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My name is Brandy. I’ve lived on property my whole life and it suits me perfectly. I’m not a fence jumper and naturally stay close to home. I’ve had a bit of trouble with another female dog that I live with so finding a home where I’m the only dog would be awesome. I don’t mind at all to have other fury family members nearby. There are goats next door and I quite like seeing them over the fence. I’ve not lived with the feline variety but feathers are fine. I have a bunch of chickens I hang out with. We might play a little chasey occasionally but I’ve never hurt them.

There are also children in my current home, young ones and school age kids. We all get along fine. I’ve been told I’m a bit clumsy in my small home so haven’t been inside with the family. I know I can learn to sit nicely on my bed and watch TV with one though. And it’s never too late to learn toilet training.

I’ve not had a need to be on lead much at all. I know I can learn this too if you don’t mind taking the time and have a little patience to teach me. I’ve got a bit to learn around basic training only because I’ve not been taught yet. I’m plenty smart enough to pick it up with an experienced large dog owner.

In typical Great Dane style, all I really want is a run each day, companionship and a couch. I do have dog friends, it’s just my current situation is not working. Lisa says we might find a home where there is another big boy to play with but we’d just need to make sure we are a good match and I’m not likely to have the same problem I have with the female dog in my current home.

Are you my perfect forever home?

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Casper (Vic)


Casper is a friendly fun loving boy who loves people and other dogs, big and small. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. Mostly he wants a family of his own to love.

Casper needs a canine companion as he craves doggie friends. Casper gets on well with children but school age or older as he forgets his size and may accidentally knock a younger child over. He is inexperienced with cats or pocket pets so we feel he would be better in a home without them.

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