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Cally (Karma)

Cally, known as Karma to her Foster Mum, is a beautiful family dog who is loving and nurturing towards kids. She is well-mannered and knows basic commands such as Sit, Stay and Shake hands. Karma is house-trained and has not chewed anything at all.

While she can initially be a little shy, Karma has proven to be open to introductions with other friendly dogs. She enjoys a good play with other dogs her size, but will also happily spend time on her own.

Once she has settled and begun to trust her people, Karma will want to be with you whenever possible. She is an inside-outside dog and will be most comfortable sleeping inside at night.

A daily walk or play will suit Karma's medium energy level. When you're not around, Karma will happily amuse herself. Being an affectionate girl, Karma's happiest times are when she is cuddled up with her human family enjoying pats and love.

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Is Freena your new furever friend?

Well let’s see... she lights up the room with her beautiful smile and wagging tail. Freena can sit, stay and lay on command and greets all guests like the elegant lady she is. If you like the outdoors and take time to enjoy what’s around you this dog is the pup for you, as she enjoys long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners.

Freena would be suited to a family with either another fur baby as company or as an only-dog. She does not stress when no one is home, and will spend her alone time sleeping or playing. She is relaxed and gentle with children however can get a bit boisterous when playing, so older children are recommended. Freena lives with a cat and pays no attention to him.

Freena enjoys playing with a good toy, if this toy is a kong wobbler that releases treats she will love you that much more as she finds it hilarious when little treats pop out. She has medium levels of energy and balances her days well with regular snoozes. Freena would enjoy a daily walk and to join you on adventures. An average-sized yard and average fences will keep her safe at home.

In the evenings she loves nothing more than to lay around with the family and watch her favourite shows. Freena will need to be allowed inside with her family, but will happily stay outside while you're out.

If you think you could be the perfect match for our girl then put through your application where we will let Freena choose her new furrrever home.

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Hi my name is Hamish

I am a 12 month old wolf hound cross.

I am a sweet boy who loves children. My little foster girls have kept me nice and busy. And teaching new and exciting things.

I am a very chilled boy who loves other dogs and a good walk.

I love my food but don't mind if I have other people or dogs around me while I eat I am happy to share.

I am starting to get used to water when I first got to my foster home I was really scared of it. But working with my foster mum and I am getting better and better with bath time. Water play is still a little bit of a struggle.

I love to sleep inside or outside I am not to fussed. I am always excited to let my foster family know if someone is near our house especially if there is another dog around. I also let my foster family know if I need to use the outdoor toilet and I haven't ever gone to the toilet inside.

My foster mum thinks I should mention that when my littlest foster owners leave for any reason I get a little emotional and I struggle without them. My foster mum has helped a little by leaving me a blanket that they have used and sometimes it helps.

I am a big boy and need lots of exercise. I go on walks every morning and afternoon and still have more than enough energy to play with everyone. I am getting used to toys at first the noises some of them made scared me but now I love to play tug of war.

I am not much of a jumper when it comes to people but I do like to paw them to get people attention.

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No photo for Kylo


Hello I’m Kylo!

I'm a sweet, loving, gentle boy, who actively seeks out human company. I love chilling at their feet. Foster Mum thinks it’s cute that I like to be touching her foot. I’m also a bit of a snuggle-bum.

I’m a quick learner and willing to please. I have learnt some basic training - I sit on command (most of the time). Boy, does my bottom hit the ground fast when food's on! Toilet training is a breeze, the doggy door is great fun and I’m learning to walk on the lead.

I get on well with other dogs (big or small) and pay no attention to the resident horses. My fur siblings and I enjoy a romp in the yard and play with our toys, but as always my calm, gentle nature shows through, even in play.

Foster Mum says I’m going to need another dog in the family to keep me company when you are not there. I’m not anxious, but just not used to being alone.

Due to my calm, gentle ways, Foster Mum thinks I’ll be ok with little people, but sometimes I’m still a little clumsy, so may knock over the really small ones.

Being a bigger dog, I’m going to need daily exercise. Foster Mum says it’s stops the naughty behaviours creeping in, but for me, I just love stretching my legs.

I'm also an inside, outside puppy who likes to be with my family and sleep inside at night.

I will be a loving and loyal friend to the whole family and when you come home, I’ll be the first to greet you at the door with my cheeky grin and happy wagging tail.

Please come and meet me. Foster Mum says the first to meet me will fall in love!

Come on, let’s go explore together, chase a ball a two and then chill out and watch the world go by.

Love, Kylo

Good with other dogs big and small - Yes
Good with kids - Yes, but shy to start with
Good with cats - unknown
Good on lead - getting better on the lead
Housetrained - Yes
Inside / outside dogs - Yes
Fur sibling needed - Yes

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No photo for Rey


Hiya I’m Rey!

I’m a sweet natured, extremely gentle girl who always has a wagging tail and a cheeky grin. I adore my people, jumping up for a cuddle. Foster Mum calls me a real cuddle-bum, but I’m also just as happy lying at your feet or with my fur friends.

I do have my energetic times, when I love running around with my people and fur friends, chasing balls or the hose. Chasing the water from the hose is such fun and so exciting, and the puppy pool is wonderful on a hot day. Foster Mum reckons I’m going to love the beach or creek because I'm such a water baby.

I’ve been learning lots of cool new things - sitting is fun particularly when food's around, toilet training is a breeze (shh sometimes I get busy and forget), and that doggy door, I fly through it. I’m also learning to walk on the lead without pulling.

I love being with other dogs, big or small and we have a good run and romp, but even then, my sweet gentle nature shines through. I'm also not worried about horses. Foster Mum says my new family is going to need another dog to keep me company when you’re not there. I’m not anxious, but just used to a big foster family.

I’m a biggish girl, but have a slender build. I’m so kind and gentle (even in my energetic moments) that my Foster Mum thinks I would be ok with young people.

Being I bigger dog, I’m going to need daily exercise. Foster Mum says it stops the naughty behaviour appearing, but me, I just love to get out and stretch my legs.

I'm also an inside, outside puppy who likes to be with my family and sleep inside at night.

Come and meet me and let’s start our life together!

Love, Rey

A note from my Foster Mum...

Although Rey is a little shy when meeting new people, she warms quickly. The first people to come and meet her will fall hopelessly in love with her kind and gentle nature. Despite her troubled past, she is a beautiful girl inside and out. Come and meet her, you will fall in love.

Good with other dogs big and small - Yes
Good with kids - Yes, but shy to start with
Good with cats - Unknown
Good on lead - Getting better on the lead, no pulling
Housetrained - Almost
Inside / outside dogs - Yes
Fur sibling needed - Yes

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No photo for Angus


Angus is a beautiful, playful guy who just wants to be a big lap dog (he forgets he’s too big sometimes!). He has a lovely nature and will make a fantastic, loyal companion to his forever family.

Angus is great with kids, but probably older kids as he’s a bit big for the little ones, and just wants to cover them in cuddles and smooches.

With the right introduction, he gets on well with other dogs and is particularly fond of his foster fur siblings who have taught him to play, wrestle, and fetch.

While he doesn’t need a lot of exercise, he does love roaming and running around the yard with his doggie friends and would enjoy a daily walk. He hasn’t shown any interest in trying to escape but you have to pay attention when coming home - he’s so excited to see you he runs right out the door to greet you!

As much as Angus loves playing with the other dogs, he’d also be okay as an only dog as long as he got a lot of attention from his humans. Really all he wants is an owner that loves him and showers him with affection. As such, he would need to be allowed inside with his family.

Angus' training is going well - he's already toilet trained and is currently refining his lead walking skills. He is also learning not to be as jumpy when he gets excited. He is not much of a barker but gets intrigued when there is a guest arriving.

Angus loves sleeping near (and preferably on) the family bed - he just loves to be close to his humans! He’s really a big love bug and the sweetest of dogs, who is looking for a family who have the time to invest in him and a commitment to continue his training.

Contact Precious Paws today to come and meet this lovely boy!

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No photo for Nate


Perfect family pet? Look no further! 

Nate is the one! Nate is a playful cattle mix. 

This playful, loveable boy is perfect for a family, he currently lives with young children and is great with them! 

HE is very dog friendly but currently lives as an only dog, so his forever home could have another furry friend or he could be an only dog, it wouldn’t bother him. 

Nate has no anxiety about being left in the yard while you are at work, he also doesn’t jump fences at all. He is an active breed which means he would need someone who would walk him every day.

Nate would also like a home where they will feed his mind with tricks and commands, as he is a smart boy! 

Nate hasn’t been tested with cats or chickens so even though he has shown no prey drive we would like a home without them.
Currently living on the Gold Coast and is ready and waiting to meet you! 

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No photo for Miller


Hi! My name is Miller and I’m an 18 month old Bull Arab x Staffy! But don’t worry, there is not an aggressive bone in my body.

I love to play, cuddle and give kisses. I would love a home with older kids, as I don’t know my own strength and another dog for me to play with as I do get lonely. My current play mate is a 12year old Labrador.

I know my basic commands sit, lay down and out but I’m learning new ones too like stay, shake and drop it! I love to play fetch and sometimes don’t want to give the ball back!

I originally come from Warwick so the urban setting is a bit different to what I’m used. I do also love going for a walk but can get startled easily by other dogs and motorcycles.

I need to be allowed inside and outside as this will help me feel a part of the family.

Good with other dogs big and small- yes
Good with kids- older kids
Good with cats- untested
Good on lead- yes
Housetrained - yes
Inside / outside dogs - both
High fences

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No photo for Cooper


If you’re looking for a fun-loving, friendly, well-balanced guy, I’m your man!

I love nothing more than giving my humans a big kiss when I see them and playing with my fur brother for hours on end. I’m not fussy with my food. I don’t chase birds or backyard critters aaaand (my foster mum thinks this is particularly good) I sleep quietly in my kennel throughout the night.

As you can see by my pics, I’m a short-haired Border Collie, so I need humans that also enjoy an active lifestyle. However, with a furry friend around for company, I can easily keep myself busy all day long.
I look forward to meeting everyone —whether they’re male, female, young or old. I do get pretty excited, especially around the littlest humans in my foster family, so you just have to watch me with the kids until I’m a little more settled.

I do sit on command (although my foster mum says it’s more of a laid-back recline), but being an easy-going guy, I’d enjoy more training… especially if you’ve got some delicious treats. I currently live in a suburban backyard that’s a little bigger than most, so if you’ve got secure fencing, a bit of turf to run around on, and a nice, comfy kennel to sleep in, I can move right in!

I’d love to get to know you better and give you a big kiss when I meet you in person.

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No photo for Bella (Adoption Pending)

Bella (Adoption Pending)

Hi I’m Bella and I’m looking for my furever family! Could it be you?

I’m reeaaaallllyyyyy affectionate and I love nothing better than to hang around the house with you during the day. I always like to be by your side and I’ll even lie at your feet when you’re sitting down, just so you know that I’m still there, right beside you and ready for whatever comes next (and also hoping for a cuddle). As my name suggests, I’m a beautiful girl - inside and out, my foster mama says to me.

Although I’m a sweet and loving girl, I can get a little scared by certain things. While out walking, I tend to be a little timid, but I perk up if I’m walking with a dog friend. If I can see that they’re chilled out and all ok with this walking business, then I will be too, and tend to calm down.

I do also sometimes get a little scared by sudden sharp movements or unexpected loud noises, but again, I tend to calm down quicker if I have a chilled out doggy pal by my side to show me that there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, being in a furever home with another dog would be great for me - having someone with me even when you aren’t home will make me feel a lot better and will mean I have a dog friend to play with during the day too!

I’m a polite and clever young lady, and I’m learning my manners quickly as time passes here in my foster home. I’m great on the lead and I don’t pull, although I occasionally get a little scared while out walking if something unexpected happens. I do tend to guard my food and therefore, it’s better if I’m fed separately to any other animals in your home to avoid confrontation during mealtimes. As yet, I’m a bit unsure about cats, having only seen them through a glass door so far, but continued socialisation with them will ensure I get used to them.

If I sound like the girl for you, get in contact as soon as you can so we can meet up and get to know each other better. I know I’d definitely love to meet you and share some love and cuddles.

Lots of love,


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