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Sachii is a very affectionate young dog looking for her forever home. She is currently in foster care and just loves being with her people.

She is very smart and learns new things very quickly. She walks well on the lead, can sit, shake, stay and heel. Sachii is very energentic and likes a good walk each day, but then she's content to be a couch potato and snuggle with her family. She would suit a family with older children/teenagers as she can be anxious around young children .

Sachii can still be a little unsure around other dogs, so at this stage we feel she is best suited to a home where she is the only dog. With slow and proper introductions, she can live with cats.

Sachii will need a confident and experienced owner who is able to spend time training her, so that she can be the very best best dog and shine as we know she can.

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Hello everyone, my name is Tiger and I am yet another stunning boy looking for a new home. I would make an excellent addition to any family, I already know how to sit for a treat and I am super gentle. I was found as a stray in August and, after spending over 2 months in the pound, was rescued by Rescue Hub. I have begun training with the Rescue Hub behaviourist and respond well to my lead training.

I am learning how to walk on a loose lead, and really respond well to praise. What can I say, I just love to please! I have also met a new dog friend recently during a training session, he was very nice with me and we enjoyed a quiet walk together. Soon after, I also came across a cat, but they don't really phase me so I kept going with my training.

I would love a new forever family who can continue with my training, and of course open up their home to me. Currently I am not in foster care, therefore the Rescue Hub volunteers do not know if I am house trained. But, I do love to please, so I am sure it will be a piece of cake for me to learn that too!

Being a slightly older guy means I am past all that puppy energy and jumping phase. My style is cool, calm, collected and cuddles! During my time outside in the grass runs, I much rather snuggle with people that run around.

It's been a rough few months, but the Rescue Hub volunteers promise they will find me the perfect forever home. Is that with you?

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Toby (Pcc 574)

Hello everyone, the volunteers have named me Toby and I am a stunning boy looking for a new home. I already know how to sit for a treat, take my treats gently and I don’t jump up on people. I can be a little strong on the lead, but nothing a bit of basic training can’t fix. I don’t mind other dogs either, but let’s have a meet and greet just to make sure we all get along.

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Hi there, my name is Onyx and I am a gorgeous 18 month old American Staffy. I am currently living in kennels which is no good for a boy like me, because I am a lap dog at heart, and sometimes forget my size. My favourite thing to do is be leaning up against humans of any age, getting gentle pats.

I walk very well on a lead, can sit and shake hands and even though I love my food, I take treats very, very gently. I absolutely love playing with other dogs of all sizes too.

Ideally I would love a family to keep up with my training as I had a rough start to life and no one taught me how to be a part of the family until now. So, I am still a little unsure of some situations, but I promise, I am a very smart boy keen to learn if you just show me how!

The Rescue Hub ladies told me that my new owner and I are welcome to attend the monthly group training sessions with their behaviourist. But, between you and me, I wont need much training. All I need is a loving family who will look after me.

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Tyga (Pcc 567)

Hey there! My name is Tyga and although I am microchipped my owners never came back for me. I am currently confined to my kennel only because I came into the pound with a sliced paw pad and they need to make sure I don’t split it back open. It’s coming along ok, but I really miss running around. The volunteers visited me in the kennel and gave me some yummy treats, so I showed them how nicely I can sit for them. I’ll be able to go outside soon, so stay tuned for more photos of me. Or, hopefully, I will be adopted by then!

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Bella (Pcc 613)

Hello there, my name is Bella and I have been brought into the pound as a stray with my friend "Boss" (PCC 614). Although we are both chipped, no one has come forward to take us home. And, it looks like I’ve already had a litter of puppies, so I’ve made someone money and now I have been left at the pound. I’m a gentle girl who isn’t high energy, plus I already know how to sit and shake for a treat! I don’t mind other dogs, but let’s have a meet and greet to make sure we all get along.

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Boss (Pcc 614)

Hi! My name is Boss and I have been brought into the pound as a stray with my friend Bella (PCC 613). Although we are both chipped, no one has come forward to take us home. Just like my friend, I know how to sit and shake for a treat, and take my treats very gently. It is very scary here in the pound, I bark and cry to get out, I really hope someone comes to adopt me soon. I prefer lower energy dogs, so let’s have a meet and greet just to be sure we get along

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Ruby (Hsc 37)

Oh hello! The volunteers have named me Ruby and I am just a big puppy who has already found herself homeless at 9 months old! I know, crazy! Being a puppy means I have a tonne of energy to burn, which is great because I love playing with toys. I do know how to sit for a treat, but it needs a little bit of work since I can’t sit still! I don’t mind other dogs, but let’s have a meet and greet to make sure we all get along.

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Alec (Pcc 616)

Hello! The volunteers have named me Alec and I am a chunky Staffy boy looking for my forever home. Don’t let my chunkiness put you off, I am a sweet and gentle boy who already knows how to sit for a treat. I would love an owner who will spend time with me and take me for lovely walks all over town, as I still have energy to burn. I don’t mind other dogs, but let’s have a meet and greet to make sure we all get along.

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This gorgeous 2 year old American Staffy is a bundle of love! She absolutely adores people of all ages, and has so much love to give. She loves to play with her humans and toys. Although she does love to play, of course, she's also a major chiller and likes to hang out and relax a lot of the day. She doesn't bark and is house trained. She is very obedient and can sit, drop her toy and wait on command (for food, treats, and toys). She also waits politely for permission before hopping onto any furniture so she will not be jumping onto any couches or beds uninvited. She doesn't beg for food or jump up while you're eating either.

She is not great with other dogs or animals at this stage, so needs to be the only dog/pet in the house. We are currently working with her to improve her attitude while on walks when she sees other dogs. She happily ignores the dogs next door who bark constantly and seems to be okay walking past dogs which are on the other side of the road. She may need a little more training, but she's a great listener so there wouldn't be too much training needed.
We have monthly training sessions with our dog behaviourist which Angie's future adopter is welcome to attend. He has helped her dog reactivity and taught her to walk on a loose lead.

Angie can be left at home for a few hours at a time, so would suit a part time or full time worker.

This beautiful girl just needs some love and attention to make her happy! She settled into her foster home extremely quickly, and hasn't tried to chew up any of the belongings (shoes and clothes have bee left around accidentally but she knows to leave them alone!).

Angie will be having a training session with our Dog Behaviourist, Bear Hasofer, very soon to help her with her manners when around other dogs. She is dog selective, some male dogs she is happy to walk with.

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