No photo for Bobbie ~ The Loyal Companion

Bobbie ~ The Loyal Companion

Bobbie is a very friendly dog that lives to follow you around.
He adores people and does not want to be left alone.
Bobbie has been adored since he was a pup and was the loyal 24/7 companion to his tradie owner, going out on all job calls and meeting all clients and their dogs. Sadly, his young owner passed away and that has left Bobbie waiting for his new best mate.
Bobbie is great with dogs of all sizes but not too friendly with cats.
He still has a lot of spring in his step although he's not too high energy.
Bobbie requires a family where he is not left alone often and a secure tall colorbond or brick walled backyard he cannot escape out of.
Bobbie adores the car and will gladly be your co-pilot, wherever the road takes you.
He is located in Windsor, Western Sydney.
Ready to love this gorgeous boy? Text 0415709098 or email so you can meet Bobbie.

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Betsy Boo

Meet Betsy Boo (Assisted Re-Home)

Betsy is a 5- year old Foxie, who has been very loved in her life so far. Her owner has become too sick to care for her. Betsy has led a sheltered life, just her and her owner. She’s used to a small garden and a dog-door. She’s completely house-trained, smart and very loving. Betsy has not spent much time with other dogs. She is not aggressive toward them, just very shy. Her ideal home would be with someone who is retired, or semi-retired and where she will be loved and cherished. Please contact 0422086751 or email for more information.

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No photo for Sir Diesel * Social Butterfly *

Sir Diesel * Social Butterfly *

Sir Diesel is a 4 year old Labrador and Staffy mix boy who is such a good boy !!!!
Sir Diesel adores to play with all size doggies and doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.
He loves kids and loves everyone he meets.
He is such a good boy who is absolutely no trouble at all.
Sir Diesel deserves a good home where he will be loved and part of the household.
He would b a fantastic house dog and would be absolutely no trouble.
He is so good in every way.
Diesel is so Affectionate, Sweet, loving, and doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.
Diesel has fantastic manners and is extremely loving, loyal and affectionate.
Diesel is located in Austral in Sydney.
If you like to meet Sir Diesel please text 0415709098 or send us an email to

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No photo for Shelby   The Best Natured Lovebug

Shelby The Best Natured Lovebug

Shelby is a sweet young girl that adores all other dogs and humans alike.
Shelby will be a great companion for an outdoorsy family that enjoys big weekend outings and/or even camping.
She will be best suited to a home where she's not alone for more than a couple of hours here and there or, where she has a playful dog companion to share the alone times with.
Shelby is still a young puppy at heart and doesn't always realise her size. Her only fault is adoring everyone so much.
Shelby is great with children of all ages although her incredible bum wags might knock a little one off balance. If the children are already used to this energy from other medium and/or large sized dogs, she will make them laugh about it as no malice in her at all.
If you are ready to meet this bundle of joy, please text 0415709098 or email

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No photo for Jellybean ~ The Most Laid Back Girl You'll Meet

Jellybean ~ The Most Laid Back Girl You'll Meet

Jellybean joined us while pregnant from the pound. She has been an awesome mumma but now it's time to find her own home.
She is the most laid Rotti you can imagine. She adores her human company and is best suited with a family where someone is home or works only part-time.
Jellybean is great with other friendly dogs and will cause no trouble with dogs of any size.
Since in our care, we have seen jellybean blossom into a great housemate, where she will happily share the couch and snooze while you watch your programs. She will do well with a decent walk daily and a secure backyard to sun lounge in and play.
Jellybean is located in Windsor and cannot wait to meet you. Please text 0415709098 or email to organise it.

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No photo for Beautiful Ben

Beautiful Ben

Beautiful Ben is a young man of 14 months. Ben was taken into care as young needy pup and trained by his current family. His family have very young children and have a (surprise) new babe on the way. His current owner doesn’t feel there will be enough hours in the day once the new babe arrives, as there will 3 children under 3. His family have taken the positive step of rehoming him, with months up our sleeve. No last- minute desperation for this boy.

Ben is a very loving, playful and active boy, who is great with kids and other dogs. Has not been around cats and does chase possums.

He is a smart boy and has learned sit, stay, drop, turn around, get the ball, get the stick and more. He responds well to both verbal commands and hand-signals.

As Ben is only 14 months, we’d really like his next move to be his final one. He needs his forever home. Preference will be given to those with experience for this wonderful breed. He would suit a household where he is part of the family and can be both indoors and outside, go for walks and swimming if possible. He would not suit being home alone all day, every day. He’d love to be with another dog, or just meet with dogo friends at the park.

* Ben is located in the southern suburbs of Sydney.
* Because of his attachment to his family, we'd like the new adopter to be able to visit
him a few times prior to adoption.
* Preference will be given to those with experience with this wonderful breed.
* Due to the need to for some visits prior to adoption, it will be best if the Ben's
potential new family live in Sydney.

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No photo for Buck ** As Cute As Pie **

Buck ** As Cute As Pie **

Hi! I’m Buck, a Jug (Jack Russell x Pug) and am 2.5 years old. I am a cheeky little boy who loves to play. I am dog friendly and did not react to the cat. I would be best suited to a home with another less dominant dog for company, to be able to sleep inside and be part of the family. I am an inquisitive little man who likes to explore his environment.
I need someone who is committed to training me so that I feel more comfortable walking on the lead and can learn what you want me to do.
I would not be suitable for apartment living as I love to be able to run around outside.
I look forward to meeting my new forever family.
Love Buck xx

Please text Maureen only on
0412 820 941 for more info.

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No photo for Buddy ** Can’t Get Anymore Adorable **

Buddy ** Can’t Get Anymore Adorable **

Buddy is just DROP dead gorgeous in his personality and his looks!!
Buddy doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.
He loves all size doggies, he is great with cats, he is so smart and most of all he is so unique.
Buddy is great with kids also.
He is a family dog that must be rehomed as part of the house hold and with another friendly and playful dog.
Buddy is a puppy and loves to play, is eager to please and loves being rewarded when he is learning new things.
Buddy is very loyal.
Buddy is located in Windsor in Western Sydney.
Please text only Merna on 0405320601 or email if you like to meet our beautiful pup.

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No photo for Rosie ** A Rosie Petal**

Rosie ** A Rosie Petal**

Rosie is a 6 year old pure breed old Rottweiler who is divine in every way.
Think of the happiest, nicest person you ever met, and that gives you an idea of this girl's personality. Rosie has an aura around her. She's smart, loyal and lovely. Rosie loves other dogs, and it would be wonderful to see her rehomed with a furry friend.
Rosie is located in Canley Vale in Sydney.
If you like to meet her please send us an email or text only merna on 0405320601

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No photo for Fanta ** Social Butterfly **

Fanta ** Social Butterfly **

My name is Fanta.
I am a 10mth old Red Cattle X Kelpie.
I am a puppy who loves everyone and would love to share my life with you.
I Love to go for walks.
I have heard the humans around me call me a gorgeous looking girl with a beautiful nature.
I love to cuddle and currently am an inside and outside dog.
I will uld love to have an older sibling to learn from and to keep me occupied....
As long as you won’t leave me alone all day I will be ok as an only dog, but not if you work full time.
All my vaccinations, worming and flea treatments are up to date.
I would love to meet you.
I love kids and I don’t have a bad bone in my body.
I am located In Leppington in Sydney.
Please call my foster mummy Natalie on 0414 531 294

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