No photo for Maxi  Dg18 241

Maxi Dg18 241

Maxi is a high energy ball of fun. He is way too much for young children so needs a home with adults only or teenagers who will help to train him.

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No photo for Dash  Dg18 195

Dash Dg18 195

This little fella is a bit of a special case... you see, he was driven in to us... after being found stuck behind the glovebox of a workers car!!!!!
Little 'Dash' is a sweet little fella who has a bit of growing to do, he's a bit scrawny at the moment and who knows how long he was stuck there for. He was quite skittish and we thought maybe a little feral to start with, but 2 days later he is the sweetest little kitty ever and loves human companionship

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No photo for Arri  Ct18 174

Arri Ct18 174

Arri is a little love bug. He LOVES to schmooze and snuggle and is purrfect for these cold winter nights as a lap warmer! (which will benefit you both of course!)

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No photo for Gilly  Ct18 171

Gilly Ct18 171

Gilly is a handsome fella who is quiet, independent and just beautiful. He likes a smooch and a snuggle, but isn't in your face about it. He would be best suited as an only cat as he's not too fussed about feline company

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No photo for Dimples  Ct18 114

Dimples Ct18 114

Dimples is a nice little puss who is friendly and doesn't mind pat. She's ok with other cats and not really phased by much at all

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No photo for Pearl  Ct18 178

Pearl Ct18 178

Pearl is just the cutest thing you have ever seen. She's SO FLUFFY!

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No photo for Ralph  Dg18 209

Ralph Dg18 209

What a little spunk Ralph is. He is a gentle pup who is looking for a playful family to join and teach him the ways of the world

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No photo for Opal  Ct18 177

Opal Ct18 177

Opal is just stunning. She really does look like a precious opal. She has the most amazing colours we've seen in many years!
Opal is a quiet girl who likes to just chill and relax.

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No photo for Mumma Bear  Ct18 053

Mumma Bear Ct18 053

Mumma is looking for a loving, kind and caring family where she will be allowed to snuggle on the bed

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No photo for Maaria  Ct18 055

Maaria Ct18 055

This little cherub is available now

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