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Jub Jub

When I think of Jub Jub I think .... cuddly, lovable, smart, loyal, fearless, playful, bomb dive lol, water baby, big kissers, head warmer and fluffy toys ... This girl is happy and full of adventure, but even at this young age you find her waiting at the gate for you to come home..a little under foot, but her smile and happiness is so infectious :) Jub Jub's breeding would make her a great family to be proud of

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This young fella is warm hearted with a strong sense of adventure, he is dog friendly, well behaved with the kids and keen to learn. Clefairy will not be content with sitting around the house for hours, Red Heelers will encourage you to take them outside for exercise, play and work. They are high-energy, intelligent and active dogs with a steady attitude. When grown he may be independent not requiring much in the way of cuddling or affection. Though tough and steady, they definitely appreciate praise and good treatment and will surely be protective, alert and clever. Clefairy is looking for Active, sporty types single or family....

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Jaffa is s special little man that we just can't fault. He is more than social, he loves everyone and everything he has meant to date...dogs of all age's and size, cats and the young kids. Jaffa will be easy to train as he just wants to be with the family.....the perfect family or person would be ones that think and include him in all areas of their life, so make room on the couch and check you have enough seats in the car. His hobbies at the moment are Toys..lots of toys and water... loves the water

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