No photo for Jaunty


Jaunty is a lovely happy man

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No photo for Sabbi


Sabbi is a little shy but friendly

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No photo for Mali


Mali is a very big soft loveavle boy

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No photo for Mozzle


Mozzle just loves the lounge she is a friendly girl

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No photo for Sweetie


Sweetie ia a little shy but very sweet natured

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Jelly Bean

Jelly bean is full of beans loves to check every thing out

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We have a Special Cat looking for a Special home.

Hi, my name is Gracie and I am about 2 years old and I am a pure Seal Point Siamese.
I am very loved and cared for here , but would love to find my forever home.
I am very timid and it would take time for me to get to know and trust you.
I am independent and like my safe space , however I'm willing to give you purrs and pats in exchange for food. I LOVE FOOD.
I am living with other cats and a dog at the moment , the dog really likes me and does not worry me but one of the cats does not like me at all.
I have been outside to look around but I go back to my safe house for pats and food. I am learning to trust but I need someone who will allow me to do it my way and at my pace. I'd love someone to accept me as I am.
Ring Leonie 0458301370 if you would like to meet me. I would like to meet you
Adoption fee or Donation apply

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No photo for Toby


Toby love to explore in the garden

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No photo for Sally


Sally just loves to lay around in the sun doing nothing

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