No photo for Darcy * On Trial With My New Family *

Darcy * On Trial With My New Family *

Darcy is so much fun to have around. He is fearless, loving and playful. Darcy will be a wonderful addition to just about any home. He loves pets ear scratches and attention in general. He is very playful and loves chasing toys all over the house. You can have endless hours of fun just watching him. When he is tried of play he will curl up next to you on the sofa or flop down on your lap.

Darcy is very outgoing and gets on very well with other cats. He has lived with a dog before and his personality is such that he would probably enjoy the company of a K9. He has not lived with children but is friendly, gentle and confident so should get on well with kids.

He eats anything you put in front of him, wet and dry food.

He has been microchiped, desexed and vaccinated.

Darcy is currently living SOR and can’t wait for you to visit him, please contact his carer direct on 0481 192 406

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Chrissy **On Trial With My New Owner**

Chrissy is a pretty girl with her calico coloured coat. She has a nice gentle nature and likes attention and affection. She will be a little nervous when going to a new home at first but in not time will settle in and want attention. She would best suit a quieter home and would be a loving companion for someone. She came into our care with Molly a bit ginger and white girl but can be adopted out to a home of her own.

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No photo for Zazu * No More Calls Please *

Zazu * No More Calls Please *

Zazu- the perfect winter warmer
Zazu is an incredibly affectionate kitten who was found wandering all alone at a shopping centre when he was very small. He was taken in by a loving family and soon learnt to love his humans as though they were his feline family.

If you’re after a cat who likes to keep to himself then Zazu is not for you. Zazu loves to give cuddles and purrs until he falls asleep on your lap or chest. He is so gentle and only uses his tiny kitten claws when giving loving massages or making kitten biscuits. He even likes being carried around or cuddled like a baby, especially if you’re giving belly rubs.

Zazu has lived with other cats, bunnies, dogs and children. He has recently become friends with a new kitten named Jubilee who is around the same age. Jubi has taught Zazu what he missed from his litter mates and that’s how to be a more confident kitten (not just a human baby) and he now loves to zoom around the house playing and pouncing with Jubilee and their toys, especially the pingpong balls. He is extremely well behaved and house trained. He doesn’t have any accidents with his litter box and even shares with the bigger cats in the house. He’d better suit a calm home with relaxed kids and existing pets or a home on his own as long as he gets plenty of cuddles and play time.

If you’d like to meet Zazu contact his carer on 0401209529

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No photo for Violet * On Trial With My New Family *

Violet * On Trial With My New Family *

Violet is a lovely sweet girl who loves her food and will meow to let you know she is ready for dinner. She is quite vocal when she wants attention. She has a nice gentle personality. Violet isn't a big girl and has a lovely coloured tortoiseshell coloured coat. She would love home with either a single person, couple or family with slightly older children. Violet is kitty litter trained.

Violet is located NOR and her carer can be contacted on 0403 586 561

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No photo for Kit **On Trial**

Kit **On Trial**

Kit has a lovely striking black and white coat. He is good with other cats and will often rub against them. At first he will be nervous in a new home but if someone is willing to give him the time he needs to settle in he will end up a very loving companion for someone. He enjoys a pat and head rub. He would best suit a single person or couple. Wont suit a home with children.

If you would like to know more about him you can contact his foster carer on 0414268948 or email

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No photo for Moet Cuddlepants * On Trial *

Moet Cuddlepants * On Trial *

Could you do with a cute, playful red head in your life? Meet Moet Cuddlepants, a cheeky little girl that loves nothing better than to play all day, purr her little motor in thanks for your pats and seek new adventures.

Moet is a very sweet little girl whose favourite things are playing with toys, running around and skipping in the air and waiting next to her food bowl when it comes to dinner time. She has been raised in a house with other dogs and cats - and loves the company.

She has had all her vet work done, and is ready to go to a special loving home now. Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet this wonderful kitten.

Please contact her carer direct on 04077 40477 located Central

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