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Roxy ~ Corgi X Foxie

Meet Roxy, a confident little tail-wagging 12 year old Corgi x Fox Terrier. Roxy is a happy little lass and is proof that your twilight years can be the most fun!

Roxy is affectionate with her human friends - she loves cuddles and will happily hang out with you inside the house or out in the yard. She's primarily an inside dog but she also loves to have a play in the yard or at a nearby park. She is in foster care with a few small dogs and she plays chasings with them - she likes to show the youngsters that she can at least try to keep up with their zoomies. She is good with dogs of all sizes - she lived most of her life with a boxer.

Roxy loves balls (especially if they have bells in them) and she'll entertain herself playing with them and barking playfully for others to join in. She loves treats and isn't fussy with her food at all. If you are looking for a gal who will happily sit on your lap but who also has a zest for a life and activity then Roxy just may be your new best friend. She would love a canine companion - or would be happy as an only dog as long as she could socialise with other playful dogs at the park. She would love a small yard to play in but may also suit townhouse living.

Roxy is a sweet little girl with a skip in her step who would love her own adoring family to spend her senior years with.

If you would like more information on Roxy please contact Jo on email . Roxy is located near Morisset on the NSW Central Coast.

Roxy's adoption fee is $250 and includes her desexing, vaccinations, microchipping, flea and worm treatment. You can see all our available dogs at

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Nitro ~ 6.5yo Chihuahua Boy

Hi guys, I’m the fantastic Nitro! I’m a cute little 6.5 year old Chihuahua, weighing in at 3kgs, who is looking for a special person to love and care for me.

I’m a little shy at times and would prefer to be in the company of females rather then males. I’m currently living with 5 other small breed dogs, but I’m not fussed on having other dogs around and I’d rather my special human to have all eyes on me only. I’m living with a cat currently which i do enjoy chasing and growling at, so i wouldn’t be suitable to live with cats.

I do shed some hair and will require a brush every couple of days to help get the excess hair out of my coat. Fortnightly bathing is recommended, I do enjoy being bathed. I also need ongoing dental care as I just had a few teeth extracted (daily brushing with doggy tooth paste, dental biscuit diets, raw beef bones and denta sticks to keep my mouth healthy).

The most suitable home for me would be someone who is home all the time - a retired woman would be best. Preferably no other dogs or cats living in the home. If left alone, I will howl and cry so I do need someone home full time.

I have a lot of love and cuddles to give to the right person.

If you would like to possibly meet Nitro, please email his foster mum Erin with a completed adoption questionnaire from this link ( Nitro is located in Edgeworth, NSW (Newcastle area) and is available for adoption interstate.

Nitro's adoption fee is $450 and he is desexed, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped, and lifetime registered. You can see all of our available dogs at

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No photo for Wally ~ Chihuahua X Cavalier

Wally ~ Chihuahua X Cavalier

Where’s Wally?! Wally is a 1 year old Chihuahua cross cavalier with the silkiest of fur and graceful trot! Wally is still a playful pup who loves nothing more than a game of tug of war but also likes a snuggle on the couch. In the colder winter months he likes to burrow under the blankets and will happily keep your feet warm whilst he’s there.

Wally absolutely loves kids and has not got a bad bone in his body! He loves to go on walks and does not pull on the lead, he even lets his human foster siblings walk him which they love!
Wally would love another doggy playmate but this is not essential as long as his human was home more often than not. Wally has lived with small and large dogs and his best play buddy was a Kelpie cross, he has also lived with a Maltese, Chihuahua and a Spoodle. He can be scared of dogs that he does not know and may bark when unsure - so his ideal doggy companion would be a self assured pup who likes gentle play and can show Wally that there’s no need to be scared! He has grown in confidence greatly since being in care and with the continued patience and positive experiences he will be a social butterfly in no time. He has also lived with cats and will happily play gently if they allow or will read the cues and leave them alone.

Wally hasn’t had a lot in the way of formal training but despite this he can sit, wait and his recall is very good! Although as with any dog he will need some time to get to know you before letting him off leash.

Wally would not be suited to a full time worker but will make an ideal companion dog. He does not need a huge amount of exercise just a daily walk and lots of love!

For more information or to meet Wally, please contact his foster carer Vivienne on email Wally is in foster care in Tighes Hill, NSW and is available for adoption interstate.

Wally’s adoption fee is $500 and he is desexed, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped, and lifetime registered.

You can see all our available dogs at

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No photo for Pearl ~ Mini Poodle X

Pearl ~ Mini Poodle X

Meet Pearl - a happy and friendly 14 month old Mini Poodle x . Pearl is an adorable fluff ball who likes her cuddle time however she's got a lot of energy to burn so isn't your typical lapdog.

Pearl loves people of all ages - she will befriend everyone. She would suit an active couple or family (possibly with children over 10 years or teenagers) who will spend a lot of time with her . She will benefit from puppy training classes as she's still very much a young, playful girl that finds playtime more exciting than her lessons ! Girls just wanna have fun right?

Pearl is a little gem who's favourite time of day is playtime - she zips around the yard with her foster brothers and sisters playing chasings with a big smile on her face. She loves dogs and will need to have a canine companion who's as energetic as she is in her furever home. Pearl is a cheeky little escaper so she'll need solid, secure fencing with no gaps otherwise she'll sneak out and have you chasing her down the road (smiling her irresistible , angelic grin!). Dog mesh or pool fencing will not keep her in.

Due to Pearls love for her humans she is best suited to a home without full time workers (even with a doggy friend). She is primarily an inside dog who would love a grassy yard to practice her zoomies. If you live in a dog-friendly inner city suburb in Sydney then Pearl will happily join you at dog parks and pooch-friendly cafes for a puppychino. She can be a tad fussy with her eating habits - her favourite food is chicken and cheese treats.

For more information on the bubbly, happy little bundle that is Pearl then please contact Jo on email . Pearl is in foster care near Morisset, (NSW Central Coast) and is not available for long distance or interstate adoption.

Pearl's adoption fee is $600 and includes her desexing, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, microchipping, and lifetime registration. You can see all our available dogs at

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No photo for Rex ~ Chihuahua

Rex ~ Chihuahua

Introducing Rex. Our 2yo "special needs" Chihuahua Puppy. Unfortunately, Rex didn't have a good start to life before being surrendered to Dog Rescue so has ‘special needs’ and requires a ‘special home’ to join.

**Please read the full profile and only apply if you think you have what Rex requires in his FOREVER home**

Rex takes some time to warm up to people and will be best suited to a home with a middle aged female who has low foot traffic household (minimal people coming and going) and ideally someone who lives alone and is home majority of the time. Rex cannot be around or near children of any age, as he has had many bad experiences with children in the past which has made him unsuitable to a home with children/young adults. He’s not good with males either which is why we’re asking for a middle age, retired, female only household.

Due to his size he will need an extremely secure house/yard (he’s a tiny 2.2kg) as he can fit through even the smallest of gaps and tries to escape when doors are opened. A fully enclosed front and back yard will ensure that he doesn’t escape, as well as an inaccessible (to him) front door.

Rex enjoys playing with other dogs of similar size as long as he has a good introduction. Ideally we’d like to see him go to a home with another young Chihuahua pup or a similar toy breed for a play mate.

Rex is currently living with another Chihuahua, 3 other small female dogs and an inside cat, although he is best suited to a home without a cat.

Rex can display some food aggression if other dogs/people come near him while eating or when food is around so he will need to be fed separately. Food cannot be left out.

Rex loves being indoors and outdoors but he needs to be allowed inside most of the time, as being so small and having short hair he feels the cold easily. He sleeps in a coat and will occasionally wear one during the day as well to keep him warm.

Rex sleeps inside in a crate and he is very well behaved and enjoys the crate as his safe place. He loves having that special comfort zone to call his own.

He is almost on top of his toilet training and has already come very far in this area. He is still learning to sit, stay and come and he is making progress every day. He will require ongoing training - this is a MUST! He has been through a lot and he’s still not trusting of people, so he requires lots of time and training daily to help assist him and is very responsive to food/treat rewards.

**** Rex is only available to Newcastle/Lake Macquarie and close surrounding suburbs only. Due to his special requirements we feel its best that he stay local.****

For more information or to meet Rex, please contact his foster carer Erin by email Rex is in foster care in Edgeworth, NSW (5 minutes from the Newcastle exit off the M1) and is not available for adoption interstate (Newcastle/Hunter/Lake Macquarie/Central Coast regions only).

Rex’s adoption fee is $500 and he is desexed, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped, and lifetime registered. You can see all our available dogs at

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No photo for Mardi ~ Sweet Jack Russell X Puppy

Mardi ~ Sweet Jack Russell X Puppy

Mardi is a 13 week old, female, Jack Russell x puppy. She is a beautiful little girl who always behaves well and loves to play.

Mardi is a very healthy little puppy who has been raised in a home environment. She has been very well socialised with other puppies and adult dogs (small and large) and gets along well with them all. She's met lots of people and is friendly and affectionate with them.

Mardi's foster sister Mya (a Lab x Mastiff puppy) is also available for adoption. Mardi and Mya get along so very well that they would be very happy if they were adopted together. They currently sleep together and play happily all day. They are good girls and are not noisy or destructive.

Mardi will grow up to be a small to medium size dog. We always recommend puppy-training classes to give your new family member the best start in life. All dogs and puppies need plenty of affection, exercise, and training.

It would be a big plus if you have a friendly adult dog as a teacher, companion and playmate for Mardi. If you don't have another dog to keep her company, then there needs to be someone in the household that doesn't work full time.

Mardi needs to be welcome inside when people are home, and to sleep inside at least until fully grown. She will be wonderful family dog and is suitable for children 10 years and older. You need good fencing with no small gaps. She can't go to rural fencing (eg: mesh or wire).

As Mardi is not yet desexed, she is only available for adoption to Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and Port Stephens because she'll need to be returned to our vet for desexing when she's approximately 5 months old.

For more information or to meet Mardi, please phone her foster mum Robyn on 02 4953 7115. Please leave a detailed message and she'll ring you back. Mardi is in Glendale, NSW (Lake Macquarie, near Newcastle).

Mardi's adoption fee is $500 and includes her desexing, vaccinations and microchipping and she's been treated for fleas and worms. You can see all our available dogs at

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No photo for Tinkerbelle & Jacko ~ Cute Senior Pair

Tinkerbelle & Jacko ~ Cute Senior Pair

Tinkerbelle is a female, 9yo Pug x Mini Foxy and her best friend Jacko is a male, 10yo terrier mix. They love people and they both adore cuddles and are very affectionate once they get to know you.

Jacko is very playful and loves chasing a ball, he could do it all day long. He loves to sit on your lap. He is smart and affectionate. He is a little clown and very endearing.

Tinkerbelle is very sweet and friendly. She loves being close to you and likes to rest on the couch next to you while you read or watch TV.

Jacko and Tinkerbelle grew up together and are very attached to each other so they need to be adopted together. They both enjoy their walks but they don’t have to be walked every day, They are inside dogs, toilet trained and friendly with other dogs. They play together and keep each other company.

They only bark when startled by something or someone knocks on the door. Both Tinkie and Jacko will chase cats so they are not suited to a home with a resident feline. Tinkerbelle gets a bit startled by loud noises so wouldn't suit a home with young children as she prefers a more quiet and settled environment.

Tinkerbelle and Jacko are both very lovable and precious and will make their new owners very happy. Their ideal home would probably be an older couple or person that is not very active and spends most of the time at home. They would most suit a quiet household with someone at home most of the time, not suitable for families with young children.

For more information or to meet the special little pair please phone foster carer Ewa on 0417 690 801 or email They are in Lake Macquarie, NSW 2283 (south of Newcastle).

Their adoption fee is only $300 for the pair and they are both desexed, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped, and lifetime registered.

You can see all our available dogs at

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No photo for Liddy ~ 11.5 Yo Silky Terrier X

Liddy ~ 11.5 Yo Silky Terrier X

Hi I'm Liddy an 11.5 year old silky terrier cross pocket rocket. I am a gorgeous older gal whose energy belies my age - those younger pooches have a hard time keeping up with me! I’m tall for a silky terrier cross – I have long legs, expressive perky ears and a silver/blonde bombshell coat (yes blondes have all the fun!)

I'm curious and adventurous and love to be part of the action. My good mate is a massive Alaskan Malamute called Arhn - we used to live together before being surrendered to rescue. Arhn idolises me (who wouldn't as I'm so adorable?) but I'm too interested in everything else to pay his unrequited love much attention! Arhn and I both need basic training as we aren't good at listening when we are together so we are being rehomed separately to loving homes where we can receive the one-on-one attention we each deserve.

I'm in foster care with over 100 other big dogs and I love to boss them around as I'm a plucky little gal! My perfect home would be one where I’m the only dog in an active family – a family who can keep up with me and who are committed to my training. I'm not very good at sitting or staying but with routine, consistency and yummy treats I'll show you that you can teach an old gal new tricks!

I'll need a secure yard with solid wood or colourbond fencing (not pool fencing or dog mesh) as my curiosity means I'd love to go exploring on my own. I love to zip around the yard playing so a grassy yard and a daily walk to investigate the neighbourhood would put a smile on my pretty face. I'd suit active semi-retirees or a young family with older, dog-confident kids who will play with me. I’ll love a home where I can be inside with you when you’re home and sleep inside in my own cosy bed.

If you are after an inquisitive, bubbly senior to share her golden years with you then please contact Jo on email . Liddy is in foster care near Morisset, (NSW Central Coast) and is not available for long distance or interstate adoption.

Liddy's adoption fee is $200 and includes her desexing, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, microchipping, and lifetime registration. You can see all our available dogs at

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No photo for Chiko ~ Toy Poodle ~ Male

Chiko ~ Toy Poodle ~ Male

Meet Chiko! Chiko is a 5 year old toy poodle, and is looking for his perfect match!

He is a very handsome boy, with his curly black coat and soulful brown eyes. We like to think of him as being an 'extreme' version of a typical poodle personality- he is extremely loyal, extremely cuddly, and extremely sweet! Also typical of poodles, he can be very sensitive to change and any conflict going on around him. We think he would best fit a nice calm house to give him the best chance of settling in.

Chiko is currently living with 3 other small to medium sized older dogs, and gets on well with them. He is much more people focused though, so another dog for company is not a necessity. As his foster carers work full time, we think having another dog has prevented him from being anxious during the day, so this will need to be considered if you have no other dogs and work a lot.

Chiko is quite shy when meeting new people. When we have people over, he will happily sit and take treats, but takes a while to warm up enough for them to pat him. He is a good guard dog and only barks when someone is at the door, or if he is extremely excited.

He has had some issues with snapping, and food aggression. Although we have trained him to no longer be aggressive around food or snap at us, it's likely that the anxiety of moving to his forever home would cause these issues to reappear while he adjusts. For this reason, he is not suitable to go to a home with children, and he also needs a home with someone who is dedicated to his training and willing to take the time to listen to our qualified trainers while he settles in. Ideally we would like him to be adopted in the Newcastle/ Lake Macquarie area so we can do a slow introduction to his new home.

As you may notice from his photos, grooming is not at the top of Chiko's favourite activities! He will be groomed again prior to going to his new home, but at the moment this needs to be done by a professional who is familiar with very frightened dogs. We aren't sure what has caused his grooming aversion, but his foster carer has been working to resolve this. He is now able to tolerate a bath and blow dry, and is slowly coming around to being brushed.

Although Chiko is still young and (sometimes!) energetic, he stays inside during the day while we are at work. We have never come home to any destruction or other naughty behaviour, and would like him to continue to be a fully inside dog at his new home. He has never been left outside before so we don't think he would do well with this. He does thoroughly enjoy a walk whenever you are able to give him one, and walks beautifully on lead.

If you think that you can give this beautiful little boy the perfect home, please contact his foster carer Regina on or 0473 051 985 outside of regular work hours.
Chiko is in foster care in Wallsend, NSW (Newcastle) and is available for adoption interstate.

Chiko's adoption fee is $450 and he is desexed, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped, and lifetime registered. You can see all our available dogs at

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No photo for Johnny ~ 8yo Male Schipperke

Johnny ~ 8yo Male Schipperke

Oh my, look at this gorgeous little man! Let me introduce you to Johnny. Johnny is a purebred Belgian Schipperke (yes purebred), and he is 8 years old. Johnny is the most affectionate dog in the world and wants to be around his owners wherever they are. He is extremely loving and will be a loyal companion for someone special.

Johnny loves a walk and an explore. He is great on lead and doesn’t pull but does like a bit of time to have a sniff around. When out and about, Johnny likes nothing better than to meet new people as he enjoys the attention and a bit of a pat. He is a bit overweight at the moment so the exercise is good for him. Talking about weight….yep, Johnny does love his food especially when you cook it up for him. He enjoys home cooked mince and vegetables with dry food.

Johnny is an inside dog. He sleeps inside happily on his bed as long as he knows you are not far away. He would be even happier if he could sleep at the bottom of your bed and won’t move until morning. You wouldn’t know he was there!

Johnny has basic training, he can sit, stay and will come when called. He is toilet trained but as he is only a little dog needs to be taken for regular toilet breaks. He can last the night though if taken out just before bed time. Johnny is happy to learn so he would enjoy further training. He gets a little startled if you touch him when he is unaware of a pat coming.

Johnny has a beautiful lush coat that requires a brush as he does shed a bit of fur. He doesn’t need grooming only a bath and brush. P.S: He isn’t fond of his tail being touched.

I know Johnny is sounding pretty good right now but he does have a flaw - Johnny loves people but is not that fond of other dogs or cats. He does tend to bark at other dogs and would prefer not to be around them. He can be a little protective of his people making him a bit territorial. He just wants to shower his owners with love and affection as this is what he has been used to.

Johnny would suit a family with teenage kids, a couple that work part-time or someone that is retired. Since he loves a cuddle he would benefit from someone who is home that could give him the attention he adores. Johnny is a wonderful, loving boy that would make a great snuggle partner.

If you are interested in meeting Johnny, please call his foster carer Deborah on 0413 644 028 or email Sharron on ( for internet enquiries ). Johnny is located in Kotara South ( Newcastle area ) and is not available for adoption intestate.

Johnny's adoption fee is $300 and he is desexed, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped, and lifetime registered. You can see all of our available dogs at

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No photo for Joey ~ 9mo Fox Terrier X Cattledog Boy

Joey ~ 9mo Fox Terrier X Cattledog Boy

Joey is a 9 month old, fox terrier x cattledog boy with so much love to give. He is a very loving and affectionate little man who will be a loyal companion to his new family.

Joey has got the traditional face markings of the cattle dog breed and the agility and alertness that both breeds enjoy. Joey is great with people of all ages and is gentle enough to be around small children. He would have to be supervised with small children though because he is still a puppy and nips a little.

Since Joey has been with us we have taught him to sit and other basic commands. He is obedient and good on the lead. He loves a nice walk and will go for as long as you want to take him.

In the short time he has been with our family, he loves the company of our own dog and is known to be tolerant of cats, but not chickens. Joey would be happy as an only dog or the second or third in the family.

He loves to run around the yard playing and discovering so a small yard would not be suitable for him. While he doesn’t mind spending time home alone, if it was too long or too often he would get bored and might get into mischief and it just wouldn’t be fair to him. I can see him being very happy on a rural property or as a mate for a tradie.

Joey is very playful and a very fun little puppy who will make his new family very happy.

For more information or to meet Joey, please contact his foster carer Alison on 0435 535 338 or email Joey is located in New Lambton, NSW (Newcastle area) and is available for adoption interstate.

Joey's adoption fee is $450 and he is desexed, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped, and lifetime registered. You can see all of our available dogs at

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