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This boy has had a rough life living on the streets of the inner city, we are not sure for how long. Now that he is in foster care, he is just lapping up all the luxuries and comforts he has been so long denied.

Marley is a large boy with a great round head on him like a Japanese pumpkin and enormous clear green eyes – the photos do not deceive! He is friendly and loves receiving gentle pats, he enjoys being a lap cat but also likes to wander and sit elsewhere. He is very attentive and loves his food, a bit too much. His foster carer is making sure he has a large variety of delicious things to eat, and he always eats everything he is given.

After having to fend for himself for so long, Marley just needs a chance to lie back in the sun and enjoy his life. He is best suited to a calm, relaxed household with a compassionate person or people and a little garden to potter about in. Vet estimates Marley to be around 8 years old.he is a lovely lovely boy.

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Princess Flicky

This beautiful girl is only young at around 12-18 months old and is loving time in her foster home as an inside/outside cat. By that I mean she spends the majority of her time inside, but does love the midday hours watching over the neighbourhood sitting on the shed roof in the sun. Princess would be sad to be inside full time and is therefore looking for a home where she will be let outside for just a few hours each day to enjoy the sun and outside world. Of course this would not occur until she is bonded and settled in her new home after a month or 2. Nothing wrong with this girls hearing though, at the sound of food, she’s back inside in a flash. Princess does need to be on a simple ( not expensive) grain free diet to keep her skin itch free.

Princess is a very sweet and affectionate cat, when she’s settled, she loves company and will come up and sit beside you and enjoy lots of pats. She can be very lively too. Once she gets to know you she frequently comes to say hello. If you've been out she comes to the door when you return and Comes when she’s called. She loves to climb and loves games. This sweet girl needs a home where someone will play with her and be around a fair bit of the time as she adores company. Princess is litter trained.

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