No photo for Jimmy.  Melbourne

Jimmy. Melbourne

Big boy Jimmy is very much a ‘people hound’. He’s incredibly affectionate, very partial to a pat and would probably walk off with random strangers if he wasn’t on a leash!
He’s also brimming with confidence and is a quick learner. Within a day, he had pretty much mastered the art of climbing stairs. Getting down was an entirely different matter however!
He’s also hyper-aware of his surroundings and frequently reacts to things on the TV or computer, as well as spotting himself in mirrors and windows. He thoroughly enjoyed watching Our Planeton Netflix and also loves interacting with statue dogs and trying to sniff their butts.

Jimmy’s a big and friendly boy who simply adores humans but is still getting used to small dogs. With his larger than life, personality, he’ll make the perfect pet.

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No photo for Moet (Mo) Melbourne

Moet (Mo) Melbourne

Mo is a handsome dude but has had a rough start to life. We are so glad we’ve had the chance to rescue him at let him shine in a loving and supported environment. He is learning to become confident in the outside world. Busy crowded streets are still a bit too much for him but he is becoming more relaxed with a patient and devoted forster carer. Unusually for a grey he is happy being home alone. He can happily be homed as an only dog as long as he has a human to love and cuddle.
Mo hasn’t been tested with cats

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No photo for Minnie.   Melbourne

Minnie. Melbourne

Gorgeous Minnie is a very shy girl and still coming out of her shell. She was initially very timid and would retreat to her corner when everything got too overwhelming. But she’s quickly thrived and now spends more time with her foster family, loves going for walks, is a lot more comfortable with the TV on, sleeps on her bed in the lounge room overnight and happily plays with bigger dogs.
She’s still quite timid and will require a patient, loving owner. But once she builds up trust and confidence, a divine personality is unleashed. When Minnie is happy she doesn't just wag her tail, she wags her entire body! Indeed, she does small excitement jumps with her front and hind legs whereby all four paws are off the floor. At just two years of age, she’s still a playful pup and gets particularly excited when it’s time for a walk.
With her loving eyes and her sweet personality, Minnie will melt your heart.

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No photo for Buster. Melbourne

Buster. Melbourne

Buster is testament to the wonders of greyhound rescue. Earmarked for euthanasia, the paperwork was complete but we pleaded to take him. He’s been put through the ringer in recent times but has since thrived as a foster hound.
Though he’s a bit of a greybeard, Buster is still only 4. He’s taken to the caper like a duck to water, zooming about with his foster siblings and charming everyone he meets with his big cheeky grin. Like all greyhounds, he’s also a bit of a snooze merchant and cherishes his quiet time. He’s very sociable with other dogs, both large and small, but would be equally content on his own.
Buster is a model of good behaviour. He’s toilet trained, isn’t a barker, is a polite eater and has a lovely calm nature. He’s gentle, fit as a fiddle, extremely affectionate and impeccably mannered. Get in touch if you can picture him on your coach, suggesting a tummy rub!

Buster has not been tested with cats.

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No photo for Matilda. Melbourne

Matilda. Melbourne

Matilda prefers to be known at Matty! She’s a gentle soul who’s happiest when she’s chilling on the couch or on her bed. She reckons this rescue caper is a bit of all right – lots of naps, snuggles, walks, pats and love!

What she loves more than anything is a nice long scratch of the neck and belly. Indeed, when you stop scratching, she may well flash you an anguished look as if to say: ’Is that all for today?’

She’s impeccably well behaved, is a good walker, toilet trained, has a great grasp of all the basic commands and is an extremely low maintenance young girl.

Matty is also an old-fashioned stunner, with a lovely white patch on her chest. She will be a great addition to any household. She deserves to be loved to bits.

Matilda has not been tested with cats

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No photo for Zoe. Gold Coast

Zoe. Gold Coast

Zoe is an awesome black-and-white girl who is just so happy to be a pet! She only weighs 24kgs, so she’s very small for a greyhound, but she makes up for it with her huge enthusiasm for…well, everything! Zoe loves her walks, loves her food, and really loves her three canine foster siblings. Zoe needs a home with another dog to share her playfulness, preferably for hours at a time!

Zoe’s relishing every moment of her new life, especially the exciting smells when she goes for a walk, and the pats and cuddles at home. She’s also discovered playing with toys, tossing her teddy in the air and spinning around with glee. Zoe’s getting better at things like walking on lead, and meeting small dogs, which are still quite confusing (not yet tested with cats). She’s in great shape, and just needs inexpensive eye-drops each day to keep her eyes healthy.

Zoe greets each day with a skip and twirl in her step, and it’s impossible not smile at her happy-go-lucky style! This little ray of sunshine is going to bring a big bundle of joy to her forever home.

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No photo for “Missy & Spot”,  A Mother's Love. Sunshine Coast

“Missy & Spot”, A Mother's Love. Sunshine Coast

For Missy and Spot, being with loved ones is the most important thing in life. They always enjoy being surrounded by company, but most of all they love their own humans, and each other! These two have formed a strong bond, and although Missy likes to boss Spot around, we can’t imagine them ever being separated. This adorable pair needs a home willing to double the love, and take both of them.

Missy is an elegant older girl, who sometimes shows some old-lady stiffness and grumpiness, but still loves her zooms with Spot, and her daily 25-minute strolls. She can be wilful and values her independence, but also has a huge heart and a fun-loving streak that comes out when she’s playing. Spot is more exuberant and loves everyone and everything, and will gravitate towards the noisiest person in the room (while Missy slinks off to a quiet corner). Both have learned excellent manners, except for walking on lead – they still manage to get themselves tangled! They’re gentle with hound-savvy children (seven or over), but may be over-exuberant with smaller dogs (especially Spot). Neither has been tested with cats.

It’s pure joy to watch Missy and Spot together, with their contrasting sizes and personalities, but their total agreement that pet life is to be enjoyed to the fullest! Anyone looking for a ready-made pair is sure to fall in love with this delightful duo.

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No photo for Laid Back “Jack”. Brisbane

Laid Back “Jack”. Brisbane

Jack is a dog who knows what he wants. Sleeping is very important, especially in comfy places like the carpet or his crate. Walks are a must and he loves going on adventures through the local bush or the beach. He'll happily walk for up to 45 minutes but is also happy with several smaller walks each day. He walks beautifully on lead, always happy to keep pace with you.

Of course pats are essential, for as long as you’re willing to provide them (although he’ll slink off for a snooze if it gets too exhausting).

Jack also knows what he doesn’t like. He’d rather not share his space with another dog but is more than happy to be with humans who spend plenty of time at home. In his current foster home he has lots of greyhounds visiting and gets along well with long as they don't try to snuggle with him! He has had many off and on lead interactions with dogs of all sizes and shapes with no problems at all. He loves having a run with them and show off his speed!
Cats are a definite no-no, and children would have to be old enough to know when to let Jack take it easy.

Jack will be happiest as an only dog with opportunities to have play dates with other dogs at times.

Jack takes sleeping and resting very seriously, always turning in several circles before lying down, and following the same stretch routine when he wakes up. He’s known for his elegant Sphinx position, as well as his less elegant habits of turning upside-down, talking in his sleep, and snoring! All Jack wants is a comfy spot to practice his favourite pastime, and plenty of love..

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No photo for "Chilli", Fiery Devotion. Brisbane

"Chilli", Fiery Devotion. Brisbane

We think Chilli is a great name for this big, bold, warm-hearted boy! Chilli's philosophy is that if you love someone, you love them 110%, and he's looking for humans who'll love him back just as fiercely. Chilli's top priority is making his humans feel loved, and – like his spicy namesake – he's impossible to ignore. He'll lean his big body into you for a cuddle, and solicits pats from everyone he meets!

Chilli is cheeky and gets into everything, but his desire to please his humans will help him learn the rules in time. He's already mastered house-training, although still needs some practice navigating slippery floors. Needless to say, Chilli needs a home with lots of human company to absorb his fiery devotion, and he could be great for children (seven or over) who want to lavish affection on a loyal canine friend. Chilli also likes the company of similarly-sized dogs, without being overly boisterous. He hasn't yet been tested with small dogs or cats.

Just like chilli adds warmth and intensity to your favourite dishes, our Chilli dog will bring warmth, intensity and plenty of smiles to your home. Are you ready to handle the heat?

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No photo for Luna. Surfers Paradise

Luna. Surfers Paradise

Guess how much Luna will love you, if you adopt her? Long time, that’s how much! Luna has already shown how much affection she has bundled up inside, ready to give some lucky person. From initially being too scared to leave the bedroom, now she is blossoming. She’s learnt how to instigate affection, and will encourage it by reversing her body onto you- she would likely happily climb into your lap if given the chance!

Her cheeky personality is coming out day by day- her foster carer’s are constantly laughing at her antics nicknaming her loon-ball when she gets excited for her daily walks. Long time lounge lizard, she can be stubborn to move once she’s picked her perch for the day, that is unless, she thinks there’s walks or treats involved!

Luna’s looking for a loving home where she can continue to blossom. She’d benefit from having another peaceful dog around to learn from, or assertive humans that can show her the ropes. Luna’s getting braver exploring the world—only startled by sudden loud noises—and thoroughly enjoys a good stroll and a sniff- she’d developing a real love for the beach, looning around in the sand most mornings! She’s still wary of strangers and will bark an alert, and she’s not quite sure yet about cats. She can get frightened if woken up suddenly, so would be best in a home with adults. Her toilet training is fantastic, as long as she doesn’t have to hold on too long in the morning—the anticipation of her morning walk can be too exciting!

Luna has discovered many new loves in foster care, including toys, playing in the water, stealing vegemite toast and…apples! She’d love to poke her long nose and extra-expressive ears into your household to see what other joys are waiting to be discovered. Luna has come so far in such a short time, she’s just amazing…we know you’ll love her for a long time in return.

Luna has not been tested with cats

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