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Storm & Chief

There’s a lot to be said for choosing to adopt a ready-made husky pack. By all means, puppies are really adorable, and they’re an enormous amount of work.

But a ready-made pack? It’s an excellent idea. How does: already house-trained, out of the puppy stage, de-sexed, mature, know who they are AND already know and love each other?

Well, you’d better meet Storm and Chief. They’re a bonded pair who have been together since they were born and they just make the perfect team.

Storm and Chief just want a family to call their own, love to pieces, and have lots of lovely walks with. They love attention, are active, and adore hiking and swimming as well as their regular walks.

They both love children, and older children will suit them best, because sometimes they forget their size when they hand out their love!

Both Storm and Chief are fine on lead, are obedient and have good manners, and would both enjoy more training as they get to know their new humans.

Storm is a very sweet and quiet girl, and she’s affectionate (kisses will be incoming on a regular basis), loving her tummy rubs and cuddles. She also enjoys bath time.

Chief is very friendly and also loves his cuddles and kisses. He’s playful and toys are only fun for a little while before he finds other things to do. He’s quite chatty and will speak back to you if you keep the conversation / argument going. He hates baths and will share his displeasure with the neighbourhood.

Storm and Chief are a charming pair with so much love to give, and will make the perfect ready-made pack for their new humans. The usual husky roles apply with no cats or pocket pets, and 6ft husky-proof fences.

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Rocky & Mika

They say two is true love and three’s a crowd. Well, Rocky & Mika will make an exception for the perfect human or household, as they’re a bonded pair looking for a furever home. They are an absolutely gorgeous pair with such sweet personalities, love a cuddle, and are very much in love and want to be kept together.

Mika and Rocky were a breeding pair, having had several litters together, they were surrendered to us due to a marriage breakdown. That’s one less byb pair out there !!

As individuals, Mika is smart, sweet and loves attention and cuddles. Rocky is a total love bug and is the big goof of the family. His carer has affectionately nicknamed him ‘Boof’ ❤️ This little pack of two think the dog park is the best place in the world, and they love meeting and playing well with other dogs on their daily trips there.

We’re looking for someone who can provide daily walks for the pair and put some time into lead training. At the moment, they pull on the lead when they’re excited, and while they do settle and pull less after a good zoom around the off-lead fenced park, they’d love some on-lead lessons.

They’d also love a home where they can move inside and out, and Mika likes to sleep on the couch while Rocky sleeps wherever he likes! Rocky and Mika haven’t had much training but are awesome at what they do know. They’re both good at sitting, wait for food on command, and sometimes drop when offered treats. They’ve both have been great with recall too (unless they are distracted by another dog). They would love more training as they do aim to please.

They’re a relaxed and quiet pair who can behave around young children, and are both sweet, gentle and personable. We know the perfect household is out there for this truly lovely pair.

Rocky and Mika will join their new family, fully vetworked and housetrained.

Both are not suited to cats or pocket pets
Dig-proof 6ft+ high fences required.

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