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Hiya, guys! My name’s Indi although Foster Mummy calls me her Sweet Little Girl.

I may not be that little, but I believe I’m a lapdog and just love cuddles with my humans. I live in a busy family household and get along great with the kids. But just remember that I’m a medium-sized doggy, so I’d probably be best suited to a family with older children.

I absolutely love other dogs and would really enjoy a playmate that’s around the same size. I do like to chase, though, so none of those funny furry things that my humans call ‘cats’.

Foster Mummy is working with me on learning some manners. After all, I am a lady and would love nothing more than being lavished with praise and treats.

I know how to sit and wait for my food – which makes Foster Mum very, very happy!

Going for a walk is fun and exciting, and I’m learning how to behave well on a leash without pulling too much. If you’re after a super happy, vibrant and cuddly companion, then please get in contact with my peeps and arrange a play-date! I’m looking forward to meeting your family and, of course, your fur kids!

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Teach me Agility!

Want the people-focused, loyal nature of a kelpie without the high energy level? 

Although I do enjoy a daily outing, I also love curling up near you in the evening for a pat or a snooze.  I am young and playful, but gentle at heart and love to win the approval of my humans. 

I am a sensitive lad who becomes quite worried if left alone.  If my people aren’t around all the time then I will need to be introduced to a compatible canine companion – I am living with 2 similar sized dogs in my foster home and I enjoy playing with them. 

I also live with cats and after being quite interested in rounding them up at first, I now seem to have decided they are just part of the scenery.  I don't bark, dig, or go over the fence at my foster home. 

My special skill is cocking my head - if you make a strange sound for me I will cock my head back and forth. 

Looking forward to showing you my handsome tiger coat and sweet personality in person! 

Love Marshall.

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Meet Millie, a 2 1/2 year old Boxer mix who came in to Rescue a very sick little girl. Millie has, however, made an amazing recovery and is now in need of her forever home!

Since coming in to care, Millie's personality has begun to shine through more and more as she has recovered her health. She is a very loving girl. She wants to be with her humans but is happy to spend time outside by herself as well. Milly will let you know when a stranger or strange dogs are around, not to mention those pesky possums that tease her from the safety of the fence!

Millie has also learnt to play whilst being in care and she just LOVES her soft toys, mainly shaking them to bits and making it snow, of course! But even when all the stuffing has come out she is happy to play and run around with them in her mouth.

As Millie loves to play and can forget herself a little bit when she is children over the age of 12 would be best. She is used to being pretty rough with the older children in her Foster Home so littlies would not really suit Millie's playstyle.

Daily runs/walks are a must for this girl and Millie loves nothing more than when her Foster Dad takes her for a run whilst on his bike! She is fast and her Foster Family are sure there is some greyhound in there somewhere. Foster Dad doesn't need to peddle much when she first starts out, that is for sure!

Millie is house-trained and will put herself to bed in her crate once she realises her family are heading to bed. She sleeps all night without a peep.

Her training is coming along very well. Millie has had extensive training with Excel Dog Training and knows sit, lay, wait (for food and to come inside) and is walking well on the lead, both at heel (although she still needs work on this) and on free lead with only a few reminders not to pull. She is not afraid of storms at all, although vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers are a bit scary and she will bark at them.

Millie stays behind the baby gate at her Foster Home and has shown no interest in trying to jump her carers fences although, as with any medium/large dog, 5-6 foot fences are best to keep her safe.

Millie is a gorgeous girl with a lovely soft nature who will give unending love and cuddles. Come and meet her - we are sure you will fall in love with her as we have.

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Bindi is a beautiful 6 year old Boxer X that has a lot of love to give.

She is a very special girl who is nervous and shy at first but once she gets to know you she won't want to leave your side! Bindi needs a warm, loving household that can make sure she feels safe and part of the family.

Bindi is great with other dogs and is learning to play fetch. She loves to lie in the sun and go for walks. Bindi will be your new best friend if you have time and patience to show her that you care.

Cats: learning
Dogs: yes
Desexed: yes
Vaccinated: yes
Wormed: yes
Flea treated: yes

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No photo for Bandit


Hi, my name is Bandit!

I may look big and tuff but I'm really a marshmallow at heart. I love kisses and cuddles from humans.  I have so much love to give a family. I am very friendly towards other dogs and play wonderfully with my older foster brother.

I love cuddles, sitting in awkwardly on your lap and will demand petting with my adorable puppy dog eyes.  My human family are trying to make me understand how big I am and how fast I can run, so for the safety of little ones, my furever home would have children no younger than early teens

I have learnt to wait for food but I do have a little bit of food aggression around other dogs so it is best to feed me on my own.  I have 5ft fences here and probably shouldn't have anything lower because I do love to jump, not that I've ever escaped here, because the food is to good!

My non-stop energy means I will need a home with a larger yard and regular walks. I am love chasing balls...and I even bring them back to you! If i want your attention I will chase my tail in a circle unit I get it. Oh...and that long thing where the water comes out the end in the garden....I love, love, love chasing the water!

I am very loyal and would make a great guard dog as my warning bark is impressive but I’ve been told it's all for show. I would benefit from older puppy school to help my furever family really bring home what I have started to learn as a foster dog. 

I would love to have my own special family, is that you?

If so, come and meet me as you will fall in love with me, just like my foster family has done!!

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No photo for Boof


Hi...I'm Boof!

I’m Gentle Loving and playful all in one! Currently I live on property so I’m suited to that environment well, but I could live in suburbia, just be sure I get my walk everyday! 

I can sit, stay & am very polite & will always wait at door before being asked to come inside.  I reckon i'd make an excellent agility dog as am very intelligent & eager to please.    I'm not a big barker but very inquisitive.   I don't try getting out of my yard as happy to own where I live.  I can be a little shy when first meet but within minutes you'll find my head resting on your lap.

At present i'm staying with free range chickens, a large & small dog as well as 3 cats.
I'm very playful with my dog friends & sometimes try playing with cats & chooks but they just usually tell me off.  I love my food & will happily eat beside my friends but would prefer not to share my own bowl of course.

I'm gentle but get excited & a big boy so would probably be suited to older children than can play with me maybe some over the age of 5years.   One minute i'll be flat out running in the yard, next i'll be asleep leaning on your leg.

I love the back of the ute & car rides.  I'm still learning not to get too excited when going for a walk.   All I need i love & a family to call my own.   In return I will be the most loyal partner you could ask for.

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Hi future fam! My name is Booker, and I absolutely looooooove my humans!

I'm super affectionate and love cuddles and snuggles. My favorite thing of all is laying with my head on someone's lap or at their feet. I'm a pretty quiet guy and not really into playing with other dogs, but I don't mind them being or playing around me.

My foster sister at the moment can be very annoying with her constant playing but I put up with her very well because I love her company and every now and then I'll indulge her a little bit and have a bit of a play too. At bed time my foster sister and I are very happy sleeping on the back deck on our outside bed, and no one hears a peep from us until morning!

Despite being a pretty laid back guy, I am also  alert and not much that happens escapes my notice.

I'm great at travelling as well, and love car rides and sit very well throughout.

My table manners are also very good, I take treats gently and I also sit for my food and wait until you tell me I can eat! I'm happy at my foster home just hanging out in the backyard, 4ft fences are good enough for me and no digging!

My foster parents are very impressed by my other manners as well because I also like my privacy and head the furthest, bushiest part of the garden to do my business!

I do really enjoy the company of another dog, but if you had the time for me and lots of love to give, I think I could get used to being an only dog as well.

If you think you might have room for me in your family, I would really love to find my forever home and give you all the loyalty and love I have to offer!

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Meet Chocco!

Lovely by nature and beautiful to look at.

Chocco has it all..... looks AND personality. He is a bear-coat Shar-Pei and doesn't he look the goods!

He is very cuddly, loves to go on walks and only barks at strangers. Chocco is fully toilet trained, good with cats and good with kids - just a great all rounder!

Chocco is 18 months old and is now waiting for his forever family to find him.

This boy will suit a single person, couple or family, loves car rides and hanging with his people.

If you are looking for a cuddlepot, handsome dude... Chocco's your little dude

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There’s a reason they call me Happy Harry!

Hi there! My name is Happy Harry because I’m ALWAYS happy, my big tail is constantly wagging – even when I’m at the vet! I’m huge on cuddles too and I’m always happy to be given a big belly rub. I know I’m not a young pup anymore but don’t let my age fool you! I have plenty of energy and love going on walks or playing in the yard, but I also really love my sleep and I’m happy to do that anywhere you’ll let me.

I’m large boy but I’m super gentle, I love all kids and I know how to act around them so I don’t hurt them, even the little ones that are afraid of dogs soon warm up to me when they realise how sweet and gentle I am! I’m also great with other dogs and even cats, my current best friend is my foster mum’s kitty.

I’m a clever dog, I know how to sit, stay, lay down, roll over, and my favourite – shake hands! I’m a gentleman so I always greet everyone by shaking their hand. I’m also well toilet trained, if I’m inside and I can’t get out to use the toilet I’ll let you know by making noise near the door so you let me out, but I love being near my humans so I usually come straight back in to watch you, I wouldn’t want to miss out on anything!

My perfect family will be one that doesn’t leave me alone for long periods of time, I also need fences and gates that I can’t dig under because when I’m alone I like to try to dig my way out, I’m just trying to find my humans! My foster mum tells me every day that I’m a really good boy and that I have excellent manners, I always sit and wait patiently for my dinner even though I’m super excited because I LOVE food, sometimes she gives me treats because I’m such a good boy! My favourite treat is apple slices!

If I sound like to perfect dog for you then organise to meet me!

Love, Happy Harry :)

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No photo for Megz


Hi there my name is Megz and I am a sweet natured puppy who is looking for my forever home with that special family to help me become the best dog I can be. I would benefit from going to puppy school and learning more of my basic commands.

As I grow bigger I will need lots of exercise and a big yard to play in. I currently live with 3 other dogs and 2 children and I am very social. I spend my days playing outside and love nothing more than cuddles when my humans get home. Like all puppies I am very curious, and nothing is off limits including your toes.

I am often the instigator of play and can be very active but I also love sleeping at your feet when I need a rest. I am sleeping inside of a night and mummy says I am a good girl because I wake her up to go toilet outside.

I am highly intelligent and am quick to pick up anything you teach me as I love to please!

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