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Montgomery (Monty)

Monty is a lovely young adult male who after being found stray at 12wks old, has been unable to get past his nervousness in a busy household and is not coping well.

Currently living with a very active and boisterous medium sized dog and another cat, and having a number of cats close by in the neighbourhood he is finding life very stressful for which unfortunately leads him to toilet inappropriately.

We are assisting his owner with trying to find a calmer home for him where without as much noise & other animals to deal with he will be able to settle into a normal life.

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Baxter is a wonderfully natured young adult male, who unfortunately has an older, unwell housemate who keeps bullying him. The owners have tried a number of options but feel it may be the best thing for Baxter if he was able to live somewhere without as much stress.

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Oliver is a lovely natured mature age cat who has found himself in need of a new home through no fault of his own. Beautiful to look at, and his purrsonality backs it up!

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