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Leo is one special boy. He came into rescue one very chilled out dude. He is always pretty relaxed, but has started coming out of his shell with more confidence with his foster brothers and sister, he currently lives with 3 other dogs and enjoys spending time with the pack.

He’s been starting games first lately, he likes to play with the ball and play tug. He has such a calm nature though, when you tell him the game is over, he does look up at you with the look of ‘well why?’ But he listens, and responds well. He sits, waits, is gentle with his food. He travels well in the car, and also in the tray of the ute. He enjoys the dog park and going to the lake with his foster brothers, but so far he isn’t too keen on swimming, he would much rather just go in up to his knees.

He is good with other dogs and puppies, good with people and kids, loves pats and cuddles and isn’t afraid to ask for more by ‘booping’ you with his head. He is a good inside or outside dog, but of course loves it inside to find a comfy spot to chill out. He sleeps inside at his foster house, he isn’t a barker, he sleeps well through the night.

He’s settled in here very well, and is looking for his new home to settle in now. Leo hopes to find a home with another dog, so he has company all the time.

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Striker is a 12yo beautiful boy, although surrendered as a Border Colie x Kelpie, he shows behavours of being a Labrador mix - his love of food and water. He’s black with a white splash over his chest. He’s active for his age but is a little stiff of a morning. He’s done very well on canine 4cyte for joint mobility and it would be worth keeping this up in his forever home.

He’s a gentle old soul who is just as happy outside as inside now that he knows what inside is. He doesn’t require much exercise (a 30min gentle walk 3-4 times a week would be fine).

He doesn’t fret when his foster family leave him for work and he gets on well with his foster siblings. He can be food possessive around other dogs but never with humans. Originally he had to learn not to chase the cat at his foster family’s home. There’s no malice or intent to hurt the cat, however he now co-shares the home with the cat peacefully.

Despite being hard of hearing, his visual recall is brilliant and he is happiest stretched out on carport near his people.

This gentle old dog is a beautiful soul who deserves a loving retirement.

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Max is an excitable and playful boy, if there is a game happening he loves to be in right in the thick of it! He loves attention and doesn't mind asking for it, he can be talkative. He just wants love and attention, and to be the best friend he can be. He is good with people and other dogs. Max is a great fella, with some one on one time he will make a fantastic new mate. He loves to chase the ball , just loves the soccer ball and loves the hose.
he is a really smart boy and just need stimulation and someone that is going to put the time into him and take him to training.

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Lizzy is attentive, playful and sweet, she loves attention and pats, and chasing the ball!
She is super friendly with other dogs although she comes across as unsure when she first meets a new dog.
She has been in foster with several other dogs big, small , male, female and puppies and has been great with all of them.. Lizzy just loves people and cuddles and just wants to hang out with you.
She is crate trained and house trained, is ok in the car although she hasn't been on many road trips. She does pull a bit on the lead to start with but does enjoy her walks. She is an inside/outside dog and would just love a family of her own.

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Bonnie is a mixed breed about 8 months old has a soft coat with a coarser strip running along her back.Everyone who meets her is taken with her beautiful nature.She came in to rescue very timid but she is becoming a cheeky fun loving and happy dog.She is wary of some people but once she realises they will not hurt her she smooches.

Bonnie lives with other dogs amicably and will need a doggie companion .She will need on going confidence building and to attend dog training .She was not house trained but is learning quickly.Loves going out in the car and is enjoying exploring new places.Bonnie is looking for a patient fun loving forever home to ensure she continues to blossom.

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My name is Eddy. I am a Red Heeler and I’m still young. I’m currently living with other dogs and cats and teenage humans. I get along with the other dogs that live here but I can be a little dominant over them and would really prefer to have my very own human that I don’t have to share as I like to have all the attention. I’m not too bad with the cats but it’s better that I am supervised while I am around them and I wouldn’t trust me 100%. I’m pretty good with the teenage humans I live with too but don’t give me an inch because I’ll take a mile. I am full of energy but I do love some one on one pats and cuddles when I calm down for the day.

I am proud to say I’m fully house trained and I am crated inside at night at my foster home as I do like to bark a little bit, it’s in my nature so I’d really prefer a home that is going to welcome me inside especially on these cold night. I’m very happy in my crate it’s my own little castle I get a treat every night and off I go to sleep till my foster Mum leaves in the morning for work.

I love toys - the noisier the better and I’m a huge ball fan or even an empty bottle with a few treats in it is awesome fun. I don’t share too well with others which is why I’d prefer my own home with all my own things. I have basic commands down pat but being young and a red heeler pup I still like to push the boundaries and would be really be suited to someone who knows the heeler breed and understands our quirky little ways and is going to continue with my training. I can be a little reactive and a tiny bit fearful of strangers and would really need to be kept well socialised with the two and four legged varieties so this doesn’t become an issue. If you think you’d like to meet me please contact Peta on

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meet tucker who came into care from cobar.. He is a 18mth old possibly stag x staffy as he has the looks of a staffy but has a rough coat all the way down his back.
Tucker is a very quiet, unassuming fellow with loads of personality that is showing more everyday. He should be called shadow because that's what he is.. He loves to stick by his foster mum but he is so quiet you wouldn't even know he was there.
He is extremely loyal and has great recall. He is on property at the moment and he doesn't wander off anywhere. He will come down the paddock to feed the horses and pays no attention to them. There is kangaroos jumping around and he doesn't even look at them. He just wants to please.
He would be best suited to someone on property that wants a mate to hang out with. He can jump fences but he doesn't go anywhere when he does. He is a really smart boy that is fantastic with other dogs big and small , is low maintenance and just loves to please. He walks well on the lead, his recall is fantastic and he is good in the car.
Tucker is just a really sweet boy that wants to please and wants to be with you ..

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this beautiful little girl came in at 6 weeks old.. too young to be away from mum but she has learned to be social with the other foster dogs big and small and also learned some manners. She sits and waits for her treats. She is also crate trained
Penny responds to her name well and her recall is pretty good for a pup. She isn't quite house trained but she is getting there. She just loves other dogs and like most puppies, she just loves to play.Being a pup she loves to chew. Penny spends quite a lot of time inside but loves to go out too.
she is pretty good in the car. she knows how to walk on a lead and will sit for treats.
She needs to go to a home where someone is home a lot , preferably a family that wants to include her family outings and is prepared to take her to training. She would also be better with another older dog that will play with her.
She is a beautiful gentle little girl ,has a sweet nature and has just come along so well in foster.

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Bless this little girl Mary.. she came through the pound like a lot of unwanted puppies do and she was scared of the world. Mary is a bull terrier x heeler and around 7mths old.. She has been introduced to chooks and after the initial meeting, she has learned to ignore them. She has also been around horses and other animals and has been great. At the moment she is learning not to be scared of people and she is blossoming.. She now comes to voice , with a reward at the end. She is fantastic in her crate as that he little safe spot, She is crate trained and house trained, she is great on the lead and is now great off lead ( with another dog at the moment). she loves pats and just wants to please you.
She is good in the car, doesn't bark much and is just a pleasure. Mary loves playing with other dogs too. Her favourite spot at the moment is to sit onto of the rubbish in the wheel barrow.
Mary would be a great addition to any home where she can be part of the family and given the time to settle in..

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Bella came to us originally through the pound a few years ago and we rehomed to a lovely family that at the time lived in town and the mother was home full time with young children.. since then the family moved onto property and the lady of the household went back to full time work.. Poor Bella hasn't coped very well being a staffy.
After exhausting all avenues and getting threats from the neighbours, the family has reluctantly made the decision to return her.
Bella, needs to be in a home where there is someone home a fair bit and better than farm fences.
She has been around kids for the last few years and loves the family life. She is house trained and good around other dogs once introduced. She has been living with a little dog with no problems.
Bella is a little darling and just needs the right home.

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