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What a stunner.
Herb is of unknown breed but maybe a bit of border collie. He is a gorgeous pup and gets on with everyone he meets. He sleeps in a crate at night and hasn't made a mess although he did to start but he is only a pup. He loves playing with the other foster dogs and gets on with them all.
He walks reasonably well on the lead but he is on acreage so he doesn't get a lot of lead time.
His recall isn't brilliant yet but he is getting better and he is learning to sit.
He is good in the car and has been swimming a couple of times and enjoys it.
Herbie did have parvo when we got him but he has recovered well and had no further health issues and is now ready for his new home.. He will need ongoing training and socialization and we would like him to go to puppy school where he will get the training he needs. He will be a medium dog and loves he runs and play but he is not overly active.
He will make a great companion for any home but not a home where there is no one home during the day for long periods and he would benefit with another dog.
He is inside and outside and can be quite submissive

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Muffy is believed to be around 4 years old. His foster carer calls him a shrunk in the wash pointer but he does a seem to have staffy in the mix of breeds.He came in to care having been removed from his canine best friend and he was a very anxious dog hated going in the car and whined a lot especially seeing any dogs out walking.Lives with other tolerant dogs used to bossy fosters.

Months later he is first at the car waiting for next outing less anxious and loves life.He been to a few dog training lessons to socialise him and help the anxiety.He walks well on a lead and knows basic commands. Muffy had not been socialised well so tended to rush at dogs making a lot of noise but he has learnt to greet more calmly. A very loving dog who needs a forever home where he is not on his own for long.Secure fences needed but not a jumper .He can be wary of people still and will need patient humans in his life to help his insecurities. Muffy's foster carer loves his fun spirit and that he makes the most of every adventure.

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No photo for Deni


Deni is a sweet girl and after recovering from a stint in pound being thin and desexing her true

personality is showing.Loves checking out every inch of the place and runs around in a sedate way.She is cattle dog x kelpie and has many cattle dog characteristics.She was thought to be eight but may be

older however she has become livelier with better health..Lives with other dogs but has those she dislikes.

She needs secure fences but not a jumper but any small gap will attempt to go under or through.Arthritis has set in so will

need on going supplements and warmth in winter.She must live inside.Not cat friendly .

She would suit somebody home a lot who is looking for a loyal companion that loves car trips .Deni really is

a sweet dog looking for a loving forever home.

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No photo for Caddie


Caddie had a pretty bubbly personality. He came into care a few weeks ago after his owner could no longer keep him. He has spent most of his short life on a chain so is loving the freedom
He is 18mths old and a stumpy tail cattle dog. He knows how to sit and is learning to drop. He will sit and wait for his meal and he loves his food.
His recall is great and he is excellent off lead. . On his initial meeting with other dogs he can be a bit pushy and in the face but he settles down quickly after he has introduced himself and is pretty good with other dogs. He does pull on the lead. Caddie loves to chase the ball and does bring it back sort of but doesn't always give it to you. this boy is a very smart dog and wanting and willing to learn. He picks up things pretty quickly
He loves the hose and he will spend hours in the water just swimming around
He hasn't spent a lot of time inside but when he comes in he is pretty good.
Caddie is a working dog breed so will not go too well in a city house block. He needs to go to a home where they are familiar with the breed as this boy really needs a job to do. He does try to work the other foster dogs at times.
I wouldn't recommend him around young children as he gets a bit boisterous. and typically nippy for a heeler.
He will make a great dog for someone on property as he is happy to hang around and not wonder off and if you are out with him he sticks by you.
His shortfall is that he doesn't like the car but he may not have spent a lot of time in one.

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No photo for Koda


Hi, my name is Koda, yes I am lovable and super friendly, obedient (well-mostly)— that does need to be negotiated at times and yes, kibble and other treats do come into play!! That's where I flash my beautiful green eyes and am at my cutest. Really I am very well behaved.
I pass my time chasing a ball and going for interesting walks — prefer an interesting long walk with occasional social interaction and yeh with people as well particularly when they admire, pat, and cuddle me.
I have a lot of love to offer and would very much fit with a loving family home. I'm super friendly with other dogs. My best friends Max and Preston have already been adopted). We played in the year and even took our humans for a walk with us- some times.
I promise that you adopt me I will always love you and your family and be grateful to be part of your family.
I forgot to mention that I am good around children.
So really, as the complete package (modest obviously) how can you resist?
Cheers Koda

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No photo for Skylar


This beautiful happy go lucky girl came into rescue some months ago and was extremely shy and nervous of new people.. She is still a little bit reserved about meeting new people but if you let her come to you she is fine. She is getting better all the timel
She loves other dogs and will play with the best of them..She doesn't jump fences, or dig or jump.. She loves playing the with the ball or toys of any kind and will happily play by herself throwing them in the air and catching them. She loves sqeaky toys too.. Skylar is good in the car and loves water, she loves her walks and is pretty good on the lead,
In fact skylar just loves life; and is a pleasure to have in foster care.
She has a bit of bulldog in her we think but not quite sure.
skyla would love another young dog to play with or someone that is active and prepared to spend quality time with her.
she is house trained and crate trained and is great inside.

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No photo for Bella


Look into my eyes...What do you see? My eyes are full of happiness and love, and I have the biggest most beautiful smile.

I love to go in the car, and go on walks or just hanging with my human. I am so happy when my human comes home. My tail wags so fast that my butt wags too...hehe

I will run around and do zoomies or chase my toys just to show off in front of you. Then I will run up to you, do a little dance and sing you a song (my foster mums says I sound a bit like a motorbike...hehe)
I think one of my all-time favourite things to do is to chase bugs. Check out my video.

Bella is a beautiful soul who is working really hard on her training at dog school and has made great progress. She is starting to engage in more socialisation with new people and other dogs, where she is learning and experiencing positive things. I know this girl will continue to go from strength to strength with more regular outings, socialisation and training. She desperately wants to please, to love and to feel safe and secure.

Bella needs a special human who understands she is scared and takes time to adjust to new things - someone who will show her that the world is indeed a truly wonderful place filled with love and compassion. It will take a lot of patience, but she is so worth it!

Bella will love you just the way you are. You can see it in her eyes. If you could love Bella — just the way she is, please call. She needs to hear from you!

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No photo for Jocie


This little poppet is a real sweetie. She has been in care with other dogs and loves them all. She loves to play as most young dogs do. She has been with children and is great but she is not good with cats.
Jocie walks well on the lead, is crate trained and house trained and doesn't bark much. She loves her food not really fussed with water, loves cuddles and attention and her walks.
She can get a bit excited like most staffies but on the whole she is a very good little dog.
She would love a home where she is included in every day activities and like most staffies love their human company and don't do well left on their own for hours, so full time workers would not suit.
I am sure she would love another dog for a friend but if she has someone home most of the time and includes her she would be ok.

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No photo for Jasper


jasper is a really sweet natured pup that loves his cuddles. He love to sit on your knee for a bit time out but that wont last long as he isn't going to be small. He came into the pound with his brother a couple of months ago and the two have been inseperable but they now sleep in separate crates and are happy to have company of other dogs and don't rely on each other..
Jasper is usually in the middle of the pack when there is games to be had or under the trampoline bed with others on top but he doesn't care. He is happy go lucky, loves everyone, loves the other dogs and is more outgoing than he brother.
He isn't quite crate or house trained but is still only a pup so that will happen, although he is pretty good for a young pup.
He loves being outside but loves coming in for time with his humans. He is learning to sit but needs a lot more ongoing training and will need continued socialisation. We recommend puppy school or dog training when you take a rescue dog..
I think this little bloke is full or character and fun and being a pup he will need stimulation and toys and if he gets bored he will chew.
We recommend another dog for company and someone that doesn't work full time as pups don't like to be left alone for hours.

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No photo for Louie


We are not sure what breed louie is but he is only 4 mths old and he is already shaping up to be a big boy..
He and his brother came through the pound system but have now been in care for a month or more and are just delightful...
They were quite inseperable to start with but now are sleeping in their own crates and are more independent and are ready to go their separate ways.
Louie is a quiet pup when he is on his own, although he can be a bit of a loner when the other dogs are playing he is often sitting chewing on something he has found. Being a puppy, he likes to chew on things so will need lots of chewy toys He is very social and is used to big and small dogs and will play rough with the best of them but he is just as happy to sit at your feet.
He will need ongoing training and socializing and must go to a home where he will be an inside outside dog. He would benefit from another dog being around and someone that doesn't work full time.
He would make a great companion for a young couple that want to a dog to take to dog training and go for coffee and just hang out with.

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