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Costa took a road trip from Gero to Perth and now awaits his forever home. He's a great guy who is pretty keen to get out of the shelter and into a calm, stable home with a family who will put the time and effort into him. Being an alert and intelligent boy, positive dog training would suit him well.

This boy likes to be kept busy and challenged with interesting activities. He would also like to be taken on interesting adventures such as bush walks. If you have an active lifestyle and think Costa could fit into your home just ask us to meet him!

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Aaron is a nice boy who needs a quiet home environment where he can form a bond with his people.
He is a bit rough around the edges and requires confident handlers who can guide him with reward based training.
Aaron has a lot of energy and needs consistent play, exercise and games with his new owners daily.
He is clever but has declined in his doggy social skills a bit since coming into the DRH - with Consistency, management and training he will show improvement.
Aaron is certain to be very loyal to his new family and deserves a loving home.

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Zedd is an active young dog who is after a home with people he can form a strong bond with.
He does not appear to have received any training previously so must receive this from his new people.
Zedd requires an active lifestyle with person/s who can provide for his daily physical and mental needs.
He is a very intelligent boy and will learn quickly with the right motivation.
Teenagers may be ok in the home with him but he lacks too many manners for younger children.
Zedd will be an extremely loyal pooch to his new family.

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Zizi is a robust, friendly and enthusiastic girl looking for a new companion. She is fun to be around and likes human interaction. Like most Staffies, she can get a little excitable at times so she is looking for a family that will encourage calm behaviour.

This gorgeous lady loves going for daily walks, especially where there are interesting smells to sniff. Ideally she'd like a home where someone is around part-time. There may be a chance she could live with a polite male dog pending meet, otherwise she'd be happy enough on her own, getting all your attention. Zizi is waiting patiently so why not ask to meet her?

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Hello I'm lovely Sasha looking for new start in my life. I will be happy with family, couple or single person. I'm mature age but i'm still pretty active and happy girl, who would like to join for daily activities and weekend adventure with you. I should cope with full time workers as long as my daily needs are met and have time with my people. I'm not overly interested in other dogs but could go for walks with polite ones that respect my space. If you think I could suit your lifestyle please ask about me in the office.

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Snow is a lovely staffy girl after a home where she can settle into a form a strong bond with her new people.
She is extremely friendly however has trouble controlling her excitement at times, she needs a family that can keep her entertained with lots of playtime and mental enrichment on a daily basis.
She walks well on lead and will suit an active family, Snow has general obedience manners but can be a bit difficult to manage in the presence of other dogs for new owners to be aware of.
Snow may take time to adjust in her new home and settle in but once she does is sure to be the most loving, loyal addition for the right family.

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Buddy came to us through a local pound where he was sadly not reclaimed. He is a friendly guy who would love to keep you company. He would be very happy to go to a home where someone is home at least part time with him.

Buddy can get stressed in some situations but is responsive to calm handling and positive reinforcement. He will need to be kept busy throughout the day with interesting activities as will as daily exercise. If you can see Buddy in your life, why not ask to meet him.

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No photo for Archie (Was Titan)

Archie (Was Titan)

Archie is a very handsome boy who is looking for a new home with a family that understands him.
He does not trust straight away but if you take your time, give him lots of reward and interact with him appropriately he becomes very happy & playful.
Archie likes making new doggy friends with whom he can be very playful with as long as they are well mannered with him.
He is best suited to a home with no young children - its not that he doesn't like children in fact he has lived with them before but he needs appropriate interactions & handling which young children may have difficulties.
Archie has lots of pawsonality and is sure to be a very loyal family member once settled in.

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Mia is a lovely young lady who is a little shy initially however she warms quite quickly. She needs owners who are able and willing to put the time into her socialisation with new people and doggie friends. She is a very quick learner and wants to please. She is a very sweet girl will make a lovely companion.

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No photo for Bella Was Orla

Bella Was Orla

Bella is looking for a semi rural home where she can feel comfortable in a much more relaxed environment. A one person lady household would be ideal for her.She has some generalised anxiety which shows with her fear of meeting new people and dogs. She takes a while to get to know you but for the right person she could be your true companion. New owners need to make sure she is kept safe and help her to become the best she can be.

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