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Colin is a Kelpie x Border Collie 8-9 month old pup.
Colin along with his brother was the last of a litter that dodged a
bullet & luckily found himself safe in the care of Wodonga Dog
Colin is a classic energetic working breed pup whom will require
continued guidance & training to ensure his needs are being met.
His curious & adventurous nature suggests he'll turn into a beautiful
life-time companion.
During Colin’s stay with his foster guardians, he is continuing his
habitualisation & socialisation training. This means lots of initial
exposure to new 'things' that are structured & positive to help assist
Colin in becoming a sound & solid life-time companion.
Colin is one confident & happy little dude. He is extremely intelligent
& super energetic. Like any young working breed pup, Colin will
also require mental stimulation, possibly in the form of trick training/
obedience type activities & on-going guidance, feedback &
leadership. Particularly as he enters his next teen developmental
Colin currently lives in a very active house-hold with 2 humans, 2
felines & 2 canines. His current regime is physical exercise,
obedience & life-skills training every other day.
Colin gets to go to his foster carers work on a farm where he gets to
meet other folks & practice crate training & being alone. He also
goes to Dog Day Care every fort-night for structured socialising with
other dogs. Colin is crate trained & is an inside outside dog. Inside
rules are sitting on his bed & sleeping in his crate at night. We are
currently embarking on his leash skills for walking & learning not to
chase his feline sister & brother.
Colin would suit an active household with people that have had
prior experience & a sound understanding of living with working
type breeds dogs.
He’s a real delight to have around & keeps us on our toes :-)

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Lizzy is attentive, playful and sweet, she loves attention and pats, and chasing the ball!
She is super friendly with other dogs although she comes across as unsure when she first meets a new dog.
She has been in foster with several other dogs big, small , male, female and puppies and has been great with all of them.. Lizzy just loves people and cuddles and just wants to hang out with you.
She is crate trained and house trained, is ok in the car although she hasn't been on many road trips. She does pull a bit on the lead to start with but does enjoy her walks. She is an inside/outside dog and would just love a family of her own.

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Bella came to us originally through the pound a few years ago and we rehomed to a lovely family that at the time lived in town and the mother was home full time with young children.. since then the family moved onto property and the lady of the household went back to full time work.. Poor Bella hasn't coped very well being a staffy.
After exhausting all avenues and getting threats from the neighbours, the family has reluctantly made the decision to return her.
Bella, needs to be in a home where there is someone home a fair bit and better than farm fences.
She has been around kids for the last few years and loves the family life. She is house trained and good around other dogs once introduced. She has been living with a little dog with no problems.
Bella is a little darling and just needs the right home.

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chief has been in care for sometime on and off. He needs a special home. He is a fantastic dog, great around other dogs fantastic with recall, manners, car travelling inside, outside, on lead and off lead .
He needs to go to a farm where he can have free range as he is great with cats, not worried about horses or kangaroos etc. he is only locked up at night or when no one is home but he doesn't wander and I cant see him he is usually in the car or down at the dam swimming.
He has had the odd aversion to one or two people though so he needs someone that can manage him. He has been with his carer now for roughly 6 mths and people have come and go and he has been great with everyone.. in the right home he would be fantastic

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this little chap came to rescue because his owner became very unwell after he adopted him and realised he could no longer give this boy what he needed.
He is 6mth old American staffy and typical pup. He is fun loving , boisterous and happy but with proper training and socializing he will be a great dog.
He is very dog social, crate trained, food orientated, and willing to learn.
He is getting better on the lead but still wants to pull but he is learning. He is learning to sit .
He is good in the car but I wouldn't trust him off lead in an unfenced area yet.

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Knuckles was surrendered because his owner wasn't well and could no longer look after him. He is a heeler x kelpie, and is a really great dog. He just wants to please. He will walk quite well on the lead, he is ok off lead, loves to chase the ball, good with other dogs and is an inside outside dog although he hasn't been inside much lately.
He is crate trained , very human orientated, and food driven.
Knuckles would just love someone to hang out with and have the ball thrown to him sometimes and just be a mate to.
His previous owner said he was good with kids.

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Rookie would be the life of the party if he was a person.
He is a ridgeback x but he is as tall as a staghound.
He super friendly and his tail never stops wagging and you have to get out of the way as it hurts, For that reason I wouldn't have him around little kids. He is great with other dogs but will need good fencing as he pretty much can step over a baby gate. He is good with his toileting and good to walk on a lead although he can pull at times when he sees another dog.
He hasn't been around cats or small children.
Rookie is pretty good in the car and he loves to chase the ball
He will also do anything for food. He will need further training and socialization but should be a great addition to an older family

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Amber came into care from Broken Hill pound. She was one of two left unclaimed so she came to us..She is absolutely the most delightful girl.
She is still young but is really quiet, gentle and loyal. She rarely barks but will bark is someone comes. She is beautiful with other dogs and loves to play but when its bed time she is always hanging back until the other fosters have gone to bed and she will quietly come in. She is house trained, quite good on the lead, doesn't jump fences.
she doesn't like to actually come inside but once she is in she loves it. She has become very much an inside girl.. she hasn't been around children or cats though

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