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Debra is a young girl looking for a stable family to call her own, while still having a bit to learn she getting better all the time,and tries hard to please, Debra is active, likes playing with Dogs her own size which is medium, Debra comes desexed. Vaccinated, wormed and micro-chipped for $350 and can be delivered as far as Bathurst to Sydney at no extra cost, Phone Glenn on 0459410700 for more details

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Jasper A Beautiful Boy

ABOUT ME: Hi, my name is Jasper. I am a very beautiful boy but i am in need of a special loving and understanding family. I have always been nervous and unsure. It takes a while to earn my trust. I have been very spoilt my carers have a home with an outdoor cat run and I do like going outdoors. I really want to stay here and I have heard whispers that they really like me. Sadly they have four cats, 2 male and 2 Female. The males are my buddies but the females are really mean to me. I don't understand - I am lovely and don't cause any trouble. I really would love a quiet home because I do get scared easily. I love cat companions but I need them to love me too. I do love the outdoors so I would love a safe, enclosed outdoor area. I am very special and have a unique personality. I am respectful of furniture and know I am not allowed on the table - at least whilst my carers are watching. There must be someone out there for me.

WHAT WE THINK: We love Jasper to bits!! We considered adopting Jasper but unfortunately our two female cats have taken a dislike to him. He is in need of a patient, loving home. Jasper is a nervous cat and can be very unsure of new people, but once you have his trust he really enjoys his pats, especially chin rubs and back scratches. He is a vocal boy and loves to tell you how he is feeling, especially when it comes to food! He loves to be in your company, but doesn't evade your personal space. He likes to sleep at the bottom of the bed and being in the room where you are but not under your feet. He will share the lounge with you but not on your lap. With time he will develop trust. He is such a beautiful boy. He does enjoy the outdoors, smell of fresh air and the sunshine. So he needs an outdoor cattery or cat proof yard to keep him safe. He would be perfect for a quiet home,someone wanting the company of a cat. Are you the special home Jasper is looking for?

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Hi my name is Dora, I am looking for one or two servants, must be able to provide varied foods, when and how I like them ,many hugs and pats, do not think I will just come running up to you when we first meet, I take one or two weeks to see if you are suitable, I have been let down before. but I bond very strongly when I do give my heart.I dont like to share with other cats, just prefer to be with people. I am 2 and half years old, desexed, vaccinated, wormed and micro chipped for $187.00 Please call my foster servant Fiona on 0468654055.

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ABOUT ME: Hi, my name is Jasper, I am the best looking cat that Australia has ever produced...obviously. I enjoy playing, eating and sleeping (mainly sleeping). I am the strongest, fastest kitten in my whole family wanna know my secret? NAPS!!!!!! I spend lots of time regaining my strength in my special spot. My favorite thing to do is observe, I like to watch my friends, the TV but I get most of my entertainment from the nutty sausage looking creature that the humans call 'Molly' (apparently that creature is called a DAWG.... strange). Anyway back to me, the humans say I'm shy at first but I like to say that I am smart and selective of who I love, you cant just trust anybody these days!!! (catnapping is a real issue). If you think you are worthy Id love to meet you!

WHAT WE THINK: This big boy is an absolute stunner. He likes to look good and he does it well. If you would like a laid back, chill-axed companion then Jasper is perfect fit for you. Jasper needs a family who understands he has had a very hard start to life. Once you earn this boys trust you will be rewarded with unconditional love. If you think Jasper sounds like a pretty cool dude we would love to hear from you.

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Oscar has had a hard start in life ,shy at first but once he knows he cn trust you he is loving happy jack russell ,Oscar would love to be a only dog so he can be spoit, but great with other jr or playful larger dogs you will be rewarded with a loveable dog that enjoys cuddles and chasing balls if you give him a chance. Oscar comes desexed, vaccinated wormed and M/C for $300.00 and can be delivered as far as the Sydney area at no extra cost. Phone Glenn on 0459410700 for more details.

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Charlotte has been in care for quite some time, she is a loving girl with people ,loves walks, hugs and food. Easy going once settled, okay with chickens ,ducks etc not suitable for cat owners, likes some dogs but happy as a only dog. Just wants a place and special person to love for the rest of her life. Charlotte comes desexed, vaccinated, wormed and M/C for $250.00 and can be delivered from Bathurst to Sydney and any where between. Phone Glenn For more details on 0459410700

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Cody And Lucy

Lucy(female) and Cody(Male) love people but would be shy at the first meeting, their owner had to go to a nursing home, so sadly they had to go into care, they are toilet trained and like a walk, and the only thing they are not good about and do not get on with is cats. They are both desexed, vaccinated, wormed and deflea, Lucy has had a summer cut since this photo. They can be delivered at no extra cost from Bathurst to Sydney. Phone Glenn For more details on 0459410700

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Chico was a DABS Dog originallly ,he got a wonderful home but sadly his owner has now passed, Chico loves playing ,walking and hugs, okay with other dogs but loves being a only doggy and spoilt lol. Chico comes desexed, vaccinated, wormed and micro chipped for $250.00 and can be delivered from Bathurst to Sydney at no extra cost. Call Glenn for more details on 0459410700

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