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At 57kg Bumble Bee is a great big freight train of a dog who loves people and just wants to be your best friend forever. He comes from a very deprived background and his life is only just beginning now that he has come into rescue. BB is currently in foster care with two Staffies and three small, fluffy dogs and he is doing very well living with them. He has been largely unsocialised until now and so loves going out to the park and for walks. BB does walk well on a lead and does not pull, although he will lead you to the one side when he wants to investigate something. He can also see another dog across the road and not react. Every dog BB meets he wags his tail and they can bark in his face with no reaction but he does react if a dog is squealy, scared or hyper energetic. He never barks at them but stands over them, strains and leans in. For this reason, BB needs an experienced Giant or large breed owner.

This big bear needs an experienced owner who is committed to investing in his future with training and working on his socialisation so that he is able to have a life and be part of the world and go out to beaches and parks and do all the things he has never been able to do as a result of being a very large, unsocialised, and uncared for dog. At this stage BB is not used to cats and will chase them. He does not have a big prey drive though so you can have a cat in your arms, meowing, and then walk through the house and he will not jump up or try to get the cat.

Bumble Bee is house trained and very easy to have around the house. After a good morning walk and a bone he curls up on the sofa or his bed and sleeps all day - his foster carers don’t hear a peep out of him. He loves a full body cuddle and will roll over to have his tummy rubbed. BB is very obedient, sits on command and you can take a bone away from him without a reaction.

His new owner will have to have the appropriate dog handling and behavioural experience as well as the physical capabilities of managing a very large dog who can be strong willed at times. Not so much at home but in stimulating environments such as parks, etc, where there are other dogs which is a very exciting and new experience for him. BB needs a considerable amount of work in this area and with an owner who will take a
structured, measured approach. He is currently walked every day and is calm when walked alone without the other foster dogs stirring things up.

We feel Bumble Bee would do well in a home where there is another well balanced, steady, placid dog to set an example and show him the ropes. This gigantic darling has waited a long time to matter to someone and blossom into the sweet gentle giant that he is.

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