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Xena is true to her name – a sweet princess with a warrior heart made of gold! In fact if Wonder Woman were a dog, she’d be this pup! Xena has ice-blue eyes that can melt your heart in less than a blink, a cheeky grin and a lovely soft grey coat.

This joyful 10 month old pup just adores her humans, and as a pup she needs an experienced, and loving husky parent teach her to manage that whirlwind of love into more acceptably polite behaviour.

Xena plays well with other dogs and humans and adores to curl up with you on the couch while you watch TV or keep herself occupied with a goat horn and a little peanut butter or cheddar cheese, loving a good cuddle and smooch – she’s a touchy-feely kinda gal!

Xena is a high-energy party pup, so she would definitely benefit from another companion of equal energy level to wear her out and play with when her human family isn’t at home.

She has not lived with another dog before so she needs to learn to share food and toys, however we don’t expect any issues there as she’ll happily share with her humans.

Xena has had limited training and would adore if it her new humans spent time with her on this.

Xena is used to being able to go in and out of the house when someone is home and ADORES her splash pool.

Xena could potentially be a sledding dog as she has great sprint capability as well as the potential to be a ‘stayer’ so her new husky family will need to be very fit and strong to ensure they can keep up and she gets adequate exercise.

The usual husky rules apply, with no cats or pocket pets, and high husky-proof fences.

Xena is fully vetworked.
We are taking SA and Melbourne interest for Xena.

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Diesel came into our care as an unwanted and sadly an abused boy.

All Diesel wants from life is a loving family to either make him their own or give him a foster home where he can feel safe. Diesel needs to learn to trust and respect the boundaries as he can be stubborn at times and his past has made fearful.
He would thrive with a kind alpha human to guide him.

He loves attention and has a gentle nature. He enjoys being inside, and has very good house manners

Dog friendly ( same size ) not good with little dogs. He likes to play ball and loves his walks, but not that great on lead and of course he loves a treat or 3 that he takes like a gentleman. He knows - Sit, wait and gives paws.

He needs a good groom out to make him feel all brand. We will get this done ASAP 👍🏻

Not tested around children
Not suited to cats or pocket pets
6ft dig proof fencing required.

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