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Herro, I'm Spencer and I'm here to give you all of the love!

I may be almost 6 years old and only have one eye but I act like I'm still a 6 month old pupper.

I’m a total cuddle monster. There is nothing quite like jumping into bed with my foster parents in the morning for a snuggle.

I also loooove playing with toys.

Also food. I LOVE food. I will do anything for food. Food is life.

Wanna know what else I love? Walks! Omg I am obsessed with walks. And I am the goodest boy ever on my walks. Walks in the park, walks around the burbs, adventurous walks, you name it.. I’m there walking right beside you.

I is looking for a relaxed forever home with no children or other pets. I don’t really like sharing, I’m an attention hog.

I would really love it if my humans were with me more often than not and I’m slowly building up to be able to go 6 hours on my own!! #proud

PUR will provide a one on one session with a behaviourist as part of my adoption.

I'm at my ideal weight of 17kg!

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Hello! I’m Minnie and I’ve got a love heart print on my nose to match my loving nature.
My foster carers say I’m the goodest girl ever and I’ve got to agree.
I’m a gentle giant and a wannabe lap dog.
I’m very well behaved in the home, happy just snoozing on the couch, basking in the sun and playing with my enrichment toys. I will hold off from going to the toilet until I’m let outside. I am very polite like that.
Outside, I love to explore and sniff. I walk pretty well on the lead, but if I smell or see something really exciting, I may pull to get us there quickly. In the car I’m an absolute gem!
I love meeting new people and will roll over and give puppy dog eyes until you rub my belly.
I’d be happy living with another dog of similar size and temperament but I’m also pretty content in my own company.
Small animals and livestock are for chasing so I can’t live with them.
Due to my size, I’m also best in a home without children under 10 years of age.
My ideal weight is 34kg.
To find out more or to apply to adopt visit:

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Meow, I'm Duke!
If you look up “Cool Cat” in the dictionary you may see my face 😎

I'm happy living with another cat (as long as they’re FIV vaccinated) and wouldn’t be too bothered by a dog.

I quite like being brushed and don't even mind car rides!

I am a little shadow and will follow my foster hoomans around to keep them company.

I do like to talk but I have the softest meow. I'm a total fluff ball full of allllll the love to give you.

Pls adopt me 😇

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Ruff ruff!!

I'm Greta. Don't be fooled by my size, I may be small but what I lack in size I make up for in personality and strength.

I was going to be put to sleep when I was just 3 weeks of age because I am deaf and partially blind :( but Project Underdog Rescue came to my rescue and have been caring for me ever since.

I'm pretty smart and easy to train because I LOVE food and am not distracted by noise. I can sit, wait, come, give paw and rest my chin. I know sign language too!

I didn't have the opportunities to learn from my litter mates so my foster parents have been doing their best to show me the ropes.

I am not overly interested in other dogs so I'd be happy on my own or with a laid back, chilled out doggo of similar breed.

I do not want to live with children under 16 years of age or cats. Because I am deaf and partially blind I can get easily startled.

I need a calm home with very patient humans who will be dedicated to my ongoing care. I am not going to be easy (or cheap) so it will take a very special person to adopt me.

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