No photo for Slurpee And Ash

Slurpee And Ash

Slurpee (smooth coat) and Ash (Satin x smooth coat) make a gorgeous pair with their beautiful colourings. As you can see in the photos, Slurpee is a beautiful bright caramel and Ash is a unusual grey, brown taupe. They really do look so beautiful together with their contrasting colours.

Slurpee was surrendered to the shelter. Ash was born at the shelter and has been waiting over 18 months (his whole life) for someone to fall in love and adopt him. They are a little shy but sweet natured. They absolutely love their hay and fresh veggies.

Do you have a loving home for these boys?

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No photo for Woz And Angus

Woz And Angus

Woz (Abyssinian medium coat) and Angus (Satin x smooth coat) are two beautiful boys looking for their forever home.

Woz came to the shelter as a part of a large rescue and has been waiting for a loving home ever since. Angus was born at the shelter and has been waiting patiently for more than a year and a half to be adopted. Both boys are approximately 18 months old and make a lovely pair.

Woz and Angus are quite inquisitive and love their hay and fresh veggies. The boys are a little shy at first but are friendly and will make beautiful pets in no time.

Do you have room in your family for this lovely pair of boys?

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No photo for Panther


Panther is a pretty cool piggy and quite partial to a cuddle. He loves hanging out with his girls but likes to chase them around the cage occasionally, just to keep them on their toes.

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No photo for Ned


Ned came to the shelter on 30th April 2016 with sixteen other piggies. He was very timid and shy until a few months ago when he moved in with a group of females after being desexed. Ned is extremely cute and just a bit cheeky.

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No photo for Rupert


Rupert was born at the shelter in November 2016. His mother arrived two months prior in the large Maryborough rescue. Rupert lived with his three brothers for several months but when tension arose between them they had to be separated and one by one we have been getting them desexed. Rupert is the third to be given the snip and we hope this will help in finding him a forever home with his very own human family and one or more girlfriends 😊 Rupert has a gentle nature. If you love BIG piggies then this is the boy for you 😍

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No photo for Peanut And Lilly

Peanut And Lilly

Peanut and Lilly are so cute together. Peanut is a beautiful desexed boy who was transferred from the Wheektown Guinea Pig Rescue in mid 2018. He has been waiting ever so patiently to find his forever home. Peanut is approximately 2 years old. He is paired with the adorable little Lilly who is approximately 6 months old. Lilly was born in the shelter on 7th June 2018 so she is still quite young. She is a sweet girl and has a really beautiful colour to her coat.

They are a little bit shy but friendly and with a loving home they will make beautiful pets in no time at all. Do you have a suitable home for this cute pair?

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No photo for Bubblegum & Savannah

Bubblegum & Savannah

Bubblegum (desexed male) and Savannah (female, not desexed) are lovely, friendly piggies which is quite amazing considering the many different homes they've had! They started out as kindergarten pets and after two years were given to someone who then gave them to someone else who then passed them on to the person who eventually surrendered them to the shelter. Health and personality wise they fared very well through all this disruption and at four years of age appear to be in the best of health 🙂 They're enjoying their new life at the shelter but I'm sure they'd still like their very own loving home in which to spend their twilight years. They are best suited to an indoor home with a mature family.

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No photo for Leia


Leia's mum came in the large Maryborough rescue we did in September 2016. Leia was born at the shelter a few weeks later where she has lived ever since. She's a really sweet little piggy and will benefit from lots of handling as she's rather shy. She would suit a quiet environment with an older family. Leia can be adopted as a friend for one of your piggies or with one of her cage mates. She is currently sharing a cage with Nugget, a desexed male, and two females.

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No photo for Clancey


Clancey was surrendered in February 2018 with his friend Kenny (adopted). They had been found when very young in someone's backyard and their finders decided to keep them. They lived a happy free range life for two years but when their owners moved they had to be kept caged as their new yard wasn't safe from predators. Their owners didn't like having to cage them, as apart from not having the space they were used to they had also begun to fight. The decision was made to surrender them in the hope we could find them fantastic new homes where they would have lots of space to run around. Kenny now has such a home and we're hoping there's the perfect family out there for Clancey too 🙂

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No photo for Albie


Albie was born at the rescue in November 2016. His mother came in a large rescue of thirty-seven guinea pigs. He was desexed several months ago and has been happily sharing a cage with five females. He's a sweet boy if a little shy, but like all piggies he'll come out of his shell with regular handling.

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