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Hello my name is Ivy and Wally's doggie rescue saved my life. I was a lonely little girl looking for someone to love me then thankfully Wally's found me.

I’m a beautiful girl according to my foster mum. I’m going to be a big girl, probably a medium to large dog. I love my fur family who are 6 dogs and 4 cats. I am not a high energy girl and I would rather spend my time having cuddles with my humans. I am currently learning toilet training and also learning basic commands like sit. So that I grow into a happy, well balanced pooch my new family will need to commit to ongoing training and socialising with other dogs. I'm hoping in my new home my family will have a friend for me to play with as I don't want to feel lonely ever again I really like the company of another fur friend. I am looking for someone to love me forever so if you think you could be the one, then please let my foster mum know I promise if you love me I will love you back forever. Love from IVY.

Sweet Ivy is a 12 week old staffy mix who is on the search for her forever home. She is currently being fostered in Narara on the NSW Central Coast.

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Zander is a very people orientated dog. He loves to be wherever his humans are and would suit a home where his humans can spend as much time as possible with him.

He would need to be an only dog due to not being properly socialised as a young pup and now is very selective with his canine friends. He is currently in foster care with a male and female dog and gets along great with both but needs to feel secure before these bonds can be made. We are currently working on his social skills and is something his new owners will have to put time and commitment into

Zander is very obedient and will happily sit drop and shake on command but does need help with stay and being on lead. He is toilet trained and is happiest hanging with his humans inside

If you feel zander would be the perfect companion for your family please don't hesitate to contact us

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Say hello to sweet Mali.

Mali is a mummy cat who, along with her babies, were evacuated during the Lismore Floods. Her babies have all found homes and she is now on the lookout for her own forever home.

Mali has a sweet funny personality and is a lot of fun. She's not really too fond of dogs but gets along really well with other cats. She is a very playful kitty and is also a fan of lots of pats and smooches.

If you think you can offer this sweetheart a loving home, and would like to organise a meet and greet, please follow the adoption procedure below. Mali is located on the Central Coast, NSW.

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This beautiful girl just adores almost every other dog she meets, including pups. She is affectionate, playful and such a stunner. She adores people too but can be a little frightened by new males. Lani has been working very hard on her recall and is improving daily, although she can be a character and on occasion, will lay down when you call her to come in for the night - she would much rather stay out late to play and socialise. Lani is good with children and currently resides with three young teenagers. She can sit on command but her favourite spot is with her head on your lap. She is a gentle, loving girl who would prefer a home with another similar temperament dog. She gets on with both male and female pooches.

If you are interested in meeting Lani, please send us an email outlining the type of home she would have with you. Because of her temperament, we will be looking for a family with another friendly dog.

Lani is in foster care in Parkes NSW but could travel to the Central Coast NSW if necessary.

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Wanted!!! 1 best friend for life.

Hi, my name is Roxy and my super power according to my foster mum is being the biggest sook in the world. When my family isn't home to play with me I spend my day playing with a 10 year old kelpie who is my best friend.

We have a strict schedule of patrolling the backyard for cats. My mum says i'm not cat friendly, whatever that means. I get very excited when my family comes home and I think they really love my kisses. I love to take my family for walks, they're getting quite good at it.

My special talent is hypnosis. At breakfast if I stare at my mum with my big beautiful brown eyes I can get her to make me honey toast. Im allowed to sleep inside but if I need to go out I choose a lucky member of my family to wake up by sneaking into their room. They don't seem to talk much at 4am and their hair looks really weird but I still love them.

I really enjoy riding in the car. I rest my head and my paws on mums leg so she knows how much I love her. Despite my huge heart melting brown eyes all my efforts to sit on her lap and have a turn at driving have been in vain but I remain hopeful.

So if you think that you are special enough to be my best friend for life please send an application. All applications must supply samples of honey toast and a willingness to let me drive your car would be a bonus. Good luck. Love Roxy

If you would like to find out more about this little sweetheart and organise a meet and greet, please follow the adoption procedure below. Roxy is located in Parkes NSW but could travel to the Central Coast, NSW.

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G'day I'm George but not George of the jungle because I really like my creature comforts in life.

In my 18 weeks I have learnt that a lounge is a great place to curl up and sleep and laps are a very nice place too. I am fully crate trained at night time and am such a great sleeper . My foster family have been teaching me how to play fetch and I'm loving playing with them every afternoon .
I currently hang out with my foster paw family which has big, little, old and young doggies, cats and birds. Some of the paws here talk about forever homes and I really really want one that has the cuddles and love I'm now used to. I am getting ready for you when you find me. I'm learning to sit and recall, I'm great on a lead and love a walk I am now fully house trained and only go outside to toilet.
I will need my forever home to keep teaching me as I grow into a handsome big man.

If you would like to find out more about this little sweetheart and organise a meet and greet, please follow the adoption procedure below. George is located on the central coast at Hamlyn Terrace

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Luna is a gorgeous staffy mix who found herself in care with her 8 babies when they were only 2 weeks old. Luna's precious babies have all found their forever homes and now it's her turn to find her home.

Luna is in foster care with 4 other dogs and 2 cats and gets on well with all of them. She can be very playful so although she is living with a small dog, she would probably be best in a home with a medium or large dog, so that she doesn't accidentally hurt them. She is also very playful with the cats, so possibly a dog savvy cat would be best and slow introductions with supervision.

Luna absolutely loves her foster pal Polly and they are constant together, although this can sometimes mean they are up to mischief together lol. Luna would definitely be happiest in a home with another doggy friend to play with. Luna is full of energy so a family with a large yard and lots of walks would be best for her. Older kids would also be best as her size and energy would be too much for little children.

Luna is the biggest snuggle bug and will work her way up onto the back of the lounge so she can rest her head on your shoulder. She will also sit on your lap given the chance. She also loves chasing a ball and playing tug-o-war with her rope toy.

Luna will need high secure fencing as she has proved in her foster home to be a good climber. She can climb post and wire fencing so colourbond fencing or something similar would be best. Luna would be best suited to a family that understands the staffy breed and will continue with her training and discipline so she can be a happy well balanced pooch.

Luna is in foster care in Cooranbong, NSW.

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Abby is a young staffy mix she is a small to medium size .
Abby absoluty loves everyone and gets very excited to see you.

Abby is fully crate trained at night time and is learning to go outside to toilet . She is a beautiful girl but will need a very strong leader to help with teaching her good manners .
Abby has great recall she sits shakes on command .
Abby is dog social but is a little nervous when first meeting new furfriend so slow intros are great . She is being fostered in a home with 9 other dogs both large and small .
Abby will need secure fencing as she can jump very high as I've learnt so 6ft colourbond would suit .
Abby has had a litter yes she's very young but at least now she is safe and will never have to go through that again . Abby will be someone's best friend she just needs someone to Love her .
She loves a snuggle on the lounge .She is good with kids however she gets very excited easily and will jump up we are working on this while she's in care . .UPDATE
Abby has now been in care for 3 weeks she has come a very long way . She is fully house trained and has learnt good manners .

Abby is such a loyal little girl she follows me everywhere and is always looking at me . She loves to come and lay beside me in bed whislt I play bingo .

She is the perfect companion and just wants to be a part of your life .
Abby is also great in the car she travels very well .

If you think Abby may suit you please send me an email to discuss her further Thankyou

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Mrs R.K

Mrs R.K is lovely ginger girl who is quite affectionate , she will happily snuggle on your bed at night or hang out with you in the garden . the only catch is she isn't fond of strangers so the initial meeting isn"t expected to be love at first for her but after a few hours she will warm to you quite easily . She does come with a two week trial so you will have plenty of time for her to settle in and get to know you and vice versa although i would still recommend a quite home for her and exclude large families with young kids as that would be pushing her boundaries to far.
She is currently living an indoor/outdoor lifestyle with other dogs , cats and chickens but would prefer to be an only cat . She is fully litter trained and uses her scratching post and is a great companion for someone.
Mrs R.K has been desexed and vaccinated and ready for her new home.

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Hi my name is Tilda,I am approximately 10 weeks old.
They say my dad was a German Shepard x but I think I look a bit like a cattle dog too.

I love playing with my foster friends of all sizes, I'm a energetic little girl but I love a cuddle as well.

My foster mum is helping me to learn to toilet outside and too use my inside manners but I'm just a baby so with on going training im sure ill be fine .

I am looking for a home with another doggie friend as I would get very lonley if it was just me .
I'm a sweet girl with lots of love to give so if your looking for a girl like me please contact my foster mum and she will tell you more about me .

I am being fostered in Hamlyn Terrace NEW

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