No photo for Chancey


My name is Chancey. I love to play, my fav game is playing chasy through the tunnel and up the scratch post. My mortal enemy is tassels, they must be attacked & played with.
I eat a lot and am happy with any food not fussy. I like to watch tv and curl up in your lap, greys anatomy and the walking dead are the best shows.
I use the litter tray and am very clean. I live with other foster kitties. Not sure about dogs and children but give me a chance and I’ll win your heart.
I may be shy to start with, but the cuddliest times are at night & first thing in the morning. Any other time I’m too busy with cat business

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No photo for Dash


Dash and his brother have a strong bond and can be a little she at first. We do believe that Dash will be ok on his own with his own family though provided he has the time to settle in. He is playful but also loves to sleep snuggled up with someone. Suit family with kids 7+.a house that is a little quiter.

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No photo for Millie


Meet the gorgeous Milly she’s nearly 2 yrs old. 🐾❤️ She is the quietest lady, who loves to wander around & do her own thing. She’s the friendliest cat. She loves to give lots of kisses, head butts and is very affectionate. She gets on really well with other cats and is gradually getting used to the dogs. She is very confident and just fits in comfortably in her surroundings. 💕 her favourite toy is the feather boa or something dangly.
She is a good groomer & likes to make sure her glorious coat is always neat & looked after, but she would love someone to give her a brush at times. She is litter trained as well.She is a lucky gal who was discovered in a kind strangers garage and came into rescue to have her babies safely. It’s now Millie’s turn to have her own family.

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No photo for Flash


Flash can be a little shy at first but will warm up to you if given the time. He likes to snooze and then play, typical kitten, loves his food and is litter trained.

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No photo for Poh


Hi I’m Poh. I am super affectionate & love to sleep lap, chest, neck, arms, basically wherever I can. I love getting scratches & tummy rubs I cant get enough, I purr like crazy. My foster mum calls me wobble butt, because when I’m walking up to her I always wobble my butt & tail. I have a great appetite & love any type of food. I love to eat, play & cuddle. The scratching tower is an awesome playground. I can see the whole world from up there. My foster siblings like to play & chase as well. I use the litter as well. There’s no dogs or children here so I’m not sure how I would be with them, but I’m still little & can learn to be around them.

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No photo for Snowy


Hi all, my name is Snowy. I am looking for a human lap to call my own. I am super friendly, love a chat & lap catch up when your home. I eat anything you would like to spoil me with. As you can see by my photos, I like high spots in the house, I can see everything that's happening from up there. I'm a good jumper too. I can leap from shelf to couch & I'm so graceful.I have lovely trills & purrs for when I'm getting a good chin scratch. I use my litter. Unfortunately I got surrended by my previous human, due to personal reasons.

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No photo for Gracie


Gracie has a beautiful personality & is super nosey, wants to be into everything we do. If she can’t get to you she will barge her way through, & want to take all your attention. Gracie has a mind of her own & will do as she pleases. After all she is the Queen of the house.
Gracie makes cute little quirky sounds. She doesn’t seem to be able to Meow, so she lets you know what she wants in other ways.
She will come & plonk on your lap for hugs & a sleep. She a big purrer & loves a body rub that much she rolls around because she can’t get enough, she has a beautiful black & white coat that’s as soft as silk.
She is very playful & loves to play with lids. She sleeps in the hammock so she has full view of everything.
It will take a little time for her to trust you, shes very wary to begin with, but over time she will rule the household & her love will come easy.
Gracie would thrive in a home with other cats or alone, children of any age. She would fit most homes, Gracie is not dog friendly.

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No photo for Turbo


Turbo is the cheeky one of the litter. He loves to play, always the one getting in to mischief and loves a cuddle. Sit down for a bit & he'll come and cuddle for as long as he can. His fav toys aren't expensive, a toilet roll (empty of course) to roll around is fine or the stick thing with a feather boa to chase. He has the loudest rattle and he’s a great listener. Loves to help in the kitchen...where the food is of course. He uses his litter & is not fussy with his food.

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