No photo for Arri  Ct18 174

Arri Ct18 174

Arri is a little love bug. He LOVES to schmooze and snuggle and is purrfect for these cold winter nights as a lap warmer! (which will benefit you both of course!)

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No photo for Speck  Ct18 212

Speck Ct18 212

Speck is an active and lively little go getter. He loves to run, jump and climb on anything and everything and explore anything in sight. He would love to have a safe outdoor enclosure to explore when he's not getting into mischief in the house. He is crazy cheeky, goofy and oh so lovable. Is he your purrfect match?
Speck is starting to lose hope of ever finding a loving home.. he has resigned to sleeping more and more, especially on these cold winter days. He would really love home of his own and perhaps even a cozy fireplace to snuggle in front of

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No photo for Bunny  Ct18 161

Bunny Ct18 161

Bunny with his ever so serious face, is a gorgeous little thing who despite his face, i s a fun loving puss cat who loves to play with toys and be a bit cheeky

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No photo for Opal  Ct18 177

Opal Ct18 177

Opal is just stunning. She really does look like a precious opal. She has the most amazing colours we've seen in many years!
Opal is a quiet girl who likes to just chill and relax.

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No photo for Dash (Aka Tim Tam)  Ct18 195

Dash (Aka Tim Tam) Ct18 195

This little fella is a bit of a special case... you see, he was driven in to us... after being found stuck behind the glovebox of a workers car!!!!!
Little 'Dash' is a sweet little fella who has a bit of growing to do, he's a bit scrawny at the moment and who knows how long he was stuck there for. He was quite skittish and we thought maybe a little feral to start with, but 2 days later he is the sweetest little kitty ever and loves human companionship

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No photo for Milo  Ct18 191

Milo Ct18 191

Milo is a very sweet but quiet girl. She's not loving chilly shelter life and would love to find herself in a nice cosy warm home asap

Milo has found herself looking for a home as the family dog decided she would taste nice if it got hold of her... for this reason a home without a dog or perhaps a small dog would probably suit Milo well

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No photo for Spanko  Ct18 223

Spanko Ct18 223

Spanko loves to laze and roll about in the sun. He would absolutely LOVE his own catio at his new house so he can safely go outdoors and explore and roll in all the dirt and grass he can find (yes, he is white and ginger somewhere under all that muck!)
He is ok with other cats can be a little bossy with them

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