No photo for Shyla


Shyla as her name suggests is a bit of a shy girl who will take time and patience to warm to new people but once settled she will be no trouble at all. Shyla is happy to be by herself all day and will snuggle up with you at night in bed for a cuddle.

Her purrs are so loud they can wake you up!

Because she am on the timid side of things she needs a home with no scary noisy children but she could live happily with another cat.

In her new home she will need a scratching post, a few toys to play with and a nice warm bed to curl up in and catch some z's!

Fostered NOR. Please call her carer on 0403806002 to inquire!

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No photo for Sasha


Sasha is a beautiful young adult tortoiseshell.Sasha is not a big girl – but she has a full golden bib on her chest and a fluffy tail. She likes to entertain herself playing with feathers, ribbons and soft toys and has a vocabulary of soft mews to remind her people when she needs a snack, a chin rub, or a few minutes of play. She is an excellent self-groomer and easy to feed.

Once you have earned her trust Sasha is a loving companion. A gradual transition and a quiet household would be preferred.

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No photo for Posh


Posh had a sad start being dumped outside a vets office in a box, we have no idea of her situation or her background, however was a very sweet cat from the beginning.

Posh is a 6 month old ginger and white female with a heart of gold.

Posh is such a sweet angel, who loves to follow you around and watch what you are up to. Posh gets on well with her foster siblings and loves to run around and play with them. She is also happy to just chill and wat the world go by

Posh is kitty litter trained and also okay with the dogs that she shares her foster home with.

Posh can be a little shy with strangers until she learns to trust you and would probably be better in a home with older children.

Posh is fostered in Wanneroo and please contact her carer direct on 0403 171 716

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No photo for Pepper & Pippa

Pepper & Pippa

Pepper with the Pink Collar & Pippa with Purple Collar

We don’t have their paperwork but we are pretty sure Pepper and Piper are Bombay cats, a breed known for their super shiny black coats, which shed very little, and their friendly outgoing, fun loving nature.

They are incredibly social cats and would suit a home where there are often people around to hang out with them. A family with children would be a good fit for them, especially children old enough to play with them. They love to jump and play and chase toys on the end of string.

They have the loudest purrs I have ever heard. They are highly affectionate and love kisses, face bumps, chin rubs and butt scratches and even tummy rubs when they trust you enough. They like to snuggle up in bed or under the doona if they are cold.

Pepper is the bolder of the two and will be making friends within minutes of meeting you. Piper is a little bit shyer, but once she feels safe, she is very loving and affectionate. She loves to curl up next to you or fall asleep on your lap.

They have been de-sexed and vaccinated and are litter box trained.

They eat wet and dry food and aren’t picky eaters.

We think they are aged between 7 and 9 months old.

They have lived with a small dog in the past so should be fine living with a friendly K9. Give them a slow careful introduction, as you should when introducing any animal for the first time, and they should co-exist quite happily.

They can be adopted separately but it would be a shame to split them up, as they are such a good team. They like to sleep and play together and spend time grooming each other. They are a joy to have around and would suit most living envirnoments.

Located SOR in Rockingham.

Please text their foster carer on 0481 192 406

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No photo for Lady Clara

Lady Clara

Please say hello to Lady Clara!

Lady Clara will be suited to a home that is after a high energy cat. She loves to play and would benefit with a home that can give her the attention she needs.

Lady Clara is an affectionate cat, if you are looking for a companion to greet you after a hard day's work and to bond with, Lady Clara will happily be your new best friend.

Whilst she is currently living with other cats , she will be best suited to be the only cat in the household, does appear to be patient and calm with kittens.

She has medium fur which doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

No experience with Dogs, so will need to be tested with slow introductions.

Located SOR but will travel, please contact her carer direct for more information and a chance to meet Lady Clara.

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No photo for Porthos


Hey everyone, my name is porthos and I am on the hunt for my new family.

I absolutely love too cuddle, my favorite thing to do is curl up on your lap and watch tv or sleep in bed with you. I LOVE food too!

I currently live with two big dogs and lots of other cats and kittens, will do well in a multi cat house hold or on my own as long as i get lots of attention. and with a proper introduction I would be ok with cat friendly dogs.

I haven't been around many kids but i'm sure if they are patient and gentle with me, I would be ok

I am desexed,vaccinated and micro chipped and I also know how too use the litter tray.

If you would like too meet, give my foster mum a call on0402 260 550 and arrange a time. Hope too meet my furever family soon xx

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No photo for Philly


Philly is a very confident kitten that lives with his siblings and would make a great family kitty.

Philly is a poser and loved getting his photos taken by paws, loves cuddles and also loves he attention like his brother hector, his face is very adorable and he knows it to his full advantage because he looks innocent so it covers his cheekiness.

Philly currently lives with 2 young children and another 2 adult cats and 2 dogs, which include a puppy. He is used to an active noisy household.

He is litter box trained and ready to take on the world with a new family.

Please contact his carer direct on 0414 268 948 located in Bullsbrook

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No photo for Callie


Hello, my name is Callie.

My brother Magnum and I are looking for our new families. We would love to be adopted together so we can play and cuddle always but would be okay apart if our new families liked to play with us.

Like Magnum, I also love food but mostly I like to play and cuddle up to my foster mum and dad.

I take good care of my brother and give him his baths even when he’s sleeping. It’s usually always me who wakes him up to play.

I live indoors and always use my kitten toilet (kitty litter). I have had my vaccinations, have a microchip and have been de-sexed.

Please text my foster carer direct on 0401 209 529

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No photo for Natty


Natty has the biggest eyes, that look at you and say I wish I had someone I could trust and to love me.
Natty is very very shy, and would need to be with a very understanding and patient person to gain her trust.
Natty gets on well with her foster cats and dogs that she lives with. Natty would need to be a total inside cat as she would not do well outside, she likes the comforts of home.
She would need to be adopted with one of her foster siblings to make the move less stressful for her. Natty is litter trained.
Natty is fostered at Wanneroo, if you would like to meet her please call

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No photo for Otis


Otis [pronounced O-teese] is a pretty girl, who likes a quiet home, with an interesting view to watch in comfort, and places to explore.

She loves her food, especially her oral-care kibble, so you can win her trust with treats.

She has always lived with her brother, Harry, who is super-shy, so Otis would benefit from being with a friendly and relaxed cat who likes to play. She is not a fan of being picked up, but you can caress her when she feels safe, in a place like a scratching post platform.

Litter trained, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Not suitable for families with small children or dogs.

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