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This happy boy loves to spend time with you. He's a protective boy with a voice nobody questions, but all the time in the world for those who are kind to him.
He'd prefer confident relaxed canine female friends, and somebody who appreciates big dogs.

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Size does matter - the littler you are, the more vroom you have to put into your personality! This little Bunny boing is a vibrant little pocket rocket of a girl. She's less than 20 kg but full of the joys of life (and the odd cheekiness too)!

She'll need training, a good secure yard and of course plenty of stimulation for body and mind - but even more importantly, she'll need time to settle and mature, and a loving owner who understands that you're only young once and that those days should be treasured as the great big adventure they are!

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Bouncer is a big boy who loves your company more than anything. He's not a hugely active boy - he'd rather be part of what you're doing than run laps around the yard.

He's an absolute sweetheart with people of all shapes and sizes, and loves nothing more than a good cuddle! He's surprisingly good on lead for a lad his size!

Bouncer is a big kind waggie dog who is waiting to entice you into his life! He'll do best with a home confident in handling a boy with a protective streak, and he's not interested in sharing food with his canine friends.

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Everybody secretly dreams of standing beside a cowboy, or being swept away to where the grass is greener by somebody who makes others say wow! This big lad is the man for the job! He's a kind gentle boy who'd love to live inside with the family to share his big goofy smiles - and share the couch with you if you'll let him! He'll need you home as much as possible so he can keep you safe - but has no time for little canine companions or pocket pets. He's just the kindest big lad with a heart of gold and a head as broad as a coffee table - all the better to rest your hand on as he sits beside you through everything you do.

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Jay Jay

Hi there, I’m Jay Jay. The humans say I’m a super-spunky, fun-loving pup without a mean bone in my body. I can be a bit shy to begin with, but once I’ve got your love and cuddles, I warm to you quickly and will be an endlessly devoted family dog!

I love to play with other dogs, big and small, who are friendly like me. We always have so much fun. I'm not a massive fan of dogs out and about on walks though - I like my space! I have to admit, I’m not a fan of those furry felines though. We just can’t see eye-to-eye.

My interests: Travelling in a car - it’s my favourite. I could ride for hours!

My skills: I don’t chew your things (bonus points for me)

My bucket list: To get my drivers licence. Then I could ride in the car every day!

My ideal match: Someone who loves to hang at home with a furry friend by their side. I’d also be an ideal companion for a well adjusted female dog.

If you’ve got a place for me to rest my head and call my own, please contact the humans at Red Collar Rescue so we can meet!

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No photo for Dodge


This big happy goof has a smile for all and believes each human should come pre-packaged with a handful of toys for him to play with. He's big and powerful and full of the joys of life, so would appreciate a household with a similar appreciation for bigger and more jubilant is better! With ongoing training and the ability to chill out in his new home and routine, he'll be a great family protector and friend.

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No photo for Cobber


This big happy fellow would love the chance to become your best mate! He's happy and goofy and loves a hug, and enjoys romping with playful canine friends who like a good time. With ongoing training and a household who love the sight of a big smile and whirlwind tail in their canine friends, he's your man!

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No photo for Lurch


This big soft kind boy loves a pat. He's still a little teenage gangly, but plays well with other dogs and is an all-round pretty mellow stable fellow. He is endearing and lovable. Gentle with just a hint of puppyish goofishness.

He's not quite sure what humans are always thinking, so is sometimes wary and sometimes a little over playful. It's almost as though humans haven't featured much in his life so far.

If you're keen to offer patience, humane education and a permanent loving home, then please let Lurch know - he'd love to meet you!

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No photo for Finn


Finn is a happy lad who delights in nothing more than standing quietly by and admiring you! He'd go everywhere you go if only given half a chance. He's yearning to know the love of a good family and the chance to shine that ongoing training offers.

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No photo for Zeek


If you like a happy boy with a bright and engaging personality and an insistence on play instead of work, then Zeek is your man. He absolutely loves his toys, and would possibly rather keep them to himself rather than share with other furries so if he had a canine friend, it would be nice if it read books instead of played games. He's a happy talker as his style of dog can be. He loves life, and refuses to let it pass him by! If you like a smile and a good time, then make plans with us to meet this gorgeous boy.

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