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Ginja Ninja Supermutt Puppy Sydney Based

Ginger Ninja just thinks the world is the most fun place, she gets along with people and other dogs well.

She is enthusiastic & fun loving. She loves going exploring, sniffing everything and picking things up with her mouth hehehe

She is a typical mouthy puppy, so right now I would avoid having with very young children.

She's looking for a home with a family that will have her as a family member, that means inside and hanging out on the couch - this is what she is used to. She is toilet trained and uses a doggie door.

If she lives with other dogs, they should be happy to have an annoying puppy around. She currently lives with 2 other dogs and respects the grumpy one.

She has been genetically tested against over 100 diseases and is clear.

She has been in care since 6 weeks of age and is now 14 weeks, during that time she has been fed a healthy fresh food diet without any dry food, we hope a new family will continue with a healthy diet.

Her breed mixes include bull breeds, golden retriever and shar-pei, she is less than a 1/4 of each of these, she is a true Supermutt.

She is around 10 kilos.

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