No photo for Ruby   Looking For Love

Ruby Looking For Love

Ruby is the epitome of sweet! She adores people and other dogs, which she always submits to. Her reason to live is to be near loving people, kissing, cuddling and sharing all life has to give.
Through no fault of her own and just due to her size, she missed out being included in her previous family's life and in turn missed out on her obedience training, too. Now that she enjoys being part of everything, she is catching up quite quickly. She is very child friendly, although does not always realise her own size, so her wagging tail/bum might off-balance a little one not used to large dogs. She is very cuddly with kids, too.
Ruby is looking for a family with patience, love, someone at home throughout the day (part-time workers okay) that wants to keep up with her training and enjoy all the love she has to give.
Please text 0415709098 to organise to meet Ruby.

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Pumba ~ Ready To Warm You Up In Winter!

Pumba is a sweet and affectionate boy that wants nothing more than to please you. He is very handler focused and treat oriented so can easily be further trained by the right person that has the time and interest in doing it. He is very affectionate and will be a great companion to a family that wants to get him involved with most of their activities.
As an Arctic, Pumba needs to be seen as a working dog, not a cute fluffy couch potato - although he is extremely cute! Do not let his age fool you, he is still a very active dog that will put youngsters to shame as full of stamina.
Pumba will do better as a single dog but a family with a large female Arctic would be considered upon a favourable meet and greet. Because of his size and clumsiness, we would prefer no small children in his new family.
As an Arctic, Pumba will never need to be clipped at the groomers although will definitely benefit from the occasional bath ;)
Pumba will do well if not alone for extended periods of time coupled with a good exercise routine.
If you are ready to meet this gorgeous boy, please text Merna on 0405320601 or email

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No photo for Lacey   I Just Want My Human(S) To Love

Lacey I Just Want My Human(S) To Love

Lacey is a sweet lady that is ready for a calm life of not having to worry about uncertainties.
Although plenty of horse-power under her hood, she is a calm dog that only wants to spend time with her people which she adores.
Lacey has never had a chance to being the center of attention before and we want to ensure it will happen now. A home without other dogs is a must. Lacey accepts some dog friends but we would prefer them not to share a home with her.
Lacey is good with children if they are calm and used to larger breeds.
Although she isn't old, we are looking for a typical 'retirement' home to suit her personality, where people do not leave her alone for long periods of time (secure yard is a must) while also allowing her some healthy exercise, even if for short bursts.
Lacey is so loving and would complete any homely family looking to find a dog to love.
Please contact 0415709098 to meet our gorgeous Lacey.

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No photo for Jess   Whatever Comes, I'm Game ❤️

Jess Whatever Comes, I'm Game ❤️

Our beautiful Jess is the perfect doggy companion for any family that wants a new member to enjoy all that life has to offer.
She is perfect with people of all sizes and dogs of all sizes too. She can rough play but knows how to suit her playmate's energy so they don't get hurt.
Jess does need another playful doggie in her new home, a family that will exercise with her and let her be part of their daily activities.
Jess loves car rides and will be the perfect companion for school drop offs and pick ups. We are looking for a family that doesn't work full time so Jess is not left alone for long periods of time.
Ready to meet our SuperGirl? Please text 0415709098 to book it in.

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No photo for Riley ** A Loving Good Boy **

Riley ** A Loving Good Boy **

Hello everyone !
My name is Riley and I am a 4 year old Alaskan Malamute and Husky mix boy.
I learn quick, I follow commands, and I have basic training.
I am looking for a home where I am part of the household.
I would prefer to be the only dog in my home or with a female dog my size is fine as I like my independence but I do like to play a lot with other doggy’s and have fun!
I have a lot of love to give and I am extremely smart.
I just want someone to give me a chance to prove how much of a good boy I can be to someone who deserves me.
I am good with older kids and I need a secure home.
I am Located in Canley Vale in Sydney.
Please text Merna only on 0405 320 601 or please send us an email to

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No photo for Abby ~ Live Wire

Abby ~ Live Wire

Abby is one of a kind! She multitasks and is always on the go. Never a dull moments when Abby is about! Still in her 'puppy energy', Abby is a strong pup that will make the best companion to a person or family that likes to run for fitness or pleasure.
Very given to humans, Abby would be best suited to never deal with a dog park situation although she is fine with selected doggie friends after a proper introduction.
We advise no children for Abby as her strength and energy may get a little one to fall over. If the children are used to power dogs, then the more she has to love.
Abby is very responsive to training if given the proper yummy bribe :) Now we have made her understand that a cuddle is just as nice. Still ways to go but she is on the right track.
She will love an outdoorsy family that will include her in their adventures.
Part time workers would suit her needs best and, have we mentioned how loving she is?!
Ready to meet this life force?! Text Merna on 0405320601 or email to organise to meet her.

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No photo for Delta ~ Sweeter Than Candy!

Delta ~ Sweeter Than Candy!

Delta is a staffy that is a dream of a dog. She adores all humans and dogs alike.
Meeting dogs for the first time she acts a little shy and submissive, once she sees they are friendly, she becomes everyone's bestie and plays to no end.
Delta is only a young girl and still is a puppy.
She is a cuddle bug and cannot have enough pats.
She is awesome with dogs of all sizes.
Absolutely no trouble and a very good girl.
Delta is house trained and is extremely well behaved inside the home.
Delta would suit apartment living.
Are you ready to add a clown to your party?!
Don't miss out and inquire now about Delta!
Please email or text merna only on 0405320601
Delta is located in Canley Vale in Sydney.

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No photo for Marley ~ Picture Perfect!

Marley ~ Picture Perfect!

Marley is a smooth coat girl that has not had the best start at life but it has all changed now and she is a happy lovable pup who loves human interaction.
Due to her Arctic nature, she can appear a bit aloof but she does not miss a beat and is always aware of all things happening in her surrounds.
Marley loves to run, with or without a good reason! It takes some doing to get her tired :)
Marley is generally good with other dogs and we will be looking for a home with another friendly dog of a similar size - she loves to play with others!
She responds best to assertive natured people as she understands the message clearly.
Marley has learnt a lot while with us and will benefit from a family that will keep up with her training. She is such a smart girl! She is still a strong girl on the lead but we keep working on it until you are ready to take over.
To meet our stunner, please text Merna on 0405320601 or email

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No photo for Poppy   ** Such A Sweet Girl **

Poppy ** Such A Sweet Girl **

Poppy is a one year old Bull Arab puppy girl.
She is very smart and adores everyone she meets.
Poppy is still learning to control her excitement but does not have a mean bone in her body and just wants to love you.
She is playful and she is fantastic with similar sized dogs.
Poppy is so pretty the pictures do her no justice.
Poppy would love a similar sized doggy to become her new best friend but it is not essential as long as she gets to play with other doggies and not be home alone for long periods of time.
Poppy loves her toys and is not picky - anything is good enough to play!
She will benefit from puppy school as it will assist in a good obedience foundation and she just loves to learn and is eager to please.
Poppy is a high energy doggy.

Ready to come and meet our bundle of joy?
Text Merna on 0405320601 or email so we can set it up.
Location Windsor.

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No photo for Maisie ~ A Big Lovebug

Maisie ~ A Big Lovebug

Maisie is a sweet pup that is a bit shy at first but once she knows you can be trusted she's your girl. She will likely connect more with one member of the family but adores all that dote on her.
Maisie is awesome with other dogs of all sizes, so she should have another mate(s) in her new home. At the moment she is with a very large pack of dogs and is just one of the gang :)
She will benefit from a life with a family where someone is home throughout the day and is only left alone for short periods (part time workers okay). She would benefit from further obedience training to solidify her behaviours.
Maisie is a goofball and will entertain all with her antics - never a dull moment!
To come and meet our beautiful girl, please text Merna on 0405320601 or email

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