No photo for Brooklyn (Carlton)

Brooklyn (Carlton)

Brooklyn is extremely affectionate and will follow you around everywhere you go. She loves attention, but saying that, cats like independence too.

She's so innocent and sweet. Very vocal. Loves people and loves to rub her head against yours over and over when she loves you.

Brooklyn would be ok with other cats, dogs and children.

Paws of Love are an advocate for cats being indoor only. We would like to home our cats to indoor homes only.

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No photo for Tweedledum


Tweedledum is a little shy; he takes a littlewhile to warm to someone new, but when he does, he wants cuddles and affection all the time! He would be a wonderful best buddy for a child to grow up with.

He likes to play with his foster his siblings, he has a particular bond with another male kitten, Timmy (available too) but does enjoy being alone with his humans as well. He would suit a quieter household because of his shyness, but don't overlook this boy. He has LOTS of love to give.

If you adopt a pair you will have a bonded pair for life to love each other.

Paws of Love advocate for cats being indoor-only or in secure-enclosures Being white and ginger, being predominately indoor is important for Tweedle's skin. We look to rehome our cats to indoor-only / enclosure homes.

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No photo for Josette (Located In Kilsyth)

Josette (Located In Kilsyth)

Josette found herself in a rural NSW pound, hours away from being put down, when a team of dedicated volunteers made as many calls as they could until they found someone that would give her a second chance at the life she deserves.

Josette is still young (4 years old) and while she can be shy at first, she shows her smoochy side when she gets to know you. Josette is also very vocal and likes to call out to you when she sees you, just to let you know that she is there.

This sweetheart has so much love to give and is patiently waiting for her forever family to see past the fact that she is no longer a kitten and welcome her into their hearts and home.

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No photo for Charlie (Melton)

Charlie (Melton)

A bit about Charlie bear :

In the time he's been with us he's come out of his shell quite a lot !
He's such an affectionate l'il bundle of joy.
He loves affection, he's vocal when he wants attention. :)

When he isn't purring in my face, he'd be playing with his fluffy blue and white toy (on a stick) or on top of the bathroom bench meowing out to me to run the water ever so gently for him to drink from.. Or he'd be running to the net tent and waiting patiently for me to zip it up so we can spend some time outside together in the fresh air.. watching the leaves sway in the breeze and hearing the birds chirping to each other.

He doesn't seem to like sleeping on cat beds ...he will sleep on our bed though and on top of a transport net crate.. the top part of it.. must feel like a hammock for him. Who wouldn't like that ? :)

He is very loved by his foster family, so Charlie will only be going to a place where someone will love him forever and will be kind to him always. If you'd like to see if he suits your family, let me know and we could organise a meeting to see if he might be the right cat for you.

You can follow Charlie on Facebook

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No photo for Impy (South Morang)

Impy (South Morang)

Meow Meow Meow... I am Impy and I'm a very shy timid girl. I've had a rough start to life and I prefer a home with no other pets and no young children. I get scared very easily, so my purrfect home will be where I'm the only a Princess.

I like to have somewhere safe to retreat to whilst I'm feeling scared. A place where I can be warm and safe. With the right home time and patience, I know I will no longer feel the need to hide at times. I am 7 months old and hope to find my furever home. My foster mummy says I'm a delicate little Princess

Will you love me and take me to my furever home?

Because Impy is an older kitten, her adoption fee has been reduced.

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No photo for Finn & Sister Hazel  (Reservoir)

Finn & Sister Hazel (Reservoir)

Finn is a delightful little man; sweet, playful, gentle and so affectionate. He is a huge cuddle bum!! The more you see him come out of his shell, the more charming he becomes.

Every carer that has him, has fallen in love with him and if they didn't have a household of cats already, they would of taken him. The household that adopts this boy - this lovely pair in fact - will be rewarded so well, with so much love.

Finn is bonded to his lovely sister called Hazel. Hazel can be a little shy but is just as affectionate when she opens her trust to you.
You can Visit Hazel's profile here:

We would love for Finn & Hazel to go to a home together, as they were rescued together and have lived together since birth.

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No photo for Cindy (Clawford)

Cindy (Clawford)

Beautiful Cindy Clawford.... For obvious reasons this little beauty was called Cindy because of her fabulous beauty spot!

This is little girl is a purring machine! She will be your best friend. She will be a lap cat no doubt about it. I'm always surprised when I rescue a kitten from the PTS list at a NSW pound, I get them to melbourne and they jump out of the carrier and into my arms. It's like they are so thankful for being saved.

This little lady also has a brother who we named "Jon snow".. We were told he was a girl by the pound, before they arrived in Melbourne we had nice names like "Lucy and Misty" picked out, then we meet them and the new names just stuck!

Of course new adopters are welcome to make their own name, but they must love the kittens whole heartily for the rest of their lives. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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No photo for Hazel & Brother Finn (Reservoir)

Hazel & Brother Finn (Reservoir)

Hazel is a little shy when you first met her, but please don't let that turn you away from this beautiful girl. She has been overlooked for months because of this. Once this lovely girl opens her trust to you, which will only take a week or two, she probably won't leave your side.

She is loyal, affectionate and quite the smooch. From a foster carers point of view, I think she would do really well with an older child as a bonded pet or with an older person. I hope that person (child or older person) would love her just as much as she would love them.

Hazel also has a lovely brother called Finn. Finn is a big loving softie!
Visit Finn's profile here:

We would love for Finn & Hazel to go to a home together, as they were rescued together and have lived together since birth.

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No photo for Pebbles (Greensborough)

Pebbles (Greensborough)

Stunning Pebbles is a beautiful kitten.

He is an outgoing boy and quite cheeky!

Pebbles is very affectionate and loves to smooch up to his favourite people. A truly beautiful boy.

Pebbles will make a fantastic addition to any family.

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No photo for Oreo


Meet Oreo. He has short hair, and is very docile.

He loves people, especially when they rub his belly!!

Available for adoption now!

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