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Introducing gorgeous Hayley, a sweet 3 year old Greyhound who is on the lookout for her forever home.

Hayley’s foster mum says she is friendly and loving, and a real goofy sweetheart. She loves affection and gets along really well with the host dog in her foster home. She is horse friendly, loves water and loves the car. She is also great with young children. She happily sleeps on her doggy bed all night, next to her humans.

Hayley has her crazy puppy moments were she does zoomies around the yard and then sleeps half the day, so is an easy dog in general. Her favourite thing to do is sit on the couch and watch tv. Despite what most people think, greyhounds need minimal exercise and a daily walk to keep active and for stimulation is all they really need.

Hayley would be best suited to a home without cats.

All Hayley’s vet work is done and she is ready and waiting to find her perfect forever home. Hayley is in foster care in Jilliby NSW.

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Summer is a big goof ball, typical lab full of life and love.
Very social, friendly and gets along with all other dogs she meets.
Good with chickens and loves kids.

Not so good with cats so do not recommend any pocket pets!
Very intelligent and eager to please but can be a bit jumpy when excited so older kids and someone who has the time to continue her training. Has basic obedience, can sit, drop, stay and leave it, learning to walk nicely on a leash. Needs a secure yard with good fencing.

Unsure of what she may be crossed with but only weighing in at 18kg currently so is only small for a Labrador.

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Meet Bess. She is ever so sweet and will make a lovely family pet.

Bess is in foster care in Mosman with other dogs and gets along well with them all. She likes lots of toys to play with & will benefit from regular exercise.

Bess is very loving, affectionate & Intelligent. Will benefit from ongoing socialisation & training on adoption.

Please , I am looking forward to my forever home, so if you think you might like me please contact my foster mum Joan by phone 0411044739 or email.

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Luka at 9 years old is one of the happiest old girls who loves lots of cuddles, tennis balls and other dogs. She would absolutely love a home with someone who is home a lot (retiree would be perfect) and has plenty of time for her. She wants to be the love of their lives. She’s always pushing your arm or the other dogs out of the way so she can get ALL the cuddles. Sweet old darl you will not be disappointed to come & meet her!

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Dixie is a special lady looking for her retirement home. Although she now aged 10 nothing stops this lady and she lives life to the full.

Dixie loves spending time with kids as she herself is young at heart.

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Gorgeous Roxy is a beautiful Wolf hound X whippet mix pooch who is looking for her perfect forever home.

Roxy is a very affectionate dog who just loves being around humans. She loves a snuggle with her humans of an evening but during the day she’s happy outside. She will sit and wait for her command before she eats her dinner.

Roxy is very energetic and needs a good run/walk every day and she just loves the park and the beach. While she’s out the back during the day she’s more than happy to laze around on her bed. She doesn’t dig or get up to mischief. She does like to chew on a stick or piece of bark. She patiently waits for her foster parents to arrive home from work and give her a run.

While she is happy to have a play mate we don’t think it is absolutely necessary as she is fine on her own. Roxy would be best in a home without cats or small breed dogs. She will bark if there’s strange noises, people or dogs wandering past the house so she is a great guard dog. But she doesn’t bark alot.

She is quite strong while on a lead so would need a confident person to handle her. Her recall is great when not distracted. Roxy is great with kids but would probably need to be 10 years old and above as she gets excited and a bit jumpy but is slowly learning not to.

Roxy is in foster care In Bateau Bay on the Central Coast.

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Gorgeous Tash and Nanook are on the lookout for their forever home together. Tash is obviously not Nanooks biological mother but she has raised him every day of his life and he would now like to take care of her in her older years. They have come into Wallys Doggie Rescue care after their owner became ill and could no longer look after them, so it’s very important that we find them a home together.

Both pooches have grown up around children and appear to be quite dog friendly.

Nanook is very placid and loves people and kids. He is still quite puppy like and just loves to play with toys and in water. He is also fairly well trained.

Tash is the biggest sweetheart and would love to just sit and snuggle. We aren’t sure of her breed but she is possibly a Labrador/Staffy mix.

Tash and Nanook love each other and Nanook has been with Tash for all of his life.

Please check Nanook's Pet rescue ID for further information: 681644

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No photo for Charlotte


Meet gorgeous Charlotte, a beautiful bull arab mix girl who is looking for her forever family.

Charlotte Is a very beautiful, sweet & gentle pup who, with a very dedicated & loving carer, has come out of her shell & showing off her beautiful & happy personality! Charlotte is highly energetic & loves to run, play & chase the ball! She adores all other dogs & will do best in a home with other Doggie companions! Charlotte can be a little timid & shy of some new people especially men at first, but with a little time and patience she soon comes out of her shell.

Charlotte is in foster care in Dubbo NSW.

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No photo for Phoebe


Gorgeous Phoebe is on the look out for her forever home.

We believe Phoebe is a greyhound cross mystery breed lol. She is a true rescue breed as we are not quite sure, but she sure is pretty.

Phoebe just loves to play and run and then snooze. Her big joy in life is love and pats from her humans. She adores her humans. This special girl deserves a forever home where she is included in the family.

Phoebe is a bit smitten with most of the boy pooches in her foster home but can be picky with other females. She would be best rehomed without female dogs and with an experienced dog owner.

Phoebe is currently in foster care in Parkes NSW.

If you would like to find out more about this little sweetheart please answer the adoption questions below.

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ROCKY Is approx 12-18 months old, Shephard Cross
This handsome fellow is just the loveliest,
A quiet and timid boy, at first, but comes around quickly,
very cuddly and gentle , that has love for everyone.
Responds well to training, very smart and intelligent

Rocky is dog friendly, and currently lives with many other pooches.

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