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Hi! My name is Tyson and I am a handsome spunk who already knows how to sit for a treat and take treats gently. Being a little older means I am not full of puppy energy and I don’t jump all over people.

I absolutely love people, and much prefer cuddle time that running around like a crazy boy. Don't get me wrong, I love to play a game of tog-o-war or chew a Kong toy, but my favourite place to be is by your side. I love people of all ages, and would suit a home as an only pet for now so I can settle in and forget the last few months of being locked up in a kennel.

The Rescue Hub team have had me attend a few sessions with their dog behaviourist, who says I am such a good boy who loves to please. I have started to learn to walk on a loose lead and be near other dogs without barking. I'm sure my new family can teach me so many more awesome tricks, or we can just chill on the couch and watch Netflix, totally up to you!

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Koda is in our care and looking for a new home. She is a sweet 12 month old Doberman x who has been taught to sit, shake and lie down, plus she is also house trained. She has been around other dogs, but due to her boisterous nature, puppy energy and young age, we feel she would benefit from being in an only pet home until she grows out of her "teenage years".

Koda is very gentle around children and does not jump up on people. She would thrive in a home where she gets daily walks, learns new tricks and, most importantly, is loved furever. She can be high energy at times due to her young age, but does love to cuddle up on the couch at the end of the day and warm your feet at the end of your bed.

Koda is such a young girl who has been through quite a lot in her first year of life. With a loving, caring family, a brush up on some basic training plus mental and physical exercise, she will made a wonderful addition to any family.

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Hello, my name is Rosie. I am a sweet girl who has been through far too much for my age. I was used for breeding puppies, and when my "owners" didn't want me anymore they just let me sit in the pound, unloved and alone. I was rescued from the pound by Rescue Hub after being in there for months, the volunteers told me that if I wasn't rescued I was going to be put down. I am so glad they saved me, I don't deserve what has happened to me and I really want to start the rest of my life.

Unfortunately my time in the pound has made me very uncomfortable around other dogs, so I will need a home with no other pets. The Rescue Hub team and their behaviourist have helped me behave better around other dogs, but I still have a ways to go. I already know how to sit for a treat and take treats gently.

I am currently in temporary kennels in Berkshire Park, it is so cold here at night I am hoping and praying a kind family will foster or adopt me very soon. I absolutely love people to the ends of the Earth. When the volunteers leave after walking us all, I cry and just want to be with a family of my own.

I have been and will continue to attend the monthly training sessions with the behaviourist, and my new family are welcome to attend and learn about the techniques I have learned.

After all I have been through, I just want a nice warm bed, yummy food and a family who will love me like I deserve to be loved.

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Hello everyone, my name is Tiger and I am yet another stunning boy looking for a new home. I would make an excellent addition to any family, I already know how to sit for a treat and I am super gentle. I was found as a stray in August and, after spending over 2 months in the pound, was rescued by Rescue Hub. I have begun training with the Rescue Hub behaviourist and respond well to my lead training.

I am learning how to walk on a loose lead, and really respond well to praise. What can I say, I just love to please! At this stage, I would suit a home as an only pet, until I settle in and feel at home again.

I would love a new forever family who can continue with my training, and of course open up their home to me. Currently I am not in foster care, therefore the Rescue Hub volunteers do not know if I am house trained. But, I do love to please, so I am sure it will be a piece of cake for me to learn that too!

Being a slightly older guy means I am past all that puppy energy and jumping phase. My style is cool, calm, collected and cuddles! During my time outside in the grass runs, I much rather snuggle with people that run around.

It's been a rough few months, but the Rescue Hub volunteers promise they will find me the perfect forever home. Is that with you?

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Hello, my name is Ebony and I have been through so much this year already. Firstly, I was found as a stray with my fur brother, and although we are microchipped our owner never came back for us He was lucky and was adopted from the pound soon after, while I wanted far longer. Then I was adopted! But, unfortunately, it didn't work out with my new fur brother so I was surrendered to Rescue Hub. I didn't seem to mind the littler Fox Terriers I lived with, but my new fur brother and I just were not suited for one another and played too rough. I also do not like cats or pocket pets.

I already know how to sit for a treat, take my treats gently and don’t jump up for treats. I am searching for an owner who can spend the time to continue my training, I am young and want so badly to learn, please give me a chance. i can feel a little uncertain when being left home alone so either a 1.8m Colourbond fence, enclosure or letting me be inside while you are away is ideal.

I am so young to have goner through so much, please someone give me a chance. I am a super sweet girl who gets on with people of all ages, including younger children.

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Jared (Pcc 449)

Hello, my name is Jared. I’m a handsome Labrador cross with beautiful brown eyes. As much as I want to be a good boy, I still jump up on people because no one has taught me not to. But I do know how to sit for a treat, plus I take my treats gently. I don’t mind other dogs, but let’s have a meet and greet to make sure we get along.

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Beatrice (Bea)

Meet Beatrice, she's still a young girl at only 18 months old, but has had a bit of a rough start. Our behaviourist believes that she has been treated badly by her last owner, most probably a male, as she is very anxious and nervous around men that she does not know. She is getting better, once she trusts the male person she is very loving and affectionate, so she will need a patient understanding person to care for her.

She is good with most females, especially once she gets to know you, she is affectionate, and loving, a beautiful loyal girl.

We are looking for a foster carer to adopt, preferably somebody that has time and patience to work with Bea. If she can stay in the Hawkesbury area, our behaviourist can continue to work with her.

She is okay with other dogs, and she has lived with a cat for a short time. She has also lived with children and coped well with three children.

Bea is currently boarding in kennels in Cessnock, but we would like to bring her back to the Hawkesbury/Penrith area so we can continue with training.

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Sachii is a very affectionate young dog looking for her forever home. She is currently in foster care and just loves being with her people.

She is very smart and learns new things very quickly. She walks well on the lead, can sit, shake, stay and heel. Sachii is very energentic and likes a good walk each day, but then she's content to be a couch potato and snuggle with her family. She would suit a family with older children/teenagers as she can be anxious around young children .

Sachii can still be a little unsure around other dogs, so at this stage we feel she is best suited to a home where she is the only dog. With slow and proper introductions, she can live with cats. She has doggy friends since living with her new foster Mum, but we feel at this stage she will be best as the only dog.

Sachii will need a confident and experienced owner who is able to spend time training her, so that she can be the very best best dog and shine as we know she can.

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No photo for George (Pcc 379)

George (Pcc 379)

Hey there, my name is George and I am another handsome Staffy boy looking for a forever home. Although I am 3 years old I still love to run around, my ideal home will be one where I get daily exercise to help keep me fit. I also know how to sit for a treat and take treats gently. I do jump up on people sometimes, but I am sure my loving family can snap me out if it pretty quick. I also don’t mind other dogs, but let’s have a meet and greet to make sure we all get along.

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Mitchy (Pcc 389)

Hey, my name is Mitchy and I am on the search for my new home. The volunteers think I haven’t been walked much, as when I was on the lead I really had no idea what to do. But, they showed me the lead was nothing to be scared of and I started to learn how fun walking is. I know how to sit for a treat and take treats gently. Being a younger boy means I still have a bit of my puppy energy, so a good daily walk or training session will be ideal to tire me out mentally and physically. I also don’t mind other dogs, but let’s have a meet and greet to make sure we all get along.

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