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Bingo is a beautiful large staffy cross boxer. He is great around children and would be a great inside dog.
Bingo is very clever and is a fast learner and knows basic commands such has sit, stay, shake paws.
We feel he would benifit from socialising classes and from having some 'one on one' lessons with a new owner with time to devote to only him not that he needs your attention all the time but would definitely benefit from time spent on socialising lessons. As he is a very clever dog and very attentive to you we believe he would excel from the attention spent on this.
He does not react to hearing other dogs bark so we feel he will shows potential as he has such a lovely nature.
He has had a few issues with his foster furbrother in care though the other dog is not desexed as yet so we believe at this stage it would be best for him to be an only pet or possibly live with a female desexed dog.

Bingo is most happy sitting on your lap on your couch and just enjoys being loved and being around you

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Angelique has a beautiful nature and is an extremely obedient girl who is good with food and waits patiently and doesn't gobble it down...doesn't bark or wimper walks well on the lead....she has only been introduced to 2 dogs male cattle dog and female kelpie both with no probs but does need more socialising...she is very clean and waits for toilet time..she has a short very clean coat and bright brown eyes she is good in cars.

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Meet the Jelly Bean of your dreams.
Jelly Bean is a mini foxy cross and has been in foster care for a few months now. She has made amazing progress both physically and emotionally. A scared little bean, to a confident little boss that rules the roost.
Jelly Bean is approximately twelve years old. She is a little fragile so will need a home with no small children as they scare her and she will nip if she feels scared. She gets along with other respectful dogs and can be very bossy. She is a tiny little bean so puppy antics and dominant dogs will not be a good fit for her. She has two foster siblings that are used to other dogs and understand that a gal needs her space at times.
Jelly Bean has wobbly back legs and gets a little stiff at times. This doesn’t stop her though! She runs and plays with her foster siblings and chases birds all the same. She is currently on Rose Hip Vital supplement and will need a family that will continue this supplement for all her days. It has made a huge difference to her quality of life and she continues to get stronger every day.
Jelly Bean has a strong hunter’s instinct, so no birds or pocket pets please. No high fences needed for this gal, she can’t jump at all with her back legs, but she does climb a little bit, anything higher than a foot is safe.
Jelly Bean loves a cuddle and a pat and never says no to a treat. She is such a funny little dog and catches flies like a boss. She needs time and patience when meeting new people. A family with lots of love, patience and understanding will be richly rewarded by this gorgeous little dog.

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Tonya is a 5yo staffy who is just as happy being a lap dog as she is with having active time!

She's a total lap dog but doesn't try too much to get on the couch / bed.
She lovingly follows me everywhere now, but isn't anxious when left in another room, and (typical staffy!!) responds well to strong discipline and clear instructions.
One really cool thing she'll do is bark at the buzzer for the door, or keys in the door lock. Only one or two. Then she'll go and investigate. If it's someone familiar she'll greet them shyly, but otherwise she's a happy little welcoming party. Even at her most scared she hasn't shown one ounce of aggression toward anyone ever
She can be selective with trusting men so for a woman / family that want a pup around to tell them when someone is outside, but not necessarily be an aggressive guard dog - while looking / sounding the part, she's your girl
She is located in Alexandria in NSW

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Kellie And Buddy

We have this very sweet mother and son cats looking for their new forever home.
Their names are Kellie and Buddy and are both under 5yrs with all their vetwork done.
If you think you could love these two beauties and open your heart and home to them please contact us soon.

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Truffles And Judy

Judy with Truffles - ACT

Good morning we are 2 beautiful older girls our names are Truffles and Judy, we have no home at the moment and would really love one to call our own, we don't fight, love slow lazy walks, can you help us find a home.

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Hi everyone Jennie here, guess what I am now looking for my forever home, I Love to be with you. I am Well mannered.and will Stay on her mat inside. Quite affectionate.I Get along well with other dogs. Very spritley sweet sweet girl I am located in Orange if you would like to know more about me please call 0403265498 Ginaxx

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