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It takes a little time for her to trust you, shes very weary to begin with, but over time she will let you know you have earned her trust. She will come & plonk on your lap for hugs & a sleep. She a big purrer & loves a body rub that much she rolls around because she can’t get enough, she has a beautiful black & white coat that’s as soft as silk. Gracie makes cute little quirky sounds. She doesn’t seem to be able to Meow, so she lets you know what she wants in other ways.
Gracie is super nosey, wants to be into everything we do. If she can’t get to you she will barge her way through, & want to take all your attention. Gracie has a mind of her own & will do as she pleases. After all she is the Queen of the house. She is very playful & loves to play with lids. She sleeps in the hammock so she has full view of everything. Gracie has a beautiful personality & would thrive in a home with other cats or alone, children of any age. She would fit most homes, Gracie is not dog friendly.

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This boy is such a beautiful young boy! Affection plus. He loves to be with anyone in our family. Loves to be picked up or he will plonk himself on you for a smooch & some lovin. He will sleep on our pillow under the covers & puts his paw on my face & purrrrrs us to sleep. He loves to play with feathery toys & the other Kittens in our home. He takes a little time to blend in with other Cats, but when he is.. Its fun time. Trippa loves Cat milk & fresh meats are his favourite. He is fully litter trained. If your looking for a companion furry friend who just loves your attention and affection, look no further.. Trippa is the boy for you
Ive just learnt Trippa does not like change, he seems to get extreemly nervous when some people come to see him. Depending on the day Trippa may run & hide when theres new people in the house. He gets very scared & cautious even when things have been moved in the house. He may take a good week to become settled in a new home. On his terms. Potential adopters need to be aware of this. Especially meeting him for the 1st time. He may or may not want to come out to meet you. He will settle and become the Young man above.

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