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Cleopatra is a 7 year old people-lover who would delight in being an only dog and somebody's princess.
She is a polite "young" lady who has impeccable manners when out and about but loves to show her vibrancy and devotion when at home with her family. She walks beautifully on lead, knows all of the basic commands and is easy to bath, trim nails etc. This is not by luck but a result of consistent training which would need to be maintained ideally by an experienced Great Dane owner.
Cleo doesn't like loud noises such as thunder and is an exceptionally good jumper but with the right person to give her calm assurance she can look for her safe spot and ride it out quietly, so either a suburban home with high fences or a rural home where she is inside most of the time would be the perfect haven.
She would ideally suit either a single person or couple she can feel devoted to; someone who can give her mental stimulation like tricks and jobs to do (she learns very quickly and is eager to please), some playtime and lots of cuddles, however she could enjoy being part of a family with children as long as there’s still plenty of time for her to have all her needs fulfilled. She doesn't mind being left behind while her humans are at work but needs at least one long walk a day. Cleo may be 7 but she’s far from an ‘old dog.’
Cleo thrives on attention and would rather be the only dog in the home, although she is perfectly behaved with other dogs (and small children) who visit or when out and about. She does have a high chase drive but is currently walked off lead on property and has awesome recall, even when kangaroos and rabbits shoot past under her nose. She lives happily with horses but would best be supervised with smaller livestock or domestic pets. We won’t be seeking a home with cats and the smaller livestock or pets would need to be safely secured.
All in all Cleopatra, through absolutely no fault of her own, is seeking her forever soul-mate, to share her life and her heart with and fully deserves that dream. She has had amazing care and training and we are hoping for a new home who can continue on with all of what she’s used to.

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Ian The Mini Dane

Ian is a stunning, shiny black purebred Great Dane, he's been in care since 7 weeks of age and is now 6 months and after one hell of a journey of recovery, he is now ready to find his forever home.

Whilst we will refer to him as 'special needs', he is medically ready to be rehomed. In terms of special needs, Ian is a very nervous dog with people and situations he's not familiar with and will be a work in progress - he has come along leaps and bounds and if his new family continue that work he should blossom.

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