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Sadie is just about one of THE best looking dogs we've ever seen. She couldn't get any better than this, she's just perfect! It's hard to believe she came from the pound, as she's one of the most uncomplicated dogs we've ever rescued. No sign of neglect, she was in great condition, and what you see is what you get with this lass. Not a bad bone in her body, she loves everyone and has a real will to please. Super intelligent, she picks things up with ease, and learnt sit, drop, shake, wait virtually overnight. She had no leash training when she arrived, and with her size and weight she was not a dog you wanted pulling you around, however with initial corrections she never pulls on walks, and heels perfectly now. Just a joy to roam the neighbourhood with. She is very dog social and has gotten on with every dog she's met. Great manners around cattle, and is learning self restraint when around chickens. She needs more work on this, but I'm confident that with time she could happily live with them. She doesn't show interest in the shelter cat, however has not been left unsupervised and I would not suggest this. A home without pocket pets is best (she is very keen on bunnies, and not in a good way). Sadie is perfectly house trained, she has never had an accident in the house.

Sadie has a super strong sense of smell, everything has to be sniffed and sniffed twice (and thrice!). She has learnt to sit and wait for her meals before being allowed to eat, to wait before leaving her crate in the mornings, to wait for you to walk through doors first, or be given the "ok" to leave the house when you open the door for her. It's important her new home continues enforcing these manners. She loves a good run on a large property and daily exercise is a must, but the rest of the time she is a couch potato. New homes must have a couch she can use, her favourite thing is sleeping through movies. Despite her size, she will be eager to accept couch time when offered, and will hop up next to you, make herself comfortable, then wrap both front paws around your chest while gently snoring. Sadie is a big, loveable sook!

This gal is a big dog, so a home without young children suits her best, simply because she'd knock them over in her excitement. Sadie has great recall (even leaving dogs barking on the other side of a fence if you ask her to) and she would love to be out working with someone all day. She is friendly to everyone, but will form a very strong attachment to one person in particular. Being so intelligent, she'd be the perfect pooch to take with you camping, to the beach, etc. She just wants to be with you and make you proud, while also being a bit of a goofball and making you laugh!

We're supposed to say we'd love Sadie to find a new home, etc etc. But in truth, she's welcome to be a member of our family for as long as it takes. If you're looking for a dog to "save", please see other rescues that might have more urgent dogs. We're committed to finding Sadie the best home for her, so if you don't like being screened and assessed, then we're probably not the right shelter for you. Sadie is one of a kind, not a "cheap, second hand rescue dog", and we won't treat her as such.

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Jojo And Mojo

Bunnies and guinea pigs are not the only animals looking for homes, meet Jojo and Mojo, a pair of gorgeous fancy doves. This pair enjoy cooing and eating all day. They are very sweet, gentle and friendly/peaceful. Jojo and Mojo are looking for a home together, preferably in an aviary (although they don't seem to mind living indoors atm)! A lovely pair of very easy going pets <3

Jojo and Mojo have been identified as Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl pigeons, which are quite rare in NSW. So it's bizarre that whoever has lost these birds hasn't come forward, or contacted the pigeon society. Already, Mojo is eating out of my hand, and they are a breed known for being friendly and easy to tame.These sweet feathered friends are looking for a pet home, where they can get spoilt and loved.

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Purcey was rescued from the pound. Although initially we thought Purcey might be a boy, we're now thinking more likely a girl, or a gay gander. So we're not certain about Purcey's gender (or sexual preferences). However it doesn't matter, this stunningly gorgeous goose is white with striking blue eyes. Purcey is very chatty, will gently take food from you hands, likes a pat, is easy to pick up, and is just all round great. However, Purcey needs a home with able bodied goose friends. She will pick on disabled geese, which is why she can't stay with our old, blind and lame girls here.

Purcey is such a love, we're looking for a very special home. You will need a water source, as she loves to have regular baths, a very secure and protected night time enclosure, a lot of space, and a lot of time to bond and become her best friend. She doesn't bother chickens and would be happy amongst them, but would love a gander friend to hang out with as well. She is quite protective of her flock, and doesn't mind telling strangers or dogs to get off her turf.

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Rodger is a stunning black and white Rex, with fur like velvet. Sadly, although he's been in the same home for almost 4 years, his family have found their circumstances have changed, so Rodger is looking for a new family. True to breed, Rodger is very *smart*, inquisitive and very loving. He is a free range bunny, however does sleep in an enclosure overnight or he can be a bit destructive, (boring being in the house while the humans sleep, you know.) He can be litter trained, as he was in his previous home, and he loves to sit on the couch and watch tv with you. He's a sociable man, but if the tv isn't on he'll happily find a sunny spot to sit in. Rodger is a perfectionist, so if you leave a shoe or something in the wrong spot, expect him to pick it up and throw it around until he gets your attention.

This very loving boy would be great in a home with older kids, or no kids, but as a rabbit should not be around very young, loud and unpredictable kids. A similar lifestyle to what he has been used to is what we are looking for. As soon as you meet this boy you know he is special, and you could literally pat him all day, he is so soft and luxurious!

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