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Hi There! My name is Tally and I am so pleased to meet you! I am a friendly, loving, inquisitive dog who loves spending time with my two-legged family! My idea of a great night is sitting next to my best friends with my head on their lap (secretly hoping they pat the top of my head - it’s my weak spot!).

I am very happy staying indoors while you’re at work (bringing home the doggie-bacon!), but would be equally excited to run around outside (I love greeting people as they walk past and pat me!). I love chasing toys, and would love nothing more than to show you how high I can jump! So I'm going to need high fences, just saying.

I get a little shy around other dogs as I am protective of my family, and would prefer to be in a one-dog home. With that said, I will give you enough cuddles to make up for it!

I absolutely love kids - they are the best people to hang out with and nearly as fun as me! They give the best tummy tickles and can run me into the ground (curled up in a ball fast asleep!).

If you’re looking for a calm, friendly, loving dog who will be dedicated 110% to you and your family, I’m your girl! If we meet, I am sure you will feel the same <3.

Love and licks,


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Hi I'm Susie, I'm a beautiful brindle girl with a sweet gentle touch.
I'm a beautiful Mastiff x. I have all my vet work completed and I am ready for my forever home. My foster family says I am a real cuddle bug. I love my human cuddles and will stay seated next to you for as long as the pats are coming.
I am great with kids and am as gentle as, my human foster sibling says that there is nothing better than a Susie cuddle when she gets home from school.
I know how to sit and wait for my meal and I don't try to eat from my fur siblings bowl even if they get fed first. I am happy to wait for my turn.
I would like it if I had a friend to play with as I believe I would get lonely without company and I love to run and play chase so a decent sized yard would be great and then I could show you how fast I am.I love to run around and play with my foster fur ball siblings, we have so much fun with our tug of rope, but I always let them win.
My foster family says I would need a secure yard as I am a bit of a Houdini when it comes to escaping, having said that my foster family only has 4 pieces of string (electric fence) around their yard and I haven't gone anywhere, my foster pa says it's cause I'm content and I have everything I need in the yard .
I sometimes forget how big I am, but that's only because I'm still pretty young. I have a lot to learn, but my foster mum says I have so much potential and will make some family very happy.
I do not like storms, they're terrifying and so I'll need somewhere safe until they pass. Cuddles are good.As long as I get a snuggle I'm one happy girl. I do love people soooo much.
I'm a big gentle sweetheart with so much love in my heart to give, I just need a friend to give it to. I do hope that is you.

Love Susie

* Needs secure fencing

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Hi, I'm Sarge!

I'm a gorgeous brown-eyed boy with a beautiful coat of fur.

I'm friendly and love humans - the big ones and the kids. I enjoy cuddles, pats and lots of attention. I also enjoy going walking and playing with my foster sister and brother dogs outside in the yard. I'm not a fan of cats.

My favourite place to be though, is inside and snuggling up with my foster family.

I'm a good listener and know commands like come, sit, lie down, no, treat, gentle, and I'm toilet-trained too!

I need high fences as I'm a big boy and can jump really high.

I'd be best off with a family that can give me lots of attention, as I have a lot of love to give.

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Meet Bruno...

Bruno's favourite activity is cuddling, followed by shaking hands and wandering around by your side keeping an eye on you. He is so loyal, doting and affectionate, and has the sweetest face and brown eyes. He is a family dog and loves be with you but will often wander around the yard doing his rounds and checking all is good in his domain.

Bruno loves to play/swim in any water, but not when it's bathtime. He also loves his chew toys. His favourite treats are pigs ears and schmackos. When it comes to dinner and treats, Bruno is good at sitting and knows food manners. He is also toilet-trained so having him inside is a pleasure.

Bruno is good with kids and chickens but is still quite timid at times, and would benefit from a stay at home owner or a doggy playmate, preferably another high energy level dog that he can run around with...perhaps a similar breed and age.

Bruno likes to get out on the lead and do a lot of walking with you, and loves a good dog park with friendly dogs too. He could do with a little ongoing training on body harness and lead, and a big yard with high fences and space for him to run around.

If you'd like to meet the handsome Bruno, get in touch with Precious Paws today!

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Hi there, my name is Bluey and I am such a good loving boy who especially enjoys having my belly rubbed and my back scratched.

I am a boy who loves lots of attention. I warn you, don't leave your feet hanging off the side of the bed as I have a foot fetish and will lick them till you wake up and play, although I have been trained not to do this on a Saturday before 7 am and 8 am on a Sunday.

I am happy to be inside or out. You will quite often catch me sunbaking on my hammock catching a few rays. I have two fur step brothers who I truly love but would prefer a smaller brother or sister.

I'm fantastic with kids (I have a very special bond with my human foster sister).

I am generally pretty quiet and very rarely bark - I am a silent watch dog and will instead grunt to get your attention.

I am fully toilet-trained and will sit on command. I'm currently learning to roll over and bark on command as well.

Foster Mum says I will be a great addition to any family young or old, because I have such a kind, gentle nature.

If you think you might like to give me a forever home, come and meet me. I'd love to meet you!

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It is our pleasure to introduce Wilbur! Not only is he handsome, but Wilbur makes an excellent family dog. He loves human company and is very much a snuggler. He will melt your heart as he lovingly gazes up at you with his stunning amber eyes.

Wilbur is a smart boy too - he can 'sit' and 'high-five', and is currently working on 'drop', 'stay', his lead manners and toilet training. When he gets excited, Wilbur will jump up to give a smooch, but he's very responsive to a verbal correction and so it won't take long to train him out of his jumping.

Wilbur is very dog-friendly and enjoys a good wrestle. He would love a family who already have a dog for him to play with. Due to his size he would be best suited to live with another big dog or a sturdy medium sized dog. He plays enthusiastically but is also respectful of other dogs, and is quite aware of where his body is, which is rare for a big young dog. Wilbur is also great with cats - politely curious about the three he lives with, and no chasing.

He would also be fine as an only-dog, providing someone was home a fair bit of the time. He loves company so would need to be allowed inside with his family. Whilst he is not living with children currently, it's clear he would welcome them with open paws. Probably bigger children though, as he's quite a large boy and may accidentally knock the littlies over.

Wilbur will need good fencing and at least and average-sized yard in which to play. A resourceful boy, Wilbur will find a nice spot in the yard and dig a hole to nap in. It's always cooler underground!

He doesn't chew on his humans' possessions but would definitely appreciate a fresh bone or deer antler once in a while. He's also a good alert dog, as he will give one or two warning barks if he hears something at night. Then he's right back to sleep.

If you think Wilbur would be the ideal addition to your family, get in touch with Precious Paws today!

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Hi, I'm Marshall! I am past my puppy stage and am so handsome and well behaved. I love my humans and I love young people and children. I am living with cats and dogs in my foster home and I get along well with them. I need my humans to understand that I am a bit sensitive and get nervous when I have to do something new, like going to a new place or meeting new dogs. I am not a pushy fella and just want to sit by you and give you all my loyalty. Looking forward to meeting you soon, love Marshall

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Hi my name is Sawyer. I’m just a little fella, but I’m growing fast! My foster Mamma says I’m great and I think she’s right (if I do say so myself).

I’m learning basic training and I can sit, stay and wait for food no problem! I’m still working on walking on a lead, foster Mamma says I’ll get it in no time! I’m still working on holding it through the night too, foster Mamma says I’m trying really hard. And that’s me, I try really hard to please!

I love kids! I like to hang out and play with my foster brother...he shows me his school work and we tell secrets. I sleep with him whenever I can. He’s just the best!

I also like the dogs that live with me. We play a lot and foster Mamma says I pounce like a tiger! Maybe I can show you some of my moves?

Dog friendly: YES
Cat friendly: NO
Kid friendly: YES
Fencing: HIGH

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Perfect family pet? Look no further! 

Nate is the one! Nate is a playful cattle mix. 

This playful, loveable boy is perfect for a family, he currently lives with young children and is great with them! 

HE is very dog friendly but currently lives as an only dog, so his forever home could have another furry friend or he could be an only dog, it wouldn’t bother him. 

Nate has no anxiety about being left in the yard while you are at work, he also doesn’t jump fences at all. He is an active breed which means he would need someone who would walk him every day.

Nate would also like a home where they will feed his mind with tricks and commands, as he is a smart boy! 

Nate hasn’t been tested with cats or chickens so even though he has shown no prey drive we would like a home without them.
Nate is ready and waiting to meet you! 

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Freda is an amazing watchdog who loves human companionship but is also independent. She currently lives with two other large dogs happily but can be intimidated when first introduced. She would do well either as an only dog or with someone with a strong sense of leadership to help her feel secure.

Freda currently lives with 4 children at her foster family (9,7,5 & 6mth) and is extremely gentle with them. She will not jump or knock them over. She is a highly energetic dog who needs regular exercise & loves to play rough with her fur sisters.

Freda is toilet-trained. She knows 'sit', 'hit the deck' and 'shake'. She is currently working on 'stay' and her lead manners. She needs secure average-height fencing and she does not jump or wander.

Freda is looking for a family with time and love to share. She will happily stay outside all day but does love coming in for cuddles at night. She is such a loving girl just waiting for a special family to bring out her best.

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