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Hi there, Bear is my name. And a have a huge personality to match. I came in with my sister and she was lucky to get adopted. I love hanging out with my cat friends at my carers place. She even has dogs visit which I like to chase and play with. I find cardboard tastes great, will find a toy out of anything. Toilet rolls with or without paper is so much fun. I love cuddles and bedtime is my fav time to spend with you. Cats, dogs & kids are all cool to me. Anyone who will pay attention to me. But make sure your ear phones and charger are away from me. Litter trained, not a fussy eater it love cuddles and attention.

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This boy is such a beautiful young boy! Affection plus. He loves to be with anyone in our family. Loves to ve picked up or he will plonk himself on you for a smooch & some lovin. He will sleep on our pillow under the covers & puts his paw on my face & purrrrrs us to sleep. He loves to play with feathery toys & the other Kittens in our home. He takes a little time to blend in with other Cats, but when he is.. Its fun time. Trippa loves Cat milk & fresh meats are his favourite. He is fully litter trained.
If your looking for a companion furry friend who just loves your attention and affection, look no further.. Trippa is the boy for you.

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Coco is a little quieter than her siblings she like to sit back & take things in. She is still an active, inquisitive Kitten getting into mischief with her siblings.
Coco loves to share her foster mums meals, if shes not sitting next to her plate, shes sitting on her shoulders ready to share.
Coco lives with other cats, Dogs & Birds, so she would fit with anyone who has other animals. She would thrive in a family with young children. She loves meal times and is fully litter trained.

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Nate is a happy fun loving boy. He loves to play with his siblings & will still go off and play on his own. Nate lives with other Cats and Dogs. .....

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No photo for Furby


Furby has alot of love to give. She is reserved and shy at first until she gets to know you and then she will always want your love and affection. She is a purrer and just seeing you makes her happy and purr. She LOVES her food. Furby is an old soul and although she is quit young she will suit a home with an older couple preferably with no small kids. She would also prefer to be the only pet as she wants to get all the attention and give you all her attention. Furby is really calm and will love nothing more than to cuddle on the couch with you. Furby also has a super soft coat and will need regular brushing which she loves.

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Cheetah is not recommended for the first time cat owner but once you've won her trust and adoration she will shower you with affection... on her terms 
She needs a quiet, stable environment to gain the
confidence she needs to blossom into the sweet little girl everyone here at WDR has come to know. She would best be suited to a household without children and preferably with at least one of her humans home for most of the day. There isn't an aggressive bone in her body but she can be skittish when there are changes to her routine and needs a human who will understand her need for time and space, somewhere out of the way she can retreat to whenever she needs some time out
When she's ready for cuddles she does some crazy
gymnastics moves in your lap and then likes to drape herself across your lap and the arm of the chair, with her head hanging down the side, just like a wild Cheetah lounging in a tree. She is cat friendly, loves to play with long dangly toys and enjoys running through the cat tunnel during zoomie time
Cheetah has gorgeous spotty markings on her body and a jawline highlighted in white and tawny brown giving her an unusual and stunning profile. She loves her wet food and has just discovered being hand fed little dry treats and now comes running when she hears the packet rattle. She will make a loving addition to a home willing to give her time and space to be herself

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No photo for Skitch


Is a loveable young man. He loves a tummy rub & good scratch behind his ears, & will purr away happily.
He gets along with other cats & loves to have a play before taking himself to bed. Skitchy has grown up to be a polite chap. He has a beautiful personality. Skitchy would be happy with other cats, or alone. He would also be happy with children of all ages. I would exclude a home with dogs.

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Angel Adoption Fee $65

Once she knows you and feels safe Angel is a friendly girl who will come to you for a fuss, she is loving, but is not keen on constant petting or being picked up and carried around, new owners should respect this. Here she has been friendly and enjoys being gently stroked, but is not an overly cuddly cat and has her independent side too. Angel is not very keen on other cats so preferably would like to live somewhere where there are not too many neighbouring cats Angel is a sweet little lady with lots of potential, she needs a home where she will be allowed to have her own space and independence, but have some fussing and interaction when she wants it.

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It takes a little time for her to trust you, shes very weary to begin with, but over time she will let you know you have earned her trust. She will come & plonk on your lap for hugs & a sleep. She a big purrer & loves a body rub that much she rolls around because she can’t get enough, she has a beautiful black & white coat that’s as soft as silk. Gracie makes cute little quirky sounds. She doesn’t seem to be able to Meow, so she lets you know what she wants in other ways.
Gracie is super nosey, wants to be into everything we do. If she can’t get to you she will barge her way through, & want to take all your attention. Gracie has a mind of her own & will do as she pleases. After all she is the Queen of the house. She is very playful & loves to play with lids. She sleeps in the hammock so she has full view of everything. Gracie has a beautiful personality & would thrive in a home with other cats or alone, children of any age. She would fit most homes, Gracie is not dog friendly.

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No photo for Rhody


This is Rhody. He's a real
snuggler and loves nothing more than curling up on the bed. Very vocal and has been well handled. Adores the dogs and is very social with them.

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