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Possum ** On Trial With My New Family **

This is Possum, an adorable and very affection male kitten.

Both extremely smoochy and playful, Possum loves to be carried around, kissed and cuddled.

He's currently the only pet in the foster home, but he loved to play with his kitten-siblings when they were housed together.

Possum isn't nervous or frightened of anything (the robovac, for example, is a great source of entertainment for him) so he'd be fine living with any kitten-friendly animal.

Possum is adaptable and not spooked by being in new spaces and placed ... he's the perfect combination of calm, sweet, smoochy and simply adorable!

Please text his foster carer on 0435 101 350 located central

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Eeyore * On Trial With My New Family**

Eeyore has been hand raised from a week old, orphaned just as his eyes were beginning to open. He has grown up with big dogs, other cats, kittens and children.

Eeyore is super affectionate and snuggle into your neck, arms, lap or any soft warm spot and fall asleep. He is so excited to greet you at the end of the day running to you for cuddles and kisses. His intoxicating purr is soothing enough to wipe away the stresses of the world.

Eeyore has a twin brother called Piglet who is also listed for adoption.

Eeyore has a kinked tail and loves to play fetch. He is litter trained, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped & wormed.

If you would like to meet this affectionate kittens contact his carer on 0401209529.

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Harmony * On Trial With My New Family **

Harmony is the most confident and outgoing of her litter, always being the first to try something new and leading her brother and sisters into mischief. She loves attention and makes her presence known if you happen to be distracted with something else – she will soon (sweetly) remind you that it’s time to give her a cuddle!

Harmony is a very cute, affectionate and playful kitten with a gorgeous nature. She would love a home with other cats as she is used to having her brother and sisters around to play with. She is also good with children.

Her cuteness is difficult to resist and she will quickly have you wrapped around her little paw.

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Leeroy * On Trial With My New Family *

Leeroy is a domestic short-haired kitten, grey and black in colour and lives with his sister in foster care.

Leeroy is a cheeky little boy and loves to jump out from behind couches, walls and chairs to give you a pow pow pow and run away. However you only need to sit and he is the first on your lap giving you smooches.

Leeroy is fully toilet trained and will meow if he cannot get to his litter tray.

Leeroy loves to eat it's his second favourite thing to do. He will give a cute little meow at Your Feet to let you know he's hungry.

Leroy also lives with dogs, chickens, rabbits and three young boys and is loving and smoochy with them all. Among the three boys is an autistic boy. Leeroy and his sister both love him and will choose to sit with him before anyone else because he is gentle and gives a lot of pats. They are great sensory animals for him.

Because of this they are fantastic with children and very loving kittens. Come and meet Leeroy today

All vetwork is done including De-sex Vaccination and Microchip and they are ready to find their forever homes

Please text our foster carer on 0421 562 351 located SOR.

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No photo for Zippy Smartypants

Zippy Smartypants

Have you met Zippy Smartypants? This gorgeous little guy was found with his siblings near a busy road and school and although only tiny were clever enough to catch the attention of their foster carer.

He has been an excellent student and his report card is in - straight A+’s for playing, affection, eating and litter tray behaviour.

Zippy Smartypants has been hand raised with his siblings so is a very loving and sweet kitten. He is good with other cats and kittens, children and has been tested with small dogs.

Don’t miss your opportunity to help Zippy graduate into his forever home. Please give his carer a call on 04077 40477 to meet for a play date soon.

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No photo for Vinnie


Vinnie is a very pretty cat and is happy to follow you around at a distance, when he chooses he will allow you a cuddle. Vinnie gets on well with the other cats and dogs in his foster home, but he would really love a home to call his own.
Vinnie would need to be a total inside cat unless you have a
cat enclosure for him to safely spend time outside in the sunshine. Vinnie loves to play and he would need to be adopted with one of his siblings to settle well in his new environment. Vinnie will make someone a loyal and lovely cat for someone who is willing to continue to gain his confidence, he would not be suitable in a home with young children.
Vinnie is litter trained, he also loves to sleep on the bed, near his human companion.
Vinnie is fostered at Wanneroo, please call 0403171716 if you would like to meet him.

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No photo for Zoe


Zoe is a lovely, friendly girl who likes to be around people and sleep at the end of the bed at night or next to you on the sofa in the daytime. She has the most wonderful temperament.

Zoe likes to chase string, is litter box trained and eats wet and dry food. She just loves her wet food and will meow with excitement when she knows it’s dinner time.

Zoe would best suit a home with a single person, couple or family with older children. She would prefer a home without other cats but will tolerate another cat.

Zoe also loves to drink water straight from the tap. She is located in Bullsbrook. You can contact her carer on 0414268948 if you would like to meet her.

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No photo for Shyla


Shyla as her name suggests is a bit of a shy girl who will take time and patience to warm to new people but once settled she will be no trouble at all. Shyla is happy to be by herself all day and will snuggle up with you at night in bed for a cuddle.

Her purrs are so loud they can wake you up!

Because she am on the timid side of things she needs a home with no scary noisy children but she could live happily with another cat.

In her new home she will need a scratching post, a few toys to play with and a nice warm bed to curl up in and catch some z's!

Fostered NOR. Please call her carer on 0403806002 to inquire!

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No photo for Smooch Cuddlepants

Smooch Cuddlepants

Cats don’t come any sweeter than Smooch Cuddlepants.

Smooch is a charismatic, handsoome little man that was hand raised by his foster carer and hasn’t yet found his perfect home.

He is the perfect companion, well mannered, toilet trained and a good conversationalist – that is if you can understand his cute little noises. Smooch loves to follow you around the house, checking up on your progress while you go about your chores, and then when you are ready to relax is when he pounces… straight onto your lap for cuddles with a purr that rivals a truck motor.

We are seeking a very special home for him as due to his nature and medical history he needs:

- A quiet home with someone that is able to offer him plenty of one on one time and cuddles
- A strictly inside only home (or with cat run)
- No young children sorry

Smooch is an amazing young man with a long, snuggly future in front of him. Could he spend it with you?

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you call, the quicker we can really start to get to know each other.

Please call his foster carer on 04077 40477 located Central

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No photo for Madison * On Trial With My New Family *

Madison * On Trial With My New Family *

Madison (Maddie) is the mum of a litter of five kittens, although she still looks and behaves like a youngster herself.

Maddie is a brilliant mum, but now that her babies are old enough to be adopted she is keen to find her independence again and have the chance to let her playful side shine through without her kittens hogging all the toys!

She is a very friendly and affectionate cat and loves attention. She is also very chatty and always lets you know how pleased she is to see you, especially at dinner time!

If you are looking for a loving, sociable cat who will give you lots of affection, Maddie would love to come home with you.

For further information on Madison and to organise a meet please contact her foster carer on 0415 343 342.

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