No photo for Morado (Located In Narre Warren South)

Morado (Located In Narre Warren South)

From day one when Morado came into my care at 10 weeks old he was confident and smoochy. He purrs loudly as soon as you start petting him and he will come up to you and rub on you for pets, he will even flop on his side for you to pet his belly.

He is not shy and loves to play with any toy or animal, even a paper ball out of the office bin! As soon as he catches eye contact with you he will prance over for either cuddles or play time. It's extremely cute to watch him carrying around his toys looking very proud of himself.

He is great with other people, cats, dog's and rabbits and also happy with his own company and will keep himself and you entertained for hours with his charm and wit. Has been handled by young children from a young age and is not afraid of loud noises.

Want to meet me in person? Then please complete the online application form I can't wait to say hi!

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No photo for Zoe (Locate In Pascoe Vale)

Zoe (Locate In Pascoe Vale)

Meet Zoe, a cute and sweet little tuxedo. In the sunlight her coat looks a lovely dark brown rather than black. She has a cute little ‘peep’ when she wants to get your attention. She loves to sleep on the bed at night but at this stage she doesn’t sit on your lap. She is lovely to have around as she is not noisy, but she will let you know in her own way when she is hungry.

She likes to play with the other cats as long as they don’t play too rough. She runs away if it gets too rough! When in the right mood she loves to play chasey with the other fosters. She still gets frightened at unusual noises.

You have to agree that she is a very cute looking kitty and would love to find a forever home maybe with a family who will love her heaps.

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No photo for Sorcha  (Located In Werribee)

Sorcha (Located In Werribee)

Shhhhhhh be very quite and I might come out of hiding. I’m Sorcha and once you get to know me, and I get to know you, I am a sweet little girl. I’ve had a rough past and that does make me want to run and hide from strangers. But once I settle I am a confident girl who love to explore. I am curious and playful and all the other things you are looking for in a cat. I just need some time before I will learn to come for attention.

My foster mum treats me so good, she tempts me with roast chicken, it’s my favourite, and I will do anything to get some. I like a good scratches and I love pats but you do have to catch me in the right mood. If I’m sleeping I prefer you not dote on me because I need my beauty sleep. As you can see I am absolutely gorgeous.

So what’s with the foster to adopt? It means you get support and advise from the lovely people at Cheltenham Cat Rescue while learning to settle me in to your new home. It means that I am very special and very different. Once I have settled in and you can’t live without me then you get to adopt me. It’s like an extended trial period I suppose. Just to make sure that you are happy and comfortable.

You may think that a scared cat means aggressive, but don’t worry, I don’t have a mean bone in my body. Even when I don’t want to be picked up I still politely decline by jumping down. It may take a while for me to get used to that in a new home.

I’m great with other cats and even pretty good with the resident dog here. I’m very playful and love my toys and my scratch poles. So I will give you hours of entertainment, if you will give me the chance to settle in.

I love to snuggle on the bed and I am professional at finding the warmest spot in the house. You’ll always find me in the sun or under the heater vent. I will laze away and groom so that my pretty coat is always pristine.

In my new considerate home I need a furry friend. Just to help with my confidence and plus I love having a playmate so it’s just a must for me.

So if you have a little bit of time to get to know me then I would love to meet you. You need to be every bit as special as I am to take me home. I'd love to go with my sibling Bronte -

Want to meet me in person? Then please complete the online application form I can't wait to say hi!

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No photo for Fizz (Located In Frankston)

Fizz (Located In Frankston)

Well howdy do! Fizz is the name, play is the game. Actually, so are cuddles and talking and eating and.... Well you get my drift.

I'm the all rounder type kitten! The one who does it all and has it all.
I mean seriously, look at those pics. Is that photogenic or what!!! Am I right?

I am playful and a snugglepuss. The perfect balance. I love to snuggle up with you on the couch or sit by you whilst you work away. My foster Mum is on the computer a lot and I love to curl up in the little bed beside her and purr to my heart's content. Check out my vids and you will see I have quite the V8 motor happening. My coat is super soft as well! I am very good at chasing things around the house. I love playtimes! Especially balls and things on the end of strings!

If you have an existing friendly feline, I could become best friends with them as well. I get along really well with other kitty cats. And I am fine with dogs.

I am very much looking for a home of my own! I may be a bit shy when I first come into the home but give me time and I'll settle.

Want to meet me in person? Then please complete the online application form I can't wait to say hi!

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No photo for Emcee (Located In Footscray)

Emcee (Located In Footscray)

Emcee is an old soul with a very sweet temperament and enjoys being picked up and cuddled. She is mature for her age and although a piece of string can tempt her into a game, she's at her happiest lounging in front of the heater or on your lap. If Emcee knew what a beach was, she would probably enjoy walking down one, cause that's the type of cat she
is- easy going with chill vibes.

Emcee will listen to your problems and purr you to sleep after a long day. If you need a cat to cry on, she'll be there. Her hobbies include yoga, heater-bathing and harmonzing with her sister (especially when it's time for food). The twins get along well and would preferably like tp share their forever home together, however their different personalities mean they would do okay apart too.

If you're looking for a cat to keep you grounded and sane, Emcee could be right for you :) please get in touch!

We offer a discounted fee for those adopted in pairs!

You can view Keely's profile here:

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No photo for Squeeky (Located In Hampton East)

Squeeky (Located In Hampton East)

Introducing Squeeky!

Named because of his little voice as a kitten, he is now growing up into a big man and his voice has deepened quite a lot. These days he has a lot more to say, especially around dinner time.

When wanting attention, Squeeky with walk in between your feet until he gets what he is after. He is independent and will do what he wants when he wants, in saying that he is happy to sleep on a bed, couch, chair or the floor but hasn’t found cuddling up to anyone to his liking.

Squeeky loves to bask in the sun and soak up all those warm rays of light.

Squeeky is now awaiting his special person to come along and give him a forever home, could this be you?

Want to meet me in person? Then please complete the online application form I can't wait to say hi!

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No photo for Milly (Located In Caulfield Nth)

Milly (Located In Caulfield Nth)

Meet Miss Milly Kitty. She is a sweet little feline with the most gentle personality.

Though she may be a little shy initially, her sweet side will shine through before long. Milly would be happy spending winter evenings on your lap, or just sitting next to you resting her chin on your leg. She is equally placid when you lift her up and cradle her in your arms.

She loves sleeping next to you in bed and will crawl closer for a cuddle when you wake up in the morning.

Her playfulness shows up with the scampering and mutual chases around the house with the other kitty, though normally she is more on the reserved side.

Most of the time, she can be found lying quietly nearby. Or just generally being present but unobtrusive. Never demanding, Milly will be there when you finally turn your attention to her.

The exception is when there is the merest hint of food to be had! Milly loves her food and will be the first to dash into the kitchen when meal time comes. Wet or dry, Milly is happy with almost anything that you would feed a cat. Even Philly cheese with sweet chilli jam once!

Everything about Milly is gentle, from the way she accepts a treat from your fingers to her lilting little voice when she "talks" to you to express something.

Not one for loud noises or sudden movements, Milly is best suited to a home with a quieter lifestyle.

Milly has been known to have Houdini tendencies so needs to be kept in a secure space indoors.

This little girl has recently finished being a fantastic and loving mum to a litter of 6 kittens. It's time for her to enjoy life as a young adult cat with her own loving forever home.

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No photo for Mumma Cleo (Located In Frankston)

Mumma Cleo (Located In Frankston)

A beautiful petite queen of a cat, Cleo has the most distinct tortieshell markings.

A friendly and confident cat, Cleo will often follow to where you are going and rub close for pats.

Cleo is at time chatty and whilst is affectionate with regards to pats will prefer to be close by rather than on your lap.

While Cleo is good with other cats, she is not so good with dogs therefore her perfect forever home will be without a canine furry friend.

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No photo for Ed (Located In Caulfield North)

Ed (Located In Caulfield North)

Are you after a cat with a strong personality? One who will always let you know what he wants, is fearless, confident, and will never be boring? One who LOVES humans, is extremely loyal, and will bond strongly with you? Then Ed is for you!

But just because he knows his own mind and thinks about the big-picture rather than trivialities, does not mean that Ed is not humble, or a great listener. He is both. He likes to wait for you to come to bed at night where he’ll lie down beside you and rev up his purr while you tell him about your day – or even not talk at all. Ed doesn’t need words to understand you; he has the ability to make you feel it’s ok, simply by his presence. He is determined and passionate, and this can only be really understood when you live with him. He smiles a lot (as his photos show), and he loves to play too! He is fit, agile, strong, and ageless.

Ed doesn’t like dogs, but occasionally plays and interacts with the cats in his foster home. He would be fine as an only cat or as the 2nd or 3rd cat in the house.

Ed’s needs are not great: regular meals (he’ll always let you know when it’s time); a soft bed to relax on (he’d be happy if it could be yours), and access to sunshine either in your house/ apartment, or outdoors in the long-run. He promises to make you laugh often, and to be your steadfast friend and companion always.

Want to meet me in person? Then please complete the online application form I can't wait to say hi!

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No photo for Errol (Located In Endeavour Hills)

Errol (Located In Endeavour Hills)

Errol Lee Fuzzy (27 Nov 2017) is an Australian-born cat, born during the Golden Age of Summer. Considered the natural successor to cat’s everywhere, he achieved local fame for his romantic leg butting roles in Victorian films.

He was best-known for his role as The Chicken Thief (2017) and The Adventures of The Tasty Steak (2018). His portrayals are thought to be the 11tyth greatest in Australian film. Other famous roles included the lead in I Am Shy Today (2017), as Major Kitty Fuzzers in The Charge of the Floor Heater Brigade (2018), and Westerns such as Dogs Suck City (2017), Biscuits De Tail (2017), and San An Treats (2018).

Born in Endeavour HIlls, his father, Unknown McFluffyPants, was potentially a lecturer and later professor of biology but we aren’t really sure. His mother was born Casey, Flynn described his mother's family as "gentle, sweet and ever so endearing, however at times, crowded.”

Both of his parents were of Orange, White, Black and Grey cat descent. Despite Flynn's shyness, evidence indicates that he friendly once he gets to know you.

Errol is described as “a shy boy” and sensitive. As such, his disposition can seem daunting, although understandable when given due course. He loves strongly and shows affection to those he trusts. His barriers of affection have seen others offended, although if appreciated, his affections show just reward.

Starring in The Chicken Thief (2017) and The Adventures of The Tasty Steak (2018), his abilities are a testament to a love of your food.

Often working solo, he was able to wear his heart on his jumper through the much-anticipated one-cat drama, I Am Shy Today (2017). It was something off beat for Errol who in later films, shone as Major Kitty Fuzzers (2018), in a cold and gritter war piece set in the freezing Winter. The capability to perform from vulnerable to dominating is a rare skill for even masters of the craft.

His favourite films have always been those where it was pure imagination. During filming of Dogs Suck City (2017), Errol was heard mocking the neighbourhood dogs, who “stank like last weeks’ garbage”. In the foreign language films Biscuits De Tail (2017) and San An Treats (2018) Errol was able to expand his skills set from the dormant and quiet, to loud and insane.

Often mistaken for “that Hollywood Actor” of the same name, Errol Flynn. His belief is that the similarity is based on his charming personality and ridiculous good looks; two characteristics the actor of the same name “allegedly” embodied.

Errol dreams of a house and a family for him own. His aspirations see him as an affectionate, warm, funny and cheeky individual. A man of character and staunch protectiveness when in the presence of new people, he is one who proves that patience breeds truly, beautiful relationships.

Cute bubba photos of Errol are included for your viewing pleasure!

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