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Meow, I'm Stanley :-)

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Meow, I'm Ronald :-)

Give me allllll the food. Yep I’m a little fatty and proud. Eat, sleep, repeat.

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Meow! I'm Reginald the pocket rocket! I’ve grown up with an Australian Shepherd and Pug whilst in foster care so I’m pretty much a dog now. I love zoomies and purring. While I purr I always poke my tongue out because I’m cute like that. Blep*

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No photo for Daphne


Meow, I'm Daphne :-)

I’m sooo playful. I love to play. I love to run and I loooove activities! I like to climb my scratching post and watch what’s going on in the world. I definitely need a human who can give me lots of enrichment and fun things to do.

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No photo for Tabitha


Hi, my name’s Tabitha (Tabby to my friends) and I’m a bit of a cuddle-bug!

I’m an older lady and definitely too dignified for too much running around – I’m quite happy sleeping in the sun all day long, breaking for dinner, and then cuddling on your bed at night. Although I do sometimes get the zoomies!

You might be too polite to mention my size, but it’s true that I’m currently a bit above my ideal weight of 4.5 kg. I’ve been responding well to a careful diet while in foster care and I’m already looking much slimmer.

When I was rescued – en route to the pound, no less! – I was diagnosed with FIV at my vet check-up. As such I will need to be the only cat in the household, and live a comfortable indoor life where I won’t be stressed or exposed to potential infections. I've just had my teeth cleaned and given a clean bill of health so you needn't worry about me.

I really enjoy a good grooming every week or so in order to keep my coat in pristine condition.

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No photo for Griffon


Meow, I'm Griffon.

I may not have had the best start to life after being thrown from a car but I haven't let that stop me from loving life.

I love to be around people and am always up for playtime, running around with the other adoption cats and kittens and playing with my toys.

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No photo for Raven


Meow, I'm your new best friend!

I loooove being around people. I give the best head bumps and snuggles. Sometimes I even climb on peoples backs to get closer to them!

I'm an all round great cat and would be happy in a home by myself or with another friendly cat.

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No photo for Onyx


Meow, I'm Onyx.
I'm a gentle natured purr machine. I am super sweet and loving, every morning and after every nap I like to give my foster hoomans smooches.
Playtime is also a favourite of mine!

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No photo for Vader


Meow, I'm Vader.
I like to spend my days playing and napping.. then napping some more.
I'm a sweet, gentle little dude who will be the first to snuggle up with you in a blanket.

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No photo for Pip


Meow, I'm Pip.
I may be the smallest out of all my brothers and sister but that hasn't stopped me having a big personality!
I like to keep my foster hoomans company at all times. I will follow them from room to room and make sure I snuggle up close by on the couch.

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