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When Ace first arrived in rescue he was just about going out of his mind from lack of exercise and mental stimulation but after a few weeks of good and vigorous daily walks he's calmed down enormously. Ace is a spirited and lively character who likes to be among all the action. He is currently living in a multi-dog household and can sometimes get a bit too big for his boots so for this reason we think he would best suit a home where he is the only dog or a home with another confident dog who can remind this cheeky monkey that he isn't always the boss. Ace needs an active and energetic owner who is committed to ensuring he gets his daily walks and visits to the park as he is NOT suited to a couch potato lifestyle. He likes to go off leash and so needs an owner who can keep up with him. We think Ace may be crossed with Poodle as he has a very long, curly coat and after a wash and blow dry looks like a miniature sheep. Ace will require regular professional grooming to keep him comfortable but is well used to this and is a very patient customer. He is good with cats and other animals and weighs 6 kilos. Ace is best suited to a home with someone who is around a fair bit of the time.

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