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Bingo is a beautiful large staffy cross boxer. He is great around children and would be a great inside dog.
Bingo is very clever and is a fast learner and knows basic commands such has sit, stay, shake paws.
We feel he would benifit from socialising classes and from having some 'one on one' lessons with a new owner with time to devote to only him not that he needs your attention all the time but would definitely benefit from time spent on socialising lessons. As he is a very clever dog and very attentive to you we believe he would excel from the attention spent on this.
He does not react to hearing other dogs bark so we feel he will shows potential as he has such a lovely nature.
He has had a few issues with his foster furbrother in care though the other dog is not desexed as yet so we believe at this stage it would be best for him to be an only pet or possibly live with a female desexed dog.

Bingo is most happy sitting on your lap on your couch and just enjoys being loved and being around you

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Missy And Max

Missy and Max are mum and son and are 5 and 3 years old and are looking for there forever home. Both need a strong mum and dad and are oh so cheeky. They are living with other small dogs.
Missy and Max are located in Mittagong NSW to know more about our heartbeats please email

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Sam is almost 4 now and is ready for his forever home. He is an amazing dog with nothing but love to give. He loves to snuggle and lean... Almost like he was raised with cats. He loves being around people and is quite happy sleeping on the couch while you watch Netflix. More or less a lap dog.

He is very obedient, understands commands such as sit, stay, on your mat and no. He can be easily trained but he also follows other dogs. So if another dog barks, he too will bark.

His appetite... Well it's large. If you are in the kitchen, you'll find him sitting at attention at the bench waiting for you to drop something. Be it an accident or not. Hehe Thing is, even though he eats alot, he doesn't gain weight, only height. So please don't feed him too much or he will just poop it out. And by poop, I mean he POOPS. So we feed him 3 cups of kibble and chicken, vegetables and rice nice a day and that is perfect. He loves raw carrot sticks and apple for snacks.

Sam is a fantastic dog and deserves the best possible home. Sam has lost an eye in a previous incident and has adapted well. As we have two other dogs, he has shown to be fine around them so I guess he will be good with other dogs. Cats are a problem but thats not surprising. He chases birds around the backyard so I'm guessing he doesn't too much like them either. I would suggest quite a large yard so he's got plenty of room to run around as he loves to run around and play... What kid doesn't? Hehe speaking of children, he's fine with them but he is very strong so that should be kept in mind.
Sam Is located In Sydney to know more about Sam please email

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Hi there my name is Duke - I am a 6yrs old great dane/mastiff cross with no known health issues other than being a little overweight (last weigh in 80.4kg) and on supercoat healthy weight management diet.
I get on well with other large breed dogs but don't like little yappy in your face ones or cats!
I have been in foster care now for 7 months and live with my current carers other fur babies (male and female both approx. 30kg) and they are my best buddies! (pictured)

I love to go for walks, assist with spell checking your facebook posts and really love close human contact. I tend to lean up against you as close as possible so I am probably best suited to a middle aged family with children not too young and adults not too old! I don't know my own strength when we play but would never intentionally hurt those that I love. I don't need to be the only dog but love attention and absolutely adore hugs.
I am house trained and if you leave my lead lying around I will pick it up and take it to the door to let you know I need to go toilet. A dog flap in the back door is a waste of time (they don't make them bid enough Lol) as I can open screen doors to let myself out, just need to work out how to let myself back in! Lol

Can you find it in your heart to welcome me into your family? If so please contact South Coast Animal Rescue at or Golden Oldies Animal Rescue at or David on 0417 176 260

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Angelique has a beautiful nature and is an extremely obedient girl who is good with food and waits patiently and doesn't gobble it down...doesn't bark or wimper walks well on the lead....she has only been introduced to 2 dogs male cattle dog and female kelpie both with no probs but does need more socialising...she is very clean and waits for toilet time..she has a short very clean coat and bright brown eyes she is good in cars.

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Do you like long walks, a dog that will put all their trust in you, adore you and never leave your side.
Then Bella is the girl for you.
Bella is adorable. It will take a little time to earn her trust but once you do, you will be rewarded with true love.
Bella can be tricky. She needs a firm hand but there is a trick to this....she needs to be used to you first. Deliver that firm hand before she trusts you and you'll lose her forever. Deliver it when she warms to you she'll reward you with unbounded love and devotion.
Bella needs somebody who is home most of the time.Somebody who can take her to the park and let her run, let her chase the ball (she's very good at bringing it back).
Bella is dog sociable and friendly to others. That said, she may well benefit from not having to share her owner as she wants to be your number one girl. If she does live with others she will need an experienced handler who can shut her down when she demands all of their attention.
Bella had a very tough life before she came into care. She has taken a long time to rehabilitate but every minute has been worth it. She deserves a very loving home with a very special person.

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Feeling like someone is missing from your life. Need a companion to keep you company. Than look no further than the charismatic Buster. Buster needs a special home where someone is at home most of the time. Buster loves human company and will follow you from room to room. Buster needs to be an only child as he is not good with cats or small dogs.He has very limited eyesight but can hear a treat packet open from the other end of the house and comes running.He is a real little character. Buster actually really loves children as well. Buster is ready for adoption to the best of homes so please contact Golden oldies if you think your Busters' perfect match.

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