No photo for Nessie  ** Love Bug Princess **

Nessie ** Love Bug Princess **

Nessie is a sweet girl who loves everyone she meets.
She is a social butterfly.
Nessie has a big heart and is eager to please.
She is young and loves to play and go for walks.
Nessie requires a family who will play with her and take her for walks.
She loves the car ride too!
She is so smart and loves to learn.
Nessie needs a home with no small children as her wiggly body will definitely knock little ones off balance.
A family with someone at home or working part time and good fences is a must.
Nessie needs to have a home of her own as the only pet in the household.
Ready to meet our gorgeous girl?
Please Text 0415709098 or send us an email.

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No photo for Freedom ** Adorable Pup **

Freedom ** Adorable Pup **

Freedom is a very smart Rottweiler mix puppy that is looking for her family with another young, playful and needs friendly dog to be housed with.
Freedom and her siblings have been in our care since they were born and it has been a privilege to watch them blossom into the special dogs they are becoming. They have all now found their home except for Freedom still looking for her furever loving family.

Freedom - female
Freedom is all about playing hard and napping hard.
She loves to rough and tumble with her k9 mates and crash in the shade or a comfy spot on the lounge for a rest. She is strong willed, bold and brave, often the first to explore new toys, people and places.

All puppies are toilet trained with accidents likely to happen when in a new environment, but nothing training and routine won't fix. They are quite happy in car rides and being made a part of family life.
Their new families should have another young, playful and friendly dog that will join them in play and help them become balanced adults. Puppy school, or better yet, a training routine will be essential to see them grow up into well mannered dogs.
To meet Freedom please send us an email or text 0415709098.

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No photo for Marley ** Adores Everyone **

Marley ** Adores Everyone **

Marley is an absolutely adorable girl who has a huge heart.
She adores everyone she meets.
Marley has a smooth coat and she is so pretty!
Marley is a girl that has not had the best start at life but it has all changed now and she is a happy lovable pup who loves human interaction.
Due to her Arctic nature, she can appear a bit aloof but she does not miss a beat and is always aware of all things happening in her surrounds.
Marley loves to play and have fun.
Marley is generally good with other dogs and we will be looking for a home with another friendly dog of a similar size - she loves to play with others!
She responds best to assertive natured people as she understands the message clearly.
Marley has learnt a lot while with us and will benefit from a family that will keep up with her training. She is such a smart girl!
This baby loves to learn.
To meet our stunner, please Text 0415709098 or send us an email.

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No photo for 💙Patches💙 Adorable Baby Boy

💙Patches💙 Adorable Baby Boy

Patches is a lovely young boy who is always a happy go lucky boy and always smiling.
He will best fit a home where the family will include him in most activities.
Patches adores other dogs, no matter their size. He is very well mannered.
He is a beautiful sweet young dog who is waiting patiently for his new bunch of humans to love.
Patches loves nothing more than to fall asleep and have you rub his belly !!!
He is so so so affectionate. His head will be gently leaning on you and he will stay there as long as you allow him to.
Also, he requires a family where he is not the only dog.
He is smart, loves to please and be rewarded.
If you are willing to meet Patches, please contact us as he will pay you back with much love, happiness and loyalty in return!
He is a very dear special boy who deserves a chance.
If you would like to meet Patches, please Text 0415709098 or send us an email.

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No photo for Simba ** A Special Boy **

Simba ** A Special Boy **

Simba is a sweet boy that will make everyone his best friend.
He requires a home without other pets so he can enjoy all the cuddles for himself.
Simba adores people, he would be your best friend for life.
He loves cuddles, he is extremely affectionate and he is so loyal.
Simba loves his walks, and loves going for car rides.
He is a dear boy who deserves a second chance at life.
Simba loves swimming and he would love to have a clam shell pool in his home.
This will see him the happiest pup alive... He loves his toys.
Simba is a very good natured boy and wants nothing more than laying next to you while you watch some TV or you sleep.
Simba has a striking beauty that will make anyone fall in love.
He so deserves a chance to have his own family.
He has been waiting a long time!
Simba is always a happy boy who will give you unconditional love in return and loyalty.
Ready to meet this handsome boy?
Please text msg to 0415709098, or send an email.

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No photo for Gus ** Will Be Your Best Friend **

Gus ** Will Be Your Best Friend **

Gus is a pure bred Doberman with stunning beauty to show for it.
He adores his people and will adore a home where he is an important part of the family.
Gus needs to be an only dog and has only had experience with one cat he grew up with.
He adores car rides and will happily tag along on all outings he's allowed.
Gus really connects with people and has adored every child we introduced him too.
He will be the perfect companion for most families looking for a bundle of love.
To meet our gorgeous Gus, please send us an email or Text 0415709098.

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No photo for Sassy ** Adorable Nature Love Bug **

Sassy ** Adorable Nature Love Bug **

Sassy is such a beautiful natured sweet heart.
She is so special, and adores her people and dogs her size.
She is such a fun pup!
She loves to spend her time playing with similar sized and minded dogs.
Sassy loves her mates too!!
A well fenced backyard with a friend to play with would be her favourite home, but not a must.
As long as Sassy has a family that will take her on the family outings with her and include her as part of the family.
Sassy loves car rides and is toilet trained.
Sassy is very child friendly and would be perfect with children used to doggies.
Ready to meet her?
Please Text 0415709098 to book it in or send us an email.

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No photo for Panda ** Huge Heart Adorable Man **

Panda ** Huge Heart Adorable Man **

Panda is a beautiful doggy who mingles seamlessly with people and other dogs.
He loves to be part of the family and will happily take part on all activities he is allowed to, even if just to take a nap next to his humans.
He can be adopted either with another friendly dog or on his own.
Panda Bear would love a family who will not leave him alone for long hours (part-time workers or people who work from home okay).
He is such an affectionate boy he will be your best mate!
Secure fencing Is a must and a home where he would be part of the family.
Ready to come and meet this gorgeous soul?
Please Text 0415709098 or send us an email.

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No photo for Biggie **  Mr Congeniality **

Biggie ** Mr Congeniality **

Biggie is all personality! Fantastic with humans and other dogs, Biggie makes the party!
He loves water! Sea, river, lakes, pools, puddles, water bowls, doesn't matter - he's in!
Biggie is a boy who adores company.
He is extremely smart and so so so eager to always learn.
Biggie adores his people.
He is a social butterfly.
*** Biggie requires 8 foot or over colorbond or brick fences *** If left alone and/or bored, he can be an escape artist.
Biggie is sociable with dogs of all sizes and despite his strength he does take into account how much the other dog can cope with, without getting hurt which makes him a great asset in multi dog homes.
Ideally his new family will include a stay at home parent or carer who will be able to keep an eye on his whereabouts.
We are hoping he will be different in a home environment with other doggies and someone who is at home most the time.
Biggie also needs a friendly and playful canine.
Are you ready to meet Biggie who doesn’t stop smiling?
Text 0415709098 or email to organise a meet and greet.

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No photo for Pumba ** Adores Everyone He Meets **

Pumba ** Adores Everyone He Meets **

Pumba is a sweet and affectionate boy that wants nothing more than to please you.
He is very handler focused and treat oriented so can easily be further trained by the right person that has the time and interest in doing it.
Pumba needs to be an only pet in the house.
He is always smiling and has a beautiful happy nature.
He is very affectionate and will be a great companion to a family that wants to get him involved with some of their activities.
As an Arctic, Pumba loves to learn new things and have daily stimulation.
He is extremely cute!
Do not let his age fool you, he is still a very healthy active dog.
Pumba will do better as an only dog as mentioned above, but a family with a large female Arctic would be considered upon a favourable meet and greet.
Because of his size and clumsiness, we would prefer no small children in his new family, although he would love them.
As an Arctic, Pumba will never need to be clipped at the groomers although will definitely benefit from the occasional bath ;)
Pumba is so special!
If you are ready to meet this gorgeous boy, please Text 0415709098 or send us an email.

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