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meet roger. He is a bull arab x around 14mths old and has been in care for some months now.
He started to show soreness in his front leg which showed on xray mild arthritic changes..
He has been on natural anti-inflammatories for about a month and he has showed marked improvement so he would possibly need to be on these for quite some time.
He is a lovely boy and very friendly. He loves pats and cuddles and he loves the water although he doesn't like the hose much ..He is good with most dogs and he is an inside/outside dog. roger is very quiet , doesn't dig or jump fences, but he does love his walk..
roger is crate trained as well.

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Lizzy is attentive, playful and sweet, she loves attention and pats, and chasing the ball!
She is super friendly with other dogs although she comes across as unsure when she first meets a new dog.
She has been in foster with several other dogs big, small , male, female and puppies and has been great with all of them.. Lizzy just loves people and cuddles and just wants to hang out with you.
She is crate trained and house trained, is ok in the car although she hasn't been on many road trips. She does pull a bit on the lead to start with but does enjoy her walks. She is an inside/outside dog although more inside than out. and would just love a family of her own.
she has the sweetest nature and all she wants to do is hang out with her foster mum.
she is excellent off the lead and has acre,s to hang out in but never wonders..

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this boy is a very quiet gentle dog that would suit a home with no other pets.
He is a 5yo shar pai x and is a lovely boy. He is good on lead but needs more training with off lead work. at the moment he is in beechworth correctional centre and doing really well.
he doesn't jump fences or dig, he rarely barks, is very accommodating and would make a great pet.
However at this stage he couldn't be let off lead
He is house trained and pretty good in the car.
Razor is just a lovely boy waiting for his permanent home and would be a good companion that wants a dog to take for walks and sit around home.

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Blue is a gorgeous 1yr old male kelpie. He is large in size, so could be a kelpie X .💕💕
He can be timid at times in certain situations and needy. But overall a really happy contented dog with the best nature.
He is great off lead but can pull on lead and is quite strong. He is very friendly and social with people and other dogs of varying ages. He is good around cats. Great in the car. Just loves the water and you will often find him sitting in the shell pool. He doesn’t bark at night. He is very good inside and is very quiet and obedient.
Ideally he would be best suited to a home with another dog for company. He would thrive with regular exercise and just being with his family to be the best a kelpie can be.

He is a very loving  boy and deserves the best home. 🐾❤️

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My name is Ada. I am a Staffy X and I am about 6 years old, with a muscly build. I am tan/brown/white in colour and have a similar appearance to a tiger. I am currently living with an older Labrador who is 12 years young and get along well with her. I get along well with other dogs and humans that I meet in the park. I am not sure if I am friendly with cats as I haven’t encountered one as yet.
Despite being 6 years old, I am still full of energy and love to go for walks in the park and chasing the birds. I love playing with others at the park but can be a bit rough so play time can be shortened quickly at times. I love being let off the lead and have a great recall when I hear my name and also know the basic sit and stay commands. I also love playing ball in the backyard but am not sure if I can share my ball. My housemate, the older Lab, doesn’t move around much so generally the ball is mine all the time. I may be full of energy when someone throws the ball for me, but I also know when to have some down time which calls for some cuddles and pats. I love the attention like most of my canine friends do! I am also great in the car so you can take me anywhere for some exciting adventures.
I comfortably sleep outside in the garage with my fellow Lab friend in a comfy soft bed (we sometimes share beds). You barely hear a noise out of me both day and night, so I am a very quiet boy.
I look forward to meal times as my foster parents give me both breakfast and dinner. But when it comes to feeding me I do not like to share my food so I prefer to eat alone or be separated from others. I do love my food each and every time though, because food is delicious of course!
As mentioned previously, I do love the ball and also any other toys basically. I love being surrounded by things that I can chew as I tend to chew the bedding that my foster parents have provided me, especially at night time.
I would be best suited for a fairly active, loving, caring family who would be willing to give me some one on one time every day.
PLEASE NOTE: Angel is only listed as available for interstate adoption based on the current location on the VIC/NSW border. Ada will not be place on transport for adoption.

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Sox is a friendly 8mth old husky x that was left at the pound.
She is friendly with other dogs, she was living with cats for a short time and wasn't concerned about them.
she is crate trained and almost house trained, she is good with puppies, she is good inside and loves her food.
Sox has basic training although her recall isn't the best at this stage but she is still just a pup. She is pretty good on the lead and is good around kids.
She hasn't chewed anything and she just loves the water .
Sox would do well with another playful dog .

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chief has been in care for sometime on and off. He needs a special home. He is a fantastic dog, great around other dogs fantastic with recall, manners, car travelling inside, outside, on lead and off lead .
He needs to go to a farm where he can have free range as he is great with cats, not worried about horses or kangaroos etc. he is only locked up at night or when no one is home but he doesn't wander and I cant see him he is usually in the car or down at the dam swimming.
He has had the odd aversion to one or two people so he needs someone that can manage him. He is an awesome watch dog too. He has been with his carer now for roughly 6 mths and people have come and go and he has been great with everyone.. in the right home he would be fantastic

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Meet Stevie.
Stevie is a heeler x possible staffy around 3-4yrs old. He looks like he has had a very sad life and he was full of fleas and had half his face hanging off when the ranger picked him up
The discoloration from the fleas is still on him and even after 3 washes the stain is pretty tough.
His face has healed up beautifully.
He is good with other dogs but doesn't really know how to play with them.. He just seems to hang around them. He is crate trained and just loves to go for walks. He is outside and inside during the day and inside at night in a crate and is crate trained.
If you raise your hands or a broom he will drop to the ground and to the belly crawl, He will take treats around other dogs but in his crate his food is his and don't come near
He is getting better. At first he didn't like being patted or touched while eating but now he is tolerant.
Stevie is just a delight though and with some kind treatment and someone who cares about him he will make a great pet.. and although he is still unsure of some things, he is a very gentle boy, I haven't heard him bark at all .
He loves nothing more than to climb on the couch with you and give lots of kisses and loves lots of pats. He pretty much ignores the cats he has met and is just great around puppies.

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