No photo for Chrissy    Dg18 393

Chrissy Dg18 393

Chrissy is a delightful puppy. She is learning lovely manners including to sit for treats and is great with other dogs/puppies

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No photo for Olivia  Ct18 229

Olivia Ct18 229

How GORGEOUS is Olivia!
Her personality and nature is just as beautiful as she is...

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No photo for Rusty  Ct18 235

Rusty Ct18 235

Rusty, like most cats, is a night owl. He loves to prowl around the house at night hunting roaches and singing the songs of his people. He is an eye-catching boy who really does need to be an indoor only cat to keep him safe. He would however, love a safe catio attached to the house so he can have some safe and sound outdoor time

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No photo for Krystal  Ct18 254

Krystal Ct18 254

Krystal is very sweet and can sometimes be a little shy at first, but a few finger clicks and call her out and she's melt all over you like jello

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No photo for Male Mice

Male Mice

These little fellas are all between 4 and 6 months old. They aren't super friendly due to not enough handling, but aren't nasty or nippy when you do pick them up

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No photo for Cato  Ct18 252

Cato Ct18 252

I think the photos say it all..
Cato loves to relax. He has energetic bursts as he is still a baby, but for the most part, he likes to snuggle in a warm place. He has his brother Peeta love to snuggle and it would be lovely to find them a home together (instant family) but they will do fantastic apart also provided you fill the snuggle gap
NB: Peeta has now been adopted, Cato is still searching for his forever home

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No photo for Barney  Ct18 244

Barney Ct18 244

Barney is a laid back puss who like to just sit back and watch. He is SUPER smoochy and cuddly and loves to stretch up your legs for a chin rub and a scratch. He likes the other cats and would love a feline companion. Barney gets along with pretty much every cat he meets... so he is sure to fit into any home with ease with a like minded cat

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No photo for Albina  Ct18 273

Albina Ct18 273

Albina is a beautiful girl who was rescued from a community where she had had a littler of kitten who all sadly were deformed and passed away :(
She hasn't let this dampen her spirits though and she is ever so grateful that she was rescued... she is sweet and smoochy and a very quiet natured cat. She is looking for a nice calm quiet relaxing household

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No photo for Morris  Ct18 256

Morris Ct18 256

Morris spends most of his time sleeping and lounging about. He is a super relaxed boy who like to find the darkest most comfy warm spot to spend his days. He loves a good chin rub and is a really sweet little man

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