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If you are looking for a pet to love and enjoy now, without all the hard work that comes with a puppy, then Polly is your girl! Polly has had a tough life. She’s had many litters of puppies which her body still wears the reminder of, and once she was past her puppy making duties, she was dumped at a rural pound. The pound were told she is 8 yrs old, however our vet has suggested she is probably closer to 10 years old.

Polly has the sweetest nature and has perfected the ‘puppy dog eyes’ to simply melt your heart. Polly LOVES little kids and is mostly very good with them. She is currently in care with a 1 and 4 yr old. Occasionally if the kids get excited, she does too, so might get a bit in their face with licks, so will still need to be supervised.

She gets along really well with other dogs, and is currently in care with 3 others, but is a bit too interested in cats, so won’t be rehomed with one.

Polly still loves to play and run around, but won’t need as much exercise as her younger kelpie counterparts. She is very happy to lay at your feet and just follow you around.

Polly’s ideal family would be an older couple or somebody who is around a lot with kids or grandkids, and/or another dog. Her ideal Saturday night will be sitting on her bed at your feet in front of the fire, watching a movie, or maybe a slow walk along the beach in summer.

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