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This beautiful boy was left at the pound.. He is a delightful boy and great with other dogs.. He loves his people too. At the moment he is foster on land and although most of the time he is good , if you aren't outside with him he has wandered off a couple of times so he really needs to be somewhere where he has good fences and someone at home quite a bit.
He is excellent inside and is house trained and crate trained. He is still young and puppyish as he loves to play rough with a pup in foster.. He can be a little unsure of some adult male dogs but he normally doesn't have a problem with anything.
He isn't in foster with cats so that is unknown.
Benson is very quiet and even in the pound he just looked with those big sad eyes without any noise.
He will need some training and socialization but he does have the basics..

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Hi, I am Star, but sometimes I get called Billie, because I am a silly billy. I need a new home. Do you have a spare spot on your couch and some water, and maybe even another dog to play with?

I am very spoilt here. So I need to be pretty spoilt in my forever home, because I deserve it! I am house trained, although I have a doggy door, I sleep through the night so I could get used to living without one. I like to lie on the couch, and be part of the family. I need to be an important part of your life, and be included rather than just looking at you through the back door.

Have I mentioned water yet? I love water. So if you have a dam I’d be in heaven, if you don’t, I will also take a shell pool. I currently have several shell pools that I like to play and splash in, and there was a bathtub that was used as a pond. It has been my favourite hangout. My Mum hasn’t seen the fish for a while, so sorry guys, I think I might have spent too much time playing in there.
I walk really well on a lead – sometimes I can get excited and pull, but my carer says I am really good for my size, and ongoing training will help. But majority of the time, I actually walk behind her just following along. I live with a few other dogs, and have been lucky enough to go to day-care, so I am very well socialised and great with other dogs. When I was first in care I got really defensive around my food, so I just get fed separately.
When I arrived, I didn’t know much – not even sit! But I am getting so much better at my manners and have learned a lot of words. The only thing my carer says I need to learn now is to not clear the bench for her when she’s not around. Apparently this kind of help isn’t needed. But I haven’t destroyed anything I shouldn’t.
I’m still quite young, but well past the puppy stage, and very eager to please, so easy to train. I have already learned a lot in a short period of time. I travel well in the car, and am really affectionate and smoochy. I do like to let out a woof (and apparently it is deep and scary sounding) when people arrive I meet new people, but seriously, I’m just saying hello! I’m a sweetheart.
If you think you might be the right home and the right fit for me, get in touch!

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Tank along with his brother was surrendered after they were left behind when the family moved.
We are not really sure about the breed but there is something scruffy in there and they are going to be big boys.
Tank is just delightful. He is very quiet but playful with other dogs. He is crate trained and almost house trained although he does still have accidents..He does love his food so will be easy to train.
He is learning basic commands and how to walk on the lead but he will need follow up training and ongoing socialization as he is still a baby.
He loves being inside so where ever he goes he must be allowed inside and he does sleep in a crate at night.

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skipper is a little Ripper.
He was abandoned in the back yard and eventually ended up in the pound where no one claimed him so we did.
After a month or more of little interaction with anyone he was pretty excited once he came into foster care , to the point he jumped and nipped.
He has learnt that isn't the way to get on the good side of people. skipper has really tried to please and is going so well. He will sit and is learning to drop. He walks quite well on the lead and is obedient most of the time but sometimes the puppy comes out.. He is in foster with other dogs and is great with them and loves to play. He obviously hasn't been in the car much as he needs coaxing to get but once in he is fine..Nipper is a loving dog who needs a fun loving home where he will not be left alone too long.He is always checking his human is ok and needs an active forever human.He is house trained and crate trained has good recall.Very exuberant but is learning not to jump up . With consistent training will be an incredible loyal companion.
He is crate trained and almost house trained as he wasn't used to being inside before he came into care. He is great off lead and his recall is really good. He is now in foster with smaller dogs and a couple of cats and he loves to play with the little dogs and although he ignores the cats sometimes he can get a bit rough with both.
He is a great dog and will make a great family member with an active family that wants a new loyal , loving dog. Maybe not good around toddlers as he can be a bit boisterous when he gets excited.
He would fit well into an active family that will walk him everday and possibly another dog to play with

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Such a stunning girl. Born 6th Dec 2016 so still learning . She wont get bigger than she is now 38kg. We feel she is a little over weight so she is on a slight diet to get her to about 33-35kg. Not a fan of the vets and weigh-in but getting better with more experience and treats.

Has basic manners. Sits waiting for food, No snatching when given treats, Away when people are eating, Gentle when getting too boistrous. she also knows NO and Leave it. So quick to learn and eager to please.

She came into care June 2017 and has been with us since 5th Oct 17. When we got her and she was scared of everything. People, noises, food, the lead, the car. It took her a few days to warm up and settle in and we learned she's not keen on being closed in, so food bowl is in lounge room -space.

Likes the car now and has been on holidays so she handles long trips as well as new places and people. Still has some way to go but it is easy to just get her out walking and getting into new adventures.

Has no problems with thunder but some loud noises may startle her.

She loves to be called 'Good girl' or 'Silly girl' ,and if shown what areas she is allowed in from day one, she seems to understand and be a little timid in the 'out-of-bounds' areas.

Is wonderful with other dogs but can be a bit pushy when her food runs out and there is more in other bowls but never aggressive.

Likes to put your fingers in her mouth to welcome you home or play, a bit slimy but no biting.

She has spent a bit of time around young children (6 and 9)and was fantastic. Being young though, supervision should always be there.

Walking on a short lead is better for Silly, if given a long lead she likes to pull and be bossy.

Untested with cats but does have a love for chasing the other dogs so could be an issue.

Very food motivated and intelligent so will be easily trained.

Loves snuggles and playing with her people.

Boundries need to be set and routines made so she knows where she stands. Does not like yelling but gets the message with a 'disappointed' tone.

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Billy and his brother Tank were surrendered a few weeks ago and I must say he is the most delightful pup.
He is bull arab x bulldog and so quiet and lay back and just a real cuddle pot. He is still a puppy and doesn't quite know his size so when he jumps up it can be a bit daunting for a small child. We are working on this but he isn't quite getting it yet.
He isn't fully housetrained or crate trained but he is so much better than he was. He loves pats and cuddles and hasn't got a mean bone in his body.
I haven't heard him bark or whine, but when he wants to come in he just sits and looks at you with his big sooky eyes..
He isn't good taking treats yet but that just needs consistent training. He will need puppy school or dog training sessions and ongoing socialization.. even another friend to live with..
He is pretty good on the lead and in the car, and great with other dogs.
He is at a good age to go onto his forever home. He can't go to a home with full time workers.

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This little darling came into care a little while ago and was scared of everything but she has been exposed to lots of new things and lots of dogs and has come out of her shell to the point where she is ready to go to her new home. She will need to go to dog training and she will need ongoing socialisation as she thrives on company of other dogs.
Pip is crate trained and pretty much house trained although she still leaves the odd puddle and because she is still a pup she shouldn't be left unsupervised inside and she loves to explore.
She has a delightful happy personality but still gets upset when growled at but she gets over it pretty quicky.
she loves pats and cuddles and walks although some things still worry her a bit on the walks.
At the moment she isn't comfortable in the car but that is just a matter of experience and more trips.
she has basic manners and will sit for treats.
Pip will not suit someone that works full time. and probably older children . She will need time put into her so if you don't have the time or are not prepared to then Pip is not the pup for you.

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Hi, my name is Koda, yes I am lovable and super friendly, obedient (well-mostly)— that does need to be negotiated at times and yes, kibble and other treats do come into play!! That's where I flash my beautiful green eyes and am at my cutest. Really I am very well behaved.
I pass my time chasing a ball and going for interesting walks — prefer an interesting long walk with occasional social interaction and yeh with people as well particularly when they admire, pat, and cuddle me.
I have a lot of love to offer and would very much fit with a loving family home. I'm super friendly with other dogs. My best friends Max and Preston have already been adopted). We played in the year and even took our humans for a walk with us- some times.
I promise that you adopt me I will always love you and your family and be grateful to be part of your family.
I forgot to mention that I am good around children.
So really, as the complete package (modest obviously) how can you resist?
Cheers Koda

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Deni is a sweet girl and after recovering from a stint in pound being thin and desexing her true

personality is showing.Loves checking out every inch of the place and runs around in a sedate way.She is cattle dog x kelpie and has many cattle dog characteristics.She was thought to be eight but may be

older however she has become livelier with better health..Lives with other dogs but has those she dislikes.

She needs secure fences but not a jumper but any small gap will attempt to go under or through.Arthritis has set in so will

need on going supplements and warmth in winter.She must live inside.Not cat friendly .

She would suit somebody home a lot who is looking for a loyal companion that loves car trips .Deni really is

a sweet dog looking for a loving forever home.

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This beautiful happy go lucky girl came into rescue some months ago and was extremely shy and nervous of new people.. but she has turned into the most social loveable dog. Everyone that meets her loves her.
She loves other dogs and will play with the best of them..She doesn't jump fences, or dig or jump.. She loves playing the with the ball or toys of any kind and will happily play by herself throwing them in the air and catching them. She loves sqeaky toys too.. Skylar is good in the car and loves water, she loves her walks and is pretty good on the lead,
In fact skylar just loves life; and is a pleasure to have in foster care.
She has a bit of bulldog in her we think but not quite sure.
skyla would love another young dog to play with or someone that is active and prepared to spend quality time with her.
she is house trained and crate trained and is great inside.

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