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Hello, my name is Rosie. I am a sweet girl who has been through far too much for my age. I was used for breeding puppies, and when my "owners" didn't want me anymore they just let me sit in the pound, unloved and alone. I was rescued from the pound by Rescue Hub after being in there for months, the volunteers told me that if I wasn't rescued I was going to be put down. I am so glad they saved me, I don't deserve what has happened to me and I really want to start the rest of my life.

Unfortunately my time in the pound has made me very uncomfortable around other dogs, so I will need a home with no other pets. The Rescue Hub team and their behaviourist have helped me behave better around other dogs, but I still have a ways to go. I already know how to sit for a treat and take treats gently.

I am currently in temporary kennels in Berkshire Park, it is so cold here at night I am hoping and praying a kind family will foster or adopt me very soon. I absolutely love people to the ends of the Earth. When the volunteers leave after walking us all, I cry and just want to be with a family of my own.

I have been and will continue to attend the monthly training sessions with the behaviourist, and my new family are welcome to attend and learn about the techniques I have learned.

After all I have been through, I just want a nice warm bed, yummy food and a family who will love me like I deserve to be loved.

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Hello, my name is Pepsi and after being saved from the pound and adopted once before, I again find myself homeless. My owner decided when she moved that she no longer wanted me, so here I am again without a warm bed to cuddle up in.
I'm not too good with other doggies unfortunately so I need a home with no other pets please. I also don't like loud noises and I get a bit spooked by them.

My favourite pastime is trying to rescue squeakers from rubber chickens and I love to play fetch. I love my blankie and like to toss it around and then fall asleep on it. I love people and I get very excited when visitors come but I after a little while I'm all relaxed again.

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Hello my name is Seuss. I was recently adopted from the animal shelter but, unfortunately, it didn't work out so I am now in Rescue Hub's care until I find either a forever or foster home. I am heartbroken, I thought I had finally found my happily ever after after spending months in the shelter.

I am about 2 years old and absolutely love people. I don't mind being around other dogs, but if you already have a doggie friend please come and meet me to make sure we get along. There are some cats around the kennels I am currently living in, and I don't really seem to care about them either. I know how to sit for a treat, and take my treats gently.

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Hi everyone Scrappy here, I am a 2 year old Staffy x, looking for my forever home.

I was recently saved from a shelter and went straight into a training program. I have been really good with my training over the last couple of months, and keep hearing how `I’m ready’ which I assume means I’m ready to settle into my FOREVER HOME. So if you think you would like to make me part of your household and will offer me consistency and structure along with some activities and adventures then PLEASE get in touch.

I would suit an active owner who is happy to continue with my training ( my behaviourist will provide support along the way).
I walk well on the lead, I look for your direction, and I have my basic commands under control .,
I am a loyal loving boy who is ready to settle into my forever home.
I would suit a home with older children, at this stage a home as an only pet would be preferred, , however our behaviourist is happy to work with me if you have another laid back doggy,.

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Molly is a cheeky but very sweet girl, she loves to play but is also happy to sit on your lap getting cuddles,
She is currently living with her siblings, has been around cats and is very gentle around small children.
Molly is available for adoption now, She has had her c5 vaccination so is not due for her next vaccination for another twelve months.
Change of ownership will be finalised once the puppy is desexed at around 5 months old.

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Bruce (Thsc 102)

Bruce is a happy boy, takes treats gently, he loves people, does not jump. He sits to perfection, he is over been locked up in the pound, barks for someone to take him out, would just love to find a new family, His bandana is still hanging over his kennel door, he came in as a stray and no one came to collect him.

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Morris (Hcc 393)

Morris can sit, shake and gives his paw, and will stay. He is a friendly boy, but can be greedy with food, Loves the water.
Would need to be the only pet.

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Jordan (Pcc 663)

Hi everyone my name is Jordan, when I came into the shelter I was a happy girl, but been locked up in a kennel is not agreeing with me, and I am now kennel guarding, The ladies say that this is happening because I am not coping with the environment and the fact that I am locked up.
I will need training but I know that I can revert back to the friendly girl I was when I first arrived, I just need to be given a chance.
At this stage I will need to be the only pet.

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Shrek (Pcc 685)

Shrek walks okay on the lead, he can sit on command and he likes to play ball. He reacts to high energy dogs so would be best to be the only pet at this stage.

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Bella (Pcc 662)

Bella loves people but unfortunately has not been socialised with other pets, so she will need to be the only pet,
Bella loves people, she is good on the lead and she can sit on command, She also loves the pool.

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