No photo for Libby


Libby is a gorgeous girl who was surrendered to a local pound. She is very sensitive and cautious about new people and situations and men seem to be the thing that worries her most. If she is given time and space to get comfortable with you, then you will start to see a more playful side of Libby. She is also very interested in learning new things, so positive training will be great to start once she settles in with you.

Libby will need an adult-only home where she is the only dog. Ideally someone home part-time would be great. Libby has lots of love to give the right person so let us know if you think that could be you!

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No photo for Nathan


Nathan is a lovely boy who would benefit from a rural property. He is a working breed who has lots of energy and needs to get this out. If in suburbia he will need very active people who can make sure his needs are met Physically and mentally on a daily basis otherwise he will get too bored. He could go with another dog pending meet and older kids

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No photo for Cooper


Cooper is a loving boy who is looking for preferably part time owners who have the time to put the work into training him. He needs an hour and a half of physical exercise per day and enrichment in the form of puzzle toys, kongs and training. Someone with training knowledge would be awesome as he could be a dog that does well at agility. Lots of dedication and commitment needed and he will repay you ten fold.

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No photo for Sarge


Meet Sarge! He's a young guy with a bright future ahead of him. Sadly he was surrendered to a pound and left feeling worried and confused. He can be wary of new situations but will warm up with time and patience.

Sarge enjoys playing games but is still learning about giving the toy back. He would love to be involved with positive training to learn some important lifelong skills and be the best dog he can be. Teenagers with dog experience would be best for Sarge at this stage. If you think you can see this gorgeous boy in your life, ask for Sarge!

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No photo for Maggie


Maggie is a beautiful girl with lovely colouring. She flew down to Perth after finding herself in a country pound. We have found her to be a real sweetheart who loves human company. She can stress in some situations but responds well to calm handling and massage.

This playful girl could potentially live with gentle children. She may need a little work with other dogs at this stage and positive training would be a great idea. If you can see Maggie in your life, please don't hesitate to meet her!

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No photo for Morty


Morty is a handsome and very happy young boy who is eager to find his furever home.
He is super smart and full of energy. Morty must go to active people who can put time into his training and social requirements as he continues to grow.
He has a lovely, playful nature and will grow into an awesome companion for the right people.

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No photo for Rex


Rex came to us from a regional rescue. He is a very sweet but timid boy who is especially fearful of men. We are looking for a calm and understanding home for him who will take everything very slowly.

A quiet, calm and predictable household is what we are looking for. Rex is interested in interacting with other friendly dogs so would be nice if he could be rehomed with a dog to help with his confidence.

Rex would not suit a home with small pocket pets or a rural area with access to livestock. There is potential for him to live with teenagers provided they are very gentle with him.

If you think you may have the right home for Rex, please ask us about him!

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No photo for Lotti


Lotti is a sweet girl who needs lots of tlc as she settles into her new home.
She has lots of love & affection to give for the people who can provide a calm, relaxing home environment for her.
Lotti has some basic manners but does need to fine tune her skills a bit.
She may do ok in a home with children pending a meet and is sure to bond strongly with her new family.

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No photo for Mixie


Mixie is a happy girl who has a lovely smile.
She has a lot of energy and must go to active person/s who can provide her with lots of exercise and mental enrichment daily.
This girl has a super affectionate side at times and still has a bit to learn so basic obedience classes are strongly recommended.
She is super clever, learns quickly and loves to play with toys especially a game of fetch.
Mixie may do ok with teenagers in the home and while her social skills with other dogs are not perfect, With time & effort she is sure to learn quickly in this area too.
A lovely pooch who is going to be super loyal with the right people.

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No photo for Terra


Terra is a lovely little pint sized Staffy who is eager to find her furever home.
She is well mannered, affectionate once she gets to know you and has been good making new friends.
Terra loves to play (especially with her rope toy) but can be a little intense with this at times.
She is sure to learn quickly and may be suitable in a home with children 8+ pending a meet n greet.
Terra will be an extremely loyal member of her new family in time.

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