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Hi everyone!

My name is Shannon 💞 I am an energetic 9 month old Staffy x Kelpie. Or maybe Red Heeler?

I am a sweet playful girl who loves cuddles and tummy rubs :) I live with my three foster brothers and get on pretty well with them. We play together all the time. I like going to the beach but I'm happy to just paddle in the shallow bit and run along the sand with my foster Mum. I am getting really good on the lead too!

I really love going to the dog park and chasing all the dogs and getting them to chase me! I sometimes try to boss the smaller dogs around (just so they know their place) but I always get into trouble for that...I am not too sure about cats, they are rather strange creatures... :( I just want to chase them but my foster Mum says NO.

I have met a few children and I liked them because they patted me and rubbed my belly.
I am a smart girl, I can sit, shake paws and I am learning to sit and wait for my dinner too but it's sooo hard because I love my food! I mostly come when I'm called..well you never know, there might be a treat in it for me!

I am a very happy little pup who loves company. Mum calls me her "Little Shadow" because I like to follow her everywhere! She says I will be a wonderful companion for the right person. 💜🐾🐾

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Hello! My name is Boston!

I am only young, although my foster mum can’t believe how calm and intelligent I am already.

I enjoy following my humans and doggy pals around as they get things done, although once they’ve done a few chores I enjoy a nice quiet nap in the shade. I like to play fetch on my own or with my furry friends and once I have had a few fetches I like to snack, followed by another nap 😊

Cars! Love cars! I love to go the park and love my adventures inside the house, outside the house and wherever else my human family may go! I absolutely love water - check out my profile pictures....gnarly hey dude! Ooooh, and check out my cute butt!

Snuggles are great too! In fact, I love them so much my little humans like to cuddle me and carry me around like a baby.

I sleep in my own bed at night although if I am invited for a cuddle I will certainly not say no. I am fully toilet trained as well.

Really really look forward to hearing from my future forever family soon.



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Hello. My name is Oliver and I am a happy and playful Great Dane cross Mastiff pup.

I may have a puppy face but don't let that fool you. I am a clever pooch. I am already house trained and I try very hard to be a good pup. I am such a fast learner, I can sit and shake too. None of the other pups in my foster home can shake paws yet. Can I shake your paw too?

I am a very, very friendly pup so I have lots and lots of puppy friends. Because of my breed I am the biggest pup in my foster home so I have had to learn to be gentle with the smaller pups. I am very good at being gentle. My foster mum tells me that I am a goof ball. I think that's because my long legs sometimes trip me up but I don't mind. Then I can just tumble and play rolly polly with my puppy friends. I love playing games. Chasy and tug-of-war are my favourites but I have to let the little pups win sometimes so they will keep playing with me. Will you play with me? I promise to let you win sometimes too. 

I am the outdoorsy type on sunny days. My favourite place is in the garden snoozing in the shade on a hot day or laying on the grass soaking in the sunshine. Sleeping is such a relaxing pastime after playing with my friends.

I told Santa I want my very own family for Christmas and I have tried very hard to be a well behaved pup so I can be on Santa's 'Good Boy List'. What did you ask Santa for? Did you ask for a happy and friendly pup like me? Yay! I can't wait to meet you.  

See you soon. Love, Oliver.

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Full of charactor and playful? Well Ed is your dog!

Ed is smart and will learn commands quickly, he wants to please, and show his loyalty. Ed already knows a few commands, Sit, Drop, On your mat, on your bed, Shake hands, and wait on command! He is easy going and very friendly to all people, he loves to meet new people.

Ed currently has his home all to himself, he does get excited around other dogs so he would prefer not to have to share his home. He has great manners with food and takes Treats with care. He is not the type of dog that enjoys dog parks or off leash socialising as he likes his space from other dogs, but he walks loose lead and listen to commands on walks as well!

HE is a gentle but playful dog, he understand he shouldn’t jump on people and will quickly listen when you tell him not to. Ed is full toilet trained so well that he will even wee on command before bed time.

Ed sleeps inside at night but spends his days in the care if he wishes. Love to romp around in his big yard, but has never tried to jump a fence so 5ft fencing is fine for ED.

Maybe you would like a fun loving new family member?

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Hi. My name is Chanelle and I am a happy and bouncy little 16 week old Chihuahua cross Jack Russell pup.

My sister and I were very scared when we first arrived at our Precious Paws foster home. I hid underneath her and she made me feel safe. Now I know how nice humans can be and I don't have to be scared any more. I am a very snuggly pup and love to be held and cuddled by my foster family. Will you hold and cuddle me and make me feel safe too?

I love playing outside in the garden with my doggy friends. My favourite friends are the adult dogs in my foster home because they are so calm and gentle. I am still learning to be brave with the bouncy puppies. They are so much bigger than me and I am scared they might hurt me. Foster mummy tells me that they would never do that though. Maybe when I am a grown up girl I won't be scared of bouncy pups. Do you have a calm grown up doggy who needs a happy and playful friend?

I can get scared of loud noises so I might be scared of crying babies and toddlers until I am a bigger and braver girl. I do try to be brave now though.

I am a clever little pup. I may only be teeny but I can sit for my food already. My foster mummy is teaching me to go outside for those little things that puppies do. Will you teach me all the things a good puppy needs to know too?

It's time for me to find my very own family to love me, cuddle me and take very good care of me. Maybe if I am a very good girl Santa might find me my very own family for Christmas. Would you like a puppy like me in your family for Christmas?

I can't wait to meet you and snuggle up with you. See you soon.

Love, Chanelle.

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Hello. My name is Koco and I am a loving little 16 week old Chihuahua cross Jack Russell.

I was a very timid little pup when I first arrived at my Precious Paws foster home. My sister and I did not know how nice people could be so she hid underneath me and I made her feel safe. Now my foster mummy makes me feel safe with lots of cuddles and love. My sister doesn't need me to care for her any more so I can start looking for my very own family to love me and keep me safe too. Will you love me and protect me?

I can be a little bit shy with noises I don't know and new people but as soon as I feel comfortable with them I am very friendly. I might be a bit scared of crying babies and toddlers until I am a bigger and braver pup.

I am starting to learn puppy tricks. I have already learnt how to sit for my food and am starting to understand toilet training. I used to get into lots of trouble for accidents inside so I am taking a little longer with my house training. I am learning quickly now though because my foster mummy understands how scared I am and would never be cross with me. Will you teach me all the important things a puppy should know too?

I am very confident with other dogs and have lots of doggy friends in my foster home. I prefer the adult dogs though because I am such a calm and gentle little pup. Do you have an adult doggy looking for a gentle friend like me?

I asked Santa for my very own mummy and daddy to love me, cuddle me and take very good care of me forever. What did you ask Santa for? Was it a pup like me? I can't wait to meet you and cuddle in your lap. See you soon.

Love, Koco.

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Hi everyone, I'm Banksy and I am looking for my forever home.

I guess the one thing you could say about me is that I'm a lover, not a fighter. I adore people of all ages and other dogs, so I would be a great family dog or a friend for your current pet.

I am an expert at the ol' puppy dog eyes trick and will use it shamelessly to get as much food and treats as I can!

However, as much as I love food, I love people even more and like nothing bettwe than to hang out with you getting loads of cuddles and pats. I'm great with my manners and I am fully toilet trained. I always let you know nicely if I need to go outside and will wait patiently to be let out.

Fences, however, are one thing I am not great with. See, I love people and other dogs so much that it seems rude just to stay in my own yard when greeting passers by, so I tend to jump over and meet and greet people and dogs properly!

Higher fences will mean I can't jump them and I will eventually realise that passers by love me just as much behind the fence.

Because I love people sooooooooooo much I will need to be able to come inside to be with you. I couldn't bear it if I couldn't come in to hang out and cuddle with you indoors! As sleeping arrangements go, I am fine sleeping on my own bed but I wouldn't say no to cuddling up with you at night. I am used to sleeping inside and I am good at night so I shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If I sound like the one for you, let me know as soon as possible! Get in touch so we can meet up and get to know each other. I know I would love to meet you!

Lots of love,


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Hi, I'm Simba.

My Foster Mum says I am simply beautiful inside and out.

I live in a home with lots of dogs - big and small and I get along with everyone. I love running and sniffing in the garden or just laying around in the sunshine.

I am not a barker or a chewer which Foster Mum thinks is great. I do love stretching my legs so a nice big yard with 6 foot fences would be ideal for me.

A playmate is a must as I have always had the company of other dogs. I sleep inside at night and love to pick a comfy spot to hang out with my family and get los of pats, belly rubs and attention. I am fully house trained so no messes inside.

I was quite nervous and shy when I came to live here but I am getting better and my confidence is growing. I love the teenagers I live with so bigger kids would be great. I am a big girl so I may not fit in to a house with smaller kids in case I accidentally knock them over.

I'm not sure what cats are so would need careful introduction to any in your family.

I am looking for my forever home. My Foster Family thinks I am a special girl and love me a lot and I am sure if you come and meet me you will fall in love with me too!



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Sammy is a big, smiley sweetheart with so much love to give. He is friendly with dogs of all sizes, human adults and kids, greeting everyone with a wiggle of his whole body!

Sammy has a medium energy level so a quick park trip or walk each day is enough for him - and he has great lead manners.

He would love a doggie sibling of his own, to wrestle with and play chasey. But Sammy would also be okay as an only dog as long as his new family have plenty of time to hang out with him.
Because of his size, he would need supervision around small children to make sure no one gets bumped over. Sammy has a small harmless growth on his ear which is slowly shrinking and his vet says it will be gone soon. 

Sammy is a very friendly neighbour to the dogs on either side of his foster home. However he would need a house without cats, chooks or small pets as these are a bit too much like toys to him. 

This boy loves his food, making him very easy to train! Sammy knows how to sit, and is getting quite good at coming when called. He does need to be fed separately to other dogs for now, as he can get protective of his meals.
4ft fences would be enough for Sammy as he has been such a good boy, showing no naughty habits like digging or trying to escape. He just wants to chill out with his people! 

Sammy would be an amazing addition to a family who want a playful, cuddly companion. Due to his young age he would need boundaries set and his training continued. But he will repay his new family with endless love and wiggly smiles!

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Introducing he lovely Karma!

Karma is everything you could ask for in a dog.
She is a sweet, loving, trusting and kind dog. She is cat friendly, loves children and adores other dogs! 

Karma is relaxed at home during the day, sleeping in the shade for most of the time but when she goes for her exercise she enjoys a good run, especially on the beach or at the dog park with other furry friends. 

She is not a barker when left alone, does not try to escape or dig but will benefit from ongoing training on the lead.
Everyone who meets Karma comments on how sweet and loving she is, she is truly an amazing dog! 

Karma will need a home that is going to treat her as well as she deserves, allowing her to be an important member of the family, giving her lots of loving and daily exercise. 

What are you waiting for - make Karma the new member of your family today!

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