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Herbert has the biggest green eyes - all the better to see you with! He is a smoocher and likes to hang-out where his humans are. His foster home has dogs - many dogs - but he doesn't seem to care about them. Herbert is also in care with 3 quite cats and takes these in his stride as well. It is very hard for cats like Herbert, who are just "plain old tabbies", to find a home and we hope that someone will offer him a wonderful loving home to spend the rest of his days as he certainly deserves one.

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Penny has a big loving personality and enjoys any attention she can get. Penny's purring machine is on full-blast when you pick her up and she loves to be cuddled and rubbed around the ears. Penny loves to cuddle up at night in bed with her people, is a good eater and also loves to spend time in her soft cat igloo. Penny is currently living with 2 small dogs and is very relaxed with them and will permit the dogs on the bed to:) Penny is definitely in inside girl as she seems to be a bit weary of the outside world so maybe suited to apartment living.

Penny foster home also has 2 male cats who she tolerates at a distance and as they do not bother her they all move freely around the home. Her carer however believes Penny would probably prefer a home where she can be the only feline Princess. Penny is kitty litter trained. Her care says that she would need to be somebody's princess as she is very special and sweet.

Penny is currently in foster care in the Ryde area of Sydney.

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Alice In Wonderland

Alice is a sweet loving girl who was abandoned by her owner when her owner moved out of an apartment block. Alice was rescued by one of our fabulous foster carers and has now had all of her vet work done so is ready to go to her second-chance home where she will not be abandoned again.

She might take a little time to feel comfortable in her new surroundings but once she finds her confidence, so will need to go to a home where she is not expected to be all over you to start with. Alice gets on with other cats and is tolerant of dogs of all sizes. She loves to play and chase and would make a great apartment cat! Alice is being fostered in the Sutherland Shire.

She would be best suited to a home with one or 2 other cats as she is not really pushy for your attention but happy to just hang around you and get a pat or two and have you play with her toys with her.

Thank you to Jo Lyons Photography for the great picture of this girl.

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