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FOSTER CARER NEEDED....Minty is a very loving girl. All she needs is someone to follow and give her love to. Although Minty likes other dogs, she just prefers to have human company. We are not sure if she likes cats. Minty is quite active and loves going on walks and outings, then snuggling up for a night of TV. We think that she would be best rehomed with, perhaps, retirees or those who work from home. Minty can also be a little bit unpredictable around young children so we prefer a household where there isn't any small children residing and she must be under supervision with visiting children.

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Will was one of 4 dogs rescued from a backyard breeding situation. He came to us as a scared little fellow but has since gained so much confidence. He is still learning how to cope in the big wide world but loud noises or sudden movements scare him. He has learnt how to walk on lead and house training is still a work in progress - but he is smart and will get there soon! Will MUST go to a home with another another friendly, confident and well-adjusted small canine friend. We feel he would not cope with young children but we think he would be OK with cats. A home which is quiet and adults who have time and patience for Will would be perfect for him. He needs his daily walks and outings, and ongoing socialisation and training. This young fellow will be a most loyal companion but you must be prepared to help him along the way. We must reiterate that Will is a very traumatised dog and under no circumstances will he be rehomed as the only dog in the household.

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