No photo for Casie   Dg18 416

Casie Dg18 416

Casie is kind of going through a gangly stage at the moment... so she might not be the prettiest lass out there right now... but we all know the story of the Ugly Duckling!!!
Casie is gorgeous on the inside which we feel is far more important than being the prettiest girl at the prom

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No photo for Thelma  Dg18 420

Thelma Dg18 420

Thelma is cheeky, fun and playful and oh so sweet.

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No photo for Tye   Dg18 419

Tye Dg18 419

Tye is a beautiful gentle puppy. He is looking for a nice loving forever home with maybe a kid or 2 to grow up with

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No photo for Shotgun  Dg18 335

Shotgun Dg18 335

Shotgun is little bright spark who is fast learner. He is oh so handsome and is going to be the light in your life for a very long time.
Shotgun is still a baby... a big one, but a baby. He will need bite inhibition training like all puppies so he can learn to be gentle with his mouth. He sits beautifully and takes treats quite nicely, he could be a little more gentle, but that will just take a little time and training.

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No photo for Leilei  Dg18 367

Leilei Dg18 367

Leilei is full of love, life and cheekiness. She will be the apple of your eye and bring so much fun and joy to your life. Leilei is a smart little cookie and is learning to sit like a pro.
LeiLei has grown into such a gorgeous young girl. We really can't understand why she is still waiting for hew new home... she has a very loving and gentle nature, is great with the other puppies is a fast learner and is well... she's just fantastic!

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No photo for Tito   Dg18 400

Tito Dg18 400

DOB 14/9/2017

Tito is a lovely young chap who is here through no fault of his own. He was from a rather large canine family who had to unfortunately downsize.

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No photo for Herbie  Dg18 389

Herbie Dg18 389

Herbie is the smartest cookie in his litter. He picked up sit straight away, is a beautiful boy and will make some lucky family extremely happy.

He will grow to be a medium-large dog

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No photo for Link  Dg18 401

Link Dg18 401

Link is a big goofball who loves to play fetch (he's still getting the hang of bringing it back at times though)

DOB 14/9/2017

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No photo for Ben  Dg18 410

Ben Dg18 410

Ben is an energetic young dog who is looking for an energetic young family to join

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No photo for Coco  Dg18 411

Coco Dg18 411

Coco is a very happy girl who loves to run and play. She sits beautifully when asked and would love to find a walking/jogging buddy

DOB: 10/11/2017

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