No photo for Launa


Launa is quite a small Husky, only 16kg. She is very sweet and has a loving nature.
She would be best suited to a single person or mature couple who have lots of time for her, as she doesn't like being left alone.
Launa is currently enrolled in obedience classes, which would be beneficial to continue, in her New Forever Home.
Launa is special with her so, so, sweet nature, she just loves to cuddle on the couch, and then taken down the beach , she just love the water, so someone who also loves the beach and water is also on the cards for this girl.

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No photo for Carter


If your looking for a New Family Member you cant go past a little Lab, they make a wonderful pet. They just fit in with everyone and everything.
What more can I say he's as cute as a button.....

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No photo for Rebble


Who we have here is just the most softest floppy soppy pup. Just adorable, you just can't help wanting too squeeze him to death, he is so cuddly and soft. Look at that cute little tongue hanging out. He is adventurous though and will grow to medium size. He will make a wonderful family pet or would suit an active couple.

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No photo for Sandy


We have a divine dog here, she is such a sweet girl. Quiet, sensitive, loving, playful.
With Greyhound they love a good run down the beach, but then they need a nice big bed, or lounge so they can sleep for the rest of the day, as they LOVE to sleep.
So if you are an active family, or couple that have the love for this beautiful girl, give us a call

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No photo for Bodhi


This beautiful boy has slid his way into our hearts. He heals on a lead comes when you call, sits stays you name it there is nothing this darling wont do, he is the Patrick Swayze of the dog world, smooth. He is an incredibly loving dog and loves nothing more than to melt into you as you stroke, rub, pat and tickle him even if you just have your hand resting on him he is happy. We let him off lead on the beach for a good ball chase, he loves and gets quite excited but will always come when you call. He loves to play with other dogs and has been raised with other animals. He is fine with children, we took him for coffee with us where he sat next to us when a 3 year old made her home next to him playing with his ear much to his enjoyment. He is very gentle and does not beg but will wait until you offer him something. He is an inside/ outside dog as he loves to be with you. Bohdi is only a year and a half with so much love to give to his forever home

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No photo for Rascal


We have a real character her, loves to play, a run down the beach. Loves the water. A nice big bed or a comfortable lounge.
Delicate cheaters Greyhounds are. So an understanding active playful family or active couple are on the cards for this boy.

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No photo for Cooper


Baby Cooper a little Lab cross, is very curious sweet natured and playful, still only tiny, but should only grow to a small Lab size.

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No photo for Meg


This girl has just come to us, an already she has warmed our hearts with her Sweet Nature.
If you have a lounge, as she loves to lounge. They sleeps a lot, especially after her run down the beach or park.
A mature family or active couple for this girl, as she loves to play.

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No photo for Barbara


This young lady is very sweet nature. lf you have a large bed or nice soft couch she will fit into your family, or a couple, you would also need to like the beach, as this girl loves the beach as well.
A park would be suitable as well to have her daily run.
The bed or couch is so that she can sleep for the rest of the day, as they like there sleep.

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No photo for Astro


She is a very pretty girl, we will be getting new photo's ASAP because these don't show her sweet soft nature.
But if your looking for an intelligent, calm, loving, gentle nature.
She will need a run daily down the beach, or park, she does like the water though.
Then a sleep for the rest of the day.
She will have a play as well.

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