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Meow! My name is Brian and I am a tri-pod cat! That’s right, I have three legs - but that does not stop me from being the cool dude that I am. I am an older gentleman and I am looking for a human or humans who can just laze around with me. Let’s keep each other company?
If it’s ok with you, I’d prefer to be an only child please. The last encounter I had with a dog ended up with me having 3 legs so you can understand why I wish not to live with other animals.

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Hello, my name is Freddy! Freddy long legs!
I’ve been told that I’m not a lap dog, but I beg to differ…
I’m as loyal as they come and I’m looking for a human who is just as loyal as I am!

I’m super affectionate and love to play! …and these long legs love a long walk. My foster carer says I’m a really cruisy walker. I also love to run and play fetch. Chasing stuff is the best!

I get really excited about meeting new dog friends of any size. I haven’t had the chance to play with many dogs yet, but I’m really keen to make new furry friends and learn to play like the big pup that I am.

I would be happy to live with or without a dog friend. If I was to live with another dog it would need to be another large dog with a playful nature.

I’m not a fan of cats, rabbits and birds - they are for chasing, just like my favourite squeaky balls.

Apparently I pick things up really quickly! (I’ll do anything for treats) I have been working on all sorts of stuff like sit, drop, stay, touch, and even standing away from my foster carer when she is eating! I still have lots of stuff to learn, so I need a really good teacher who want to help me flourish.

Also, because I have spent most of my life locked away from the big wide world, I need a person who can teach me about all of the strange objects and noises out there. This week I learned that brooms aren’t scary. Bicycles and skateboards are pretty scary, I don’t really like those crazy wheels and weird hats, but I would be happy for somebody to keep teaching me they are okay too. I also don’t mind riding in the back seat of the car now that I get to go to nice new places.

I’m usually really happy to meet new people, but I can occasionally be a bit shy if new people are rude to me. My foster carer has introduced me to loads of people!
I’m way bigger than most kids, so it is best I live with adults only.

If you have space for my long legs in your home, and you want to learn with me, play with me, and cuddle with me, then I will give you sloppy kisses for ever and ever and ever and ever!

My ideal weight is 37kg.

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Derrrrrp! My name is Bentley and I’m a big friendly giant and a total goof ball.

I was dumped at a pound because my owners said I was ugly and deformed. Yes, I have an overbite and an unusually large head but that’s what makes me cute... right?

I am really just a big teddy bear that likes to gives all the sloppy kisses. Hanging out on the couch and relaxing is my all time favourite thing to do.

I am not the quickest learner and I can find the outside world a bit overwhelming at times but I just need someone who is willing to stick by me, be patient with me and teach me the ropes. In return I will love you unconditionally and give you lots of sloppy kisses!

My ideal weight is 28kg.

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Meow! I’m Hagrid and I love me some food. I love playing and getting my head scratched. Cuddling up on people is also pretty amazing. I would love to live with another playful young cat but I’d also be fine as an only pet.

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Hi there, my name is Murphy and I really want your cuddles!

I’ve had a really tough start, being stuck in a backyard all my life and starved of food. But now I’m OUT and I discovered pats, I LOVE PATS and strokes and neck scratches. I can’t get enough of it.

I just want to be your best friend.

When I came to stay with my foster parents, I was very scared of pretty much everything, it took me days for my tail to start wagging, but now it can’t stop!

I have come so far in a short time and I am building my confidence every day, I can’t wait in investigate the world more.

Currently I’m loving living with my new bestie, who is a calm, older staffy. We keep each other company and like to snuggle up sometimes.

There is nothing better than hanging out with my humans and curling up in bed, I give a big sigh of contentment just to let you know.

My foster humans say I’m the goodest boy, I have to agree with them. Now that I have discovered what love is I have SO much to give. I am looking for someone who can give me all that love back.

I’m a very gentle and sensitive soul so I’d really like to live in a calm, peaceful home. Children are cute but they are a bit too loud and unpredictable for me. I’m only just coming out of my shell.

I hope I can find my new best friend soon,

Big Murph

My ideal weight is 42kg

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