No photo for Kami  Ct17 015

Kami Ct17 015

Kami is sweet, playful and oh so cute. She will light up your life for years and years, come and visit her today!

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No photo for Kuro  Ct18 013

Kuro Ct18 013

Kuro is a cheeky boy who loves to play with toys and play hide and seek.

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No photo for Kacee  Ct18 014

Kacee Ct18 014

Kacee is a growing girl who will pick food over just about anything at the moment ha ha she is a friendly little thing though and is looking for her forever home

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No photo for Kitkat  Ct18 012

Kitkat Ct18 012

Kitkat is a lover not a fighter. She has big beautiful cow eyes that are sure to win any heart over, she loves to be patted and is a little bit of a smooch

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No photo for Miffy  Ct18 005

Miffy Ct18 005

Miffy is an adorable little kitten who loves to play. She will fit into any household whether it has current feline residents or not

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No photo for Oreo  Ct18 003

Oreo Ct18 003

Oreo is cute and squishy and all things lovable. She would love to find a loving new home where she will get snuggles, gourmet food and be waited on hand and umm... paw whilst she lazed around under the air-conditioning

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No photo for Pepsi  Ct18 001

Pepsi Ct18 001

Pepsi is quite a laid back puss who is ok with other cats but does like his own space. He came in quite matted and full of prickles, we have gotten most out but his tail still needs attention. He will need regular brushing and would prefer to be an only pet so he never gets full of burrs ever again

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No photo for Solo  Ct17 613

Solo Ct17 613

Solo is a gorgeous floof who would like to be an only cat, or go to a home where the other cats will give him space. He isn't a fighter, but doesn't like cats getting "all up in his business" and will bop them on the head if they do

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No photo for Delilah  Ct17 535

Delilah Ct17 535

Delilah is a very sweet puss who loves chin scratches, smooches and long walks around the house ha ha (she would love to be an inside cat with the aircon on all day for luxury please)

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No photo for Pilot  Dg17 542

Pilot Dg17 542

Pilot is a fantastic dog. He is the perfect sized dog, always a happy little fella, loves to play with you and is a stunner to look at!

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