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Hi my name is Eliza but everyone calls me Elly. I'm smart, energetic and love the company of dogs and humans alike.

I really love the small humans and I get very excited when they come for a visit. I sometimes jump up on them and lick them, but Foster Mum and Dad are teaching me to not be so enthusiastic. Maybe bigger kids are better at this stage because I'm still a puppy.

I also love playing with the big dogs. I am a live-wire and can play all day! I would really love it if my forever family had another dog for me to play with, hang with and nap with. I can jump really high so 6ft fences are a must also.

I have never seen a cat but I am sure I would enjoy playing with one as I love everyone. Of course, it just depends whether they want to play with me!

Foster Mum says I am a very clever girl - in just 1 week I have learnt to sit, drop and come. Stay is hard because I just want to be with the humans wherever they go. I'm also going very well with my toilet-training.

I have not been out walking yet as I just had my vaccinations, but I think if you take treats in your pocket I will do whatever you want me to (I looooove treats!).

The vet said I am a bit skinny and need to put on weight, which is a good thing because every time those little training treats come out I get to practice my manners. They taste so good I will happily practice a lot!

I'm not a digger or barker (except to chat with you occasionally). I still like to chew things because I am of that age, so it would be great if you could have some chew toys waiting for me when you adopt me :)


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Bianca is a much loved member of her foster family, due to her gentle and inquisitive nature, and her ability to take pleasure from just about anything.

She enjoys the company of other dogs and will readily join in some fun doggie play. She plays well with big and small dogs. Bianca even likes cats and is respectful of their size.

Bianca is happy being an inside-outside girl who relishes affection from her adult foster parents the most. She is very shy around children so it may take some time for her to relax in their company. For this reason, older children who will be patient and gentle with her, and who are prepared to give her some space, are recommended.

Bianca's favourite activity is her daily walk, when she enjoys taking in the smells and being social. At home, an average-sized yard and fences is enough to keep her safe. Bianca doesn't dig and she has not yet discovered the joy of toys. However she does love a fresh bone to much on. Whilst she is toilet-trained, Bianca currently sleeps outside with her foster brother, and will be fine with a warm bed and adequate shelter.

So if you're after a quiet, affectionate snuggle buddy, look no further than our beautiful Bianca!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Shannon 💞 I am an energetic young Staffy x Kelpie. Or maybe Red Heeler?

I am a sweet playful girl who loves cuddles and tummy rubs :) I live with my three foster brothers and get on pretty well with them. We play together all the time. I like going to the beach but I'm happy to just paddle in the shallow bit and run along the sand with my foster Mum. I am getting really good on the lead too!

I really love going to the dog park and chasing all the dogs and getting them to chase me! I sometimes try to boss the smaller dogs around (just so they know their place) but I always get into trouble for that...I am not too sure about cats, they are rather strange creatures... :( I just want to chase them but my foster Mum says NO.

I have met a few children and I liked them because they patted me and rubbed my belly.
I am a smart girl, I can sit, shake paws and I am learning to sit and wait for my dinner too but it's sooo hard because I love my food! I mostly come when I'm called..well you never know, there might be a treat in it for me!

I am a very happy little pup who loves company. Mum calls me her "Little Shadow" because I like to follow her everywhere! She says I will be a wonderful companion for the right person. 💜🐾🐾

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Meet Tripp, an 8 year old low-energy wolfhound cross who has just the sweetest personality and is a real gentleman. He is always happy to see you and his chilled out, mellow attitude is a joy to have around.

Tripp loves going for an adventure in the car and absolutely loves his food. He does not like to share his dinner and would be best fed separately from other animals in the family. However, his sheer enjoyment of food does make him a very enthusiastic learner!

Despite being a bit of a lounge lizard, Tripp enjoys going for a stroll. He is pretty good on a lead, likes meeting new people and is happy to give a passing dog a sniff hello.

Tripp loves being with his people but is equally happy chilling outside waiting for his humans to come home - he is always waiting with his happy tail wagging and will cuddle into you. He loves putting his head in your lap for a pat and then will lay down at your feet for a snooze.

His Foster Mum has barely heard Tripp bark, he is not a digger and hasn’t tried to escape the yard at all. He doesn’t mind a bath, knows how to sit and is learning to sit and wait before being allowed in the door or to eat his food. He is toilet-trained and is happy to sleep inside or outside.

Tripp is amazing with children (foster home has kids aged 7-14 years) and despite his size, is very gentle with them. However he's not a fan of cats so a home without a kitty would be best. Ideally Tripp would be the only animal in the family as he loves to keep all the attention to himself.

So, if you are looking for a laid back, low-energy kind of dog to join your family or a mate to take to work, then Tripp is the dog for you. He would so love to meet you and find his forever family :)

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Hi my name is Joy

As my name suggests I am full to the brim with Joy and just love life!

I am a Bull Arab x and quite a big girl so I will need a big yard. I love all dogs and even love cats! I try to play with my foster cat but he tells me off so I have to back off sometimes.

I am learning to walk on a lead and can sit and drop and stay.

Sometimes I can get distracted though so I need some help with this. I absolutely love my walks and trips out.

I would get too bored and lonely if I am left alone for long periods and I would love to live somewhere where I can be part of the family and can go on car trips and holidays with you. Did I mention I am an excellent traveller!?

I love kids so much but sometimes I can get a bit over excited and accidently knock over little ones. It's only out of love though.

I have so much love to give. I love nothing more than a big snuggle on the couch if I am allowed.

It would be best if I had an active Mum or Dad that will continue with my training and exercise so I can be the best possible me.

Please let me bring some joy into your life.

Dog friendly - yes
Cat friendly - yes
Kid friendly - yes but best with older kids
Livestock friendly - untested
Ok as only dog as long as not left alone for overly long periods - would love a doggy friend but likes to be the center of attention
Normal fences
High energy

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Hi my name is Zing! I think I'm called Zing because I like to run so fast and I have lots of energy! I love chasing my fur foster brother around the backyard but my absolute favourite games are fetch and tug-of-war. You'll need high fences because I'm quite the athlete. As much as I love outside play time, I'm also quite partial to a lazy lie in the sun.

I love all humans so much. I mistakenly think I'm very small and will always try and sit on your lap for cuddles and pats. I stay outside during the day, and at night I lay on the couch with my Foster Mum and hang out. I'm toilet-trained so I can be left inside no worries and I'm also crate-trained - that's where I sleep at night.

My Foster Mum says I'm super smart because I learnt sit, stay and drop in only 10 minutes! I wait for my food and I'm learning how to be gentle when taking treats from your hand.

I'm looking for a family with or without another dog to play with. I don't really understand cats and I like to chase them. If you have kids, I'd love some to play with - preferably older (above 12) because I can get very excited and wouldn't like to knock over any little humans.

If I sound like your kind of fun-loving dog, then come and meet me. I'll be waiting!

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Hi! Sailor is my name and I am a gorgeous Pomeranian x.

I may act like Royalty sometimes, but it is just that I enjoy the good things in life - a comfy chair, soft beds, good food, gentle cuddles, and soft pats. Don’t you like those things as well?

I am a bit of a sensitive chap, so I'll need you to show me that some things are not so scary. I don’t like sudden noises so will you reassure me and give me extra pats until I feel ok? Once I'm relaxed again I'll share the love by giving you lots of kisses.

I'm very well-behaved - I will only bark to let you know someone is here, and I've almost got the toilet-training down pat!

At my Foster Mum's there are so many other Fur Friends. I love having a buddy to play with. Meeting my Foster Mum's friends is great, because they also give me lots of pats. So I am people-friendly AND dog-friendly. I have not meet any little people yet, but I think I'd prefer the teenage ones and not the little noisy ones.

My new house needs toys for me to carry, shake and sleep with. This is is a must for me. I just love playing! My Foster Mum loves it when I play with my toys. It makes her laugh so much.

My Foster Mum has a great snuggly dog bed for me and I cuddle in it all night. Doesn’t that sound great!

I really enjoy my food and have been tasting new things at my Foster Mum's. She says it is good to try new things.

Well as you can see, I need a bit of care with my coat. Just a good brush a couple of times a week will keep me looking amazing.

I really enjoy going for walks and am very good on a lead. I also love going in the car for trips and looking out of the windows.

That's about all I can tell you for now so lets get together and meet sometime. See you soon!

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Annabelle is a very easy going and happy pup with a heart of gold.

Sometimes when her family return home she gets so excited to see them that her little curly tail is just a blur and she starts to shake before giving you the most loving kisses. Despite her excitement, she never forgets her manners and jumps up
Annabelle doesn’t have high energy needs – while she loves to run around she needs frequent breaks being a tri-paw. She’s a girl who likes to spend a lot of time outside and does regular perimeter checks along the fence line so 5 – 6ft fences are a must. She loves to run and sniff in the back yard or plays gently with a soft toy.

While she does like the great outdoors, she is not all that keen on being left outside in the rain – but, then again, who could blame her?

Annabelle loves her people and is very friendly with humans, but she prefers not to share them with another dog or cat. She lives with cats at present but likes to sniff them till they run away. Chasey is a fun game for Annabelle but the cats aren’t of the same opinion. Her carer is working with her to try and curb that impulse.

Annabelle is very trainable and a fast learner. She will sit on command and understands the word ‘no’ and her current training is progressing well with only a pat and verbal praise. She is a clever cookie and wants to do the right thing.

She is comfortable and relaxed with people of all ages, she currently lives with 6 children between the ages of two and sixteen. Annabelle loves spending time with them, even the teenagers (and we all know how tricky THEY can be to live with!)

Annabelle walks well and likes to take her time on a lead but doesn’t pull. She likes to stop and sniff a lot and requires frequent breaks being a tri-paw. Annabelle is her own free spirit and can take her time when being recalled. This may simply be because it has never been a part of her earlier training.

At the end of a happy day spent sniffing and exploring by herself in the garden, Annabelle comes inside at night to spend time near her family. She sleeps beautifully all night on a bed just outside her carers bedroom door.

We believe that Annabelle’s ideal home would be a family who have a relaxed lifestyle and a ‘go with the flow’ attitude towards her. She loves going for drives in the car where she can explore the world from a different view.

Annabelle needs to be allowed to be her own self and not be rushed or hurried along being a tri-paw. She has the most loyal and soft nature towards her human family.

She would be suited to a family who have no other pets. Annabelle enjoys the human touch and verbal praise so she will thrive on her adopter being able to dote on her and give her past and kisses.

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Mitch is such a good boy! He is very intelligent and eager to learn and please. He is so laid back and chilled, and easily fits in with his human family. He is most content when included in family life and loved unconditionally, as he seems to be making up for lost time!

Mitch gets along well with other dogs and kids and has learnt how to get along with a grumpy kitty cat who doesn’t have much time for dogs. He would be happy in any family whether you have another pet or not.

Mitch is very well-mannered, and also house-trained. He doesn’t chew or dig and is very easy to teach. He has already learned to sit and also knows to sit and wait for his dinner, and to come indoors on command. Mitch is so attentive and listens to his humans extremely well.

While you’re at work or school, Mitch is happy sleeping and entertaining himself throughout the day. A nice fresh bone or treat puzzles will provide him with some additional activities.

Mitch is happy hanging out on the outdoor couch or even better if he is inside laying at the feet of one of his family members. He will often try to sneak into your bed for cuddles or on the couch for snuggles.

Mitch also loves to get out and about, and especially loves his afternoon walks with his Foster Ma or trips to the dog park to socialise with his friends. He would be an ideal companion for family trips to the beach or picnics in the park. Don’t forget the toys because Tug-of-War and Fetch are his favourite games.

Mitch is such a gentle and affectionate dog. He especially loves to tuck his head under your chin for snuggles and stay there for as long as he possibly can. Everyone that meets him just falls in love with his gentle and placid nature, he has such a loving soul. We think he is the perfect dog!

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Suki is the smiliest puppy around town! She has beautiful piercing orange eyes and has so much love to give.

She lives for pats and loves to run around the yard with her humans. Suki would need a daily walk or run and an opportunity to play with her humans at home every day, as she has a medium-high energy level.

She would LOVE to have a dog friend to play with, as she loves all dogs of every shape and size. She also will happily live harmoniously with cats. Suki is not fond of storms or loud noises but can settle easily with love and comfort.

An average-sized yard and at least 5ft fences will keep Suki safe and happy at home.

Despite her past she is the most affectionate and loving pup! She has a soft spot for children and would love some to grow up with. There's not a mean bone in her body. All Suki wants is a forever home with a family that accepts her huge heart and generous nature.

If Suki sounds like the girl for you, get in touch with Precious Paws today!

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