No photo for Jacinta


Jacinta is a very pretty girl with a beautiful white and black winter coat.

Jacinta is looking for a quiet home as needs a little time to settle in and get to know her new family. She likes to sleep much of the day then comes looking for attention and food in the late afternoon. She will best suit a single person who would like a companion and who will be patient to allow Jacinta time to settle in.

Once she trusts you she will rub against your legs and love a head and back rub. She won’t suit being around children.

Jacinta tolerates other cats but would best suit a home on her own. She is located in Bullsbrook.

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No photo for Jabba


The force is strong in this one !

Jabba is a beautiful laid back boy who just likes laying on the chair sleeping through the day, if you sit down on the couch Jabba will be sure to join you for head scratches.

At the end of the day you will find Jabba waiting for you in bed, he will come up to you for a few head rubs then head down to the end of the bed to sleep.

Jabba will let you know when he is ready for his dinner. He is an indoor cat.

Please contact his foster carer on 0408 663 618 for more information and to arrange to meet Jabba!

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No photo for Karri


Karri is a sweet delicate little girl with a glossy black coat and beautiful amber eyes. She is a very affectionate cat who loves scratches and pats and to wind herself around your legs. :) Karri loves to do head bumps too!

Karri is good with other cats and is a tiny cat for a mature adult. She is kitty litter trained and not food fussy. Karri would do well in a house with cat savvy older kids, a couple, or maybe even just to brighten the life of a single person currently living on their own and needing a companion. Catly company (or that of a gentle older dog) would be nice but is not essential. She does have a best friend in Roxy so if your looking for 2 cats then these 2 girls would be puuurrrfect.

Please contact her carer on 0414268948 to meet Karri today!

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No photo for Felix


Despite the name Felix is actually a pretty girl! She is inquisitive, loves to snuggle with her older foster sister, Kasey.
Felix has been living with 1 other juvenile cat, 1 older cat and 2 medium sized dogs which she is fine with.
She is very interested in water and you may get a frequent visitor when you are in the bath!
For more photos check out the Facebook album:

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No photo for Coral


Coral is a beautiful dark Tortoiseshell with striking facial markings. She is, however still a little timid with new surroundings and can be easily startled.
Coral is looking for a quiet home that will provide her with lots of love and patience.
Coral would prefer a home without small children, but she would love a friendly cat for company and cuddles. She is very strongly bonded to her sister Kelly PR394709. So Ideally her new home wold be looking for 2 sweet Tortis who are already the very best of friends.
Coral is still learning to trust people but will accept pats, especially when accompanied with food rewards.
Currently in foster car NOR, Coral is available for adoption through SAFE Perth.

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No photo for Ferris


Hey there everyone my name is Ferris ! I'm now available for adoption with SAFE after recovering from my surgery.
Unfortunately I was hit by a car but after a slow road to recovery I still have my 8 lives and im going strong 🐈

I'm a laid back chilled out boy who just likes to sleep 23 hours a day, when I'm not sleeping you'll find me at the food bowl. I love a good cuddle on your lap otherwise I'm happy to lay right beside you. I'm a very quite cat and don't like to make a peep, unless I see my dinner being made and I get a bit excited !

I love to lay by the window and sit in the sun. I prefer to go to a home with no other cats as I like my own space, but I'm happy to share my home with a doggy friend or two. I try to play and cuddle with my big boofa brother but he is scared of a little adorable thing like me !

My foster mum always says I'm a handsome boy who would enjoy a home with older kids, a friendly doggy companion or just a home to soak up all the love by myself.

Due to my past, I ask to be an inside only cat, or I would love a cat run as I love laying outside in the fresh air. But please never leave me unattended outside as I prefer to feel safe 💜

Meet me today for some cuddles🐱

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No photo for Harry


Harry needs a job!

Preferably an inside job as he has always lived indoors (unlike his royal namesake). So if you have a lighthouse, warehouse or micro-brewery that needs a watch-cat, give him a try.

Harry's not really a people pursson, but he is cat social, so would be okay with a four-legged partner - he has always lived with his sister, Otis, who is more outgoing with humans. They love to play and explore.

All Harry asks in return is some early morning sun and a snug igloo for naps.

Litter trained, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Not suitable for families with small children or dogs.

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No photo for Frodo


Looking for a patient, gentle human to bond with. Ex colony kitten, this handsome boy will need lots of TLC to learn to trust people.

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No photo for Heart


Heart has beautiful colouring including her striking green eyes. She is a quieter little girl who is good with other cats or would be ok as an only cat. She is looking for a home where she will have time to settle in as will be a little unsure for a while but once she gets to know and trust you she is very sweet and likes a pat and back scratch. A home that is quieter with no children or an older child that is gentle.

Heart is located in Bullsbrook. You can contact her carers on 0414268948 or 0437870245 (text if can't get through).

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No photo for Gris


My name is Gris. I came into SAFE Perth's care with three tiny bubbas of my own. I also took on 3 more kittens as they needed a mum which brought my little group of kittens too a total of 6. I loved being a mum.

I am very talkative and will often walk around the house trumpeting at all the kittens that are here, they are all my foster babies but I let my foster mum think they are her's 😉

I am also living with two other adult cats and 3 big dogs... I am a pretty easy going girl and I love says I am a big smooch.

I am now ready to leave the mum life behind and live with a furever family of my very own.... do you think you would like to meet me? Contact my mum on 0402260550 and come say hi.

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