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And what a stunner this boy is..
He was saved out of the pound so we don't know his history but he is currently in foster with other dogs and he gets on with them although he can be a bit in their faces at times. He is super happy and bouncy and just loves being alive.
He is a staffy x husky and date of birth is 1/12/16 so not quite 12mths old.
.He hasn't finished growing and is medium in height which would make an ideal family pet. not too big but not too small.
He is not to bad on the lead but will need more work and his recall is good in the back yard but he hasn't been off lead in a bit area so that could be different.
He doesn't bark much and he is crate trained. He is fine with cats as he tends to ignore them and great with children. If he goes to a home with another dog it would be best to be an active dog as older dogs tend to get a bit grumpy with him.

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This boy is a bit of a mistery. He came into care as his owner passed away and the family couldn't keep him and we were told he was a kelpie.but when he arrived he didn't really fit the picture.
So we think he maybe kelpie with possibly terrier in him because he has an amazing hairdo on his back that doesn't fit with a kelpie.
He is 12 mths old and a great little character.
He is in care with other dogs and is pretty chilled with all of them. He plays with them but isn't over the top. I don't think I have heard him bark. He is pretty good in the car and loves his walks although he does tend to pull a bit.
He will sit for food and is crate trained. He hasn't had a lot of work with recall but he will come when called if he is at home.
When he gets excited he is funny to watch as he jumps around like a rabbit. He will chase the ball and will get in the wading pool.
He definitely needs ongoing training and would suit an active family that will include him in activities.

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Hi there ,, my name is cruze and I am suppose to be a sort of bulldog I have been told but I don't really think I am.
I am looking for my forever home after being with my foster family for a couple of weeks.. I do love it here but its time for me to meet my forever family which will give me all the love training and friends that I need to make me a happy little chappy
I think I am pretty handsome and that makes it easier to get away with things,. I just have to give that "look" and my foster mum melts.
I can sit for treats but sometimes I play dumb,, but I don't get away with that. I don't get it until I sit and I am really working on not snatching. sometimes it can be a bit hard.
I do like to nip when I get excited but I seem to get into a bit of trouble for that so we are working on that too.
I love my walks and I love the car. I love playing with other dogs but I can amuse myself sometimes if I have something fun to do.
I would like to go to a home where I can be inside and I have to sleep inside too by the way.
I am almost house trained but I cant hold on for hours so you have to let me out to the toilet. Oh and by the way I am crate trained.
I would like to go for walks everyday and I think I would like my family to be home a bit so I don't get bored or lonely.
if there was another dog that would be great.

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Luna has been in care for some time now.. She has been rehomed but no one was home during the day and she got quite bored so after several offences she went to jail.
She went to Beechworth correctional centre undergoing rehabilitation therapy and bit of councelling from the inmates and behaved really well so gave her an early release... although she did tend to chew her bedding but hopefully she will grow out of that.
She is 18mths old and possibly boxer x and an absolute delightful girl.
Luna is very playful and friendly and great around dogs. She loves her food, knows her basic commands, good on recall and quite good on the lead although she can pull at times.

She is crate trained and house trained and just loves her pats and cuddles.

Luna can quite timid and still needs her confidence built up but she would make a great family pet with older kids and someone that is home enough to put the time into her. She doesn't need another dog but it would be good for her for company.
She is great with kids and loves the car, water and toys. When it is meal time she gets excited and bounces around in circles before she settles down.

For more images and information, please go to

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How do you describe this boy.
He is just amazing. Every where Harry goes everyone just loves him and he loves everyone. He has just got the best personality, so friendly, so happy, so gentle, and so goofy.
He was left at the pound and although he does have some medical issues he was the best save.
Harry is fantastic with all dogs and will even tolerate a puppy hanging off his face. Harry doesn't care. He reminds me of a naughty kid that gets up to pranks but he is so cute he gets away with it.
He weighs about 40kg and is around 4yrs but still behaves like a big puppy.. He is house trained and once he is asleep, a bomb could go off and I doubt he would hear it. He is inside /outside but loves being inside at your feet.
Harry unfortunately is quite badly cow hocked and he has been having regular lazer treatment which has made a huge difference so it would be recommended that this continue. He is also on joint support and this is ongoing
So if Harry goes to a new home they must be committed to keeping him happy and comfortable and regular exercise although not a lot.
He gets small walks and other than that he just hangs out with the other fosters,, and he keeps up . He can get over the baby gate which is very clever of him.
although he hasn't been around kids that I know of I would be confident to rehome him to a family that has children .
He just needs a home where he will be loved, fed well, allowed to be an inside boy and just hang out with his people. He also loves the car,

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No photo for Bella


Please meet the beautiful Bella.. Bella had an awful life before coming into care.. But now her future is looking much better and brighter.. Because of her past Bella was quite reactive to everything when she came and although she is still reactive but she is improving all the time. She is currently in care with 6 other dogs and she runs and plays with them daily. She is great to walk, good in the car, crate trained and house trained. Bella has been attending dog class where she is learning that all dogs and people are not out to hurt her. She is working hard with her foster family to overcome her insecurities and is improving greatly. Once she gains your trust she is the most loving, loyal, happy girl. Bella never stops smiling and her tail never stops wagging. She recently went and spent a few days at a local Pet Resort where she was fussed over and adjusted quite well.
She loves human company so someone who is home most of the time would suit her as she would not cope for long periods of time on her own. She would suit being the only dog where she can have her human all to herself.. Although she is in care with 10 other dogs and does run and play with some of them she is always supervised. She is still a bit reactive to bigger dogs but with the right introductions she may adapt to walks with other dogs.
Bella needs to be allowed inside with her family and there must be secure fencing.
She would suit a family with no or adult kids. She would be best suited as the only pet so she can shower her human with all her love.

Bella needs a human who has a good understanding of fear reactivity and can continue to work with her to keep her happy and to keep adjusting to a new life.

Bella is the most beautiful loving girl who just wants someone to guide her and love her

**PLEASE NOTE: Bella has been listed for interstate adoption available on Pet Rescue, as she is currently located in Wodonga, which is on the NSW & Victoria border. Bella’s new family must live locally, in either state, or be willing to travel for multiple meet and greets.

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The call me Rory. I am only young and I am looking for my forever family..

I am a typical young, sleep, poop, play, destroy and repeat..
I love to run and do zoomies and play tug o war with my doggie friends..
I love cuddles, walk on a lead (gosh Im clever arent I) am good in the car. Playing in the water is on my high fun list and I have just learnt to swim...even without my paws touching the ground...

Just the other day my foster mum took my brother and I to some big place where there was lots and lots of kids....I loved them and my foster mum said I was fantastic with all the kiddies especially for being so young...I loved all the pats and cuddles and all the kids were so very well behaved and nice

I love toys and balls and anything that moves...even brooms when you are sweeping the floor...
oops !!!

Please note:
A home with another playful dog is a absolute MUST for me so I can play all day and learn from them. I will be very lonely without a doggie friend. Keeping me socilaized is really important. I am a social butterfly now and would like to meet as many new people and dogs as I can. Puppy school would be great fun and I can learn lots
I need someone who is home alot as I wouldnt cope being left alone all day, I'm still a baby with lots to learn.
I am only a baby you know and I need lots of time, attention and loving.

This little charmer knows he's got it and is not afraid to flaunt it. Rory seeks a new home who can meet his every need and spoil him beyond his wildest dreams

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Mingga is a bit of a crack up. She is usually always up to something that makes you laugh. She has really good recall, and when she's not chewing a toy, doing zoomies, or playing with the other dogs you will find her just resting at your feet.

She can run super-fast, and is quickly learning the rules of playing frisbee. She's great with all the kids she has been introduced to, but can get excited about cuddles, so I am not sure that she should live with really young kids.

She gets on well with other dogs, although she is quite vocal when she plays. Other than that she is pretty quiet and I can count on one hand how many times I have heard her bark. She is going to doggy day care; she loves it and is learning really good social behaviours from being there. Mingga has also lived with cats in her previous foster home, and was fine with them.

Mingga is currently and inside and outside dog and is house trained. She does need secure fencing. If rehomed in town she needs 6 foot colorbond fencing. Mingga would suit an active home where she can go on adventures or a farm life style. She would love it if there was someone home a lot of the time, but then again, what dog wouldn't!

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Brock was another dog left unclaimed at the pound. He is a Staffy x Huntaway, and is about 2yrs.. At the moment he is in care with other foster dogs and gets on with them all. He does show interest in horses and rabbits etc so I wouldn't trust him off lead not to chase if he sees one.

He is quite vocal when he plays and you think he is getting grump but that's just him. He is an inside outside dog, pretty good on the lead, but off lead not so obedient.

He loves running so loves off lead areas but he does need a little bit more work on that. He can be a bit reactive to little dogs that bark at him and try to get in his face but he is very responsive to voice. He doesn't take well to entire male dogs either.
He is super people orientated and such a fun loving boy.

Brock also loves going in the car, is crate trained and house trained and will do anything to please

He knows to sit and will wait for his food (which he loves)
For more images and information, please go to

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No photo for Skipper


skipper is a little Ripper.
He was abandoned in the back yard and eventually ended up in the pound where no one claimed him so we did.
After a month or more of little interaction with anyone he was pretty excited once he came into foster care , to the point he jumped and nipped.
He has learnt that isn't the way to get on the good side of people. skipper has really tried to please and is going so well. He will sit and is learning to drop. He walks quite well on the lead and is obedient most of the time but sometimes the puppy comes out.. He is in foster with other dogs and is great with them and loves to play. He obviously hasn't been in the car much as he needs coaxing to get but once in he is fine..Nipper is a loving dog who needs a fun loving home where he will not be left alone too long.He is always checking his human is ok and needs an active forever human.He is house trained and crate trained has good recall.Very exuberant but is learning not to jump up . With consistent training will be an incredible loyal companion.
He is crate trained and almost house trained as he wasn't used to being inside before he came into care. He is great off lead and his recall is really good. He is now in foster with smaller dogs and a couple of cats and he loves to play with the little dogs and although he ignores the cats sometimes he can get a bit rough with both.
He is a great dog and will make a great family member with an active family that wants a new loyal , loving dog. Maybe not good around toddlers as he can be a bit boisterous when he gets excited.
He would fit well into an active family that will walk him everday and possibly another dog to play with

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