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Meet the beautiful Sadie. She is a 9 month old Kelpie pup who is starting to learn that the world is a fun and great place! She’s had a rough start to life so is quite timid but once she warms up to you, she will become a loyal and loving companion. Sadie finds great comfort in other dogs, so would be best suited to a home with another friendly but confident dog. Sadie is scared of most noises, but is getting better each day! As such though, she has been sleeping inside at night, because the dark is much too scary outside!

She is learning to walk on the lead (also scary!) and is coming along with basic training but will need to continue practicing in her new home.

Sadie is beautiful little darling and with some patience, love and care, she will blossom into a confident and loyal companion!

We are looking for a specific type of person to adopt Sadie that is willing to work alongside her to help her bloom and grow her confidence. If this is you, please complete an application form.

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Meet Buster a fun loving 3 year old Wolfhound x Bull Arab.

He is a barrel of fun who loves to run, play tug of war, or chase and play with other dogs of a similar size.

Buster is great with older children but a little big for smaller children, he forgets his size sometimes and may knock them over.

Buster likes to show his love of you by gently leaning on you, he is hard to resist giving a pat to when he does this.

Buster will need a home with secure high fences and no pocket pets, ie. rabbits or guinea pigs.

Buster will need a family that will include him in their everyday life, whether it's going for a walk, training or just chilling he just wants to be included. This boy doesn't have a single mean bone in his body when it comes to his people.

Buster will need further training for walking on a lead, and to be the best dog he can be. He has not been tested with cats or livestock.

If Buster sounds like he could be your pawfect pal, please complete an application using the link below!

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