No photo for Sebastian  Ct18 123

Sebastian Ct18 123

Sebastian is a little snuggle bug.
He is a spunky kitten who is looking for fun and games and of course lots of cuddles

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No photo for Merv  Ct18 117

Merv Ct18 117

Merv is a little shy at first, he likes to hang back and assess things first. Once he works our you're ok he comes out and schmoozes away

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No photo for Opal  Ct18 116

Opal Ct18 116

Opal is a stunning little lady with a gorgeous coat. She is silky soft and it really is relaxing to sit and pet her

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No photo for Polly  Ct18 115

Polly Ct18 115

Polly is cute as a button. She loves a good chin rub, is ok with other cats and is looking for a warm snuggly bed for the upcoming winter months

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No photo for Julie  Ct18 097

Julie Ct18 097

Julie is a sweet smoochy cat who loves her tucker.

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No photo for Maaria  Ct18 055

Maaria Ct18 055

This little cherub is available now

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No photo for Elly  Ct18 098

Elly Ct18 098

Elly is currently hanging out in the office with us. She is a super smooch, LOVES little dogs and will fit into absolutely any household!

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No photo for Tom  Ct18 093

Tom Ct18 093

Tom is super smoochy. He's a rather large boy with sleek and shiny coat who LOVES to be with you

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No photo for Cuddles  Ct18 081

Cuddles Ct18 081

Cuddles, well... she's really cuddly!
She's just the sort of cat you need with winter approaching!

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No photo for Otto  Ct18 086

Otto Ct18 086

Otto is such a pretty thing. He's a quiet boy who likes to keep to himself.. he loves a good chin scratch and pat, but is happy to just hang out with you and provide company

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