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Buster is well loved by everyone he meets - affectionate and just loves to be wherever the people are. He may steal your seat but is just keeping it warm for you! Buster would rather make friends at the park than chase a ball and he's very friendly with other dogs, big or small. He needs to be walked at least once a day for a decent length of time but does pull on the lead so would suit someone with a bit of arm muscle and the time and experience for ongoing training both on and off-leash. Buster doesn't bark much except when startled by sirens, loud noises or cats fighting. He is generally very energetic for his age and would do well in a house with another dog for company. Buster is good with children however, due to his size and rambunctiousness, would suit a family with older and taller children. His temperament is very sweet and laid back, apart from when he wants to go adventuring or for a play. Buster loves a good scratch and seeks company or attention on his terms rather than being particularly needy. Ongoing training with basic commands is needed but he's quick to sit and offer a handshake. Buster is a handsome and friendly boy that weighs approx 35kg and he will make a great family dog.

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This absolutely beautiful, soft and sensitive, pint sized boy is looking for a home where his new owners will just love him the way he wants and deserves to be loved!

Things Stevie MUST have in his new home ...

- A yard of some size with some garden to play in

- A doggy door or similar with access to and from the house day and night

- Owners with good energy levels and who can exercise Stevie for at least 40
minutes to an hour each day

- A home where Stevie can curl up on the lounge and bed with his owners and
get lots of cuddles and pats

- Someone who will play tug-o-war and throw balls with him

- A home that is not too noisy (he's still a bit timid of loud noises)

- A home with another small gentle doggy friend that will run around the
garden with him

Things Stevie MUST NOT have in his new home

- Cats

- Apartment living unless there is doggy door access to a grassed yard

- Full time workers away all week

- Children under 6-7 years who might be challenging for him as he's a gentle boy
who doesn't like lots of noise

All we can say is that Stevies new owners will be the luckiest people to have
this special lad in their lives.

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When Ace first arrived in rescue he was just about going out of his mind from lack of exercise and mental stimulation but after a few weeks of good and vigorous daily walks he's calmed down enormously. Ace is a spirited and lively character who likes to be among all the action. He is currently living in a multi-dog household and can sometimes get a bit too big for his boots so for this reason we think he would best suit a home where he is the only dog or a home with another confident dog who can remind this cheeky monkey that he isn't always the boss. Ace needs an active and energetic owner who is committed to ensuring he gets his daily walks and visits to the park as he is NOT suited to a couch potato lifestyle. He likes to go off leash and so needs an owner who can keep up with him. We think Ace may be crossed with Poodle as he has a very long, curly coat and after a wash and blow dry looks like a miniature sheep. Ace will require regular professional grooming to keep him comfortable but is well used to this and is a very patient customer. He is good with cats and other animals and weighs 6 kilos. Ace is best suited to a home with someone who is around a fair bit of the time.

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