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Ghost is in need of a new home, his loving human is undergoing treatment for cancer and she can’t give him the life he deserves.

We need to move this boy ASAP ! One of our team met with Ghost, he’s a happy character that can be excitable young man with a loving, gentle nature though.
- He hasn’t had alot of manners training
- Can be jumpy but he’s very gentle.
- Loves attention
- Fully house trained and loves to be with his humans
- Loves his walks and walks quite well on lead

Ghost is fully vetworked and can go straight to adoption if you are prepared to take him as he is or he can go into foster care where he can brush up on some training and manners.
Ghost is living with another dog and can be a bit food protective, so he would need to training to help him overcome this. He would suit best with an experienced household that’s accustomed to intro’s of a new dog with an existing dog/s to the home. He would also suit being an only dog, to get all the attention himself.

All in all this guy is a real sweetie and ready to move in with either his forever home family ( two week trial ) or foster home family, if you can you help us, help Ghost please contact us

Not suited to young children
No cats, pocket pets or small dogs.
6 ft dig proof fencing required
MC - 95301000405361
Source Num EE100640
Please complete a foster or adoption application if you can help. Pm the page to discuss any questions.
Or adoption application

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Every day we look after huskies with their little personalities and quirks. This time we’re talking about Odin, a super-handsome pale red husky boy who is a ‘husky’s husky’. Got a husky stereotype? Odin’s right there in it.
Cheeky, playful and loving? Check.
Smart and stubborn? Check.
Thinks a game of fetch is for lesser beings? Check.
Where he breaks the husky stereotypes is he’s not an escape artist or a digger. Win!
Odin is a cheeky and playful two year old male husky who loves to be around people and children. He’s a handsome chap with ice blue eyes and loves to go for walks to smell everything along the way.

Odin really loves to be just around anyone, loves attention and will happily curl up by your feet or continuously nudge you for pats and cuddles. He’s definitely on board for a good cuddle and belly rub too.

He’s good with kids, especially once the initial excitement has worn off, and he’d love a home with regular walks and plenty of attention. Odin has been crate trained, loves a game of tug of war and loves to chase whatever is thrown his way.

Odin would benefit if his new family would put time into his training. He’s pretty good considering he’s had very limited training, and would love more basic training, lead training and wants someone to set boundaries. He listens well.

Odin is looking for a family where he can be an only dog, he’s a loving, healthy young lad with many years of love to give.

The usual husky rules apply, with no cats or pocket pets, and secure 6ft+ high husky proof fencing. Odin is young, fit, healthy, vaccinated and desexed.

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We have to mentioned first up, just how gorgeous she is sitting for a treat .. Clever girl ❣️
Arizona is very friendly and loving little girl that thinks cuddles are just the best. Since she came into our care from a lengthy stint in a shelter she has made the most of living life to the fullest with her foster family.
She’s loves a good rough and tumble T-Rex play style with her foster brother. She can be a bit full on at times, so she will need a male play mate who can keep her up with her and match her energy. She loves a good game of fetch, tug-a-war and chasing her humans around the yard.

Her favourite part of the day is getting out and about on her daily walk, she will pull at first but will settle quickly and is responsive to commands.
Arizona is well socialized with dogs of all sizes and would suit a home with another dog.

She is happy to hang outside and enjoy the sun and will knock/scratch on the door to let you know, she is ready to come in. She loves to be inside !!! Her ideal home would be one that would allow her to have indoor access.

Arizona has some lovely manners and she is learning to refine some not so good manners, like jumping up and waiting patiently at the door. It’s that typical husky stubbornness and also from being in the shelter for such a long time, so she would do very well for her new owners to keep up with her training and offer a loving home to continue her new life.

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No photo for Rocky & Mika

Rocky & Mika

They say two is true love and three’s a crowd. Well, Rocky & Mika will make an exception for the perfect human or household, as they’re a bonded pair looking for a furever home. They are an absolutely gorgeous pair with such sweet personalities, love a cuddle, and are very much in love and want to be kept together.

Mika and Rocky were a breeding pair, having had several litters together, they were surrendered to us due to a marriage breakdown. That’s one less byb pair out there !!

As individuals, Mika is smart, sweet and loves attention and cuddles. Rocky is a total love bug and is the big goof of the family. His carer has affectionately nicknamed him ‘Boof’ ❤️ This little pack of two think the dog park is the best place in the world, and they love meeting and playing well with other dogs on their daily trips there.

We’re looking for someone who can provide daily walks for the pair and put some time into lead training. At the moment, they pull on the lead when they’re excited, and while they do settle and pull less after a good zoom around the off-lead fenced park, they’d love some on-lead lessons.

They’d also love a home where they can move inside and out, and Mika likes to sleep on the couch while Rocky sleeps wherever he likes! Rocky and Mika haven’t had much training but are awesome at what they do know. They’re both good at sitting, wait for food on command, and sometimes drop when offered treats. They’ve both have been great with recall too (unless they are distracted by another dog). They would love more training as they do aim to please.

They’re a relaxed and quiet pair who can behave around young children, and are both sweet, gentle and personable. We know the perfect household is out there for this truly lovely pair.

Rocky and Mika will join their new family, fully vetworked and housetrained.

Both are not suited to cats or pocket pets
Dig-proof 6ft+ high fences required.

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No photo for Storm & Chief

Storm & Chief

Chief & Storm have been passed around to different homes and at the moment not actually living with their owner because of living circumstances not allowing for that. So ideally we would love a forever home so they don’t have to move again, but if a foster home is what’s offered we will of course take that.
Either way these two need a new home to go to URGENTLY!

Storm is very sweet and quiet girl, loves a cuddle, belly rubs and giving kisses. Knows her basic training and comes on command, she is very obedient. If Storm gets too bored she finds ways to escape but she has to be extremely bored to start digging under fence. Storm walks well on leash.

Chief is a very friendly boy, he also loves to cuddle and kisses showered on him. He is playful, but gets bored of toys quickly.
He will eat anything given to him - not a fussy eater. Chief is the opposite to Storm in the vocal department, he loves to talk!!! When spoken to he will speak back to you and keep the conversation going or argument whichever it may be. He gets excited and will start barking when food is being made and when he hears the sound of the leash when you say let's go for a walk. Chief knows his basic commands and when a bond is established with his humans he is obedient and listens well. Chief also walks well on leash.

Storm and Chief love attention and can be a bit over excited to begin with, they just want a family to call their own and give them the daily attention they desire, they won’t be so over excited when it becomes their normal.

Both are active and like all huskies they love their walks as well as hiking, swimming. Storm enjoys bath time but Chief hates them and will let you and the neighbourhood know how much he hates them with his crying. They love children and are very friendly however they do get excited and jump up so older children would suit best.

Both are house trained and desexed.

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Jojo is a stunning, sweet affectionate girl that needs a home that will spend time with her and give her lots of love and attention that she craves. Jojo is still a puppy at heart so gets very excited when people come to visit and jumps up to share her happiness.

She is a very playful and loving girl and absolutely adores people, hugs and belly rubs. Jojo currently has lots of visits from primary aged children and loves to play and interact with them. She can get a little over the top with excitement so she would suit older kids.

She is protective of her food, and doesn’t like to be touched when she is eating, so another reason she would suit an older child family.

Even though she has been mostly an outside dog in the past, she would love to find a home where she can be allowed inside so she can spend more time with her humans. She is toilet trained and once she settles from being allowed inside she behaves well.

Jojo can be a bit typical husky and pulls on lead but settles well after the usual 5 -15 min into the walk.

Jojo has been socialised at the dog park and would suit a suitable sized male that has the energy to keep up with her. Alternatively she would suit being an only dog home as long as she is made a big part of your everyday and allowed inside.

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