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Rocky is beautiful natured boy who adores cuddles and is very loyal. He appears to have some hearing loss (partial deafness) yet that doesn't stop this boy from loving, playing and engaging with you. The only difference would be hand-signal training rather then word driven training. He is longing to be cuddled up with a forever home, please contact us if you feel Rocky would ROCK your world!

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No photo for Billy


Billy is a 2 year old border collie cross. Initially he is quite timid until he gets to know you, then he has endless love to give . He has a gentle nature and is very intelligent. Billy knows some basic commands and clearly would thrive with further training. He is very eager to please you once he knows your a good human whom he can trust. Billy will make the perfect addition to your family.

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No photo for Azriel


Azriel is a big and friendly soul and he loves to play . He will make a perfect addition to a home where he is kept mentally active and adored. Azriel will require some further training as he is still in the puppy phase of life. He is guaranteed to complete any family who wants an active, playful soul to complete their lives.

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No photo for Otto


Otto is a real sweetheart – he really loves a cuddle and is a real people pleaser!

This young boy absolutely loves to play and hang out with anyone. He does have a lot of love to share and likes to get up close and personal to let you know, but is great with kids!

Otto is very keen to please, so will do very well with some basic training and guidance from his new people. Until recently Otto has been living with an older small dog, so is fine with other dogs if introduced correctly.

He is just a lovely boy that will adore being in a family environment where he can enjoy lots of company both of the 4 legged and 2 legged variety.

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No photo for Randy


I'm a typical Pei, with a bit of attitude, and a cheekiness that will win your heart. I love play time with dogs who aren't dominant, and will provide hours of snuggle time. My coat is longer than normal, so I am not as prickly, and not prone to causing skin irritations as some of my breed. I'm a clown and I do need to be an inside/outside dog that will be allowed to join my family in any and all adventures. If you haven't been owned by a Shar Pei before, I am your perfect entry level lad. I have had my eyes done while in care, so there are no issues with showing off my big brown eyes.

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No photo for Ariat


This pretty little girl is young and soft, clever and active. She's a little wary until she gets to know you but still enjoys all the things working breeds like to do – run and play and learn. If you don't occupy that mind, she'll find things to do that might not suit your schedule!

If you're looking for a kind little girl with a love of life and eagerness to learn, please contact us about Ariat.

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No photo for Jasper


Jasper is a happy, wiggley, loving young lad with a whizzing waggie tail and loads of snuggles for all! He'll fling himself on his back for a tummy rub if you go his way; or snuffle around and make his own fun in the way of most teenage dogs.

He gets pretty excited when playing ball, and would love some ongoing training on leash to help him mature to be the absolutely excellent family boy he so desperately wants to be!

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No photo for Rex


This lovely big lad delights in spending time with his humans and is playful and so very very huggable. He's happy to relax with polite canine friends, but ok if he's your one and only as well. If you're looking for a big lovable friend to share time with, then contact us about Rex.

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No photo for Dodge


This big happy goof has a smile for all and believes each human should come pre-packaged with a handful of toys for him to play with. He's big and powerful and full of the joys of life, so would appreciate a household with a similar appreciation for bigger and more jubilant is better! With ongoing training and the ability to chill out in his new home and routine, he'll be a great family protector and friend. He's not suitable around cats or pocket pets.

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No photo for Patch


This girl will give you chills. She has a way of looking at you like you are the queen of the world, and that she will love you until your last breath. She's got a gentle soul, and while she can be a little timid at first, she soon warms into a total snugglebunny. And really, who doesn't need more snuggles in their life. Patch has lived happily with another similar sized dog, and would enjoy the company if her family need to go to work without her.Patch has a high prey drive so would not be suitable to live with cats or livestock. At 30 kilos, she is a larger medium dog, or a smaller large dog, whichever you prefer. She really is the package.

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