No photo for Rachet  Dg18 119

Rachet Dg18 119

Rachet is such a looker!
Rachet is from a community where he was 'fostered' until until old enough to come in and find a home. His never met a dog or pup so far that doesn't like him, loves playing with his toys (rather than the furniture or other naughty things) and was house-trained (he may need a little reminding after living in the shelter) He has met lots of children and is not fearful of them so would be a lovely addition to a family with kids to hang with

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No photo for Hoppy  Dg18 116

Hoppy Dg18 116

Hoppy is the sweetest girl. She is quiet natured, well mannered (so far) and we feel would fit into any family with ease

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No photo for Biddie  Dg18 109

Biddie Dg18 109

Biddie is just gorgeous. She is smart, kind, loving and loves her treats!
She will grow to a medium-large dog

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No photo for Theo  Dg18 108

Theo Dg18 108

We're still getting to know Theo and will update his profile soon

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No photo for Guru  Dg18 107

Guru Dg18 107

Guru can be a little shy at times but she is still settling into shelter life. She will need good secure fencing, a kind and caring person to give her the time and training she needs and someone with a little patience

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No photo for Hank  Dg18 104

Hank Dg18 104

Hank is a lovely boy who is learning beautiful manners. He will grow to a medium-large size

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No photo for Nala  Dg18 096

Nala Dg18 096

Nala is a lovely girl who is quiet natured and well mannered

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No photo for Petra  Dg18 082

Petra Dg18 082

Petra is the ultimate pocket rocket!
She's tiny, sweet and super speedy. Like most of our rescues we're not sure of Petra's parentage... but she kinda looks like a Dachshund X Chihuahua X who knows what. Short and sweet and full of love!

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No photo for Patty  Dg18 075

Patty Dg18 075

Patty is a rough and tumble roly poly fella who is looking for a fun time. He will provide hours of entertainment for his new family and asks for meals, board and training in return

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No photo for Pete  Dg18 074

Pete Dg18 074

Pete is super cute and is a bit like a staffy with a scruffy muzzle (squee SO CUTE!)
He's a smart little pup who is learning how to sit for treats at the moment... He is looking for an active family who will do zoomies with him and let him hang out and watch movies on a Sunday night

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