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Diesel is an energetic pup in a big body. Only 7 months old he has much growing and learning to do. He’s not quite 100% Great Dane but you could fooled as he has many of the common Great Dane traits. Deez loves his fluffy toys and chew toys. He’s ready for a game and a run and then ready to snooze on the couch. He’s a cuddly boy and whilst boisterous at times being a pup, he can also be gentle.
Diesel’s been working hard on his obedience which he’s attended since he was very young. He can walk well on lead and knows basic commands. He is very capable of learning tricks in short periods of time and enjoys a challenge and games. Unfortunately he’s had a couple of setbacks in his socialisation which will require a very dedicated new home to help him move past to be comfortable around dogs again. He has recently become reactive to other dogs.
We are seeking a giant or large breed experienced owner with a calm energy for Diesel as he will need plenty of guidance from a very confident handler.
We won’t be considering a home with kids even though Diesel has done quite well with children that he has met so far. We feel he needs a great deal of focus and time to ensure his success.
Deez will do best as an only dog where he can relax. He will cope with a working family but will need a couple of weeks to work up to being on his own during the day after a morning walk.
Diesel is a loving dog and will thrive in a home that is committed to him, will ensure he gets a walk or two each day and continue to challenge him. If that sounds like you and you are able to spend a good week settling him into a new routine we’d love to hear from you.

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Maverick is a beautiful boy who wants to be with you all the time. He grew up with a female beagle who he adores. His ideal home would be with someone who works from home or is home a lot as he gets anxious when left alone.
He's a strong willed boy so would suit someone with experience with large breed dogs and a firm hand with training. Maverick can be boisterous and needs an owner he can look to for clear direction.
Woman are easier for Maverick to warm to but he would do well with a man who can be assertive with him to help him feel secure. A quiet home with minimal comings and goings would suit as visitors make Maverick uneasy as do children. Definitely a child free home is best for Mav and possibly no other animals. We could consider a slow introduction to the right female dog as a companion.
Maverick isn’t overly active and would like one or two short walks a day to keep him in shape. He really doesn’t need much in the way of a yard since his preference is most definitely inside with his people and ideally on the couch with you.
Maverick is super affectionate and just wants a human or two to love. He can do without being out and about among new things or mixing around other dogs as doesn’t enjoy it and just stresses him out. A strong handler is likely to be able to help settle his anxiety in such situations.
Mav loves car rides where his ears can flap in the wind. When feeling secure he’s a really good gentle boy.
He is a big boy with a big heart and adores the ones he loves offering non-stop cuddles and affection. He wants to be the centre of attention and of your heart and will make the most loyal companion with the right leader.

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