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Cee Lo (Located In Mount Martha)

Like the singer I’m named after (CeeLo Green from Knarls Barkley) I also have a very unique voice. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with my meow – it’s unbelievably endearing if I do say so myself!

Not only do I have an adorably round, ball-shaped head and a cute, pointy nose, I also have a delightful personality to match! My carers have both noted how mad I am for human affection. Only professional cat patters and chin scratchers need apply!

I’m not a lap cat, but you’ll have no trouble picking me up. Popping me into a cat carrier shouldn’t be bothersome either.

I’m an extremely gentle cat, and not a fighter. Because of my temperament, I’d love an indoor home with no dogs, nor any big tomcats. My sweet personality has lent itself well to living with several female cats and also a few kittens.

I may potentially be a little unsure for a week or two in my new home, but the promise of a good feed & a soothing, encouraging voice has always coaxed me out of my shell very successfully.

I sadly contracted Feline Aids when I used to live on the rough streets. The diagnosis is no issue though – my vet said I’m in formidable health & am expected to live a long & happy life.

I’ve never been allowed outside since my rescue, so please keep me inside 100% of the time – No exceptions! I must not be allowed out even just the once because of my FIV+ diagnosis.

Want to meet me in person? Then please complete the online application form I can't wait to say hi!

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Bubba (Located In Caulfield East)

I go by the name of ''Bubba'' which seems to fit my boyish adorability down to the ground. My foster mum says that the charm is all in the eyes whether they are staring longingly out the window at the nature I never stop wanting to be in, or when I look up pleadingly for food in a way that is impossible to resist. Or the way they roll back as I snuggle into folds of blissful comfort next to her on the couch.

I can be soft and oh so loving so you would only guess about my past by the marks that have been left behind. Although I am in tact and still something of a looker, a closer look shows I have had my share of scraps and scrapes in fight mode. The scars will fade over time but I'll carry around this FIV as a reminder for much longer..

I am a colourful mixture and my softer side has melted into the domestic side of life with my foster Mum. I think I really surprise her with my obedience to house rules and have fitted in as quickly as I found I loved the creature comforts of home. When she is home I love nothing more than to keep her company and love sitting on her lap, enjoy strokes and petting. Just let go of everything lying there for hours and hours. I’m not that lazy, I still love playing, please play with me more!

Want to meet me in person? Then please complete the online application form I can't wait to say hi!

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