No photo for Arnie


Arnie is a big handsome boy who cant wait ot get into his furever home.
He is a well mannered pooch, knows some basic obedience, is polite with people and enjoys affection.
Arnie loves playtime with his tennis ball and going for walks however is quite strong when on lead.
He may suit a home with children over the age of 10 and was ok meeting another pooch albeit excitable.
Arnie will bond strongly with his new family once settled in.

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No photo for Zoe


Zoe is a sweet girl who has had a bit of a rough past it seems but is overjoyed with the prospect of a fresh start.
She needs a home where she can relax and receive lots of tlc from her new family.
Zoe loves to have a play especially with her rope toys / tug of war. She is food motivated and knows some basic obedience too.
Zoe is sure become more vibrant and loving with every passing day in her new home & will make a loyal family member.

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No photo for Amp


Amp is a gorgeous, lanky young man. He enjoys human attention and affection. He does get a little excitable at times but is willing to channel that into something constructive with you, using positive dog training techniques.

Amp can't wait to fit into your family and settle into a home that includes him. Daily walks, especially ones where is he allowed the time to sniff, are important to him. He would also love to be supplied with a good rotation of toys and puzzles. If you are curious to find out more about this guy, please just ask about Amp!

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No photo for Baldur


Baldur is a handsome boy who is in need of a loving, calm home environment where he can bond with his people.
He is very stressed in the kennel but his demeaner changes significantly when out on a walk with you or relaxing in a yard.
Baldur has good on lead skills, knows some basic obedience and is very motivated by food.
He is a bit intense when meeting other dogs currently due to his stress levels and needs people who can guide him to regain his manners over time.
Baldur is a enthusiastic pooch and is sure to make a very loving family member once settled into his new home.

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No photo for Ralph


Ralph is a special needs boy due to his upcoming surgery and requires committed owner/s who can put time into him.
He needs a solid training foundation over the next 6-9 months before his surgery so that his post-op therapy run's smoothly.
Ralph has a typical puppy personality at this stage and must have his puppy needs met.
He is a very clever boy so will learn quickly and the DRH is happy to provide training structure for his new owners to implement.
Please ask about Ralph if your think he might be the right dog for you.

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No photo for Morrissey


Morrissey is a handsome young man who has found himself at the shelter. He has a lot of potential and would do best in a calm and consistent home. A family who has the time and effort to engage in training and other fun activities with Morrissey is ideal.

Keeping this guy busy is key with both daily walks and mental stimulation around the home. Quiet time is important too of course. Morrissey has shown interest in the shell pool here so possibly could be one to take to the beach or river in time!

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No photo for Sienna


Sienna is a bit of a shy girl but very sweet and loving once she gets to know you.
She may have had a rough past based on some of her responses to things but she will be very eager to please her new family.
Sienna has a playful side which shows itself at times she also shows this when meeting new friendly dogs and another canine in the home may be great for her confidence.
She needs gentle owners who can guide her but is not really suited to a home with young children.
Sienna needs the upmost tlc in her new home and is sure to repay the faith by becoming a beautiful family member.

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No photo for Tomek


Tomek is looking for a fresh new start in life where he will be a real part of the family. He is a loveable guy who does get a little excited at times.

This lovely boy enjoys human company and positive based training. He would love to learn a few new things with you and build up his life skills. Tomek could potentially be suited to full time workers if he is exercised daily and provided with enough activities to keep him busy. Teens are best for this big boy and no other dogs at this stage. So if you love Rotti's and think Tomek may be for you, please enquire about him!

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No photo for Simba


Simba is a gorgeous young man who is quite nervous. He needs a loving home with plenty of time and dedication. Going very slow in the key with this guy and he will a need calm and predictable family.

Ideally, if someone was home part time that would be beneficial to Simba. With positive training techniques Simba's confidence will grow slowly and you will form a special bond with him. An adult-only home or older teens will be best for Simba.

To give this sweet shy-guy a chance, please ask about meeting Simba!

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No photo for Rianna


Rianna has had a bit of a rough life, being bred in a backyard numerous times and not getting the love or attention she deserves. She is very sweet but can be a little nervous in some new situations.

One she feels safe, Rianna is a loving girl who enjoys affection. She can't wait to be a part of your family and enjoy daily walks and hopefully some positive training. If you feel you can offer her an amazing home, let us know!

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