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I’m Sapphire, and I’m looking for a place to settle down and retire. Don’t be fooled though, I may be 9 but I’m not quite ready for the nursing home. I rather fancy the retirement village lifestyle. You know, where I can get out for short walks each day, perhaps to the park, just for a lay down. I’m not really into bouncing around or running anymore, I prefer to look after my joints at my age. And I must say, I’m doing a great job of it, I often get told I look much younger!

I’m quite happy being social and meeting other polite dogs, and would consider living with an easy going mature male dog. However, I’m not a big fan of cats! I also don’t mind human siblings, although I’d prefer ones that are older as I don’t enjoy being climbed on at my age. I’m looking for a quieter life where I can curl up on a couch or a bed and receive lots of love and pats from my humans. See if you can find in my pictures which has my ‘rub my belly’ command. Don’t worry you’ll pick it up quickly enough.

I’m used to being inside with my humans, so will need to go to a home where I can continue to live the lifestyle I’m accustomed to. The bonus is that I’m already toilet trained! I’ve also got some pretty good manners and with just a few boundaries I’ll remain a well-behaved girl.

Perhaps you have plans to travel in the future, or don’t feel you can commit to the long lifetime of a younger pet and would like to reach out to a mature lady like me to make my last year or so special. I promise that I will repay you with endless love and devotion for the rest of my days.

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I’m Coco and I’m looking for my luxury retirement home. It’s not my fault, you never know what life has in store for you and it can be the same for your humans. At 9 years old it’s true my bouncy years have passed, my destructive years are long behind me and I’m not up for long walks anymore. I am a VERY good care taker of the couch though and happy to do my part letting you know if someone comes to the home.

I’m not a fan of other dogs in general. A quiet life is what I want now. A loving human to tend to my every need and to take me for a short stroll each day to keep me in shape. I may be slow but I’ll forever move quickly to get to a cat which let’s face it, isn’t good for my old bones or a cat. Yes, I admit my age has reduced my tolerance for children and I don’t want to spend the rest of my days being a grumpy old lady.

Perhaps you’re not up for the initial training it takes to teach your dog good house manners? I’m a good girl in the house and toilet trained already.

Perhaps you have travel plans in coming years and therefore can’t commit to the long lifetime of a young pet and would like to reach out to a dog like me to make my last year or so a special one.
Perhaps you’re not able to walk far and meet the exercise needs of a younger dog but would enjoy my company as your very special companion.

Perhaps you’ve had many pups over your life and it’s just time to put yourself out there for an old timer. I promise that if you do, I will repay you with love and devotion for the rest of my days.

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