No photo for Piccolo


Piccolo is a BIG strong boy with a happy personality and is awaiting his perfect home.
He needs physically capable, strong and committed owner's who can put the time into his training needs.
Piccolo does not seem to have been taught much basic obedience in the past which can make things a bit challenging when on lead or when trying to get his attention.
Despite this he is pretty much a gentle giant who just wants to lean into you and lap up the affection for the most part.
He has been ok meeting new doggy friends but needs to improve his social manners a bit which he is sure to do given the right circumstances and effort from his new owners.
Piccolo has a giant, loving heart and is sure to make a wonderful member of his new family in time.

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No photo for Nissa


Nissa is a polite, fluffy Akita who is on the lookout for her new family.
She is gentle & happy with people she meets, Nissa loves the company and has shown some knowledge of basic obedience too.
She would be best in a quiet home environment, maybe teenagers around but most of all a home where she can have lots of company.
Nissa is going to be very loyal to her new family.

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No photo for Peter


Peter is a handsome boy who is trying to be patient as he awaits his furever home.
He has good overall manners but can become a bit erratic when under stress such as in his current situation.
Peter loves attention from his humans, playtime and will need to continue to practice his basic obedience as he settles into a new home.
Plenty of activity and exercise will benefit this boy.
He is sure to become extremely loyal to his new family.

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No photo for Lion


Lion is a sweetheart with a bit of a timid side who has come all the way from up north to find a safe and loving home. City living is much different to country life, so Lion needs his new family to take things slow and give him time to adjust to his new surroundings. With a calm and consistent home, Lion will thrive.

There is potential for Lion to live with another dog pending a successful meet. Older, teenage kids would be better for this guy. If you think you can give Lion the home he deserves, please get in touch!

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No photo for Leo


Leo is a big, fun and excitable boy. He is looking forward to being a part of a family who has the time and effort to put into him, to make him the best dog he can be! He does have a couple quirks, which we can tell you about when you come to meet him. Part-time workers would be most ideal for this boy.

At this stage, no kids or other dogs would suit him best. Leo can have you all to himself and he will be great company. He does enjoy learning new skills so positive dog training would be the way to go! If you have room in your home and heart for this big boy, just ask for Leo!

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No photo for Hunter


Hunter is a very handsome and inquisitive young man with a bright future ahead of him! He came to us through another rescue and had glowing reviews from his time with them. While Hunter can be a little wary at first, he doesn't take too long to warm up with a gentle approach.

His ideal home would be with a family who has the time to exercise him daily and put in some effort with his training. Hunter is very interested in working for food so enrolling in positive based dog training classes would be a great idea. This big puppy loves nothing more than being with his family and laying outside in the sun so if you think he'd suit your home please ask about Hunter!

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No photo for King


King is a big, handsome boy who is very eager to find his new family.
He is a gentle giant with his humans, well mannered and playful.
King is very smart and knows some basic obedience however can be strong on the lead at times.
He may be ok with young children in the home pending a meet but does need work on his social skills with other canines.
King is going to make a very loyal doggo once settled into his new home.

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No photo for Garron


Garron is a very handsome boy and needs a quiet, loving home environment where he can be given lots of tlc.
He requires patient owners who can guide him gently using positive-reward based training methods and lots of encouragement.
Garron is ok when meeting new dogs but does need to improve his social skills a little.
He needs to get into a predictable routine so his confidence can grow and he will begin to show his lovely pawsonality.
Garron will be very loyal & loving to his new family.

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No photo for Kuniva


Kuniva seems to be a lovely gentle giant. He seems quite a calm boy and enjoys company. He will want to be around his family so must be allowed to come in doors.He could go with another dog pending meet

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No photo for Winston


Winston is a big, friendly giant that sometimes doesn't know his own size. He was acquired by his previous family as a 'staffy' puppy but turned out to be much bigger. Now he's here, ready for a fresh start! He would suit a family who will have the quality time to spend with him, he loves bush walks and beach adventures. At the end of a long day he just wants to chill with his family, inside the home.

There is a chance Winston could live with an older large female dog pending meet. Although he loves kids, he tends to be a bit too boisterous, so robust older teens only for him. If you can fit this large puppy into your home and heart, just ask about Winston!

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