No photo for Nicky


Nicky....the ultimate handbag accessory...goes everywhere with his beautiful carer.
Keys...Wallet...Nicky and off we go!!
Little nick does require a happy active owner who will be as much devoted to him as he to them.

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No photo for Marla


Marla just wants to own a family of her own....once she gets to know you she will talk to you and solve the problems of the world!

She’s a happy Staffy mix girl who would predominantly be suited to indoors as she loves to stay close. This chatty girl loves a solid run on the low tide to feel the breeze through her fur....very good with other dogs but loves her humans.

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No photo for Pip


Pip is a loving...frisbee catching....beach loving...girl.
A delight for any active household. Would also be happy with someone home for company.

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No photo for Thor


The beautiful big, soft natured THOR who didn’t really make it to the track but won the longest time lying on the lounge award! This lovely boy would be a great joy to any family to foster or adopt.

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No photo for Wazza


Wazza has such a beautiful nature and is looking for a seaside home where he can enjoy his regular walks on the beach. He loves the water and is well mannered in the car. He would be suited to someone who is currently walking or jogging daily and home enough so he can enjoy your company.

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No photo for Russell


Russell is a delightful little man...loves going for walks with his foster Mum, jumping in the car for outings, following you around the yard to watch what’s going on. He will sometimes play with his toys but is mostly a quiet, chilled boy...happy to sit at your feet or on the couch watching tv. He would prefer to be with a gentle, understanding person who is home a lot.

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No photo for Sonny


Sonny is such a delightful big boy....with a loving gentle nature! He loves his little people
who always shower him with love.

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Daisy is a medium to large poodle cross Labrador with amphibious for our Daisy to live in the city she simply wouldn’t survive...This 9 month old baby needs a good run at an off leash beach a few times a week with a dedicated active person who will fulfill her needs.

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