No photo for Wilbur. Applications Closed.

Wilbur. Applications Closed.

Wilbur is a lovely little pup who loves to play with toys and his foster friends (a cat and senior dog)
Wilbur will need continued trading in the toilet department and would also benefit from attending puppy school. Westies are known for their happy fun temperament but can also have a bit of a stubborn streak. A firm but kind guiding hand will be needed and lots of socialisation is a must!! He will suit most family situations but I think children over 7 years would be more suitable than a home with crawling and toddler children.

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No photo for Smudge


Smudge came into foster care a very scared little girl but has been slowly coming out her shell and showing us that she is a very cuddly and playful little kitty. She will be well settled to a family with lots of love and cuddles for her. She has become very good with our dogs and cats and loves to play with the other kittens in our care. Currently in care with four young children so used to lots of cuddles.

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No photo for Pixie


Pixie is a pur machine. When she came in to care she had severe flea dermatitis and was so sore and uncomfortable but she still gave lots of purs and lots of love!!! She had sores around her neck and her body and her legs were bleeding from her biting them but that didn't stop her from being a smoochy pants!!!! Pixie has been around a small dog and didn't react so we are confident she will be okay in a home with cat a cat friendly dog once she gets to know them. Her carer is not sure how she is around other cats or with young children but she is pretty laid back. Pixie's new home will need to keep her flea treatment up to date.

PLEASE NOTE Pixie's care co-ordinator is a shift worker so if you make contact it could take a day or two for her care co-ordinator to get back to you. Please be patient :)

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No photo for Agent Kitty

Agent Kitty

Agent kitty was a very scared, timid little boy when he came into care. He would hide away as often as he could. But now after being in care with lots of love and lots of kitty friends he is really starting to show off his real personality. He is very playful, always jumping out from behind things to surprise you and plays with everything possible. He’s still a little timid, but with a bit more love and care he will continue to improve and make a gorgeous loving little pet.

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No photo for Bell


Bell is a lovely little girl who is cat, dog and rabbit friendly. She loves cuddles and playing. She is a timid girl so will take some time for her to get to know you and it can take a few goes to catch her if she doesn’t want to be picked up. However she does come up for cuddles when her foster carer is sitting on the couch or in bed. Bell needs to be an indoor only cat as because of her history she is likely to wander off if she’s let outside. Bell has been getting less and less timid the longer she is with her foster carer so she is likely to continue to become less timid in her forever home. She would love to live with another friendly cat as she absolutely loves her foster carers cats.

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No photo for Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is just like her name (sweet) but she is also brave and determined. She has been fostered with other cats and dogs and is a confident, playful and super friendly. Sweet Pea is happy playing and cuddling but is also strong enough, at 10 weeks of age, to stand her ground with other animals and let them know she is not scared. She would be a good fit for any family. Fully toilet trained, wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and desexed, Sweet Pea is ready to find her forever home.

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No photo for Charlie


Charlie is a black kitten, one of 4 in my care. He is sweet and smoochy but still loves to play and jump about with his siblings. His favourite past time is chasing the sun for a snooze on my bed or exploring nook and crannies with his brothers and sister.
He is great with my young kids and interacts well with my dog, has only been inside in my care but out in a cat run too.
He is toilet trained to use kitty litter, is a good eater and a happy little chap all around.
His adoption fee includes desexing, vaccination, microchip, worming and flea treatment.
Can you find it in your heart to add Charlie to your home?

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No photo for Lucy


Lucy is going to be very hard to part with. Not only is she a beautiful black and brown torti, but she has the most affectionate and playful personality.
She loves tickles on her tummy and will playfully paw your face and chin.....Lucy also come looking for you at night for private snuggles in bed away from her brothers. She has bonded with one of her siblings in particular but also with my senior dog.
Lucy would cope in a house with gentle dogs and has a friendly nature to be with another cat. She has grown up in a house with young children too.
Lucy is toilet trained to use kitty litter and has been an inside only cat while in my care. She has been outside on occasion in a cat run.
Her fee includes neutering, vaccinations, microchip, worm and flea treatment.
She is an absolute treasure, i know whoever brings her home will just fall in love with her.
Do you have room in your heart to adopt Lucy?

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No photo for Tom


Tom is a little bigger than his 3 foster siblings, let's just say he loves his food! He has a big personality as well - always being the first of his team to explore, launch at the dog or my young kids to instigate play and find you for that tummy rub.
He is good with my young children and has also interacted well with my senior terrier. Tom plays with his brothers and sister so i think he would he happy either with a friend in the home or on his own as your solo puss.
He is toilet trained to use kitty litter and has been an inside cat since 5 weeks old. Has been outside in a cat run to chase the sunshine.

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No photo for Archie


Archie is one of four foster kittens in my care, black as night just like his other 2 brothers. I'm learning to tell him apart because he is quite fond of his sister Lucy and seeks her out for co sleeping in the sunshine.
Archie is sweet and playful, has interacted well these last weeks with my senior terrier and two young children.
He is toilet trained to use kitty litter and is happy being an inside cat or outside in a cat run.
He loves to sleep on the end of my bed but is also happy to sleep in his cat bed in the laundry.
Archie particularly loves his foster sibling Lucy and would cope as a solo cat or a friend to join your existing puss.
His fee includes desexing, vaccination, microchip and flea/worm treatment.
An easy going and friendly boy who would love to join your home.

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