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We welcomed Tas a 10week old Kelpie mix.
This boy arrived in our care as he was suffering some neurological issues. You see Tas runs in circles to the left, at first we thought "OMG how can anyone live like this, how is this fair?" but as we got to know Tas, we have realised how happy, go lucky he really is and his condition just adds to his beautiful and quirky personality.

Tas is looking for a foster family that would ideally turn into his forever family.

Tas would need a welcoming family that is going to help Tas settle in. An open, loving and carefree family, that will continue to crate Tas, but also give him that monitored freedom he truly loves. Tas LOVES his other dogs, he plays so well with them but also at times can be a little rough, so the other dog must be tolerable.

Tas is great with children (as the pictures shows), but remebering he is just a puppy.
Tas is ready and rearing to start his life with his new family.
Please email if you have any further questions regarding Tas.

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Sabryna is a little shy at first but once she feels comfortable she is the biggest smoocher.
Sabrina is child cat and dog friendly. She adores her humans and would love to find a fmaily of her own.

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Kim is a very affectionate gal. She loves other cats and is great with children.
Kim is a cuddly girl and would happily sit with you on the couch whilst you watch your favorite show. Kim loves playing aswel.

Kim is litter box trained and ready to meet her new family.

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Coco llikes to play soccer with a small plastic ball and play with her sister.
Coco has a really loud purr and likes to sit on your lap after tea.
Is good with dogs and other cats.

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Its time for our young Remington find his forever family.

Remington was born with a cleft lip and palate. He's been raised in care since he was a tiny tiny tot.
This boy is sweet and soft natured. He would prefer to crawl into your lap and cuddle thn rough and tumble with other dogs. Dont get me wrong he does LOOOOOVE a good play.
Remington is great with other dogs, he has grown up with dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages. He is good with the cat, but will let out an excitable bark when he first sees him of the day. He is amazing with children.

Remington is crate trained, but needs work on his crate training.

Remington is looking for a family that will of course ADORE him, he would love to be completely doted on, but of course have a fmaily that will keep his manners in check, he would love to continue to socilaise and get out and about and would love another canine friend to keep him company. Children must be older.

If you think you can offer Remington the most amazing family, please send us an email.

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As we all are aware now, Mason is back in the building! Mason is now on the search for his FOREVER family. He wants and needs a strong handler and family that are committed to providing him a safe environment to continue to frolic about for the rest of his days.
Mason is now 3 years old, still perfectly house trained ( though you need to close the toilet lid because he thinks its a never ending drink fountain) and loves being inside with his family. He is also crate trained and relies on his crate for his safe space.
Mason LOVES learning new tricks, and has a bag full of commands he loves performing for a treat that he would love to expand on ( he will even take commands from the mini humans, maybe because they can be very generous with those treats..).
Speaking of the mini humans, he is quite fond of them! He has been around his current mini human since she was 3 years old, and doesn’t bat an eyelid when she engages him in all of her weird and wonderful games.
Mason is back working on his lead walking, and can walk perfectly next to his human for as long as their legs will take them, but does need redirection around other dogs.
Mason also LOVEEEESSS TOYS! They never get old. If you’re too tired to play, he will just grab it and throw it to himself! Win win!
Mason needs extremely secure fencing, as he can climb 6ft fences with grace, though he does not dig.

This boy is doing amazing despite the challenges and massive changes he has experienced, and deserves a family who will give him the unconditional love he is willing to give back, inclusive of his quirks.

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No photo for Melvin


Our handsome boy was born with a cleft lip and has been hand raised since birth.

Melvin is a very cheeky young man. He is a pint sized boy with a huge personality. Melvin has grown up around many dogs big and small, he is great with children but would prefer some a little older. Melvin has grown up with cats aswel, he gets his macho chest on and has a bark and then quickly runs away to hide =).

Melvin is going to grow into a medium sized, big, boof head, so will need a family who is going to take him to puppy school and continue his training and socialisation.

This boy is so loving, and would love a family to call his own.

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Our adorable Emelin has had a long road but is finally ready to find her forever family.

Emelins story is long and complicaited. Emelin however isn't. This lady is prob one of the easiest and most loving girls we have ever met.
Emelin is very smart, she has wonderful manners, she is very social, she loves the other dogs and cats. She is fantastic with children and has grown up with her very own 6year old that she adores. She is great with other dogs and has a range of friends big and small. Emelin when excited will let you know with that typical staffy whinge.
Emelin is the sweetest girl that got dealt a shitty hand, that she has battled like a trooper every step of the way.
Now she deserves to spend the rest of her life in happiness.

Emelin's Medical Story:
Being born with PRAA Emelin didnt thrive like her siblings, she was sogned over to ABC Rescue just shy of 8weeks old. Emelin came in with spunk, but clearly something wasn't right. She was admitted quickly for Xrays and Barrium study, this is where Emelin was diagnosed with PRAA (please see medical list for further information). Over the following weeks we needed tot ry and bulk Emelin up so she could go and have her repair done with Dr. Lucas as QVS. Just 2 weeks later Emelin's condition got worse and she required surgery immediatly, as Emelin and her esophagus grew the vesels just got tighter so there was no opening for any food to go down.
We cuddled Emelin tight and at 10 weeks old she headed in for her surgery. Of course it was a success or we wouldnt be here telling this story today =). Dr. Lucas was stoked with how it went but still required a check up scope at 6months of age.
Over the next few weeks of Emelin's recovery we had to work out what food, height, consistancy would work for Emelin, with alot of trial and error, we finally found a winner and Emelin went from strength to strength. Upon her final vaccine and check up it was noted to Emelin had a broken baby k9 and distichiasis, something if didnt cause an issue she could live with, but true to Emelin fashion it was irritating, she was often found rubbing her eyes and causing inflammation and issues. We quickly got her booked in with Kayla the Ophthalmologist from Animal Eye Services, her surgery was a success. 4months on and just being booked in for her re scope Emelin's right 3rd eye lid popped out and wouldnt go away. So we had her scope scheduled for the following week and if everything went well she would then need her 3rd eye lid repaired.
The final scope.... Dr Lucas was stoked again with how Emelin looked, she has some laxity in her esophagus this can be fixed but carries some scary risks, which we have decided this is something we can manage with out further intervention.

This meant we were at the second to last final river to cross in her road to forever family. Another surgery torepaire her 3rd eye lid and to have her desexed.

Now..... Emelin is fixed, all of her medical issues have been repaired and resolved.
Emelin will require a special diet (raw or can disucss trialling another food), and fed in a raised bowl, she will need to be crated for 30mins post feeding so she doesnt run around to much and upset her belly.

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Beautiful Willow is looking for his forever family.

She is a darling girl who is great with other dogs, cats and children. Willow is currently being fostered with children and big dogs.

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This handsome boy is searching for his forever family.

Waylan is good with other dogs, cats and children.

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