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Meet Rufus! He’s now ready for his forever home. He is living on a rural property at the moment, and has shown no signs of leaving! He would do okay in town, providing he had space, and was not subjected to a lot of passing traffic. As the unknown can still be a bit scary for this young fella.

Rufus aka Ruffie would need a meet and greet before being adopted, and would be preferable if you are local, as he may need to have more than one greeting to totally trust you. Especially if there is a man or another dog in the home. He’s fine with most women and adores kids (although would lick them to death unaware of his size).

Rufus’ history is completely unknown. As he was found as a stray and not claimed from a pound. Unfortunately what we do know, is he was quite neglected. But you would never know that now if you met him.

He is living in foster care with other dogs, and loves them, now. And happily gets along with male and female dogs.

Rufus is looking for a home where he has a loyal life long friend as an owner, and he will be a loyal complain in return. But his new owner needs to have some patience. As his training of basic manners is on going. And exposure to new things can be quite overwhelming and scary.

He is not an escape artist, even when the gates open, and for a dog who arrived with zero manners, he is very well behaved. He loves his people, when he knows they mean no harm, and will do anything to please them. So further training will be easy.

Being inside with the family in the evenings and being allowed to sleep inside is a must. He really is a big sooky companion, who just wants a permanent spot on the couch to call his own.

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No photo for Tommy


Tommy was surrendered to us some time ago and he came in with little to no training.
Since then he was rehomed and it didn't work out..
He has come back and been shoved around from pillar to post of late and has no idea where he is so he is now a bit stressed.
He is a great little dog but just needs the right home which I believe is a reasonably quiet home but with lots of walks and definitetly training.
He is strong on the lead and reactive when he sees another dog although he does get on well with other dogs.
He isn't good with cats though.
Tommy loves the shell pool and loves to play.. Being still a puppy if left alone for too long he can get a bit destructive,
He is house trained and crate trained., his recall is pretty good and he is good off lead and good in the car.
This little dog just needs a home where he gets lots of love with a firm hand, possibly someone who is retired but active and is prepared to give him the time..
He will need time to settle in to his new home but once settled he is a great little dog, and will make a great loyal companion.

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Meet Chevy, she came to us from Cobar pound off death row. She is a happy go lucky dog, who seems to get on with every dog she has met so far. She also adores children, and although she is a bigger girl seems reasonably aware of her size, although has moments of puppy silliness and does forget.

She is happiest when inside with her family, and settles quite quick. Not sure if house trained, we have had one accident but believe she also had a bit of an upset tummy. She can go in her run all night and does wait until let out in the morning, which leads us to believe more than likely is at the very least semi house trained.

She walks well on a lead and rarely pulls, her foster mums walks her on a harness. She is good with her food, and sits and waits until told ‘good girl’ before eating but does sometimes forget her manners.

Her only downfall is she does need secure fencing, otherwise will take herself on an adventure (loves visiting the dog over the shorter back fence at her foster home).

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No photo for Toby


Toby has the biggest smile. He such a happy super friendly boy that you cant help but love him.
He loves people,dogs, life, and water.
Toby has been great to walk on and off lead. He doesnt go far when off lead accept will occasionally run off and play with another dog but will come back.
His biggest thing is he just loves everyone.. he is so affectionate. Lives pats and cuddles
Toby would be a great family dog with someone home . He would also benefit from training although he has the basics already..

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No photo for Scooter


What a character this little man is.. He came from the pound and has been in care for a month or more.
When he first came in he did nothing but bark at his foster mum everytime she went out to the yard to bring him in.. He wouldn't come in but just backed up and barked with his tail wagging . It didn't take long to find out that he just wanted a belly rub. So everytime he barked his foster mum kept walking up to him and he ended up on his back just waiting for something to happen. So he would get a belly rub and then he was happy to get up and come in.
I don't believe he has had the best start as his skin was terrible and he was pretty skinny and he was so timid.
Now he is delightful. Gets on with other dogs and just loves playing with them. He now loves to sleep in his crate and is starting to love good food.
He is great on the lead and in the car, loves going for walks and is good off lead.
Scooter needs to go to a home where he will get lots of love and training and socializing.

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No photo for Gypsy


gypsy was surrendered, after her puppies were given away, and the family could no longer care for her..
she had never been out of the back yard but grew up with other dogs and kids and a cat although I wouldn't trust her around cats.
She is full of energy , loves to play rough, loves water.
Once introduced to another dog she is ok with them but can be a bit dominant..
Gypsy is quite a strong dog and is strong on the lead. She will need ongoing training and socialization .At the moment she is at beechworth correctional centre getting some fine tuning..
she would be good with most family situations but will need regular walking and ongoing training.

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No photo for Ely


Ely came from Cobar a few weeks ago now.. He was one of the only ones left in the pound with no home to go so we took him.
He is a funny little character but so full of life and fun and so happy.. He loves the shell pool and when there is no water in it he will still sit in it... He is happy playing with other dogs, playing tug and generally yahooing with them.
He loves his food, he is crate trained and sleeps in his crate at night. He has been on the lead and in the car where he is fine but not brilliant on the lead. Nothing some regular walks and some training wont fix.
He doesn't jump fences and I haven't seen him dig but he has always had other dogs to play with.
I would recommend him going to a home where there is another dog he can play with.
He could do with ongoing training as well.
He is a great little dog and weighs approx. 20kgs
He hasn't been around cats . we think he is boston terrier x staffy

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No photo for Princess


Princess is just a beautiful happy go lucky bulldog that was surrendered to us along with her puppies. She is 2 to 3 yrs and has been a breeding machine. We didnt really know what she was like when she first came in and she was super unfriendly but we worked out she was scared and protecting her pups. Once again we have seen a scared unsure dog blossom and she is just the sweetest. And so happy. She is super playful, great with other dogs. Still a bit standoffish with new people but once she knows you she is your best friend. She has basic commands, walks quite well on the lead, and her recall is pretty good. She just loves to run. She is just a gorgeous girl who deserves a loving home
she loves her food and is crate trained and house trained, and good in the car. she walks well on the lead and has good recall.

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No photo for Wilbur


Meet beautiful Wilbur.
Wilbur has been in care for about 6 mths now as he came in with his sister who was twice his size.
It took a while to get him up to scratch after we thought he may have had megaoesophagus.
After several test we have since realized that he doesn't have it, and is fit and healthy and ready for his new home.
His new home will need to be experienced as he is still very timid and shy of new people and unsure of males but he is gradually learning trust and when you have that you have a very loyal dog. He is a lovely gentle boy but can be protective. He likes to be inside and likes the company of another dog or human.
He sticks with his foster mum when he can, doesn't suffer separation anxiety, loves his food and is getting better in the car. He is good on the lead.

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No photo for Roxy


Hi.. my name is Roxy and my owners left me behind when they moved. Yes I am a senior girl but still very much young at heart. I would really live a home where I am the only pet so I can get all the love and attention I deserve. I love to play ball, I live rope toys, and kongs. I come when I am called most of the time but sometimes I like to get my long first. I live to sit on the couch with you. Love trips in the car, I am a house trained and crate trained. I am happy to go for walks .

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