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Pyjamas Aka Pj


How can anyone look into those eyes and resist?

PJ is next level cute, from his little pink nose down to his toes!

PJ has found himself in urgent need of a foster or forever home through no his own.

PJ is a very nice dog who would suit a family who is on the quieter side as he is still sometimes a nervous Nellie! He currently lives with a family and enjoys time on the couch watching his favourite Netflix show or cuddling up on the bed with their 9-year-old daughter. PJ is a bit of a homebody not needing to go out on long walks every single day, he does enjoy a stroll around the neighbourhood with his doggie friends but is always very happy to come back home to the safety of those he knows. He loves playing with his toys or just hanging around his home watching the comings and goings. PJ has had no exposure to cats so a home without them would probably be best for him. PJ's ears will provide you with endless entertainment because they do have a mind of their own. Sometimes they are sticky-uppy ears, sometimes they are downy dog ears, sometimes they're somewhere in between. And then sometimes they fold back to making him look like a bald baby! Never the less he is an extremely handsome boy. PJ is house trained and is a house dog so must always have access to his home.
Most importantly a family filled with love! PJ is so special to us and deserves the best!
PJ is $495 to adopt, he comes desexed, vaccinated and on heartworm prevention. He is only available in NSW or the ACT.
If you think you can offer our beautiful baby boy, PJ a foster or forever family please email

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Akira, a 5 year old staffy x, is a bundle of joy and excitement. She has had an unfortunate life - never walked or socialised with dogs or any humans except her immediate family, as a result she is wary of other dogs, however she loves human company and walks well in her head harness.

Akira has come a long way with her foster parents, and is a straight A student in sit, stay, leave it, drop it and her favourite - FETCH! Akira is so affectionate and just loves being with her humans and a good scratch or two! She is toilet trained and knows how to use a doggy door. Akira would not suit a home with another pet, ideally she would love someone who is home a lot of the time, however, she has become accustomed to her foster carers work schedule. She deserves a second-chance and her new family will certainly be rewarded with her love, loyalty and lots of kisses!

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Clover is sweet and loving - she would sit on your head if allowed! Clover needs a home where she is included in family life, sitting with you when watching the TV, laying at your feet or just being with you but also one that can set some boundaries with her need to love and be with you as she will sit on your head if permitted:) Clover would prefer to be with another friendly, out- going, playful dog. She walks well on lead but is very strong when she gets excited so an experienced handler of larger breeds is preferable. Clover is about 27 kgs but is small in stature. Clover is an active dog so will need exercise daily and would love to be the centre of someone's world. Clover must have access inside at all times as she loves to be part of your pack. Whilst Clover would be great with children of all ages she may bowl younger ones over in her enthusiasm so a home with older children is preferred.
If you would like to meet Clover please send us as much information about your family, other dog and lifestyle so that we can see if you are both a good match. Our email is

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Burke is full of energy, and will make a very loving and loyal companion for the right home.

Burke is in need of those who are Blue Heeler enthusiasts who can provide a structured environment for this teenager. He would thrive in the care of a confident and calm canine handler/friend, who would be a role model for this young fellow.

Burke is a little frightened of the world so will need an owner committed to continuing to build his confidence levels. He also needs another confident playful dog/s in the home so that Burke can follow and learn from.

Being a working breed Burke will need someone who knows how to keep his active mind happy . He needs ongoing socialisation, confident reward based training, encouragement, and lots of TLC - in turn Burke will reward you with lots of love.

Burke loves his walks and any outings, travels well in the car and gets on with dogs of all shapes and sizes. He is currently in care with several other dogs as his foster carer runs a doggy day care so Burke is very good at welcoming new dogs into the pack.

He is great in the home and is used to sleeping inside so a home where he would be permitted inside is important (not necessarily all areas).

Please send us as much information about yourself so that we can see if you and Burke are a good match.

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Sheldon is super sweet and smart pupstar always eager to please. Sheldon has the most amazing ears which one day he will grow into:)

He has been receiving lots of training and socialisation in his foster home to ensure that he grows up to be a good canine citizen and will need a home committed to his ongoing training using positive reinforcement methods and one preferably with previous experience of raising larger breed pups.

Sheldon MUST be rehomed with another young medium/large sized friendly, well-adjusted, playful dog who he can follow and continue to learn from.

He loves all dogs he meets, especially ones who he can romp and play with. This youngster is friendly and eager to learn. Sheldon travels very well in the car so a home where he can get out and about to different places would suit him best. He will also need an active home as he will need daily exercise on top of play with his new four-legged brother or sister.

He must have access inside of the home at all times (not necessarily all areas) and must be permitted to sleep inside of a night time and to spend time with his human family not left in the backyard as he just loves cuddles.

Sheldon has recently attended two in-store visits at Petbarn on consecutive weekends, where he was happy to receive pats and meet and greet humans and canines of all sizes. These events can often be overwhelming for most dogs however Sheldon took it all in his stride as you can see from the photos.

If you would like to meet Sheldon, please send us as much information as possible about yourself, lifestyle, family members and your dog and any other pets so that we can see if you are a good match.

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Florence needs a quiet home with owners who are retired or home quite a lot, and who can take her on lovely walks and only short car rides as she is rather nervous in the car. Florence is very loyal and likes to take on the role of security officer at the front door to protect her carers. She is very loving and housetrained. She also could be rehomed with another small, calm and quiet canine companion. We are not sure what she is like with cats. If you would like to meet Florence please send us as much information as possible about your family and lifestyle to so that we can see if you are both a good match.

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