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Sweet little Logan is looking for a family to spend his twilight years with.

He is an older boy who is still in need of some weight loss, he has lost about 3kgs since being in care and is getting around so much better, loves a very little walk each day, which he is getting better and better at.

He would love a home with another brother or sister doggie and lots of beds to sleep in. He will never be a marathon boy, but he will always be right where you left him.

He will need more practice with his toilet training, as a new environment will probably get him a little confused, as he has some sight issues.

He is after a quiet older home, where he can spend his days following you around and napping.

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Big beautiful Louie is looking for love.

He is a bigger cavvie, weighing around 16kgs, he's already lost about 4kgs, and will need to continue with his light exercise and good food reigeme. He will never be an 8kg boy as he is a bigger cavvie anyway.

He loves lounging around during the day on a big snuggly bed, and also loves to potter around the yard. He loves tummy scratches and gets all growly and excited when he gets them, he loves them so much. He would love a home where he has access inside and out, although most of his time he'd rather be inside with you.

He would love a calm, quiet fur brother or sister to play with and he is partial to the little humans too, ones that are quite dog savvy. He is fine with cats, and is good with his toilet training, but with all new environments, will need some practice at his new home.

He would love a home where his humans can spend a lot of time with him and be an integral part of the family. He is also in need of a bed either in your room or the lounge room near by, he is not a fan of sleeping in the laundry ... and he will let you know it too.

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