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My name is Gracie and I'm 7 years young 😊

I'm a pretty easy going gal. I love going on walks, playing ball and being around my people. Oh and snoozing, I do love a good afternoon nap.

I’m not too bothered about other dogs and I might be happy sharing my home with another similar sized dog but we'd have to meet a few times to make sure we get along first.

I’m really not a fan of cats or other small animals, sorry.

I don't mind kids but my foster mum says they should be older than 10 so I don't accidentally knock them when I'm running around playing!

I can’t wait to find my forever family to hang out with. I'm a laid back girl that loves to be close to her people and all I need is my teddy to carry around in my mouth and some cuddle time!

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Tia And Lulu

Hiiiiiiii, I'm Tia and that's Lulu. I know I know, her tongue is ridiculous and she's a little special looking but if you can just focus back on me for a minute please that would be great.

We are looking for a brand new home, not just any home but a really special one.
We are currently living in an apartment in the city and it is just waaay too overwhelming for a coupla old gals like us.

Lulu is a bit of a scaredy. Loud noisy, lots of people, busy streets - it's all a bit much. If you're an introvert too, you'll understand how it is. It takes us time to warm up to people and feel comfortable. We are only really tiiiiny too so everything is much bigger for us. Lulu is 3kg and I'm 4.5kg.

Lulu reallllly wants to live in a quiet home with no children, other pets or raging parties. She says she wants to live a simple life where she can watch some TV, help with some knitting and sit by the fire in peace. Sorry if I've made her sound like a grumpy old lady, she's really not. She's just a woman who knows what she wants!

So if I haven't scared you off yet, pretty please apply to adopt us!

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