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Bear & August

Meet Bear and August!

Bear loves any kind of attention, and he will let you know when he wants it (all the time) by flopping to the ground right in front of you.
He loves being around his people so he will follow you around the house like a shadow. He loves chasing toys, climbing and is always down for a cuddle. He’s mischievous and sometimes naughty but a lot of fun.

August is more of an independent kitty.
He is a big boy and loves his food, he’s always the first to the food bowl at dinner time.
He’s not super cuddly but he loves a scratch and a brush.
He’s a bit nervous and doesn’t like direct approaches so you’ll usually find him hiding under furniture where he feels safe, but he will hang out on the couch with you eventually. He definitely makes you earn his love but when you get it, it’s so worth it.

Bear and August would love a sunny relaxed home and are happy as indoor cats. They are looking for a home together.

Chip numbers 991001000460118 & 953010003846835

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Bella & Stella

Both girls have adapted to their new living conditions beautifully! They were initially very timid and hyper-aware and this is totally understandable. Now they are relaxed and comfortable in their foster home.

Both are fully litter-trained and not food aggressive. They love any type of food – dry or wet. They are also not destructive, sometimes Stella may scratch at the carpet but stops when told to.

Bella is the more adventurous one – definitely an explorer but she has learned that there are some places that are off limits in the home (counters, TV stands, ironing boards!) She is a bit of a talker and is happy to chat with you and play or just sit next to you for a bit. Her favourite toy at the moment is a cloth mouse that she carries around and throws.

Stella is calm and quiet but can be chatty when she is comfortable. She tolerates Bella well and will snuggle with her at times (when Bella jumps up next to her). She likes to sit on her favourite chair and watch what is going on both inside and outside the house. She has just begun to come and sit with her humans and watch TV with them.

Both girls are perfect indoor house cats and live contently together but would be fine apart. Ad they have been used to being indoors, they need to spend at least 3 months inside before learning the outside world.

Neither cat has yet been tested with dogs.

Chip numbers 900164001557298 and 900164001556645

Adoption fee is $250 as a pair or $150 each.

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Floyd & Hendrix

These two gorgeous boys have personalities to match their beautiful black coats and stunning eyes.

Floyd, also known as " Green eyes, crooked tail" likes long bits of string, chin scratches, pats and playing chase with Hendrix. He will be the first to greet you but can be a wee bit timid.

Hendrix, also known as "Golden eyes" likes balls of paper/tissue, belly rubs, pats and playing chase with Floyd. He initially seems more timid but will be the first to jump on the bed, sink or window sill. He is also the more vocal of the two.

They both love to explore & are both happy to snuggle with their foster carer on the bed. Food should be put away rather than just up high because these boys can jump.

Floyd and Hendrix are looking for a home together where they will get lots love and attention and continue to blossom. They have been inside cats and so must be kept inside for at least 3 months before leaning about the outside world.

Both boys are fully litter trained and very clean.

Neither cat has yet been tested with dogs. Their adoption fee is $250 as a pair.

Chip numbers 900164001557303 and 900164001393912

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