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Winnie female Pomeranian - Chihuahua mix Golden Oldie 12 years of age.

We rescued our dear old duck Winnie a couple of years ago. With the help of our vets and her foster carer Sharon - Winnie's health improved (she had lots of surgeries to fix this and that!) and approximately 4 months on Winnie was put up for adoption. Winnie went off to a lovely new home with an elderly lady who doted on her - sadly though Winnie's Mum became unwell and was moved to a nursing home and as there were no family members available to take Winnie we happily took her back in to care.
??Winnie is just a tiny tot weighing between 3 - 4 kgs she is a real smooch who would spend her entire day on your lap being cuddled if you have the time. She is a serious love bug who would like a home where she is doted on once again. The home we would love for Winnie is with a retired couple or someone who works from home and has the time to give her. She does not want or need another dog in her home as she prefers the single dog life - she does love to go on a daily walk.

Winnie has eye drops that require twice daily application, she is also on a daily dose of Antinol to help with her arthritis and as she only has 2 teeth left she can be a little fussy with her food.

Winnie is a house dog and must have access via a doggie door or similar 24/7, she is house trained and her coat will require grooming. If you are interested in adopting Winnie please email:

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PJ has been waiting for many months to find his perfect home. With so many Staffies in Pounds and Shelters, it is no surprise that PJ is still with us.

PJ is a very nice dog who would suit a family who is on the quieter side as he is still sometimes a nervous Nellie! He currently lives with a family and enjoys time on the couch watching his favourite Netflix show or cuddling up on the bed with their 9-year-old daughter. PJ is a bit of a homebody not needing to go out on long walks every single day, he does enjoy a stroll around the neighbourhood with his doggie friends but is always very happy to come back home to the safety of those he knows. He loves playing with his toys or just hanging around his home watching the comings and goings. PJ has had no exposure to cats so a home without them would probably be best for him.

PJ's ears will provide you with endless entertainment because they do have a mind of their own. Sometimes they are sticky-uppy ears, sometimes they are downy dog ears, sometimes they're somewhere in between. And then sometimes they fold back to making him look like a bald baby! Never the less he is an extremely handsome boy. PJ is house trained and is a house dog so must always have access to his home.

Please email if you are interested in adopting PJ.

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If you like your dogs, drop dead gorgeous... look no further!

Dude the dog is not just good looks though, he’s also super smart, loves a cuddle and is so endearing you can’t help but fall totally in love at first meet. Dude is currently in care with an older, small dog and is loving life with his loving foster family. He spends his days, playing with his toys and cuddling on the couch, he enjoys a good daily walk and is learning that the big wide world is not as scary as he first thought. Dude has been working really hard with help from a force free trainer about how to deal with life in the busy city, he has been doing really well and is now a certified ‘good boy’ !!!

Dude does get a bit frightened meeting new dogs so needs a slow introduction, but once he knows that the dog is a friend and not out to scare him, he’s ready for a good old fashioned rumble. Dude has learnt lots of new skills in foster care and everyday gets more confident, he is now ready to continue his journey with a forever family who will keep up with his training out and about. A confident doggy pal is a must in Dude’s new home, he loves to have companionship if his family have to go to work. Dude is not a large staffy, he’s more in the medium category and has a short shedding coat that requires little maintenance. He must have access inside as this is what he is accustomed to.

Dude comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm treated. The adoption fee is $495. Dude is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Dude please email Denise:

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Holy Cow! Meet Miss Milky!

This black and white beauty is a social, fun and happy go lucky girl who is looking for the perfect forever family to go adventuring with.

Milky is almost a year old, she is a medium size Staffy mix who enjoys getting out and about and playing with her friends. A truly stunning dog, Milky turns heads wherever she goes.

We would love to see Milky with a family who will love and adore her as much as we do, still very much a silly, goofy puppy at heart, Milky does require a committed family who will continue to show her through gentle and kind leadership how to be the best dog she can be.

Milky would love a home with a friendly, confident male dog friend but could go as an only dog provided she was not left at home all day on her own. Milky needs daily exercise and would benefit from enrichment toys like puzzle feeders and kongs. She is housetrained, has a short shedding coat that requires minimal maintenance and sleeps well through the night.

Milky comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm treated and has had a dental and treatment for skin and ear infections. The adoption fee is $495. Milky is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Milky please email Denise detailing the home you could provide.

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Belladonna is a tiny sweet natured little girl who is ready to find a new home. Bella has always lived with another dog therefore a home with a small doggie companion is a must! She loves going on walks, running along the beach with her foster doggie friends and cuddling on the couch for a smooch with her carer. Bella recently went back to the doggie ophthalmologist for a check-up as she has had cataract surgery and requires an annual check-up, due to the cataract surgery Bella now requires daily eye drops.
Bella is a house dog she is house trained and her coat will grow and require regular grooming.
If you think you can offer our lovely little Poodle a nice home with another doggie friend, please email to:

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Piccolo is a sweet young dog with a lot of energy. He is quite frisky and when he is not building a fort in his bed, he will often be zipping around making sure that he hasn’t missed out on anything going on.
We’re not sure of his exact age he is probably somewhere between 1 and 2 years, but his energy and playfulness are close to that of a young dog - he still has his puppy moments. His antics bring a lot of joy to those around him, but he will require stimulation to ensure that he doesn’t become bored.
Being only 2.2kg, he is suitable for a home with no young children and other dogs closer to his size. Piccolo came into care about 5 months ago with a broken front leg, he required specialist surgery where his leg was pinned and plated and then the poor little boy needed to be crated for about 3 months on and off to make sure his very fine bone had healed properly. Piccolo was x-rayed 3 times before we got a perfect result showing that his leg had finally healed completely. We must ensure that his forever home is the best match because he can't afford to do any further damage to any of his little tiny legs.
Like many small dogs, Piccolo has a tricky stomach, and while it seems to be getting more robust, it will require adherence to a strict feeding regime to ensure that he doesn’t get sick. Currently, he is being fed every 3-4 hours, so will require someone home more often than not.
Sweet and sensitive, he loves to snuggle on your lap or your couch just as much as an interesting walk or a play with his doggie mates. He generally gets on very well with other dogs close to his size but would still benefit from positive socialisation (spending time with people, and with other dogs outside the home).
Piccolo absolutely loves his toys so if you would like to adopt and are successful you will need to make sure that you have a basket full of toys ready to go.
Piccolo is house trained and sleeps soundly in a crate at night. He needs a home where he has access to outside/dog door and will be an indoor-only dog.
He has a lovely sleek low maintenance coat that will require an occasional bath to keep him clean and tidy.
If you think you can provide the home that Piccolo needs please email:
Please don't apply if you have cats or if you don't have another dog of similar size to Piccolo. Piccolo will not be rehomed as an only dog.

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Elijah is a beautiful, older gent with a luscious long coat and a face filled with wisdom.

Elijah loves to be outside and can most often be found sunning himself in the garden. He gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home, a collection of small golden oldies. On leash Elijah or Eli as he’s affectionately known can be a bit reactive to new dogs but is progressing well with his training. Being 10 years old, Eli is a bit set in his ways, he knows what he likes and what he doesn’t, he is learning through gentle leadership how to be a well behaved gentleman but he can sometimes be a little bit of a grump so is best in an adult only home.
Eli is a sweet boy, he would best be rehomed with another older canine friend or as an only dog with someone home more often than not who has some experience with caring for seniors. He does have some arthritis but after a course of anti inflammatory injections is feeling much better, his new family would need to be aware of when he might be feeling a little sore and get him a vet check up. He might benefit from some daily help with something like Rosehip Vital.
Eli needs access inside when his family are home and has a long coat that requires regular brushing to avoid matting.
We know that the perfect retirement home is out there for Eli.
If you would like to enquire about Eli please email:

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