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Maverick is a beautiful boy who wants nothing more than to be with you all the time. He's no trouble in the home laying quietly nearby. He is brilliant at alerting the home to any new comers or people in the area with his giant woof. His ideal home would be with someone who works from home or is home a lot.
Maverick is big dog even by Great Dane standards. He walks nicely on the lead but needs a handler that can keep him tuned in and not too distracted by other things in a busy environment giving him a reason to pull.
Woman are easier for Maverick to warm to but he would do well with a man who can help him feel secure and give him direction if he gets unsure. A more quiet home with minimal comings and goings would suit best. Definitely a child free home is what we are chasing for Mav and possibly no other animals. We could consider an introduction to an easy going dog as a companion.
Maverick isn’t overly active and would like a walk a day to keep him in shape, only 20 or 30 minutes will do it. He really doesn’t need much in the way of a yard since his preference is most definitely inside with his people and ideally on the couch with you.
Maverick is super affectionate and just wants a human or two to love. He loves car rides where his ears can flap in the wind. If Maverick was lucky enough to find property to live on, a car ride would be sufficient for his outings. For this reason we would consider a slightly older retired person on property as a good potential home - lots of companionship, a little romp on the property, a cozy couch and life would be bliss for Mav.
He is a big boy with a big heart and adores the ones he loves offering non-stop cuddles and affection. He wants to be the centre of attention and of your heart and will make the most loyal companion.

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This is Milo, he’s a Great Dane X, well we think there is a little bit of Great Dane in there. Either way he’s a great guy and urgently in need of a new family. Milo is fun loving, affectionate, loves to play and also very happy to cuddle on the couch. He is comfortable around other dogs although hasn’t had experience off lead out in the big world and therefore recall would be a whole new concept.
He knows how to sit and go to his bed and generally tries very hard to be a good boy which comes easily to him. Milo loves a walk and does well on lead passing by most distractions. He can get excited from time to time and more lead practise around distraction will benefit him. If he has a weakness we’d have to say it’s cats. He has enjoyed the chase more the once and so this would be a whole new area of training and we’re not sure if he would progress to living harmoniously with cats.
Milo is still quite young and at times boisterous. He hasn’t lived with little kids and so doesn’t have the space awareness to avoid sending them flying while playing. He has lived with and would do well with children of high school age. He can cope with a working day on his own once built up to it and would enjoy a Kong or similar activity to help pass the time.
We want a home for Milo where he can be inside with the family. He is toilet trained and seems to be past the destruction puppy stage. He needs a walk a day but not he’s not a high energy dog. Size wise Milo is not of Great Dane size but certainly still a large dog. He has a nice big bark and will alert you to strangers approaching the property. If you can’t quite fit a full Dane into your lives but have room for Milo, please get in touch.

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Bundy (Victoria)

Bundy came to us as a Great Dane X but once he arrived it was pretty obvious that there was next to no Dane in this lovely older man. Bundy is smaller in stature than a Great Dane and appears to be more Lab X than Dane X.

As an older gentleman, Bundy can be a bit fussy on which dogs he lives with but is happy to share his life with a calm dog or be the only dog. His ideal home would be one without cats and with a smaller friendly female dog companion. Bundy would even be happy as a only dog, as long as his human companions are home a lot and willing to shower him with all the love and care that he needs.

This loving guy is crate trained, just adores getting up for a cuddle and loves getting out for a stroll, but as long as you have a yard big enough for him to do a little bit of running in he really doesn't care if he gets out or not. As Bundy can be a bit selective about his doggie companions he is not suitable to be taken to off lead parks. He loves sitting with you while you watch TV or read.

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