No photo for Cookie


On the small size of medium...this little man is a perfect house guest suited to someone needing a companion dog...his most endearing quality being he doesn’t bark!....could possibly suit persons living in a unit or duplex if he is receiving correct exercise......happy to play with toys and very quiet inside.
Must have good fencing.

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No photo for Tiger


Tiger is an 18 month Labrador Staffy cross....perfect natured sweet boy...Would fit into most situations that can give him love.
He’s very quiet and calm indoors and he loves, loves, loves to hand an arraignment of things to you that he finds around the house....Will pick all toys up and give them to his foster mummy....very, very helpful boy!

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No photo for Angel


Angel is not only eye catching with her white fur and gorgeous eyes but she has such a beautiful nature with a funny, playful personality. As she has ragdoll in her breed, she will be content to curl up on your lap for a while as well.

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No photo for Warren


Warren can be a chatterbox if needing to go to the toilet or walk or meals....he will vocalise into great detail the need to do these things....he is a deep souled puppy dog who is a about the size of a Staffy.

He really needs someone who is already an active person to provide him stimulation and interaction he so deservingly needs....In return this very special cuddly boy will be forever in your debt.

Warren is house trained and great off the leash at the beach....he still needs help with lead walking.

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No photo for Marla


Marla just wants to own a family of her own....once she gets to know you she will talk to you and solve the problems of the world!

She’s a happy Staffy mix girl who would predominantly be suited to indoors as she loves to stay close. This chatty girl loves a solid run on the low tide to feel the breeze through her fur....very good with other dogs but loves her humans.

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No photo for Poppy


This little girl will make a wonderful family pet or suit an active couple. She will just fit in anywhere. she has such a nice calm nature, and just a sweet Sweet Girl.

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No photo for Flossy


So this Very Cute Alpaca and her mate Jake the Pony can't be separated, but who would want too anyway there so cute. They love playing together, and are reliant on each other.
So we are looking for a hobby farm with someone who can give them loads of attention. Not stuck in a big paddock and forgotten about. this Flossy Alpaca has been Loved as well as Little Pony Jake by an elderly Lady and was a sad surrender.

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No photo for Jake


This Darling little Pony has a mate. An Alpaca Flossy, that must go with him when he finds his new home as they have spent all there lives together, so they are reliant on each other, but who would't want both of them there so cute. A hobby farm would be best as a big paddock they wouldn't get the attention they are used too. There been with an elderly lady so its been a sad surrender.. They where well Loved

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No photo for Bob


Bob is a 2yo well adjusted, lovely natured little man.
Would suit someone with loads of time and commitment to him.
Beautiful shih tzu cross.

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No photo for Banjo


Such a beautiful natured little soul yearning for his forever home.

He has a lot of Basenji in him so if you research Basenjis he needs someone already active who can satisfy his need for exercise and stimulation. In return he will give you loyalty and affection.

Would suit being with active semi retired people or someone home enough to give him company and attention. He’s currently being trained with basic manners sitting before meals and is progressing with lead training. Banjo is house trained already and loves being indoors.

A good, sturdy walk or a little agility would compliment this little man.

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