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Princess is a beautiful natured little girl. She loves to be cuddled and be with her humans. Princess must be rehomed with her canine companion Kane as they are the best of buddies and make the perfect instant fur family. (Princess is tan and white and her buddy Kane is black and white)

Although they have lived together for only a relatively short period they are very bonded and Princess is lost without Kane and vice versa. Both of them are around the same age (9 years approx). They are both super sweet and affectionate with everyone they meet including children having lived with a family with children and were good with these children and visiting children provided there were some boundaries giving them a break when needed.

They must go to a home where they are permitted inside as this is what they are used to and are both house trained. They are still active and love their exercise so a home where they would get at least 40 minutes exercise once or twice a day would be ideal. They enjoy their outings in the car, are good off-leash, love outings at the beach or in the park and enjoy a swim when they are at the beach.

We are seeking a home where the family members don't work long hours or are perhaps retired ... they are ok to be left for short periods so the ideal situation for these two would be a home where they are not left alone for long period as they love to be around people. Preferably a home with no cats.

In return their new family will be provided with unconditional love from these two love bugs.

We have reduced the adoption fee to $350 for both dogs to help them find a loving home together.

Princess and Kane can be viewed within the Botany or St George area, or by appointment in Sydney Park.

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Meet George. A little dog with a whole lot of spunk and character.

He is a little unsure of humans until he trusts their leadership but once you gain his trust, he is a cool individual indeed. George has been getting some basic training and loves being told what to do. He now sits, stays, drops and comes on command. He loves playing chasings and loves toys but his carer has him him under strict rules about who they belong to, LOL:) and his new owner must also continue with these rules to get the best out of George. His carer can certainly show you what to do in this regard.

He gets on well with other dogs once he has been introduced properly. He will be best suited to a non stress, retired, active household, where the rules will be plenty and the love shared will be mutual without molly codling.

He is currently living with approximately 6 or 7 dogs of varying sizes in his foster home.

If you are after a buddy that is relatively active and has heaps of personality, look no further.

George will have the ongoing support of his foster carer to ensure that he settles into his new environment. As a result of this he is NOT available for interstate adoption and our preference is for George to be rehomed in the Sydney area although homes within about 45 mins Kirrawee in Sydney would also be considered if his carer believes that they are the right environment for George.

He is mircochipped, desexed, vaccinated and all up to date with his flea and worming treatment.

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FOSTER CARER NEEDED....Minty is a very loving girl. All she needs is someone to follow and give her love to. Although Minty likes other dogs, she just prefers to have human company. We are not sure if she likes cats. Minty is quite active and loves going on walks and outings, then snuggling up for a night of TV. We think that she would be best rehomed with, perhaps, retirees or those who work from home. Minty can also be a little bit unpredictable around young children so we prefer a household where there isn't any small children residing and she must be under supervision with visiting children.

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Meet Master Cookie. They have certainly packed some sugar and spice and all things nice into this tiny bundle of joy:)

He is a super lovable and very active little fellow. Most of the time he is a social butterfly but can get a bit overwhelmed in certain situations. He can get a bit overwhelmed by some male figures so if there is a male member of the family they must be available to meet with Cookie and give him time to settle into the new environment. Cookie has proven he can adapt if given a little bit of time and understanding.

Cookie is only young, perhaps just over 12 months and is only about 4 kgs.

He loves going on adventures to the beach/parks with his doggy friends and is good with dogs of all sizes and would be best suited in a home with another robust smaller dog or a medium to large sized dog

He travels well in the car and loves his off leash romps in appropriate and safe areas. Cookie will need an active home that can commit to giving him at least 45 mins or so exercise twice daily (combination of on and off leash ok) and a home that will include him in their daily activities and that will allow Cookie access inside at all times.

He currently is in foster care with 4-5 other small/medium dogs and can often be seen in Sydney Park. As Cookie is still only a youngster he will need an owner that is committed to continuing his training which his foster carers have already started.

One thing Cookie cannot be trusted with is his passion for chasing birds, chickens, anything with wings! If he catches them, we would hate to think of the outcome.

He likes to help with the gardening as you never know what sort of critter you may find in the garden, so a home with some outdoor space would suit best. Whilst he is on garden duty he does like to check on the whereabouts of his owner from time to time.

Cookie is not suitable to a home with a cat unless the resident cat has what we like to call cattitude and is well used to dogs and the new owner is prepared for a settling period ie no timid/placid cats please

Cookie is in foster care in the Beverly Hills area of Sydney. Meet and greets can also meet you in Sydney Park by arrangement.

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Webster is a fun fellow to be around. He just loves life, especially his new one where he now gets to run and play. Webster gets on well with all other dogs but he has never been with a cat so we are not sure what he thinks of them! He travels well in the car and enjoys any all the outings he has been on. Webster is quite a portable little man and if you pick him up for a cuddle he will cover you in kisses! He is still working on his house-training as he was always left out in the cold on the concrete....we are sure with strict ongoing training Webster will master his house-training. He is also great on and off lead and he has good recall. We think it is preferable that Webster be rehomed with another friendly, active pooch who he can romp and play with and owner/s who can provide him with lots of love.

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Although Kane is a little dog, he loves BIG dogs. Kane is the loveliest little man - his foster carer calls him "perfect" in every way. He loves to snuggle, walk, travel in the car, greet people, gets on with other dogs, takes himself out to the toilet. That sounds perfect doesn't it!!

Kane is very super sweet and affectionate with everyone he meets including children. He loves to be included as part of the family and he is used to sleeping inside as he is house-trained. He is also used to living with a canine friend so we would prefer he be rehomed with another doggy companion, big or small, so he can have company when the family is not around.

Kane is very active and needs a good walk each day to keep him happy and settled. He is great in off-leash parks, outings to the beach and the occasional swim.

We are seeking a home where the family members don't work long hours or are perhaps retired ... he would be a great "grey nomad" companion travelling the countryside and enjoying life with his humans.

In return their new family will be provided with unconditional love from this little fellow.

Kane can be viewed within the Botany or St George area, or by appointment in Sydney Park.

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