No photo for Karma


This girl is the first born of our litter and her markings and beauty are quite something she has an incredible personality. Will jump up until you pick her up and give her loud kisses while she frantically wags her tail and tries to lick and nibble your face. She has got lovely flicks of caramel in her face.

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No photo for Garfield


Although only 6 weeks old this little guy is very feisty and along with his brother and sisters is looking for his furever home. They are a fabulous mix of two faithful loyal breeds to parents who have the most amazing loving dispositions. Garfield is a grump who loves to growl when he is picked up and then growl when he is put down. This boy has a fire cracker personality.

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No photo for Buddy


A Very Sweet Natured Playful Boy
This fella would fit into any family, he gets on with other dog's, or would also suit a one dog family.
He would need walking daily though, as he would get bored, exercise is the key to having a happy puppy, he is still only young, so he's open to all new adventures.
An active couple or family is needed for this boy.

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No photo for Marvin


Marvin has warmed too a Boxer named Ronnie. They spend all day playing, as poor Marvin hasn't had a very good start in his young life. He has spent most of it in a crate, so having a mate to give him confidence has been great.
A family or couple will need to have time for Marvin, patience and love, lots of love. Time to take him for outings, (Beach, Park, Café for Coffee) to socialize, make his world wonderful.
In return he will give you unconditional Love. As he is such a Sweet Boy.

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No photo for Corree


Corree is a very soft, gentle natured Border collie who loves to play ball and go for long walks. He tries very hard to please, get along with cats and dogs, and is a delight to have around. He craves for company, and would be the ideal companion for an active semi retired or retired person.

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No photo for Tenshi


This very special boy is waiting for you to collect him so he can wedge his way into your families home and hearts, he wants to spoil you with his love. This boy wants his forever home to be a place where he can comfortable place his bowl and to go with you on what ever adventure you have planned. Huskies are a faithful lovable breed that love to have companionship and don't like to be left alone to long. Very smart dogs who absorb training as they aim to please. Walks are a must as long as you are by their side he wont mind where you take him.

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No photo for Darcy


Darcy has been loved and raised with manners. Get on with everyone. Loves the beach, or a run in the park. With this breed they do like company, so working long hours, he's not the dog for you. He will cry.
But if you are an active family, or couple, he would suit you.

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No photo for Jed


A New Arrival. Have no information on this little fella. Other than. He looks cute. And looks like he loves the water.
A blank canvas, so you can teach him how to play and socialize, and maybe even how to swim.
Up date. A young Vet Nurse is fostering this fella and she has a 2yr old little girl, and Jed is very gentle when playing with her.

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No photo for Lucy


I have hand raised this little girl from a week old. No idea where she came from, just took her after found, but Lucy is an adorable little kitten, she has been raised in a foster home with dogs, but has taken on the challenge with flying colours. One of them even mothered her when tiny, now they stay away from her, as she wants to play, ho! those sharp little claws.
But its time now for her to find her forever home, it will be hard as there are so many other cats and kittens out there. But l think she is special, she's such a character.

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No photo for Penny


Have a good look at this photo. YES it's KITTENS not PUPPY'S.
She is so sweet natured , she took on these 2 kittens.
Helps out with cleaning, supervises them, but no feeding though, unfortunately. as you can imagine they need to be feed a lot.
They will also be coming up for adoption when old enough.
Anyway Penny has not had a good start too life, she was crated all day, so she will need a little socialization, and shown lots of love.
And she will be a devoted loving companion, and friend.
With a Doberman They will need exercise daily, a good run on beach or park.
But Penny will be worth all this, as she is such a special girl.

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