No photo for Molly


Molly has proven to be a beautiful surprise since being in foster care. At first so timid and shy, frightened of humans but wanting to trust - to now happily purring her heart out on my bed at night.
Molly has been around other cats, young children and my young and sometimes boisterous puppy (whom she loves!) Molly would be suited to a family whose owners are understanding that she is still a long way away from being a cat who will voluntarily jump on your lap for a snuggle but she is well on her way, needing only patience and time.
Molly would also require a room or space of her own to retreat to if she feels unsure. During her time in foster care she has also only ever been an indoor cat.
A smoochy girl with so much promise, we are just looking for the right family to adopt Molly and further bring her out of her beautiful shell.

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No photo for Rocky


What makes Rocky so striking is not his easy going personality, cruisy approach to life or his lovely white socks - but that face! He has lovely markings around his face and a white mane with his gorgeous long hair. He has been getting used to having his coat brushed and seems to enjoy it. Rocky plays well with his siblings, as well as older cats i have in foster care and my young children. He has also become firm friends with my dog. Therefore Rocky is well suited to most homes, whether he be an only cat or a friend to another. He has only ever been inside during his time in care, with the exception of supervised play on a contained outside deck. His adoption fee covers desexing, microchipping, first vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.
He really is a delightful little kitten who would make a wonderful addition to your family.

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No photo for Smooch *Reduced Adoption Fee*

Smooch *Reduced Adoption Fee*

Very friendly girl who adores her pats and will reward you with lots of purs. Is used to being around a small dog but would need time to adjust to a new dog in a new home. She is playful but gentle so would suit a family with children.

The pic is not great because all she wanted to do was smooch and wouldn't sit still!!!

Located Leongatha.

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No photo for Alfie


Would you like your very own black panther? Alfie has all the looks but also the personality. He is very outgoing and loves to play and hang out with his human friends. This boy loves attention and wants to be a part of everything you are doing. He can also chill out but is a cat for someone wanting a smoocher.

Alfie has been in care for a month recovering from an injury his previous owners weren't able to help him with. He has fully recovered and has no lasting issues.

His home for the last month includes other cats, dogs and children and he is not fussed by anything.

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No photo for Satine


Named after a fictional character with trademark red hair also, Satine is a beautiful girl in every way. She was surrendered to the SGAA at the age of 7 weeks after a member of the public found her with her sister and young mum abandoned . During her time in foster care she has shown great interest in playing with my young children and dog, so would be fine in a home with a bit of noise and mayhem. She is full of energy and loves to run and play, so would be suited to a home with another cat to keep her company. Satine is happy to sleep snuggled up to you on the bed at night or tucked up in her cat bed in the laundry or bathroom.
Satine is a beautiful cat who would be a wonderful addition to your home - can you find it in your heart to add her to your furry family? Her adoption fee covers desexing, first vaccinations, microchip as well as worming and flea treatment.

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No photo for Ada


Ada was surrendered to the SGAA after a caring member of the community found her with her sibling Satine freshly born to a young mother who had been abandoned. She came into foster care at 7 weeks old; brave and friendly from the get go. She loves playing with my dog Harvey, my young children and her sister. She is happy to sleep snuggled up to you on the bed or tucked up in her cat bed in a set room - laundry or bathroom has been her usual haunt at night.
Ada would be a wonderful addition to a family with other pets, or as a solo cat in your home. Her adoption fee covers desexing, first vaccinations, microchip as well as worming and flea treatment.

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No photo for Sweet Girl

Sweet Girl

Super sweet and loves her cuddles. Likes to sleep on her foster mum and dad's bed with them at night. Used to dogs and other cats. Will bring joy to any home.

Her color is a bit lighter than it appears in the pics.

Located Warragul.

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No photo for Trud


Trud has a regal look to her and a sweet, shy personality. Once she decides all is safe she blossoms and loves to play and snuggle on your lap.
Trud takes her time to feel comfortable with new situations so a very active or noisy home may not be the best match for her.

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No photo for Prue


Prue is a real sweetheart. She loves to snuggle in your lap and purrs like a wee engine.
Her coat is soft and fluffy and divine to pat.
She is outgoing, playful, pretty and would adjust to most living situations.
Prue is currently in foster care in a home with older children, dogs and other cats.

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No photo for Zimba   Special Home Needed

Zimba Special Home Needed

Special Home Needed.

This girl will hiss at first but once you start patting her she loves it. Rolls on her back and purs!! So she'll need someone special and patient who will let her settle in and give her the love and the confidence to completely trust her new humans. She would need to be an only pet and I don't think she would cope with young children. 12 weeks old. Adoption fee $120. Unfortunately you can't hear her purring in the video

*EDITED* This girl is now interacting with her foster siblings and the other cats in the carers home. She is becoming more confident every day and deserves a chance to have a home of her own.

Located in Outtrim.

If you would like to meet Zora please call her carer on 0411 060 234.

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