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Say hello to Little Lentil!

This gorgeous puppy is confident, happy and ready to share her love with a forever family!
This delightful girl has the plushest coat, tiny little ears and beautiful big eyes that look right into yours and have you totally smitten. Lentil is learning lots of new things in foster care, like how to get maximum daily cuddles, how to let your foster mum know it’s time for dinner and also the regular stuff like house training, sit, stay, etc.

Lentil is currently sharing her foster home with two older dogs and she really enjoys their company, for this reason, we know she would really love a playmate in her home. Lentil is not fully vaccinated so can’t go for walks at the moment, she is still getting lots of socialisation out and about in her foster mum's arms or in her backpack! Lentil is such a good girl and is going to grow to be a medium size dog who will be just as cute as she is now!

Lentils breed is a guess, we are really not sure what she is but we do know that she is awesome and would love a forever family who is prepared for ongoing training, socialisation and will treat her like a loving family member with access inside and out.

Lentil comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm treated. The adoption fee is $495. Lentil is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Lentil please email Denise

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Bessie arrived at the RSPCA a few months ago, she had been hit by a car and due to the injuries that she sustained Bessie required surgery to remove her femoral head. The RSPCA performed reconstructive hip surgery on Bessie and asked Denise at Paws for help to assist her through the recovery. and rehoming.

Bessie has now fully healed and is a much happier girl, she is an 8 year old Chihuahua mix and is seriously cute! She does like to be the centre of someone’s world and her ideal family will be as an only dog with humans who are home more often than not.

Bessie has a short low maintenance coat that will require a quick bath and brush, her coat does shed.

If you think that your home might be just right for Bessie email: with lots of information regarding the home you may be able to offer her.

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Hi, I’m Luna a 2.5 year old Border Collie and I currently live in Canberra and I’d love to stay in Canberra. I need to find a new home because my owners who have had me since I was 8 weeks old are going to live overseas, they would love to take me with them but as they are going to be living in a big city in a very small apartment they think it best that I stay here. My new home must have lots of space for me to run and explore as I am really a country gal, I have graduated from all of my obedience classes at the local dog club and have started Rally-Obedience which I enjoy and would love to be able to continue to do with my new family.

I enjoy meeting people, but it can take me a little while to get to know some people. I had minor hip issues when I was younger which made me nervous with people petting me too much around my back end, I am much better now and love a rub from people I trust. I am more interested in people than other dogs, and can sometimes be a bit apprehensive when meeting new dogs, but I have some good dog buddies and once I get to know them I love playing with them.

I love food and must be fed separately as I can be a little protective of my food at times, when I’m given treats or fed by hand I’m gentle, and I’ll do almost anything for a treat. I’m happy to give up and share fact, I love balls and you’ll have my full attention if you throw a ball or frisbee for me- preferably my favourite ball of the moment that I will chase all day long. I also love my walks, and I will happily join you on a run if you’re going. I go for a walk twice a day, normally for about 45 mins to an hour. I love being off lead, away from roads, although I’ll rarely go too far away. I also enjoy swimming, long runs on the beach and paddle boarding, in fact I will do anything to be part of your adventures! When I get to know you I’m very affectionate and love attention. When you tell me it’s bedtime, I’ll hop into my crate and settle for the night ready to start the next day, maybe with a morning lick.

My ideal home would be preferably in Canberra with someone fit and adventurous who would take me with them. I could be an excellent tradies dog, especially if you take me to Bunnings for a sausage. Perhaps a family with teenage kids (no children under 15) because of my energy and minor resource guarding. In saying that, I love kids and would love one or two to kick a ball around with, play cricket or run with them.

Luna is a working breed dog. Previous working breed experience is preferred. She is happy as an only dog and is crate trained. Only people or families that will commit to her energy requirements and quirky sense of humour will be considered. Her beautiful luxurious coat will need on-going grooming to keep it as stunning as it currently is. Luna is a house dog and must have access via a doggie door or similar.

Luna is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and is on worm and flea treatment.

If you think that your home might be just right for Luna email: with lots of information regarding the home you may be able to offer her.

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Extra special, fabulous, busy body seeks family who is much the same!

World meet Rosie! This Harrier Hound, Beagle mix is ready to party and is looking for a family that gets that having a Harrier Hound is more than having a dog it’s a lifestyle!

Rosie came to us after she had performed some pretty incredible escapes from her home. Currently, in care with a large mix of different dogs, Rosie is everybody’s friend but her one true love is getting her sniff on! She thinks nothing is better than using that snoot to seek out all the good and not so good smells of the world.
Ideally, Rosie would be rehomed with a family that knows hounds and can provide her with a lot of enrichment, keep up with training and provide her with lots of exercise. She would make an ideal working/sports dog as she very much needs a job to help her feel enriched and happy.

Rosie is a house dog and must have access via a doggie door or similar at all times. Her coat does shed and will only require a bath and a brush to keep it looking great.

Rosie is a lot of dog but we know that her perfect fit is out there... PS: Isn’t Rosie a total stunner.

If you think that your home might be just right for Rosie email: with lots of information regarding the home you may be able to offer her.

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A one in a million dog, seeks one in a million family!

Turtle is a fun, fabulous and super cute, little squish face Frenchie! He is always ready for a good time, loves to run, lovesss to play with toys and lovesssss to curl up next to you on the couch.

Turtle was recently diagnosed with Spina Bifida a condition he has had since birth, this means Turtle has a malformation in his lower spine which effects his bowel and as a result he is both urinairy and fecally incontinent. Turtle has been this way since he was born, it is his normal and he is completely oblivious as to whether he’s doing a number 1 or 2 but this is manageable with the use of nappies!

Turtle currently wears a nappy when he is inside and is crate trained for night time. During the day he spends some time, nappy free outside and provided he’s got his toys and a bit of sunshine, he’s a pretty happy camper.

The neurologist at SASH does not believe that Turtle will have any further complications from his condition, he can run, jump, spin and flip without issue, in fact Turtle is quite agile for a dog built like a brick. Turtle doesn’t bark but he sure does snore, he is a super sweet boy that gets on with every dog, cat and person he meets.

We know that it’s going to take someone pretty amazing to adopt a special needs dog like Turtle boy but we know whoever does will be fiercely rewarded with a whole pile of sweet Frenchie love!

Turtle comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm treated and has had a dental and treatment for skin and ear infections. The adoption fee is $495. Turtle is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Turtle please email

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Myf is a sweet, gentle and loving little girl who was in a very sorry state when we collected her from Blacktown Animal Holding Facility. After several baths, lots of brushing, some grooming and lavender massages, Myf looks stunning.

Myf has a lovely temperament and is great with children. With a little bit of encouragement, Myf loves to engage in play preferring to share her play with her human than the other dogs she is in care with. She has been living with other small dogs without a problem and will happily share her bed and toys with them but only plays with them when she is in the mood!

Myf has a great appetite and is happy to eat dog and human food along with any treats that come her way. When Myf came into care she was undernourished, however, she has gained almost 2 kilos in approximately 7 weeks. She is quiet and sleeps all through the night rarely barking at all, however she will "speak" to you when her dry food bowl needs a refill. Myf has learned her basic commands and is always rewarded with a treat, or a small amount of cheese - that’s her favorite treat.

Myf is toilet trained, as long as she is given access to a doggy door or yard. She’s very good walking on her lead, loves snuggle time, being brushed, and sleeping close to the heater.

This dear little girl would make a great companion for a couple, a single person, or a family with older children. Despite loving the company of small children we feel that a home with older kids will be best for her. Myf prefers short periods of play, short walks and relaxing. She’s the ultimate lap dog and will thrive being an only dog or with one other dog in her new home, male or female makes no difference to Myf as she gets along with either.

Myf is exceptionally pretty. Her fur has myriad shades of blonde and red tones. Her little face is perfectly symmetrical. When Myf came to us her skin was very dry probably due to a poor diet, her foster carer has added coconut oil and sardines to her diet which seems to be doing the trick.

Myf has a coat that will require regular grooming and bathing with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. She is a house dog and must have access via a doggie door or similar.

Myf will be very much missed by her foster family when she finds her forever family.

Myf comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm treated and she has had a dental. The adoption fee is $495. Myf is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Myf please email Denise

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If you like your dogs, drop dead gorgeous... look no further!

Dude the dog is not just good looks though, he’s also super smart, loves a cuddle and is so endearing you can’t help but fall totally in love at first meet. Dude is currently in care with an older, small dog and is loving life with his loving foster family. He spends his days, playing with his toys and cuddling on the couch, he enjoys a good daily walk and is learning that the big wide world is not as scary as he first thought. Dude has been working really hard with help from a force free trainer about how to deal with life in the busy city, he has been doing really well and is now a certified ‘good boy’ !!!

Dude does get a bit frightened meeting new dogs so needs a slow introduction, but once he knows that the dog is a friend and not out to scare him, he’s ready for a good old fashioned rumble. Dude has learnt lots of new skills in foster care and everyday gets more confident, he is now ready to continue his journey with a forever family who will keep up with his training out and about. He would love a new dog friend in his family who he can play with, but might suit being an only dog should his family be home more often than not. Dude is not a large staffy, he’s more in the medium category and has a short shedding coat that requires little maintenance. He must have access inside as this is what he is accustomed to.

Dude comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm treated. The adoption fee is $495. Dude is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Dude please email

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"G'day! My name is Pyjamas, but my friends call me PJ
I was found locked up in the pound but luckily the lovely Lisa from Denise at Paws Inc. saved me. I was pretty scared of life at first but now I've realised that life can actually be pretty awesome! 😎
Even though I love my foster Ma, I'm hoping to spend my first birthday with my very own hooman family 😍
Most people think I'm a young pup, but the truth is, I'm nearly 1 years old. Ma says people think I'm so young because I'm so small, but she says that's a good thing. She said I'm basically like a "teacup" staffy, and because I'm so cute, I won't have any trouble being adopted! I hope she's right! 🤞🤞🤞
So if you're a family that's missing a teacup sized Staffy dog in your life, I'll tell you a bit about myself to see if I'm the one for you ❤️
* I LOVE other dogs 🐶 and I could play with them all day long!
* I LOVE the dog park, and I always come back when I'm called
* I don't like being on my own very much so I would really like a fur brother or sister to keep me company when you're at work, OR a Ma or Pa who stays at home most of the time
* I can be a bit shy around new people but once I know you're nice, I'll be your best friend and snuggle you to death
* I'm definitely a lap dog and I just love to snuggle with my hooman and dog friends on the couch and in bed.
* I love going in the car so I'm up for an adventure if you are 🚗
* But I'm also content to lounge around and watch Netflix with you if you prefer
* I do love to chew, so I'll need lots of chew toys to keep me happy and away from your favourite shoes 👠
* I've never met a cat 🐱 so I'm not sure if I'd like one or not, but I'm always open to trying new things
* I really love food 🤤 it's my favourite thing in the whole world, so I'm very easy to train!
* I'm very good at going outside to the toilet when Ma takes me out, but sometimes if I'm inside and the door is closed, I'm not sure how to tell her that I need to go out, and so I do occasionally have accidents. Ma said it's okay though and it's not my fault. When I lived in the pound I had to just go in my kennel so it's hard for me to understand that the house isn't a toilet. But I'm getting better with this every day!
* I'm very smart and already know how to Sit and Come, and I would love my new family to teach me more.
* My ears will provide you with endless entertainment because they really do have a mind of their own. Sometimes they are sticky uppy ears, sometimes they are downy dog ears, sometimes they're somewhere in between. And then sometimes they fold backwards to make me look like a bald baby 👶🏼😳🙄
* My foster Ma is a dog trainer and she said that my new family can have some free training to help me learn all the rules of my new home (local to northern beaches only)
So if you think you have room in your heart for a bite sized Staffy dog, please please please consider adopting me ❤️🐶🤞🙏
I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish I get a family of my own tonight 🙏🙏❤️❤️" ~ PJ

If you would like more information on Pyjamas please contact

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Poochie And Jess

Best friends Poochie and Jess go together like peaches and cream. They are two easy going, well -mannered ladies who are raring to go to the perfect home. Because they are so joined at the hip, it would be cruel to separate them, so we won't. They are always found together cuddling up in the same bed, often washing and nibbling on each other, it is very endearing.

POOCHIE (Shih Tzu x) is a very social girl, full of beans and bursting in confidence. Take her on an adventure and you will see her clown-like antics in action. You can't help but laugh at her tomboy ways and her funny little run, or rather, robust charge! Her passion and fearless zest for life is definitely infectious, and everyone who meets her, falls in love. Poochie loves a good frolic in off leash areas and has fantastic recall. She always bolts back with a cheeky grin on her chops, heading straight to Jess for approval and a giggle!

JESS (Foxy) is like a dainty butterfly, both beautiful and graceful. Although Jess appears more reserved, her heart warms quickly to new people and their surroundings. She dreams of being everyone's lap dog, preferring to stay close to her human for love and guidance. Jess is a sensitive girl, (like most foxies are) and prefers to remain on the lead when out and about. At home she loves to go ratting and sniffing in the bushes, investigating everything the backyard has to offer.

Because Poochie is a very enthusiastic licker and built like a tank, children over 10 years would be best. Poochie and Jess do shed a little, so a therapeutic brush twice a week will keep their hair well controlled. Both girls use the doggy door with ease and are toilet trained.

These ladies are house dogs and are used to the finer things in life, so they must have 24/7 indoor access to be with the family or they will be very distressed. Poochie and Jess are lovely, loyal dogs and whoever adopts them will be very lucky indeed!

Poochie and Jess come desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and have both ad a dental. The adoption fee is $900 for the pair. Poochie and Bess are not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT) If you would like further information on Poochie and Bess please email Denise mailto:

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When Snuffy came to DAP she was a very scared and timid little girl, but after living in a calm home environment for a month or more she is now more confident, playful and having cuddles with her favourite foster carer is top of the list. Snuffy is having a great life with regular visits from children, going out on walks and snuggling up with her foster carers special dog Stan, they are besties.

We noticed very quickly that Snuffy had one sore eye and appeared to be blind in that eye, so after a quick trip to our favourite ophthalmologist Dr Mark Bilson at SASH testing was done and Mark advised us to have her sore/blind eye removed as there is no surgery that can be done to give Snuffy back her sight and as the eye was uncomfortable there was no point in keeping it. Snuffy had that eye removed and recovered well. Upon examination Dr Mark also noticed that Snuffy’s other eye was not looking good either so a quick ultrasound was done and she has been diagnosed with a condition called Ocular Melanosis. Unfortunately Snuffy will also go blind in her remaining eye, we are however using Predniferine and Cosopt drops twice a day to help keep her eye healthy for as long as possible.

Snuffy’s special order for a new home will be with a family who have a lot of love to give a special little dog like her. Snuffy navigates her way around my home easily going in and out of the doggie door, chasing birds from the garden, playing with my grandchildren and hanging with the other dogs. We would love to see Snuffy go to a similar environment or one with a retired couple who will look after Snuffy as she deserves for the rest of her life. Snuffy does not like cats at all so a home without felines is going to be more peaceful for all concerned.

Snuffy is a house dog, she loves a very soft and comfy bed for sleeping or she will curl up with you on the couch. She enjoys being able to access the garden whenever she feels like it and is completely house trained if she is able to go outside easily. Snuffy is a great eater and an all round amazing little dog.

Snuffy has a short coat that does shed just a little, her coat is low maintenance requiring a quick bath and brush.

Snuffy comes desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated and is on flea, worm and heartworm prevention. The adoption fee is $495. Snuffy is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Snuffy please email Denise:

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