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Eggsy is a bit of a character, who will liven up our household. He'll stick around for some pats but then it's off to play! He's a friendly boy who can become a little animated and vocal when excited. Eggsy would suit a home where he is part of the family and taken on fun adventures in nature, potentially bush walks, camping etc. Being a working breed, mental stimulation is important to keep his intelligent mind active. Eggsy is patiently waiting to meet you today!

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No photo for Emma


Emma is a wonderful girl with plenty of energy and enthusiasm for the things she enjoys (kongs and other treat related puzzles included). She's been pretty stressed here at the shelter and can't wait to find that calm and consistent home to call her own. She wouldn't mind the odd massage too!

Give her time to settle in and you'll find Emma will be your best friend in no time. Emma will need a family dedicated to helping her be her best self with positive training. Come and have a chat about Emma today!

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No photo for Christina


Christina is a lovely older lady who still has lots of energy and love to give. She has glowing reports from her foster carer of how polite she is at home, is toilet trained and loves her daily walks. She will make the perfect companion or edition to a family with older kids who can make sure her daily needs are taken care of too.

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No photo for Fancy


Fancy is a beautiful loving very active girl who seems like she absolutely loves life, people and dogs. She will need 2 hours of exercise per day and this can be split up into morning and night. She may handle full time workers if her physical needs are met however i feel she will do well around a family with older kids so she can be spoilt by all of the family and included in family outings at the weekends. A really lovely little girl!

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No photo for Bella


Bella is an amazing, family-oriented girl who can't wait to find herself a new home. She is sweet, social and also very excitable! Basically everything you could want in a Staffy.

Bella can live with children, pending a successful meet. She has met other dogs, she's keen to meet but she can come on too strong at times and does not understand the meaning of personal space. If you can see this beautiful girl in your life, just ask for Bella!

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No photo for Rocky K

Rocky K

Rocky is a beautiful fit older lady who sadly got surrendered through no fault of her own. She has lived with two dogs a cat and chickens. She had her owners home for most of the day so she is used to people around so would be best to go to part time/stay at home workers or a fit retired person. She still has lots of energy in her so will stil require an hour of exercise at least daily whether it is down the park with her doggie friends or out for a nice sniffy walk. Whoever adopts her are going to be very lucky. Absolutely gorgeous!

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No photo for Etna


Etna is a pretty girl with a sweet nature. She does tend to stress about life at times like we can do so will need a caring and understanding home who will help her realise how good life can be.

Etna is the type of girl who would appreciate someone home at least part-time and can provide her with interesting activities. She loves kongs, in fact they are a bit of a go-to thing for her - she will carry them around as a bit of a thing pacify herself. This gorgeous girl is ready and willing to be your forever companion :)

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No photo for Harley


Harley is a country boy looking for a fresh start in the big city. While he may not give away much at first, you will find he is a sweet boy that just wants to be loved. New situations can make him a bit wary but he will have you there to show him the way and guide him through life.

Positive training would help not only improve his skills but create a last bond with Harley. Older kids are best for this guy. If you are looking for some new adventures, ask about Harley!

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No photo for Barrel


Meet Barrel, our lovable rogue! He is ready and rearing to go and can't wait to find himself and active family who will take him on plenty of interesting adventures and include him as part of the family.

Barrel like to be kept busy so would appreciate daily exercise as well as interesting activities to keep him mentally stimulated. There's a chance Barrel could live with another dog pending meet. If you can see this amazing boy in your life, please ask about Barrel!

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No photo for Copellia


Copellia is a gorgeous girl who is sure to make an excellent companion. She is interested and responsive to you and always keen to see what you're up to. Copellia also won't turn down any affection, enjoying a good scratch. She also has that special Staffy ability to break into zoomies around your yard. She could potentially live with children pending meet but will need to be the only dog in the home. Don't miss out on meeting this lovely lady!

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