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Hello my name is Kyah, I am a mature American Staffy, and I am looking for my forever home.
I love cuddles, and my favorite thing is to spend time with my humans. I have met lots of children and I am very gentle and respectful when I am around them.
I love going for walks ,and love to play with my toys.
I can be left alone in my yard, I don't dig and I don't jump. I have worked with my trainer and I can now sit, drop and I will go to my bed when asked,
I am a gentle girl, however I do not like storms, so someone would need to be home with me during these times. I do have special medication that you only need to give me when you know there is a storm brewing and you don't think you will be home. The medication is working well so I am getting better during these scary times.
I will need to be your only pet, I have so much love to give to my new family.
I do not cope well in kennels so if you can foster me, I would be very grateful, or my forever home would be my dream come true!

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Ruby Rose

Ruby loves to go for walks, she walks well on the lead when she is given the right guidance. Ruby will sit for a treat and takes her treats gently. She gets anxious when she is around other dogs, so an only dog home is preferred.
She would love someone to be home some of the time, and fireworks and storms she will need to be left in a laundry or garage if no one is home.
Ruby is a smoocher, she loves to be close to her humans, and is very eager to please.
Anyone that meets Ruby will fall in love with her.,

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Hello, my name is Pepsi and after being saved from the pound several years ago, I again find myself homeless. My owner decided when she moved that she no longer wanted me, so here I am again without a warm bed to cuddle up in.

My favourite pastime is trying to rescue squeakers from rubber chickens and I love to play fetch. I have great recall and will do anything for my people. I love my blankie and like to toss it around and then fall asleep on it.

I am really low maintenance and would be happy just to have a garden of my own and to play fetch with you once a day or a short walk. I don't need much, just someone to love me. I can be left alone all day without barking, sleep quietly at night, don't jump up on furniture and am house trained.

Unfortunately I'm not too good with other doggies so I really need a home with no other pets please.

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Ebony (Pcc 763)

Hello everyone my name is Ebony, I am not coping too well in the shelter, I am a bit timid when you first meet me until I feel safe. I need someone to care for me and give me the love and security that I has been missing in my life.

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Hallo my name is Chaos, sadly my Dad became homeless and could no longer care for me.

I was surrendered to the pound but was rescued and am now looking for a comfy home of my own.

I absolutely love children, I was in a foster home for a while with four kids, I was so happy, that was the best time. When we had a birthday party the children stood in line to come up to shake hands with me, that was a very happy time for me, I loved all the attention but unfortunately that family were unable to give me a forever home.

I love my cuddles, and I can sit and shake, I'm really chilled and low maintenance.

Only thing is that I am not good when there are storms, so I must have my medication, and I must be kept inside if you know a storm is coming. Im happy in a garage or the house. I just cant be in the garden or a kennel when there is a storm.

I would prefer if I had someone home with me some of the day, I am a lovable teddy bear who just wants a family to love.

I weigh around 48kg and I am just a big, gentle giant.
I am currently in boarding kennels, please come to meet me, you wont be sorry.

I have lived with another dog in the past but that was a while ago, so a meet and greet would be essential if you have another doggie at home.

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Hello, my name is Rosie.

I am a sweet girl who has been through far too much for my age. I was used for breeding puppies, and when my "owners" didn't want me anymore they just let me sit in the pound, unloved and alone. I was saved by Rescue Hub after being in there for months, the volunteers told me that if I wasn't rescued I was going to be put down. I am so glad they saved me, I don't deserve what has happened to me and I really want to start the rest of my life.

Unfortunately my time in the pound has made me very uncomfortable around other dogs, so I will need a home with no other pets. The Rescue Hub team and their behaviorist have helped me behave much better around other dogs, but I still have a ways to go and I will need a patient owner who will continue to work with me.

I know how to sit for a treat and I can take treats gently, plus I can walk nicely on the lead. I am very affectionate and love cuddles and kisses.

I absolutely adore the water and would play in it all day .. whether it’s swimming in the water shell or having a spray down from the hose - I just love it.

I am still quite a young girl and am very active and full of energy so I will need an owner who can give me plenty of exercise.

I am currently in temporary kennels in Berkshire Park, but I am hoping and praying a kind family will foster or adopt me very soon. I absolutely love people to the ends of the Earth. When the volunteers leave after walking us all, I cry and just want to be with a family of my own.

After all I have been through, I just want a nice warm bed, yummy food and a family who will love me like I deserve to be loved.

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Tilly is a young 18 month old Cattle dog x who is looking for her forever home.
She loves to go for walks, and is most happy when she is at the dog park. She comes back when called, and never runs off.
Tilly walks well on the lead, she pulls a bit at first, but with a halti walks perfectly by your side.
She is crate trained, she loves her crate, and can be left for short periods in her crate and she copes well. However we feel if she has a doggy friend she would love the company, and a secure yard to play in.
Tilly has had some training, and she sits perfectly and waits to be told before she moves. Tilly is calm around the house, she loves human company, and loves children.
She is a beautiful natured dog, everyone who meets her comment on her sweet nature.

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Alina was saved from death row, and has come such a long way since the day she was rescued.
She is now a confident, funny and loving dog. She loves to play catch with her human friends, she has blossomed since been rescued. Alina can sit for a treat, and will give you her paw, she has obviously had some basic training in her past home,
She does not seem to have any issues with other dogs, but if you have another dog a meet and greet would need to be arranged.
Alina will need secure fencing, as she is a young and agile girl. She is loved by the volunteers, she just now needs her forever home.
A training session with our behaviourist will be offered during or after the two week trial adoption period.
If she is not adopted , we would consider a foster carer for Alina. All expenses would be covered by Rescue Hub, the foster carer would need to be located in the Sydney Metropolitan area,

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Rose is a Mastiff x female saved from Death row. She has blossomed since been in our care and loves all the volunteers, She walks well on the lead, she can sit for a treat, and takes her treats gently.
She loves going for walks, and walks well on the lead.
Rose is a loving dog, who now just needs her forever home.
If she does not get adopted, a foster home would be considered. All expenses will be covered by Rescue Hub. The foster carer would need to be situated in the Sydney Metro area.
At this stage Rose would need to be in a home with no other pets,
We will offer a training session with our behaviourist either during the two week trial (adoption period) or once this period has been completed.

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Kari was saved recently from death row, she is still a little bit timid, but has improved enormously since been rescued, and now is happy to go walking with any of our volunteers, and loves time in the company of humans.
Kari does not seem to have any issues with other dogs, however a meet and greet would be necessary if you have other dogs in the household,
She will need a patient and loving owner, and in return will have a loyal and loving companion.
We will offer a training session with our behaviourist either during the trial adoption period or once this is complete.
We would also be happy for Kari to be fostered until her forever home is found, please contact Rescue Hub is you have interest in fostering, all expenses will be covered. The foster carer must live in the Sydney Metropolitan area,

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