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Beau is a very gentle, fun-loving boy who loves being with his humans.

This handsome dude is quite content being at home by himself while you are at work, he does not chew things other than his toys or dig holes in the yard. If you want a mate to go everywhere with you though, he would love that too.

Beau knows how to sit, shake hands, drop, down and we are working on high five. Being a smart boy, he likes to learn new things. Like many dogs, Beau responds well to the use of a harness for walks and he's learning to walk nicely next to his carer with the additional use of praise and treats.  After the walk he enjoys having his game time with his human, playing with his toys and having a toy thrown for him.

Beau LOVES biting the water from the hose and hosing the garden becomes a great big game for this happy boy.  He also loves to chase and be chased. This level of fun would make him a great companion for kids although he would be best suited to a home with older children because little ones might accidentally be knocked over in the heat of the game. He is not bird friendly.

When he goes to bed he will stay on his bed all night and will only move if you do. He really likes to be close to his human and would love to be able to sleep either next to you in your bedroom or better in your bed with you.  Oh and one more teensy thing - he does snore.

Beau has the makings of a lovely, family dog who will be a loyal and loving companion for the rest of his days.

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Arley is a bit of a cool dude.  He’s a dog with a lot of presence and love to give.    He is the kind of dog that will sit with his head in your lap, looking up with puppy dog eyes and just wants affection.  He has big feet and long legs.  He walks with for hours and loves a good hike like the Mt Cootha circuit.   He is a keen walker and very strong so having an owner that will work with him to walk on the ‘heel’ would be an advantage.  He has a good set of ears and knows how to sit, lie down, walk and wait (and we have only had him 2 weeks).  He loves walking with Harry and Dotti and is good in a group situation.
Arley loves his puppy food morning and night and he has a healthy appetite for a growing pup.  He will watch me make his food, sit, wait and only eats it when I say ‘ok’.     He does like a few treats throughout the day as a reward for following commands.
Arley has been living with our loving family dog Harry (ridgeback) and they play, walk and muck about to together in the yard.  Their beds are side by side and they are good companions.   They are happy riding in the back for the wagon together and he enjoys a road trip.  Arley would suit joining a family with another dog or children.   He is friendly with kids and is quite tolerant around them.  We have a 3 and 8 year old nieces who will miss him when he moves to his forever home.
Arley is used to sleeping outside on a dog bed,  he doesn’t necessarily want to be an indoor pet but will happily come and sit with us in the evenings if we wish.  We are away during the day at work and I can tell he has been playing with his squeaky balls and soft toys.
Arley is toilet trained (if only he could do the deed and pop it in a bag!)  Prior to coming to our home he was very skinny and he is gradually putting on weight and much healthier.  He loves to chase the hose and welcomes a long massage when we shampoo him! 
Arley would benefit from some puppy training or a home that is used to training dogs to build on his good habits that are starting.   He isn’t too attracted to cats or little dogs as yet! 
Arley has been an amazing dog to foster and we would love to see him go to a home that has a reasonable sized yard,  to someone who likes long walks and we think he would benefit from doggy playdates at the dog park.  ( He has just been de-sexed so we have not ventured to our dog park yet) but he is good in crowds and around people.

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Tracie is a very loving and happy pup who just wants to be your best friend.

She loves to go where you go and loves her cuddles even more.

Tracie gets along well with the other dogs and cat in her foster home and loves to play with the other dogs.

She is a lovely dog to have around and is fuss free. She will make a love addition to any family. 

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Great Family dog!
I’m only young, still a puppy maybe I’m the perfect puppy for your family?
Did you know I am 110% children friendly! I love them of all ages, I am so gentle so I won't jump on them.I love getting the cuddles from the little humans and they sometimes share their food too!

What about cats you say? Well I live with a cat, he doesn’t like dogs one bit! But I understand and give him the space he wants, every now and than I’ll try and sneak and wiggle wag in and try to get him to play! He says cats don’t play.. so I definitely need another doggy friend to play rough house with! One that wouldn’t mind if we play bitey face and wrestle in the grass! Oh and I Live with a snake too! He doesn’t worry be at all even when the humans are holding him.

I walk well on lead too, I do pull sometimes when I catch a smelly sent that must be sniffed! But once I’ve sniffed it I’m happy to keep walking with you. Sometimes I can feel wary of other dogs and I might bark and have a little growl but its only cause I’m not sure what they are doing. Once I know they are nice I quickly warm up! I love going to the dog park too! Helps me get use to meeting new dogs, my big foster brother helps me to be more confidant when meeting the other dogs in the park.
I do love my food which means I can be trained with treats, right now I only know how to sit, but I am toilet trained and don’t go inside ever!
If I’m outside for the day while your at work, I’d like to have a warm bed or maybe a kennel ? When inside I’m allowed on the beds and lounges, I love to snuggle with my big foster siblings so maybe my new sibling would like a cuddle too? But if I need to stay in my dog bed that okay as well, I do like to sleep in my own bed from time to time.
Do you think I could have sandpit in my new home? Maybe a blue clam shell filled with sand, I have a section in my yard I’m allowed to dig in without getting in trouble so having a place to play and dig is important too!

Sometimes the sky cries and I will run around and chase the drops, and bark at the sky. Maybe its sad and I can make it feel better but getting all those water drops!

Do you think I might be the right dog for you? Come and meet me today! I live on the Gold Coast QLD 

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Hi. My name is Austin and I am a fluffy little bull arab x border collie pup.

I am the only boy in my litter. Imagine having five sisters. Lucky I  am a patient boy. I am so lucky there are other boy pups in my foster home. We boys sometimes like to play different games to girls. For example, soccer. I am the best soccer player you will ever meet. My foster mum said I can't have a real soccer ball until I am bigger so I have to use my puppy ball but I can kick and dribble my own ball and I am very good at drop kicking. I do need to use my mouth since I don't have hands though. Now I just have to work out how to score a goal and I could be a world champion. 

Foster mum says I have a fun loving nature. Well of course. Don't all boys? I love being where the fun is. If a pup is dragging a big palm leaf around the yard I am there to help (I am a very helpful boy too). And if a pup is ready to play tumblies on the grass I would never miss out on that game. 

I have to play differently with the adult dogs in my foster home though. They don't like playing tumblies or bitey games so we just play chase and tug of war games. They don't let me chew their ears either. Because I  know the rules for playing with the grownup dogs they let me play with them any time I want to. The cat has different rules too. Lucky I am so clever. Everyone lets me play because I am so careful to do the right thing.

Did you know people don't like their ears chewed either? I don't chew ears or nibble fingers and toes. Foster mum says I  would be good with children because I am so gentle. She tells me I am like a toddler. Sometimes when I can smell my dinner on the bench I stamp my paw and let her know she is being too slow. Growing puppies get very hungry and dinner smells so good. It always makes foster mum laugh but I  do get my dinner faster.

I am starting to get the idea of house training too. I am a clever pup.

Do you like playing soccer? I would love to have a family that will play ball games with me and cuddle me when I am tired. I would love another fur friend to play with or children. Maybe even both. Oh, that would be so perfect. Please come and meet me. I know I can't wait to meet you. 

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Meet Ariel
She is a cattle/border/kelpie cross and is always happy & busy. She adores people and children, and she is good with other dogs. Her favourite things are playing with a ball or rope toys, doing agility tunnels & jumps and just being around you.
She needs high, secure fences. She is very good on a lead and loves her walks.She is a very active intelligent girl with a loveable personality, she definitely isn't a lap dog as she is always on the move but really loves being part of the family.
Ariel is very well behaved and a super fun loyal companion ready for her new forever home.

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No photo for Siobhan


Princess Siobhan Brindle Beauty!

Siobhan is a beautiful brindle, Bull Mastiff cross, weighing in at 28 kgs, and still filling out! She had a rough start in life, but is putting all that behind her now and looking forwards to a future full of love and cuddles with her new forever family. She has gone from quiet and timid to loving and playful in such a short space of time!

Siobhan loves to run and play rough and tumble with her fur sisters, and is full of energy, but like wise she loves lazing in the sunshine too.  Due to her size and energy a family with older children would be good. Older children would also be able to understand that there are still some things that scare Siobhan and she gets used to her new world. Through lots of love and cuddles she is learning that the world is not so scary. She needs a special family who will devote their time and patience to teaching her this.

She is learning to walk well on the lead with her harness, although she does love to stop and sniff and she is having twice weekly training to help her gain confidence when out and about which is making a great difference. 

Siobhan loves going for drives in the car...she knows that there is a great adventure to be had at the other end!

Siobhan has not had any experience with cats or chickens as far as I know, but was around small children in her first foster. She does not jump up at people and has not attempted to jump the fences.

She needs to be an inside, outside dog who is involved with the family. She is happiest cuddled up, getting ear scratches and kisses. 
Siobhan is learning to trust her humans too and would make a great only dog. She would also be suitable in a family with who already have a fur friend with the proper introductions.

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No photo for Angel


Hi. My name is Angel and my foster mummy says I live up to my name. I am a happy and friendly bull arab cross pup. 

I  am in foster care with my brother and sisters and lots of other puppies. I have so many friends in my foster home and I  get on very well with all of them. The adult dogs like me too and let me play with them because I am so gentle. Even the cat lets me lick her. 

Playing outside is lots of fun. I  love to chase the little insects around and sometimes I find my very own leaf to chew. My siblings like to play tumbly games in the grass with me and rolling and tumbling is so much fun.

I love people the most though. There is nothing nicer than being cuddled up with my foster family or sleeping at their feet. Everyone in my foster home gives me lots and lots of cuddles. When visitors come I get even more cuddles. Will you come and visit me?

I am getting very good with my toilet training.  I am only very young now but foster mummy says I am doing very well. I run as fast as I  can outside. She is very proud of me because I try so hard. 

I sleep in a puppy pen with my siblings and I  never cry at night. I like to sleep like a good little Angel should.  

Would you be my furever family? I  am a little Angel and know how to be a good girl. I will keep your toes warm and cuddle up with you all winter. I can't wait to meet you. 

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No photo for Declan


Hi. My name is Declan and I am a 2 and a half year old smoochy pooch.

I try very hard to please my humans and love to be near them. I am a sociable pooch and love playing with my doggy friends. My foster mumma tells me I am an all round friendly boy.

I am a clever boy too. I learnt to sit very quickly. I will do anything for treats. I am even learning to play fetch. I don't always remember to give the ball back but sometimes it's even more fun when foster mumma chases me to get the toy. We have lots of fun playing together.

Going for walks is my favourite part of the day. I am very good on the lead and would never pull or tug. Walking helps to burn up some of my extra energy and I LOVE it!

I hope my forever family will take me for walks and play with me. Maybe they will even have another pooch who will play with me and teach me the rules for playing fetch. I love to play and would never be lonely again.

Are you looking for a friendly social pooch like me? If you are then I can't wait to meet you. See you soon.


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No photo for Kahlua


Introducing the ever delightful Miss Kalie! (Kahlua)
This beautiful girl is friendly, cuddly and sweet and would make the best furry family member. 

Kalie is toilet trained, knows how to sit and wait for her food and gives superb cuddles! This poor pup has had a rough start at life but has grown to love and trust humans very quickly. 

She is energetic, playful and would be fine as an only dog or dog-sibling, however if she will be a dog-sibling she would be best suited to a home with a laid back dog who doesn't mind an enthusiastic little sister! 

She is a small/medium sized dog who doesn't look like she'll do much more growing (seems to have grown into her paws), she's strong but friendly and will benefit from regular exercise to help burn up her energy. 

Kalie enjoys human company but will sleep through the night on her own and doesn't make a peep! Kalie is desexed, vaccinated and ready to be loved by her furever family- come and meet her and we know you'll fall in love!

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