No photo for Roxy


Roxy is an active sweetheart Arab who loves to be near people and dogs.

She is all about wagtail fun, bouncy ways and footloose moves.

Roxy would be best suited to an active family who have the patience to continue to teach her how to be a big adult doggy!

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No photo for Jake


This big beautiful boy has a smile and great big happy hello for everybody! He’s a big sweetie and a strong outgoing boy who is going to need somebody comfortable with educating and training the larger furry friends!

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No photo for Connie


What a beautiful loyal soul this girl is!

Connie would love a quiet household to make her own.

She loves her family, and is ok with strangers when welcomed by her owners.

She can be intimidated by lots of chaos or raised voices, but with a kind confident but calm owner, she rapidly finds her wag again!

When out and about she's not phased by other dogs so is fine on walks and good on lead. She'd prefer to be an only fur child at home - she wants all the cuddles just for her! She isn't friends with cats.

Basically, she's a mature, kind, loving girl who will love and protect you for as long as you need.

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No photo for Harvey


Harvey is a man with an unquenchable appetite for life! He is strong and outgoing and absolutely loves his food. He will need a family happy to help him relax and settle, and give him the education he needs to grow into the excellent companion dog he so desperately wants to be!

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No photo for Brandy


This beautiful girl will melt your heart. She is a happy and stable girl that just loves affection but won't bowl you over to get it. Brandy plays well with other dogs or is happy to just hang her human friends. She does love to run and quickly falls back into puppy play-fullness with joyful abandon.

Like any bigger fur child she would love a family who could include her in their daily life and teach her good doggy manners at the same time.

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No photo for Chips


Chips is a loyal, loving fella.

He's still a teenager of course, but has a great temperament around his human friends and wants to learn and flourish with you by his side.

He's more than happy not to have to share you with another dog in his home - this boy will walk beside you and guard you with everything he has.

Chips is the perfect fella to add the special taste that everyday life needs, and seriously who doesn't love chips!

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No photo for Toby


This boy is such a happy waggie lad, he makes you smile! He has a kind heart and outgoing style with people! He can be a little out there with dogs sometimes, but with a well adjusted female friend will settle beautifully.

With a good dose of love and a little education, he's going to be an indispensable part of your world in no time at all.

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No photo for Womble


With a name like Womble how could he be anything but cute in a quirky unique way!

He's a clown - cheeky, lovable, the type to roll and wiggle on his back to distract you if he thinks you might not understand what he's trying to teach you! He's more than happy to offer a kiss when he feels not just goofy laughs will fit the moment. He rarely jumps up, but of course being young of spirit will need ongoing leadership to ensure polishing of those manners.

He has absolutely no sharpness or guarding with people around his food bowl. He'd likely have a great sense of humour for older kids who didn't mind a bit of a larrikin.

He could be a housemate for a female dog with a similar zest for life and appreciation of youthful "confidence". Of course he's no pushover, and has been known to "prove his point" with the odd shout or swear word so good human management and continuing the excellent training received is a must!

He's currently enjoying the excellent training and socialisation offered by the GSD Training & Rehabilitation Centre in the Logan area in Brisbane, so with that great foundation, has amazing potential.

Cheeky, boyish and pretty waggily adorable, he more than deserves the love of a good home. Come on - who doesn't want their own cartoon character of childhood back in their lives.

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No photo for Tony


Tony is beautiful kind welcoming boy who would love to share his time with you.

He gets along really well with other dogs, and absolutely loves the water – he is happy to blow bubbles all day long!

Tony is passed a lot of the puppy rubbish and he’s just looking for somewhere to call home. Just look at those beautiful eyes - Tony is waiting to gaze at you for many years to come!

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No photo for Ruby


Looking for a loyal, deeply devoted girl that just wants to bring happiness to your home? Then Ruby may be just the girl for you!

Ruby is a shy girl with strangers but warms to everyone once she knows they are friends. Ruby would do well in a home that helps her build confidence and trust in her home and when out and about. Once she has found her place in the world she will grow into a confident and friendly girl.

She is an absolute love of a girl and ready to hang out with her forever family whenever they realise she is the one! She's not suitable with free range chooks and would be best with older children due to her initial shyness.

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