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Hi everyone, my name is Gilly and am on the prowl for my purr-fect fur-ever home.

I was one of 27+ abandoned farm kitties that was trapped in a country town and we were all very very scared and extremely shy as we had not had much if any human interaction. I am a lucky black cat with an absurdly long tail and, not to show off here, but the shiniest sleek coat. I am still unsure of new people but with time and patience I am sure I will find my confidence and trust in all humans. I pretend not to love cuddles but secretly I really do, and will purr and nudge you when you cuddle me, especially if I'm relaxing on a couch or bed. I LOVE dinner time and I will politely ask for my food with a little squeak and big doe eyes you will not be able to resist. I love to chase my ball around and ideally my new forever home would come complete with a nice relaxed (but sometimes playful) young feline friend to help me relax and enjoy life. I do love to work out on my physique so need a nice strong scratching pole to flex with, too.

I do get spooked at very loud noises so I would be suited to a home without young children but if I do get scared I will only ever hide away and hiss every now and then but never anything more than that. I am a fleer rather than a fighter. Don't take it personally, I just like the quiet life.

My favourite foods are: BBQ chicken, fresh fish but I'm not fussy when it comes to dinner.

Also I have the cutest little snore too and really loud purr.

I would be prefer to find a home that maybe has another (male) kitten or cat so i can play with as i will be quite scared at the start but once I settle in you wont regret that you bought me into your home and hearts. I do get spooked at very loud noises so i would be suited to a home without young children but if i do get scared I will only ever hide away and hiss every now and then but never anything more than that.

I am OK living with dogs but only if they are calm and do not insist on chasing me as I still get scared and spooked by them.

If you have the time and love to invest in me then i guarantee you will see me grow into a very loving and loyal puss.

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Looking for a patient, gentle human to bond with. Ex colony kitten, this handsome boy will need lots of TLC to learn to trust people.

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Leo is a really handsome man, he still has to gain his confidence around people he does not know, so will need a patient person willing to do this and then you will have a loving loyal companion for life.
Leo would have to be a total inside cat as he would panic outside.
Leo will need to be adopted with one of his siblings to not feel stressed in his new home. Leo is litter trained and used to other cats and dogs.
If you would like to meet Leo and his siblings please call 0403171716, he is fostered in Wanneroo.

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No photo for Kasey


Kasey is a sweet girl who is happy to lay around the place and check out what's going on.

She would suit being an indoor only cat with another friendly cat as she can be a little timid, she may hide outside if she was allowed to roam.
She loves her pats and will happily purr and rub against you for hours while she is getting a pat.
She is litter trained, and will tolerate being picked up for a little bit. She also loves to play with her cat toys, especially the mini soccer ball. She will take a little while to get used to a new household but once she does, her affection is worth the wait! She has also met the few medium sized dogs that she currently lives with and she now loves to groom the dogs in the house and will cuddle up next to them.

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No photo for Harry


Harry needs a job!

Preferably an inside job as he has always lived indoors (unlike his royal namesake). So if you have a lighthouse, warehouse or micro-brewery that needs a watch-cat, give him a try.

Harry's not really a people pursson, but he is cat social, so would be okay with a four-legged partner - he has always lived with his sister, Otis, who is more outgoing with humans. They love to play and explore.

All Harry asks in return is some early morning sun and a snug igloo for naps.

Litter trained, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Not suitable for families with small children or dogs.

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No photo for Jabba


The force is strong in this one !

Jabba is a beautiful laid back boy who just likes laying on the chair sleeping through the day, if you sit down on the couch Jabba will be sure to join you for head scratches.

At the end of the day you will find Jabba waiting for you in bed, he will come up to you for a few head rubs then head down to the end of the bed to sleep.

Jabba will let you know when he is ready for his dinner. He is an indoor cat.

Please contact his foster carer on 0408 663 618 for more information and to arrange to meet Jabba!

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Meet Kelly, a sweet-natured girl who loves the company of other cats, and understandably so since she spent the first year of her life living in a large colony. She has certainly begun to come out of her shell in foster care and happily curls up on her foster carer's feet once they are sleeping, and returns to the bed any time in the day that she thinks they are not watching. She is still quite timid so will need a patient and cat-savvy home but with time she will learn to trust a new family. Kelly would be best suited to a quiet household with a friendly older cat and without children, or with older children who are able to give her the space she needs to feel comfortable and confident in her new home. She is very food-motivated and has a very cute habit of pawing the floor when she drinks water. She loves to play and chase toys, and will do so with her foster carer and on her own. She as a very close bond with her sister, Coral PR486778, seen in some of her photos (leading them to be known affectionately as Fatty and Skinny) and her foster brother, Gill, listed separately.

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No photo for Coral


Coral is a beautiful dark Tortoiseshell with striking facial markings. She is, however still a little timid with new surroundings and can be easily startled.
Coral is looking for a quiet home that will provide her with lots of love and patience.
Coral would prefer a home without small children, but she would love a friendly cat for company and cuddles. She is very strongly bonded to her sister Kelly PR394709. So Ideally her new home wold be looking for 2 sweet Tortis who are already the very best of friends.
Coral is still learning to trust people but will accept pats, especially when accompanied with food rewards.
Currently in foster car SOR, Coral is available for adoption through SAFE Perth.

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No photo for Harmony


Harmony is the most confident and outgoing of her litter, always being the first to try something new and leading her brother and sisters into mischief. She loves attention and makes her presence known if you happen to be distracted with something else – she will soon (sweetly) remind you that it’s time to give her a cuddle!

Harmony is a very cute, affectionate and playful kitten with a gorgeous nature. She would love a home with other cats as she is used to having her brother and sisters around to play with. She is also good with children.

Her cuteness is difficult to resist and she will quickly have you wrapped around her little paw.

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No photo for Maya * On Trial With My New Family *

Maya * On Trial With My New Family *

Built into the Maya model is infinite cuteness, charm, and the instant purr. Maya is very sweet and friendly and gets along well instantly with other pets and older children.

Maya is learning how to be a good house pet and is no trouble at all in the house. She is polite, eats everything, and loves to strut about like she owns the place (as she does).

Born into a multi cat household, Maya is used to mucking in and would go well with other cats. If you are in the mind to adopt two cats, Maya is in care with others.

Please call her carer on 0429313102 to inquire today!

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