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Peaches is just a delight. She has been in care for a few weeks and really is ready for her new home. She is beautiful with other dogs big and small. Loves to play with other dogs, loves pats, loves cuddles loves people, is good with kids but not sure about cats.
She is good in the car, is good on the lead, she is crate trained and doesn't bark much.. Peaches however must be an inside dog as she just loves it.
She will go outside after she has checked out there is no food left over anywhere, and when she comes in she goes into her crate.
She loves food and will do anything for it. Peaches is a beautiful girl and deserves a loving home where she will be taken to training and get lots of socialization with other dogs.
she would great with another dog or by herself but she needs someone that doesn't work and will give her what she needs,.

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Rose came to us because her owner couldn't care for her medical needs. After she spent some time at the vets getting treatment he decided to surrender her so she could get the care she needed.
She is a beautiful girl of about 3yrs old and has dry eye, which we have been treating and it is now under control and her eyes are looking great.
She is very sweet and gentle and loves cuddles and pats. Her recall is not too bad and she does pull a bit on the lead but she just needs a bit more training..
She is very playful and great with other dogs. Rose is house trained and crate trained., she has a beautiful happy nature and would make a great family dog.
She will just need regular eye ointment daily to maintain the health of her eyes.

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Meet Beau who is a staffy x around 2yrs old and he is just such a great dog.
Since he has been in care his personality has started to come out.
He was super quiet, super sweet and was unsure of the world but he has really started to show his true colours and I love them.
When he first came into care he didn't really react to anything, no tail wags, nothing. Now we get the tail wag, the happy to see you smile, and some life has come into this boy.. He is starting to play with the other foster dogs and is quite social which is great to see
He has been crated at night but and when he wants out he will bark.
He loves people and when he gets excited he does tend to jump but that is getting a lot better.
He doesn't jump fences and doesn't dig. He is pretty good in the car but barks if you leave him there for too long. He loves his walks and so far hasn't reacted to anything on his walks.
He knows basic manners and will sit when asked. He is happy outside when he has another dog for company but when he wants in , he lets you know
Beau will make a great companion and family member but not for someone that works full time .He loves to go for walks, and would rather go places with his family than be left at home by himself.

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Please meet Hunter. He is a kelpie x . He is your typical pup that has little training but he is coming good.
He sleeps in a crate at night and has the odd accident. He has had the odd accident inside but he is only young and is basically pretty good
He loves other dogs and is quite submissive. He loves to play but he loves his bit of quiet time too. He is good inside and will often just lay at your feet. He is pretty good in the car and walks quite well on the lead although he does need more training. He does chase the ball but doesn't always bring it back though..
This little fella will need ongoing trainging and socialization. Puppy school would be highly recommended . He hasn't spent a lot of time around young children but he has a lovely gentle nature.
He would love nothing more than his own home where he will gets lots of cuddle time on the couch .

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Colin is a Kelpie x Border Collie 5-6 month old pup.
Colin along with his brother was the last of a litter that dodged a bullet & found himself safe
in care with Wodonga Dog Rescue.
Colin is a classic energetic working breed pup whom will require continued guidance &
training to ensure his needs are being met.
His curious & adventurous nature suggests he'll turn into a beautiful life-time companion &
not a dog to just be plonked in the back yard.
During Colin’s stay with his foster guardians, he is continuing his habitualisation &
socialisation training. This means lots of initial exposure to new 'things' that are structured
& positive to help assist Colin in becoming a sound & solid life-time companion.
Colin is one confident & cool little dude. He is extremely intelligent & super energetic. Just
offering daily physical exercise won't suffice. Like any young working breed pup, Colin will
also require mental stimulation, possibly in the form of trick training/obedience type
activities & on-going guidance & leadership.
Colin currently lives in a very active house-hold with 2 humans, 2 felines & 2 canines. His
current regime is physical exercise, obedience & life-skills training every other day.
During the week, Colin gets to go to his foster carers work on a farm where he gets to
meet other folks & practice crate training & being alone. Colin is crate trained & is an
inside outside dog. Inside rules are sitting on his bed. We are currently embarking on his
leash skills for walking & learning not to chase his feline sister & brother.
Colin would suit an active household with people that have had prior experience & a sound
understanding of living with working type breeds dogs.

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Bonnie is a mixed breed about 8 months old has a soft coat with a coarser strip running along her back.Everyone who meets her is taken with her beautiful nature.She came in to rescue very timid but she is becoming a cheeky fun loving and happy dog.She is wary of some people but once she realises they will not hurt her she smooches.

Bonnie lives with other dogs amicably and will need a doggie companion .She will need on going confidence building and to attend dog training .She was not house trained but is learning quickly.Loves going out in the car and is enjoying exploring new places.Bonnie is looking for a patient fun loving forever home to ensure she continues to blossom.

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My name is Eddy. I am a Red Heeler and I’m still young. I’m currently living with other dogs and cats and teenage humans. I get along with the other dogs that live here but I can be a little dominant over them and would really prefer to have my very own human that I don’t have to share as I like to have all the attention. I’m not too bad with the cats but it’s better that I am supervised while I am around them and I wouldn’t trust me 100%. I’m pretty good with the teenage humans I live with too but don’t give me an inch because I’ll take a mile. I am full of energy but I do love some one on one pats and cuddles when I calm down for the day.

I am proud to say I’m fully house trained and I am crated inside at night at my foster home as I do like to bark a little bit, it’s in my nature so I’d really prefer a home that is going to welcome me inside especially on these cold night. I’m very happy in my crate it’s my own little castle I get a treat every night and off I go to sleep till my foster Mum leaves in the morning for work.

I love toys - the noisier the better and I’m a huge ball fan or even an empty bottle with a few treats in it is awesome fun. I don’t share too well with others which is why I’d prefer my own home with all my own things. I have basic commands down pat but being young and a red heeler pup I still like to push the boundaries and would be really be suited to someone who knows the heeler breed and understands our quirky little ways and is going to continue with my training. I can be a little reactive and a tiny bit fearful of strangers and would really need to be kept well socialised with the two and four legged varieties so this doesn’t become an issue. If you think you’d like to meet me please contact Peta on

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Yet another Buddy.. Yes we could change it but he knows his name and everyone refers to their best mate as buddy so we will keep it.
This boy was surrendered because his home split and moved and they couldn't keep him in.. He is an escapee given the chance but all he wants is to be inside with his family in the warmth.. He doesn't like the cold..
Since he has been in foster he is really settled and is such a happy dog.
He is on acres and just loves it.. he doesn't wander off and he you cant see him just one whistle and he is there. His recall is fantastic. He is also very obedient and will stop what he is doing as soon he is given the voice. If he is outside with his foster mum he will just hang around and is her little shadow.
He is quite settled inside but he really doesn't like being outside. He is a very quiet little man and just loves people. He has been good with other dogs and loves to play with toys and will happily play by himself, throwing the toy around. He is good on the lead, and good in the car..
Buddy just wants his very own home where someone is home most of the time and can take him with them places. He is also good with kids.
when he first came into foster he didn't like being crated but now he is great.. he will happily sleep and you don't hear from him until the morning when he is ready to go out.

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Winny was surrendered to us a few weeks ago as her family didn't have time for her.
she is 12 mths old german wirehair pointer
So far she has been great while in care.. She has socialized well with other dogs, is house trained and crate trained.
She can be standoffish with people when she first meets them.
Loves her walks but haven't had her off lead. She needs to go to someone that is familiar with the breed and a home that is going to fill her needs. She loves to chase the ball, and will bring it back. She is interested in kangaroos that she can see through the fence but she makes no attempt to chase them or jump farm fences. She rarely barks. She just needs to go to the right home.
I recommend she goes to either a family with older children or a farm.

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