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Shrek is calm and reserved, well behaved and smart for his young age of only 6 mths. He is social with all the dogs he meets and friendly and well mannered with people young to old. On the lead he starts of slow, but soon the enjoyment of the sights and smells take hold and you have a happy, easy to walk companion. From what we have seen of him so far, he is low maintenance, easy going and takes his time with everything running in head first, just takes it all one paw at a time... Skrek will be a solid boy but not a large dog...

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No photo for  Little Miss Pugsley

Little Miss Pugsley

From the start Miss Pugsley has been a no fuss, easy going, smart little pup. While her sister jump to meet you , wrestle to be first on the couch, little Miss can be seen sitting back watchful, taking it all in... She is now in Foster care with a family with young children and is really loving the little people.... True Staffy this girl, must have her people close, we just added smarts..Highly Trainable and loyal, this chunky monkey is a must meet xx

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No photo for Hey Hey

Hey Hey

Little" Hey Hey" is a happy Staffy x Small terrier (maybe Foxy) female pup that is a pleasure to have around, already house trained, walking on a lead and knows her manners while inside. Hey Hey is dog and cat social and great with children, she loves the water, playtime and snuggles up in bed with her fosters children. This girl would be great for any family, I can see her being one of those dogs that are always with the kids...all of them coming back from the park or a friends place, all worn out, dirty and smiles from ear to ear, Hey Hey is a family member, just with fur and wet kisses.....

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No photo for Budda


Budda is a happy little fella full of energy and smiles, happy to sleep on your bed or your feet and go with you for drives to the park and beach. He is more than comfortable to socialize with dogs around his size, but can at times feel out of place when the big ones come face to face with him... Budda would suit a home with happy active people with older or no children, ones that will not fuss over him, but will simply add him to the family and the families activities. This boy is a lot of fun and will bring the right people lots of love and happiness

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No photo for  Maui


This little guy is so laid back and relaxed. Demigod of the chillax zone. Maui is the only boy in the litter and is the biggest by size and biggest sook, This boy could grow to med to large size, looking more the Huntaway than Collie..but in saying that the breed Huntaway was developed by mixing a variety of sheepdogs, including the Border Collie, as well as other breeds, such as the Rottweiler and Labrador, .Huntaways are driven, obedient and extremely intelligent. They are renowned for their problem-solving ability and will excel at sheepdog trials. Their intelligence means that they can be quick to bore so he will need to be part of the family and stay active.

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No photo for  Elsa


She is every bit the princess, in looks and personality ... dog friendly, great with children and is fostered on land, so has manners inside and with other critters. Elsa is a wonderful mix of Border Collie x Huntaway, With this breed mix they will enjoy the company of humans, and respect their owner in particular, often forming a close bond with them. They do well with children, and are good with other animals, As they are shepherds by nature, and not watchdogs or guard dogs, they are very tolerant of strangers, and will often welcome them good-naturally.

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No photo for Narla


Perfect perfect perfect..... this young lady is just a dream, she loves other dogs of all sizes and types, children make her smile and she knows to be gentle and not jump up, not tested with cats. Narla enjoys long walks, opportunities to run, regular meals, and a nice sofa to nap on.
If you look into this breed you will see they are perfect family dogs... Affectionate with Family-getting 5 stars and same with the children, she shows no sign of being picky about her fur friends, but will need to be kept as a family member and entertained ...Affectionately known as the "Royal Dog of Scotland. The Scottish Deerhound is affectionate toward everyone — family, friends, and strangers alike. He loves children and usually does well with other dogs, although the larger the better. With her long legs, he enjoys a nice jog with a human companion, but afterward is happy to laze around on the sofa and snooze in a sunny spot. Narla is a x of unknown type, but she is all Deerhound in natare and looks, she is just small.... "the most perfect creature of Heaven.".

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No photo for Leela   Cleo

Leela Cleo

Leela is a beautiful soul... Big cuddly puppy with kisses all around. Leela is house trained, sits on command and is well socialized with other dogs ,cats and birds and just loves the children in her foster family. She needs a strong, yet kind and loving owner that will keep her social, so she can forever enjoy holidays, family BBQ's and beach outings...all her wonder filled days ahead ...Family friendly and horse friendly together with being a very very loyal girl, she is a must meet. Miss Leela was at first going to stay with her Foster family (adopted almost ) sadly a job offer on an inland made this a no go . .well they missed out. So a little older maybe, but is now had basic training, house manners, together with a great personality and keen to find her for-ever home. So if you would like to have a young (puppy) join your family,without all the chewing and mess and a view of who she will be...Look no further :)

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No photo for Lola


Young Lola is a bit of a lazy bones so her days are filled simply, with food, naps, play and lots of cuddles. She is a Labrador x English Staffy we are unsure of any other mixes, but for her age she shows Lab nature and the swinging chin of the Lab too lol. Lola loves to be around her foster family and really enjoys the kids and other animals..dogs and cats. This young girl is family friendly and would need to live inside and out...Lab's and Staffys do better as a member of the family and not away from their loved ones, puppy play dates at the park with other dogs will keep her social and happy. Lola is house trained, walks on a lead and has great inside manners...all the hard work is done ...

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No photo for Buster


We welcome Buster... Young at heart, well mannered fellow is looking for a home where he can chill and keep his people company and enjoy walks to the beach or park. Buster is a English Spring Spaniel x of About 7 or 8 years, in top condition and great health, Buster like all newly retried, just wants to enjoy the best years of his life. Buster is looking for a home where he can be inside and outside, one that has soft beds, a place on the couch or at your feet and long strolls of an afternoon to watch the sunset. Buster is good with other dogs, casual ones are his pick and even though he is good with kids, he is not looking to share a home with little ones. So if an easy going, low maintenance companion suits you better than house training and chewed shoes....Meet Buster

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