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Rex loves playing with other dogs and is super excited to get out for walks.
He is generally calm inside the house, and loves being around people although is a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to storms! He is ok in the back yard if he is left there during the day with a good toy!
Rex has had obedience training and is very food motivated. He is a very playful boy, who can be a bit boistrous in the typical staffy way although never aggressive.
All in all he is a lovely natured young boy with a sweet heart and he would love to be in a home where he is loved and taken for lots of fun walks!
Rex is desexed, vaccinated and micochipped and is approx 3yrs of age.
Rex is located in the Northern beaches NSW.
If you believe Rex could be your new forever dog please message us at golden oldies animal rescue

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Do you like long walks, a dog that will put all their trust in you, adore you and never leave your side.
Then Bella is the girl for you.
Bella is adorable. It will take a little time to earn her trust but once you do, you will be rewarded with true love.
Bella can be tricky. She needs a firm hand but there is a trick to this....she needs to be used to you first. Deliver that firm hand before she trusts you and you'll lose her forever. Deliver it when she warms to you she'll reward you with unbounded love and devotion.
Bella needs somebody who is home most of the time.Somebody who can take her to the park and let her run, let her chase the ball (she's very good at bringing it back).
Bella is dog sociable and friendly to others. That said, she may well benefit from not having to share her owner as she wants to be your number one girl. If she does live with others she will need an experienced handler who can shut her down when she demands all of their attention.
Bella had a very tough life before she came into care. She has taken a long time to rehabilitate but every minute has been worth it. She deserves a very loving home with a very special person.

No photo for Buster


Feeling like someone is missing from your life. Need a companion to keep you company. Than look no further than the charismatic Buster. Buster needs a special home where someone is at home most of the time. Buster loves human company and will follow you from room to room. Buster needs to be an only child as he is not good with cats or small dogs.He has very limited eyesight but can hear a treat packet open from the other end of the house and comes running.He is a real little character. Buster actually really loves children as well. Buster is ready for adoption to the best of homes so please contact Golden oldies if you think your Busters' perfect match.

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Angelique has a beautiful nature and is an extremely obedient girl who is good with food and waits patiently and doesn't gobble it down...doesn't bark or wimper walks well on the lead....she has only been introduced to 2 dogs male cattle dog and female kelpie both with no probs but does need more socialising...she is very clean and waits for toilet time..she has a short very clean coat and bright brown eyes she is good in cars.

No photo for Bella


EOI are being taken for Bella-BELLA is a 6yo desexed female chi who gets along with other small dogs but preferably no children/ She also seems to not like men. Would be ideal for an older person. She is located in the Southern Highlands NSW and we are taking expressions of interest in her atm though she is not quite ready for her new home yet.