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Rufus & Cami

Rufus and Cami are a delightful pair who are looking for a home through no fault of their own, as their owners are sadly moving overseas and can’t take them. If you’re looking for a well-mannered, crate-trained, happy, friendly ready-made pack, look no further!

Rufus is all husky and Cami is part GSD, and they both love being a part of the family, offering all the affection in the world, and going camping.

While they’re a marvellous team, they’ve both got their delightful differences.

Cami, being part GSD, is incredibly intelligent, smiley, loves a big greeting, then settles down by herself happily. She also loves a chat and playing ball.

Cami does have a grass allergy that needs to be managed by her new humans; she’s aware of her problem and often avoids touching grass entirely, you will need to make sure she’s got access to grass-free outdoor zones, and during Spring she may need cortisone cream on her feet and backside. She also has little purple dog booties that give her relief on walks and when out and about.

The good news is that Rufus really likes ripping grass up. Hey, he’s here to help his buddy! Rufus is a very typical husky who loves to dance around you when he’s excited, all while singing the song of his people.

He loves sticking with his people, is generally quiet, doesn’t get this whole ’balls are fun’ thing, and is happy to stare you out if he doesn’t think what you’re proposing is a good idea. He secretly likes to be tucked into bed every night, but shhh, we won’t tell if you don’t.

Together, Rufus and Cami are incredibly happy dogs. They both love their walks and exercise, travel well in the car, socialise well and doggy day care, and both have basic training and manners, but would love if someone wanted to teach them some new things.

The usual husky rules apply – no cats or pocket pets, no small dogs, older children proffered, large yard, secure 6ft+ husky-proof fences, and a tolerance for doggy wrestling matches.

We know these two will make a household very happy indeed.

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No photo for Jakey


We often open our arms to a special husky that’s had it tough and Jakey is one of those special boys. It’s clear that we also need to find a special human, or household, for him in return.
Jakey is a lovely-looking chap of an estimated 8-10 years of age, with ice-blue eyes and a black and white coat. He’s got many years of companionship to give, and in the seven or so weeks we’ve had him in foster care, he’s truly transformed.

He came to us in quite a state of neglect, and on the surface, he’s enjoyed his new diet, and has recovered beautifully from a flea infestation that gave him bald patches. He’s responded very well to treatment, and today, he looks great.

A bit deeper down, Jakey has been reminded how to play, and our foster carers have been gently re-socialising him with one dog at a time to help him with his anxiety.
He hasn’t been looked after well in the past, but he’s responded so well and with the right loving home and support, we think his anxiety will be a short-term thing as he settles in. For anyone who is interested in making Jakey part of the household, we’ll give you a debrief on the strategies we are using to reduce his anxiety and support you as he comes back out of his shell to be the husky he deserves to be!

Jakey prefers the company of a senior dog around his own age. He loves to be around his hoomans and the more time they have to spend with him day to day the happier and more confident he is, so an inside outside ‘at his leisure’ lifestyle would be great.

Jakey is a senior husky who would adore a quiet, relaxed life. For him, it’s all about the simple pleasures; a gentle stroll every day, a good diet, and a comfy bed would make him very happy indeed.

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No photo for Raven


- Must have another suitable sized dog. We are only accepting applications with another dog for a companion for Raven.
- Raven is NOT suited to cats, pocket pets ect
- 6ft dig proof fencing required
- NOT suitable for apartment, unit or townhouse.

Close your eyes and picture a majestic Raven. Glossy wings, black as night, and a deep caw. Well, open your eyes and think again, because our Raven is much more of a snow white with a pretty awoo, and she’s the sweetest girl you’d ever want to meet.

As this pretty lady has settled into foster care, she’s been revealing her true self and it’s lovely indeed, complete with pretty little chatty howls and she’s loving her doggy companions.

We’d love to tell you all about her, as she’s looking for a furever home so settle in, get comfy, and keep reading.

If you love dogs, but envy your neighbour with that low maintenance cat, then Raven is the husky for you. She demands nothing, and even now that she’s learnt that its ok to ask for things, she is still just so polite and considerate.

Raven is quiet and has revealed a beautiful short and unobtrusive howl when she’s decided it’s breakfast o’clock. On top of that, she’s the most relaxed husky you’ll ever find. As her carer said, “She’s the easiest dog to live with.”

She is happy to keep you company, or blend into the background, and just adapt to situations. Un-obtrusive and un-obnoxious, it’s safe to say!

Raven’s perfect home is somewhere on the quieter, calm and consistent side, as this girl deserves to feel safe, loved and happy. She would adore a dog companion, so we will only consider applications with suitable sized doggie friend. She needs to sleep inside to feel safe and secure, and then her family will truly see the beautiful girl she is.

Raven is delightfully perfect on lead as she goes for her daily exercise and handles very well with passing people and dogs.

Raven is very good with other dogs, and we think she’d do very well with a friendly and easy-going doggy companion, as she’s curious, friendly, avoids conflict but she knows just when to put her paw down. We would, of course, insist on a meet n greet to ensure it’s a match made in heaven.

She has some basic training, like sit, stay, walk and come, and she’d adore to learn some new tricks as she settles into her new home. Raven also has an immaculate toilet training record, is perfect in the car, and isn’t particularly fussed by storms.

Raven is perfect with slightly older, calmer kids, and would love a furever human who can give her lots of exercise, because while she never demands it, her foster carer still hasn’t been able to tucker her out yet.

*** Not suited to cats or pocket pets
*** 6ft secure dig proof fencing required

To apply to adopt Raven complete an adoption application on our website
** Sending an enquiry isn’t an application to adopt

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No photo for Cooper & Zoe

Cooper & Zoe

We’d love to introduce you to our two newest recruits, Cooper and Zoe, and we’re looking for either a foster or permanent home for them. If you’re looking for a mature, ready-made pack, then this pair get along beautifully and can come as a package deal.

Cooper and Zoey are looking for new furever homes through no fault of their own, and have most recently been cooped up, so they’re loving having more space and regular exercise.

Cooper is a very chilled out chap who loves the company of his people. He’s chill, tolerant, loves kids, plays nicely with other dogs, will follow you about the house, and is very smart.

The smart bit has been an issue as he’s been confined, and bored. We think he’ll be less of an escape artist with a more balanced, well exercised life. He loves walks, going in the car, and is good on lead once he settles into the walk.

Zoey is little miss personality! Independent and feisty, Zoey demands that you earn her love and trust, but once you’ve done that, she’s a real character, is very loving, and adores having a chat with her people. Like Cooper, she loves her walks and trips in the car.

These two are Very Good Dogs. They’d love a home (or two) with plenty of love, fun and exercise, and they’ve got many good years of love and fur to give.

The usual husky rules apply: no cats or pocket pets, very secure 6ft high husky-proof fences and lots of love.

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No photo for Sonic


When we first saw a photo of Sonic, we just wanted to give his fur a lovely scruffle. This charming chap has joined the Homes for Huskies family through no fault of his own, and adoption applications are now open!

Sonic is a delightful black and white boy with warm brown eyes, and he takes after his famous blue namesake in more ways than one! Sonic LOVES his exercise, and it’s the key to keeping him feeling his best. He’ll need to move in with an active family, because he’d go for walks all day long, if he could.

Sonic is very playful, loves playing with other dogs, and is gentle when he needs to be and relaxes nicely when he comes inside. He can be a bit of a boof when he’s playing, so we think a household with slightly older kids will be the way to go. He would also be fine with or without another doggy companion, as long as his humans are around more often than not and prepared to make him apart of their every day lives. He’s all about the people, our Sonic.

Sonic loves being in the centre of things, in fact, his FOMO is a sight to behold! If there are pats to be handed out, he’ll push his way through to be front and centre for all that attention. If he catches you leaving, he’ll howl a little, and occasionally barks, but on the whole, Sonic is a fairly quiet floof.

He just wants to be loved, given plenty of pats, and is cuddlier than your average husky. He craves human touch and affection, will snoot his people awake in the morning when it’s time to get up, and he is 100% focused on his people.

It’s fair to say that Sonic loves his food – anywhere, anytime, he’s all about the ‘get in my belly’ life. He does get a bit protective of his food dish, so we recommend feeding him separately.

Food is a great motivator for him, so we certainly know how to make his training as effective as possible! Sonic has some tricks, including sit, lay down (albeit reluctantly), stay, shake / paw and wait. We know he’s a savvy chap who’d love someone to spend more time on his training.

On the topic of food, no husky is perfect, and Sonic’s Achilles heel is that he will find food anywhere. His new people won’t be able to leave food out anywhere, whether it’s defrosting on the kitchen bench, or stored dry dog food. He will find it, and he will eat it. The catalogue of pinched food at his foster carers is impressive indeed.

Sonic is a healthy, delightful and very loving boy who will give his new people a lifetime of love and affection. And new food hiding skills.

Sonic is housetrained and requires a home that will allow him inside.

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No photo for Zorro & Shiyah

Zorro & Shiyah

Zorro 8 year old Siberian Husky - Male
Shiyah 12 year old Malamute - Female

Ready-made family of two gorgeous floofers Both sweet-natured bonded pair who have been through some rough times.

Within just a short time of receiving love, clean bedding, exercise and good food their beautiful temperaments have shone through. They are a fairly low-maintenance pair and would be ideally suited for moderately active young adult or middle-aged person/s who would like to keep fit.

They are throughly enjoying the niceties of living indoors and have quickly learned their house manners. They enjoying their twice daily walks and walk beautifully together at a good pace without excessive pulling—they’re just so grateful to be out and about enjoying the sights and sounds and all the new smells.

Both were not in great shape when they came into our care. Shiyah could shed a few kilos, with good exercise and healthy diet she will get there. Her coat has already improved with a bath ( 3 washes to get her clean ) and good diet also. Zorro is a stunningly beautiful husky with an auburn tail who should be gleaming once he’s had a good diet for awhile, his coat has begun to shine already.

These two would be perfect as replacement huskies for someone who has suffered a loss, knowing that you were giving these two beauties their first chance to have a loving furever home. They are low maintenance, enjoy each other’s company and would be happy with no other dogs, or possibly another similar sized middle-aged dog who enjoys moderate activity and has a relaxed temperament. Very friendly and good with children.

Very low-maintenance contented doggos; all they ask for is love, kindness, good food, moderate exercise, plenty of water and a safe comfortable place to rest. They are truly delightful. A testimony to the resilience of their breeds.

We will NOT be separating, available for adoption together.

MC Zorro - 943094320349283
MC Shiyah - 956000001035937

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