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*** Foster Carer Needed ***

Hi everyone! Meet Luna! She’s a two-year old wolf grey husky who needs a home, so the team at Homes for Huskies have stepped up! Currently based in Bendigo, she’s if looking for a foster family and would love a meet and greet.

Luna is currently in foster care where she gets to hang out with five huskies, which is great for her very active mind. She LOVES company, and when she’s lonely she likes to entertain herself and sing for the neighbours, so we’re looking for a home with a husky mate or two, and humans who are home a bit and inclusive. She adores being included in everyday life.

Luna simply loves small kids, and has even spent supervised time around babies, so we know she behaves well in a family situation.

She’s very good on lead and has some basic tricks, like sit, shake and waiting for dinner. Luna would love you to pieces if you spent more time on her training, as her active mind loves soaking up new knowledge and tricks.

Luna can be a little scared of men, but her foster dad and his friends have done a lot of work with her and she’s much better, and we expect she’ll need a little time to adjust and lots of love and positive reinforcement.

Luna is crate trained, which can make life easier at night or while her new people go out. She loves to dig when she’s bored, so a dig-proof fence will be a must.

Luna is a lovely girl who deserves a fabulous life full of fun, love and husky mates.

The usual husky rules apply with no cats or pocket pets, secure and dig-proof fences, and lots of love.

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