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Where's Wally? You'll never have to ask because he's always by your side. Wally is a 6 year old Yorkshire Terrier who is the definition of a Velcro dog. He is happiest by your side, and boy does he get excited when you pick up his leash for walk time! Wally travels well in the car (preferably as close to you as possible to supervise your driving) and gets along with pretty much every dog he meets. He is great off-leash and has excellent recall.
What Wally isn't a fan of though is bicycles and motorbikes when he is out for his walk. However with daily exposure he has been showing progress by barely glancing at them by the end of the walk. He has been known to react to dogs when he is on lead but with an assertive handler and a special extend-a-lead he behaves very well.
Wally would do best with an owner who only only works part-time or retired who has the time and patience to integrate Wally into the home and let him join in on daily activities without letting him rule the roost. He MUST also be rehomed with another well-adjusted, confident canine friend. If you are interested in Wally please email us as much about yourself and family so that we can see if you would both be a good match!

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Bradley is desperately looking for a person to love and look after. This little man has an unknown background but initially it seemed he has come from a place where he had to constantly defend himself and he didn’t trust the world around him. Since coming into care, his beautiful nature has emerged, attaching himself to his carers and shadowing one or the other keenly. He just adores to sit outside in the garden and have a cup of tea with you – don’t put your tea down though, he will finish it off for you. He loves to help out in the kitchen, making light work of any dropped morsel of food. He is a personal alarm system, alerting the house whenever someone is approaching the house - or if you have forgotten to take him with you into the yard! His loyalty is such that Bradley needs a quiet home with only one or two humans for him to look after, and who are home most of the time, or can take him with them when they go out. His little legs don’t need much walking, as following his human around the house is his favourite form of exercise. He is very friendly with dogs and cats but he would do best on his own. Bradley understands basic commands and is house-trained and must go to a home where he is permitted inside at all times.

Bradley is available for a meet and greet in the Blue Mountains or Penrith area.

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Orion, or Rynie as his foster carer affectionately calls him:), is a friendly, energetic 2 year old boy who enjoys hanging with the family and going on adventures. He gets along well with other dogs (see pics he is on far right in first pic and far left in 2nd pic in group of dogs) but he may also suit a home without another dog if this home can give him the time he needs and perhaps some playmates in calm environment. Orion is very sweet, he loves his foster carer and responds well to her ongoing training. A home where he will continue to receive training is ideal as his previous life was one of isolation and no exercise. He walks well on lead and sleeps calmly of a night. Orion must be rehomed with access inside the the home (not nessessarily all areas) he has a low maintenance coat that only requires the occasional brush to minimise shedding. If you are interested in Orion please send us an email letting us know what sort of home life you have, e.g. do you have children, what ages, is there another dog, what age, your working hours, etc. etc. By providing this sort of information we can give you an honest feedback on how well this pet may or may not fit into your lifestyle. Thank you....

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