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Goofy Emerson is a bundle of waggie fun. She loves giving kisses, and loves to splash and thrash around in the water! She loves to play and have a good time, and when you're as happy and friendly as her, it makes others feel the same way! She'd have even more energy for fun if her new home helped her lose those extra pounds she carries.

She loves kids, though may be a little over-jubilant for very little people.

Emmerson is a strong girl on the lead, but that's only because she's out for adventure! She'll need a good confident competent leader to make sure she uses her zest for life in the right way :-)
With some patience and training, Emmerson will be joining your team and adventuring alongside you in no time.

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No photo for Hitch


Hitch is a timid boy to begin and appears to have been sheltered from all the excitements of the world.

He is looking for a patient owner who is happy to show him all the fun and joy there is in the doggy world.

Hitch would best be suited in a home with where he can learn to socialise calmly and kindly. Hitch has a lot of love to give and once you look into his gorgeous eyes you will see the potential within!

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No photo for Rocky


Rocky is a young, fun and full of beans dog. He is teenage boy and therefore will need some training to teach him the rules in the big wide world.

He likes to have the company of another canine and so far seems uninterested in small animals and chooks.

Rocky is definitely a stunner and just waiting to find his family to be spoiled for the rest of his life!

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No photo for Bouncer


Bouncer is a big boy who knows how to have a great time. He is full of energy and gets his bouncy moves out to capture your attention.

Due to his size and ability to jump his forever home will require 6 foot fencing to keep him safe.

Bouncer is a high energy active dog who is waiting to entice you into his joyous wagtail moves!

Adoption Fee $200

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No photo for Lolly


Lolly is a gorgeous lady who is rather timid until she feels safe enough to let her guard down.

She loves the company of other dogs and would be best suited to a home with a stable dog companion.

Lolly is waiting to shine is a home where she run, play, sleep and eat her days away!

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No photo for Roxy


Roxy is an active sweetheart Arab who loves to be near people and dogs.

She is all about wagtail fun, bouncy ways and footloose moves.

Roxy would be best suited to an active family who have the patience to continue to teach her how to be a big adult doggy!

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No photo for Chilli


Chilli has a spicy personality that will keep you on your toes. He is an active working boy who is waiting to learn and thrive.

He would love to be in a home where he can be walked each day and release his energy. Chilli is waiting to spice up your life!

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No photo for Staunch


With a stout name like this boy has, he'd have to be a big, proud, substantial piece of fur to hug - and that's exactly what he is!

He's a big waggie chap with a curious nature and a positive approach to life. He can be the most devoted lad, though also a little full of himself if he thinks you're not paying him enough attention. He's not suitable around livestock or small animals.

He will need good leadership and somebody happy to help polish a bit of a rough diamond, with some time and patience and a good stable home he'll be an excellent companion and friend.

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No photo for Rosie


Rosie is a big happy lovely girl with a great big sense of humour and a great big wagging tail.

She is young and playful, and wouldn't mind at all a canine friend with a similar happy attitude to life and probably medium size or larger.

Rosie doesn't seem to phased by the cat in her current foster home which suggest she is cat friendly.

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No photo for Jett


Jett is a lovely lady who is looking for a wonderful family to spend the later years of her life being spoiled. She has spent a lot of her life living on a farm and is still new to the idea of walks on a lead.

Jett loves to be near her humans and will happily sit and hold your hand. She loves to play and chase her ball, she isn't a huge friend of the feline folks however adores children. Jett is currently in fostercare with multiple children whom she adores.

If you think this gorgeous lady could be the perfect doggy for your lifestyle we are sure she will leave you smiling endlessly!

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