No photo for Josh.    Melbourne

Josh. Melbourne

Who needs a glue stick when Josh is around? This boy is stickier than PVA and has truly embodied his nickname ‘velcro boy'. If you are looking for companionship, cuddles and love, then Josh is your boy.

Josh arrived to Gumtree Greys underweight and hungry. He is a testament to what a warm, safe environment can do for a dog. After a few weeks in foster, Josh has started to put on weight and grow fur back in the bald patches accumulated during his time in the racing industry. He’s turning out to be a real looker!

Although Josh is filling out nicely, he’s still hungry. But it’s not food he is after anymore, its a family to call his own. He’s a very smoochy boy who just loves to be around humans. We think he would do well as an only dog, but his owners would need to spend a bit of time at home to keep him company.

Josh thinks walks are the highlight of his day. He loves to go for long walks so would suit an active owner who has time to let Josh sniff his way through the neighbourhood. Guaranteed he will go up to every human in sight for a quick pat.

Josh is not cat friendly. No small dog applications please.

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No photo for Buddy    Melbourne

Buddy Melbourne

Historically greyhounds were considered a noble breed only owned by the very wealthy. We think Buddy would look quite good in a renaissance painting, don’t you? He’s certainly got a strikingly regal look about him.
Buddy would feel right at home living in a royal manor - but he wouldn’t say no to house in the suburbs either! Despite his ethereal exterior, Buddy is a down-to-earth dog; very sweet, affectionate and comfortable with life as a pet.
Around the house, Buddy is a total dream. Very well behaved and will only sneak on the bed when no one is looking (cheeky). He’s still getting used to other dogs and we would recommend he lives as the only dog in his new home. He’s a hoot to watch playing in the backyard as he does ‘zoomies’ and is obsessed with playing fetch. Buddy will need a decent daily walk or two to burn off his energy.
He finds the dog park a bit stressful so we recommend sticking to streets until he gains a bit more confidence. Buddy would like to live with someone who is working from home and can help him get used to being on his own for period of time. He just loves humans too much!
Despite this, Buddy is a very handsome and loving dog who charms everyone he meets. He’s a typical greyhound, very smoochy and loves to lie on his back for cuddles and kisses. He’s whip-smart and would respond well to training and learning new tricks. We think he will make his new owners very happy.

Buddy is not cat friendly. No small dog applications please.

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No photo for Rusty   Melbourne

Rusty Melbourne

In the words of his foster carer, Rusty is 'simply the best'. A funny, vivacious, handsome boy that will adapt to most people's lifestyles.

Rusty is constantly doing things that will put a big goofy grin on your face. He loves spending time with people and does a little happy dance upon their return, jumping up and down and bumping their legs for pats. He'll never not be excited to see you! He's got a strange affinity for water glasses and is obsessed with sniffing them (we recommend you buy a drink bottle). And when he is tired, he will lean his whole body weight against the wall or fridge for support. Rusty = a total goof.

Around the house, Rusty is very easy-going. He learns quickly, is toilet trained and sleeps pretty soundly throughout the night. He loves his food and tends to hang around the kitchen table at dinner time, but understands quickly that it's human food only! We think he would be pretty happy as an only dog and is content to walk as often as his new owner would like. He's still wrapping his head around other dogs and is cautious upon meeting them. We think with time he will adapt well and feel confident around most breeds.

Did we mention Rusty is breathtakingly handsome? If you adopt this boy, we suggest you get used to being stopped in the street regularly so people to say pretty he is.

Rusty is not cat friendly. No small dog applications please.

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No photo for Knox   Melbourne

Knox Melbourne

Knox is a modern man - big and strong on the outside, melty and soft in the middle.

If we had to write Knox a report card, he’d pass with flying colours. Walking on a lead? No problem. Meeting other dogs? Totally chilled. Learning new commands? Easy-peasy. This handsome boy is the real deal; easy-going, affectionate and loads of personality to boot. In fact, we can’t think of one reason you shouldn’t adopt Knox.

He is a real looker - a sizeable lad with a gorgeous roman nose, he’s sure to stand out at your local dog park. We hope you enjoy your daily walks, because Knox has plenty of energy and will need at least two decent sessions a day. He’s a sporty boy who loves to play with soccer balls, footballs and has taken an interest in frisbees too!
He’s even energetic in showing his affection, often running up to his human and brushing up against them to demand cuddles.

When he’s finally tuckered out, Knox becomes a real smooch. His favourite spot to be tickled is his chest and legs. He’ll let out a funny sigh of comfort when you’ve hit the sweet spot. Knox will work well for someone living in the suburbs who is looking for an intelligent, boisterous and loveable companion.

No cat or small dog applications please.

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No photo for Roosey.   Melbourne

Roosey. Melbourne

Roosey is the kind of dog who leaves a mark on everyone he meets. He’s impossibly gentle and his big brown eyes will melt your heart in seconds.

Roosey is full of energy and loves his daily walks, so his new owner will definitely need a good pair of runners to keep up with his antics. He especially loves spending time at the park and meeting other dogs. Continuing to do this will help build his confidence and make him a well socialised dog.

This beautiful boy would benefit from living with another canine companion as he experiences some separation anxiety. He would prefer to live with another medium-large dog because he can find small dogs a bit overwhelming.

Around the house he is very well behaved and has an almost perfect report card. He is toilet trained, knows how to navigate stairs, loves spending time inside and is comfortable being on his own for short periods of time. No destructive behaviour to be seen! Your shoes will stay fully in tact.

He sometimes struggles to sleep through the night, but with positive reinforcement and a consistent bedtime routine, we are confident he will grow out of this habit.

Roosey is a sweet boy who will be sure to put a smile on your face with his silly antics, like sleeping on the floor when his bed is only mere metres away.

Roosey is not cat friendly. No small dog applications please.

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No photo for Flash.    Melbourne

Flash. Melbourne

Flash just loves to stop and smell the roses. He particularly enjoys taking it easy and is inquisitive on his walks. Flash is still learning his size and will try to sit on anything that looks comfy. He loves a cuddle, is always hungry and if your socks start going missing, we have a feeling we know who the culprit is!

Flash can be somewhat anxious and would enjoy the company of another dog who can show him the ins and outs of the good life. He particularly loves human company and will seek pats from any willing participant. Flash has some signs of food guarding and sleep startle.

While he is still learning how to play, he has been enjoying using puzzle toys.

No cat or small dog applications please.

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No photo for Honey.  Logan Qld

Honey. Logan Qld

Hi! I’m Honey, by name and by nature. I love everybody and am a playful girl, always excited to see you and have fun games with you or with my toys. I am very affectionate and a bit quirky too. Sometimes when I scratch myself, I think my foot wants to play with me so I’ll try to catch it with my teeth. I’m a bit cheeky and somewhat of a collector; I like to take my toys or things you leave lying around back to my nest.
I am a little bit excitable so I’d love to have other dogs of a similar size to play with, in addition to adults and older kids; I’d hate to accidentally knock anyone over. My personality might be a bit too much for a tiny dog but I’d be willing to meet them to find out if they like playing as much as I do, although I expect they might not because I like to play, play, play!
I’ve learnt to come when called, sit, calm down if I get too excited and walk easily on the leash. Did I mention that I’m absolutely gorgeous? I’m a light brown brindle with dusty silvery shininess over the top and a white patch on my chest as well as cute white tips on my feet and tail. I also have a slight but extremely appealing underbite.
One thing for sure, when you come home you’ll get the best greeting you ever had.

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No photo for Bobby.  Brisbane

Bobby. Brisbane

My name’s Bobby, but you can call me Mr. Everywhere because I am happy when I’m doing everything, no matter where it is! I like being out and about meeting new people (I walk super well), I like hanging out at home with the hoomans, I really like zooming around the backyard, if you have a furry friend already chances are I’ll like them and most importantly, at the end of the day I REALLY like a snuggle or two. There’s not really anything I don’t like!

I’m a young and happy boy, which means I still have some learning to do. But I am quickly learning to stay out of the kitchen and how to greet house guests without getting too excited. I’m also a nester; which means I like to steal your stuff (mainly slippers) to take to my bed, but I never destroy it. A big stuffed toy or a cuddlepillar would be the most amazing gift of my life.

I don’t jump on the couch or the bed but if you let me, I’d love it! While you’re home, I’ll keep an eye on what you’re up to so that I never miss out.

When I was younger I broke my wrist, so 4-6 stairs and 20 minute walks once or twice a day would be awesome for me, so I hope that works for you. Oh, I almost forgot to say, I love laying in the grass.

I’m not as timid or shy as many hounds, so if you’re looking for an outgoing guy who’s happy to go on adventures with you I’m your man! Keep in mind, I still LOVE a good snooze too.

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No photo for Lassie.   Brisbane

Lassie. Brisbane

Yes, I’m regal and gorgeous and I know it but I’m still very humble as well as incredibly loving and huggable. I’ll lean on you to show you just how much I want to be with you. I love being around my humans the best but also find enjoyment in lying on the grass in the sun.
I enjoy learning and have already learnt not to climb on the furniture and to sleep in my own bed, and to climb up and down stairs. I love to play with all kinds of other dogs and am very patient with children who want to pat me. I can jump a bit if I get really excited but I try to be careful.
I can get a bit tired on my walks after about twenty minutes so I like to rest a bit before continuing, although I’ll happily walk more than once a day. I like to go to bed at about 9pm and I usually wake up at 6am but if I see you’re still sleeping, I’ll go back to bed for a while. Having a bath is a pleasant experience so I am very patient while being washed and dried.
Overall, I am a really happy, enthusiastic, inquisitive girl. I can be a bit cheeky too but that’s part of my charm.

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No photo for Susan.   Rockhampton

Susan. Rockhampton

Hi! I'm Susan but when you get to know me you might want to call me Susie. Why? Because I am very playful four year old and I might be black on the outside but I'm all sunshine inside.

I love to play with my greyhound foster family but I can also create my own fun out in the yard; throwing my toy in the air and catching it.

I am a good girl but once in a great while I might steal somebody else's treat if they leave it alone too long, but I would never steal their dinner. I sometimes sneak up on to the couch for a nap because I can smell you there, plus it's really comfy. I might not come to you for affection but if you come to me, I'll reward you by reminding you that you should pat me until your arm drops off. I love the beach and would go swimming every day if I could but I'm still learning about getting into the car.

I love kids but not sure yet about small dogs or cats - social distancing, you know - but other dogs running on the beach fascinate me. I am a polite and quiet girl with a big heart and a strong spirit. Isn't that what everyone wants?

Susan has not been cat tested, so no applications with cats or small dogs please.

To find out more, please email us at or complete our online adoption enquiry form:

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