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Craig is a gorgeous, 4 year old, medium haired, tabby lover boy.

Craig came to us from the council shelter with a massive and infected head wound. Our vet said he was likely attacked by a dog.

We named Craig after the caring man who volunteered to help us save his life by transporting him from the pound and into our loving care.

Following weeks of veterinary care and antibiotic treatment Craig has finally been given a clear bill of health!!!

So now..... Craig is searching for his forever home.

Craig is microchipped, vaccinated, desexed, flea and worm treated.

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He was sick, alone and unloved at the pound.

Well.....look at him now!!!!

It’s amazing what a little love, nutrition and veterinary care can do.

Walter is now ready for his new forever home!

This handsome boy is a real smoocher and is searching for a home with someone who will love him, cuddle him and give him lots of snuggles.

Walter is an 8 year old Domestic Short Haired lover who unfortunately has not had an easy life as he was found living on the streets.

Due to his homelessness Walter became really sick and had to have all but one tooth removed.
But don’t worry Walter is now in the best health he has ever been!!

Walter is microchip, vaccinated, desexed, worm and flea treated.

Since Walter is FiV +ve he is searching for a forever home with either no other feline residents or a friendly, social, loving cat.

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Forever Home Pet Rescue Inc would like to formally introduce superstar “Bowie” to you.

This stunning 3 year old boy came into our care as a friendly stray after he was found abandoned in the local park.

"Bowie" is the purrrfect name for this gorgeous boy, who like his namesake has two different colour eyes!!

Bowie didn't leave the Labrynth unscathed and now seeks a home where he can take the leading role as resident superstar without having to share the stage with any other kitties.

He will reward his new family with being able to receive all of his infinite love and affection as well as be able to gaze at his beauty without the need for a crystal.

If you are able to offer Bowie the purrfect home, please get in touch.

Remember it's only forever, it's not long at all.

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No photo for ***Stella***


Who likes sweets and desserts?

A nice pavlova.... a creamy cheesecake...a juicy fruit tart....

We have something better for you!!!

Let us introduce you to our very own "Brownie*..
The sweetest, purriest, cuddliest baby you have ever met...

Brownie is a 7 week old Domestic Short Haired Tortishell with remarkable markings.
She is a true bundles of fluff and sweetness

Brownie is microchipped, vaccinated, desexed, worm and flea treated.

So.... move over the brulee and cuddle with Brownie instead!!

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No photo for ***Albert***


From a homeless, unloved, dirty and hungry cat to super model!!

This is gorgeous Albert.

Albert is a handsome 5 year old Domestic Short Haired boy whose good looks can only be matched by his gentlemanly manners.

Albert is microchipped, vaccinated, desexed, worm and flea treated.

Albert’s wish is to find his very own forever home... somewhere where he can enjoy relaxing cuddles on the sofa with someone who loves him unconditionally and appreciates his good looks and chilled out personality.

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