No photo for Nixon  Ct18 277

Nixon Ct18 277

Nixon is a large leggy feline who is just beautiful. He has the best personality out there all he needs is a loving new family to show it off to

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No photo for Rhett   Ct18 308

Rhett Ct18 308

Rhett is a total romeo. He is such a suave little man who will bring joy to your life every day

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No photo for Puddles  Ct18 240

Puddles Ct18 240

Puddles is ready to find a new home all of his own with maybe an older kid or 2 to snuggle with at night. He is such a laid back little kitty and will be happy anywhere as long as he has a sunny window to stretch out in front of

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No photo for Splash  Ct18 241

Splash Ct18 241

Splash is a gorgeous little fella who is looking for a home to call his own. Splash and his brother Puddles are quite close and can often be found snuggling together. Are you looking for an instant family?!? And no-one will argue that 2 cats aren't better than one!

DOB 16/7/18

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No photo for Kirby   Ct18 329

Kirby Ct18 329

Kirby is the cutest little spookster out there. We're not sure about his past... but his future is looking bright. He is a little head shy when being pet as we think he's not had too much soothing human touch before. He is not nasty at all... and likes his body being pet... his head may take a little time however

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No photo for Albina  Ct18 273

Albina Ct18 273

Albina is a beautiful girl who was rescued from a community where she had had a littler of kitten who all sadly were deformed and passed away :(
She hasn't let this dampen her spirits though and she is ever so grateful that she was rescued... she is sweet and smoochy and a very quiet natured cat. She is looking for a nice calm quiet relaxing household

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