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Stella is a sweet, shy girl who will give you all the love in the world if given the time to come out of her shell. Whilst she is cautious of strangers, she absolutely adores her carers and is very outgoing once you gain her trust. She loves playing with her toys, her favourite right now is a catnip stuffed duck and a plush koala, she carries them around the house in her mouth. She is very playful and will happily play with a piece of fluff on the ground.
She loves to chat and will greet you with a loud chirp when you get home, when you wake up or when it’s food time. Stella loves to sit on her favourite spot on the lounge on her comfy wool bed kneading the fabric. If you sit next to her she will head butt and show you exactly which spot under her chin she wants you to scratch. On cooler nights she loves to lie along your leg and be cuddled and scratched under the chin.
Stella has a low maintenance coat, is completely litter box trained and is currently an inside cat, however long term it may suit her to be either an inside or inside/outside cat in her new home.

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Sweet Ted hasn’t had the best start in life, he lacked the cuddly interaction he would have loved as a kitten, however in his current carers home he has come a long way. Ted is a very gentle but still quite a timid boy so an inside home ( to start) with another gentle kitty that will take Ted under their wing and show him how to be a cat and be a big brother or sister to him Is a definite. Ted loves his food, and will come up for little pats and chin scratches and is gaining confidence in being picked up every day. He is now fully litter box trained and loves to play with his special string toy but needs someone who has the time and gentle nature to continue his development. Ted is still quite scared of loud or unusual noises so he needs a quiet home without children and owners that are around a reasonable amount of the time would be ideal. Ted is approx 12 months old and is a short haired ginger boy and most importantly and a real cutie!

Ted comes microchipped, desexed, wormed and 1st vaccination.

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Mimi is a former street cat who is undergoing rehabilitation into domestic life. She is making great strides, but still has some distance to go; she needs an owner who is interested in assisting her with this and allowing her to bloom at her own slow, steady pace - she is an absolutely adorable, sugar sweet work in progress. This is what her foster carer says:

Mimi is an incredibly sweet kitty who, despite having a rough start, is fully embracing domestic life and all its comforts.

Mimi is a quiet observer and a fabulous work-from-home companion. She is shy at first, but over the course of a few weeks will learn to love and trust you. Although Mimi isn’t a lap cat, she will choose a snooze spot in close proximity to you and graciously accept gentle head pats. She loves watching the goings on around the house and does so with a very curious disposition. This sweet kitty also has a playful side. Come evening, Mimi loves to play with and chase her small plastic ball toy (and sometimes even her tail!).

She is a remarkably easygoing, exceptionally lovable, and frankly very entertaining cat. She would be fit for a home with plenty of space to roam and play, windows from which she can watch, and a loving, patient owner(s). A quiet home without children or other pets would suit her best (other cat probably ok). If you are looking for a gentle, loving companion, Mimi will be a perfect addition to your home. Vet guesses her age to be approximately one year. She is litter box trained.

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Pinkie, Gus, Dexter & Bobby




We are so adorably cute and fluffy it’s ridiculous! We love people, cuddles, playing and eating. We are 3 little brothers and our one little sister. We are all now around 5 weeks old, so we will be ready to move into our new homes in a few weeks time when we have been fully weaned and have been desexed. We are already microchipped and are due to start our vaccinations soon, this will ensure we are healthy and happy when we leave for our forever homes. Our vet has given us the once over and we are all strong and healthy, he has described us as domestic long hair kitties.

In a perfect world, we’d love to go to our forever homes with either another sibling or a home with another playful kitty already in residence.

Our Chip numbers are Pinkie 991003000427621 , 991003000427619 Gus, 991003000427614 Dexter and 991003000427618 Bobby

Our adoption fee is $150 each. We are looking for expressions of interest with the view that we will be ready to move into our new homes in approx 3-4 weeks time.

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Evelyn & Sheryl

Evelyn and Sheryl are both former street cats who are undergoing rehabilitation into domestic life. They require an understanding and patient owner who is looking for more than just a cat to love - these girls are a work in progress and can be considered a special project. They are best suited to someone wanting the satisfaction of watching two little waifs develop and blossom in their own time, with a little help along the way.

Striking tortoiseshell girl Evelyn is a quiet achiever. She is becoming a sweet and affectionate cat after a rough start in life. Now that she’s tried the good life, she is open to experiencing a lifetime of love. She’s overcoming her shyness and now follows her foster carer around the house trying to ‘help’ with the daily chores by getting in the middle of everything and sweetly asking for pats! Our vet thinks that Evelyn may be part Devon Rex as she has the most darling funny little squiggly whiskers that look a bit Rex in origin, so her nickname is Rexy Whiskers. She comes as half of a pair with Sheryl, who relies on Evelyn to show her that not all humans are bad. The best is yet to come for Evelyn!
NOTE: Evelyn has tested positive for FIV, but she will still live a long and happy life.

Evelyn’s companion Sheryl has had a similar rough start and is a little shy still. With the love of a good human and guidance from her dear friend Evelyn, Sheryl is set to shine! This darling girl needs a patient and understanding owner who will allow her to unfurl her black magic in her own time as she is still fearful of humans, but coming around slowly. Can you give these bonded gal pals the gentle love and support they need, for ever and ever? Evelyn and Sheryl are estimated to be around 18 months old.

Evelyn chip no 991003000274186
Sheryl chip no 991003000274184

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Confident, curious, and quirky, Bernice is quite the character! She is a real funster who loves a fast and furious play with her toys. She also loves to explore – she finds everything fascinating. Bernice has a soft side too. A real love bug, she loves to snuggle and cuddle and settle in nice and close. When she goes to the vet she likes to stretch out on the table and purr her head off while she’s having her shots. Bernice is social with other cats, but is so demanding for cuddles and attention she tends to be a bit overwhelming for less confident cats. She’s the type to gatecrash every party! Bernice is estimated to be about 1 year old. She is on the lookout for her forever home and is committed to being a wonderful lifetime companion. She would be suited to be a companion for another confident cat or also on her own in a home with lots of attention. Older , gentle children would be ok in the home.

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This boy has had a rough life living on the streets of the inner city for God knows how long. Now that he is in foster care, he is just lapping up all the luxuries and comforts he has been so long denied.

Marley is a large boy with a great round head on him like a Japanese pumpkin and enormous clear green eyes – the photos do not deceive! He is friendly and loves receiving gentle pats, although he is not a lapcat, and is still a little wary of people he doesn’t know. He is very attentive and can even be a bit bossy, especially when he wants to be fed. His foster carer is making sure he has a large variety of delicious things to eat, and he always eats everything he is given.

After having to fend for himself for so long, Marley just needs a chance to lie back in the sun and enjoy his life. He is best suited to a calm, relaxed household with a compassionate person or people and a little garden to potter about in. Vet estimates Marley to be around 8 years old.

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