plus) and adult cats. We have a large wait list for cats to come into care and unfortunately do not have enough foster carers for them all. If you have a safe and secure home and feel that you would be able to help save a cat’s life then please email or call us today! being a foster carer is easy and is very rewarding

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Hi all, I’m Caleb!

I started off as a feral kitty living at a university campus. I was trapped by SAFE Perth and have been in rehabilitation ever since with my wonderful foster carer who has been so loving and patient. You may remember my sister Tris was featured the other day.

I have come along in leaps and bounds, even more than my sister, I still don’t like to be picked up or handled much but I actually like to play these days. I even had a play whilst having my pictures taken much to the delight of my foster mum and photographer! Being around humans isn’t so bad after all!

I understand that it would take time and patience to fit me into your home, but I would really love the chance to just settle in to a home and stay there, another friendly cat would be a bonus, because cats like me come right out of their shells with a confident cat to show them the way in no time. I would not really like to live with a dog because I am shy and young children wouldn’t really suit me.

I hope you will consider adopting me, I deserve a chance too!

Caleb <3 X

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Hello, I am Baxter! I enjoy racing around the house chasing a ball or playing with a toy mouse. I love having a cuddle and sleeping on my carers knee. I enjoy climbing on the cat tree and sleeping on the top bed.

I currently live with two grown cats and a few other kittens.

I am litter trained and come desexed, vaccinated, flea treated and wormed.

I enjoy my biscuits but am not so keen on wet food.

If you would to come and meet me, please contact my foster mum on 0401 296 925 to arrange a suitable time.

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Adele has a beautiful soul, she is a little timid to start with but once she settles in she will let you carry her around the house and then have a cuddle together on the couch. Adele would best suit a quieter home and would love another flurry friend to relax with. She would be a perfect best friend for your cat. She has a beautiful grumpy face that would melt anyone's heart. Adele is litter box trained and located close to the city.

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Hi my name is Bella and I am certainly the belle of my family. I have large browny green eyes and a pretty white face. I enjoy playing with my favourite toy, a green mouse which I carry around in my mouth for ages. I like playing with balls as well. I am nosy and sit watching what is happening through the window. I need to be an inside only cat.

I live in a family with two adult cats and some kittens, so am very sociable. I am a good girl and always use the litter tray. I do enjoy my wet food as well as my biscuits.

I come desexed, with my first vaccination, microchip and have been flea treated and wormed. If you would like to know more about me or to arrange a time to meet me, please ring my carer on 0401 296 925 for a chat.

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No photo for Baron


Baron was the shyest kitten but almost overnight he found his confidence and is now very outgoing and playful.

He doesn't mind a cuddle with his human carers but mostly enjoys stirring his mama Aurora; tackling her as though she's his favourite mouse toy to take down, even funnier when she's walking away.

He playfully and very gently pounces at the humans or any cat or kitten walking by, this is a much sweeter loving gesture since he has learnt to retract his claws. While Baron definitely is the cheekiest of the litter, he is also very caring and bonded with his sister Princess. It would be lovely to see them adopted together but not necessary if it would mean missing out in their perfect homes.

If you would like to learn more about Baron, Princess or Aurora please contact their carer on 0401209529. They also have an album of pictures of their progress- just ask for the link.

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