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Bobby And Billy

If you would like an instant feline family, here it is! And if you would like THE most lovable, biggest purrers to be part of your family, Billy and Bobby are waiting for you! The brothers were rescued recently from a house where the humans did not think that pets needed any care...and it is amazing that although they were neglected, the two kittens are full of love. Both are very playful and kitty litter trained.

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Billy And Bobby

Billy is a very loving youngster. He was at first separated from his brother Bobby (pet rescue #638034 ) but now they have been reunited and just love being together. They romp, play and chase until they drop. When you go out for longer than usual periods and start to feel the "guilts" for being away so long, you know they have each other at home. We are hoping that these boys can stay together forever - they make a great instant feline family. Both are very loving and big purring machines! They are also kitty litter trained.

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Alice In Wonderland

Alice is a sweet loving girl who was abandoned by her owner when her owner moved out of an apartment block. Alice was rescued by one of our fabulous foster carers and has now had all of her vet work done so is ready to go to her second-chance home where she will not be abandoned again.

She might take a little time to feel comfortable in her new surroundings but once she finds her confidence, so will need to go to a home where she is not expected to be all over you to start with. Alice gets on with other cats and is tolerant of dogs of all sizes. She loves to play and chase and would make a great apartment cat! Alice is being fostered in the Sutherland Shire.

She would be best suited to a home with one or 2 other cats as she is not really pushy for your attention but happy to just hang around you and get a pat or two and have you play with her toys with her.

Thank you to Jo Lyons Photography for the great picture of this girl.

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