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Buzz us such a happy go lucky boy that gets on with everyone and every dog he meets.
He is around 9years young and just so sweet. He has great recall, is great off lead and he loves the car... If the door is open he is in.. He just loves his walks and loves to curl up on the couch. All in all there isn't much that this boy doesn't love, except maybe being outside for too long. Buzz is a really sweet gentle quiet boy who just wants to spend the rest of his life getting lots of walks, cuddles and love. He is good to walk on the lead, great off lead and is being fostered on acres at the moment and doesn't wander off. He rarely barks either.
He would make a great family dog or an older couple that wants a dog to walk daily and shower with tlc.
Buzz is a boxer x red heeler

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Buddy And Mickey

Meet Mickey & Buddy. We believe these gorgeous desexed males are brothers so we are hoping not to separate them, although not heavily dependent on each other they do enjoy the others company. These two gentle souls were surrendered to rescue recently after living their whole lives outside. They are 8-9 years young.

They are in foster with other bigger dogs and cats and are great with them. They are (nearly) house trained (remember they lived their whole lives outside so may still have a small accident every now and again so need a human who will not be cranky and yell) and even though they were outside dogs for 8-9 years, they are now inside/outside dogs and they love, love, LOVE being inside with their human!! If you are inside they prefer being in side with you.

They are the perfect lap dogs as just want to sit right by you (or on you!) while you watch TV or read a book. They are happy to follow you around the garden or the house and generally be where you are.

They didn’t know what a harness or a lead was but after only a week or so have worked out how fun walks are and absolutely love their daily walks. They are even great off lead and stick close by when in familiar parks and away from traffic. They are good in the car and are just the most delightful pair of little boys.

They are quiet boys and need a quiet home so prefer no kids as although they are gentle they will startle easily with yelling and loud noises. They are looking for a nice retirement that is all about love, warmth and human company. They will be shy with their new human/s for a short while but Buddy will be quick to sit on your lap once he knows this is his home, but will be slow to be as comfortable in the park with you. Mickey will be slower for a cuddle at home until he knows you but will be more comfortable in the park once he has a routine.

They are in great health. They have just had their teeth scaled and cleaned. They also saw a local specialist who said there is no sign of arthritis in either dog with full mobility in all joints and muscles strong and healthy.

They are dogs that will need regular grooming and someone who knows the costs this may incur.

They would suit an older couple, or someone who is home more than not, that wants great company, lots of cuddles, loves taking the dogs for walks most days and wants the company of two little poppets.

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Minnie was rescued from the pound several months ago with a nasty wound on her neck, skinny and a poor coat.
She is now a healthy happy 7yo girl looking for a home. She was rehomed and the new owners let her down by dumping her in the local pound without so much as a look back which was so heartbreaking for rescue and this poor poppet.
She is just a delight. She is great with other dogs and puppies, loves people, loves her walks, loves the car and just wants to please. She is quite obedient however, she doesn't like to be left at home by herself. The foster carer has found that if she has to go out, Minnie is best confined to the either the laundry or in a crate because she will try to follow you if you go out..
She would be good with another older quiet dog or on her own but needs someone that is home most of the time or can take her with them as that is all she wants. She is happy to sleep at your feet where ever you are.
Minnie will need time to settle in to her new home but once she has bonded she will be your best friend and companion.

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This little darling came into care a little while ago and was scared of everything but she has been exposed to lots of new things and lots of dogs and has come out of her shell to the point where she is ready to go to her new home.
She will need to go to dog training and she will need ongoing socialisation as she thrives on company of other dogs.
Pip sleeps inside in her crate at night and is crate trained and pretty much house trained although she still leaves the odd puddle and because she is still a pup she shouldn't be left unsupervised inside and she loves to explore. She loves being inside but is happy outside as well.
She has a delightful happy personality but still gets upset when growled at but she gets over it pretty quickly.
she loves pats and cuddles and walks although some things still worry her a bit on the walks.
At the moment she isn't comfortable in the car but that is just a matter of experience and more trips.
she has basic manners and will sit for treats.
Pip will not suit someone that works full time. She has met children and is very gentle with them. . She will need time put into her so if you don't have the time or are not prepared to then Pip is not the pup for you.
Pip is on the smaller side of medium, about the height of a small kelpie and I don't think she is going to get any bigger.

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Scooby is my name and chasing tennis balls is my game.
Hi my name is scooby and I came into rescue because my family had to move and I couldn't go with them.
I am about 12mths old and staffy x heeler. I have lots of energy to play and love to chase tennis balls and the hose and I can run like the wind, i will bring the ball back to you too.
I love to be part of the family and I do love other playful dogs. I haven't had a lot of experiences outside in the big world so I am still a bit nervous but it is just a matter of getting used to new things,
I sleep in a crate and don't mess in it.
The home i need is where someone is pretty active , that likes to run and take me for long walks and regular trips to new places.. I will also need some regular ongoing training and preferably another doggie friend.

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This beautiful girl came in a little while ago and we thought she was pregnant so we waited to make sure. Thankfully she wasn't. She has been in care for a few months now and has come out of her shell. Brit is a delightful gentle girl who loves her humans and will do anything for a pat. She is great on the lead and loves her walks and she is good in the car.
She is still quite tentative about new things and new dogs but once she has been there and done that she is quite confident although if you raise your voice or pick up a broom she is still quite wary.
Pull the hose out and she will disappear. She also responds well to voice.
Brit is not a dog I would have around stock as she would love to chase them and possibly not cats either even though she hasn't been around them.
She hasn't been around children and even though she loves to jump up for a pat, she is very gentle when she does. She will chase the ball but doesn't always bring it back and she hasn't spent a lot of time off lead but when she has she comes back when called (most of the time). I watch her with the other dogs and sometimes she tends to want to round them up so I would say she has a bit of border collie in her.

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Look into my eyes...What do you see? My eyes are full of happiness and love, and I have the biggest most beautiful smile.

I love to go in the car, and go on walks or just hanging with my human. I am so happy when my human comes home. My tail wags so fast that my butt wags too...hehe

I will run around and do zoomies or chase my toys just to show off in front of you. Then I will run up to you, do a little dance and sing you a song (my foster mums says I sound a bit like a motorbike...hehe)
I think one of my all-time favourite things to do is to chase bugs. Check out my video.

Bella is a beautiful soul who is working really hard on her training at dog school and has made great progress. She is starting to engage in more socialisation with new people and other dogs, where she is learning and experiencing positive things. I know this girl will continue to go from strength to strength with more regular outings, socialisation and training. She desperately wants to please, to love and to feel safe and secure.

Bella needs a special human who understands she is scared and takes time to adjust to new things - someone who will show her that the world is indeed a truly wonderful place filled with love and compassion. It will take a lot of patience, but she is so worth it!

Bella will love you just the way you are. You can see it in her eyes. If you could love Bella — just the way she is, please call. She needs to hear from you!

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Leo is such a happy go lucky boy who loves company. He isn't one to be left in the back yard by himself so if you work full time please don't consider this boy.
He is fantastic with other dogs and super friendly with people. He is crate trained and has had the odd accident inside. When you walk him on the lead he gets very excited to start with up jumps up and down on the spot but once he is walking he is fine. He doesn't pull unless he sees something that is interesting.
He loves the car and whenever the car door is open he is in and really doesn't want to get out.
He is not a barker and isn't a fence jumper.
Leo is a lovely friendly dog that just needs some training and lots of love

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Dolly is a happy and energetic 3 year old greyhound.
Coming from a negative environment and never experiencing life as a loved pet Dolly has become a beautiful, fun and happy girl but is still learning what it is to be a family member.
Being a greyhound she is brilliant as an indoor dog that will chill out on your couch for most of the day but does require a walk and exercise every single day.
She is fantastic with other dogs and would love a doggy sibling or would suit someone who is wanting to have a best friend by their side most of the time.

Dolly has not been tested with cats and I would not recommend birds as she seems a little too eager.

She loves toys and playing and everything in life is just so exciting. She is a really fun dog!
She is very easy to walk on lead but must not be let off lead in public. She will require an off lead run to let off energy once a week in a secure safe environment eg a fully fenced dog park.

Greyhounds in general are great indoor dogs and do not cope in extreme weather conditions.

She is toilet trained and loves food!

If you are looking for a happy, fun best friend that you want to spoil and chill out on the couch with you then Dolly may be the one for you

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Meet Doc. He is a large hound mix of about 12 months old. This handsome boy is gentle and affectionate. He loves the company of his humans, and despite his size is happy to snuggle up on the sofa with you, or sit with his head in your lap for ear rubs. He loves his pats, and is eager to please. He enjoys romping around the garden with his foster brother, but is also happy to snooze the day away with you inside. He probably has not had a lot of exercise or contact with other dogs in his life, as he can get quite boisterous in play, but is easy to settle with verbal correction. He would love to have a doggy sibling for fun and company, but wouldn’t do well with a highly dominant dog.

Doc has been soaking up training in the short time he has been in foster care. He is mastering sit, waiting for food, back from the table, and is learning to drop. He walks well on the lead, although he can get excited when he sees a rabbit or other dogs. He is great in the car. He can sometimes be a little anxious around new or unexpected things, but ongoing training will continue to build his confidence.

Doc would not do well as a home alone all day dog – he needs the company of another dog, or someone who is home at least part of the day. He is untested around cats, farm animals or children. Given his size he probably wouldn’t suite a home with small children. He rarely barks.

He was an outside only dog, but in foster he is inside/outside, and sleeps happily inside on a dog bed and has had no accidents.

Doc really is a fabulous dog who will make someone a wonderful companion.

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