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Prince Caspian And Crystal (Bonded Pair)

Caspian and Crystal were adopted from our shelter in 2013, however are now looking for a new home. This already bonded pair make a stunning couple, and are ready to join your family today.

Caspian and Crystal didn't get a lot of attention for a few years, so have turned more towards each other for companionship and aren't as focussed on humans as our other bunnies. This means they're constantly overlooked, and not being young isn't working for them either. They are happy with each other and we'd love to see a kind hearted soul open their home, so these bunnies do not live out their days in foster care.

Crystal is a very sweet girl, who like Caspian adores her food and sees treat time as the highlight of her day. They are always very keen to greet you at the door, hoping you'll have something yummy in your pocket. They love to rip newspaper, and have lots of playful energy! Although they're about 3yrs old, they still act like playful youngsters.

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Purcey was rescued from the pound. Although initially we thought Purcey might be a boy, we're now thinking more likely a girl, or a gay gander. So we're not certain about Purcey's gender (or sexual preferences). However it doesn't matter, this stunningly gorgeous goose is white with striking blue eyes. Purcey is very chatty, will gently take food from you hands, likes a pat, is easy to pick up, and is just all round great. However, Purcey needs a home with able bodied goose friends. She will pick on disabled geese, which is why she can't stay with our old, blind and lame girls here.

Purcey is such a love, we're looking for a very special home. You will need a water source, as she loves to have regular baths, a very secure and protected night time enclosure, a lot of space, and a lot of time to bond and become her best friend. She doesn't bother chickens and would be happy amongst them, but would love a gander friend to hang out with as well. She is quite protective of her flock, and doesn't mind telling strangers or dogs to get off her turf.

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Rodger is a stunning black and white Rex, with fur like velvet. Sadly, although he's been in the same home for almost 4 years, his family have found their circumstances have changed, so Rodger is looking for a new family. True to breed, Rodger is very *smart*, inquisitive and very loving. He is a free range bunny, however does sleep in an enclosure overnight or he can be a bit destructive, (boring being in the house while the humans sleep, you know.) He can be litter trained, as he was in his previous home, and he loves to sit on the couch and watch tv with you. He's a sociable man, but if the tv isn't on he'll happily find a sunny spot to sit in. Rodger is a perfectionist, so if you leave a shoe or something in the wrong spot, expect him to pick it up and throw it around until he gets your attention.

This very loving boy would be great in a home with older kids, or no kids, but as a rabbit should not be around very young, loud and unpredictable kids. A similar lifestyle to what he has been used to is what we are looking for. As soon as you meet this boy you know he is special, and you could literally pat him all day, he is so soft and luxurious!

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No photo for Priscilla


Priscilla is one of the most amazing rats you'll meet! We don't know where she came from, but when someone moved their outdoor dryer and found her sitting behind it, they recognised that this girl was not your average wild rat. Putting her hand down, Priscilla ran straight up her arm and sat on her shoulder. We've had a wonderful time getting to know Priscilla here at the shelter, she is just as special as she looks! So affectionate, so friendly, just the most amazing personality. Gentle, loving, fun. Not at all crazy, she's a sensible and polite girl, who I can't say enough good things about. There is literally nothing you could want to change on this girl.

As you may have noticed, Priscilla only has one good eye, but that doesn't hold her back in the least. Like all rats she has myco, although she isn't showing any symptoms at the moment. A very special home is required for this gem, with nothing but the best. She is currently using a ferret kingdom enclosure, and will need an equally luxurious set up in her new home. She loves her hammocks, beds, tunnels, toys, fluffy levels, igloos and makes the most amazing nests!

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Jojo And Mojo

Bunnies and guinea pigs are not the only animals looking for homes, meet Jojo and Mojo, a pair of gorgeous fancy doves. This pair enjoy cooing and eating all day. They are very sweet, gentle and friendly/peaceful. Jojo and Mojo are looking for a home together, preferably in an aviary (although they don't seem to mind living indoors atm)! A lovely pair of very easy going pets <3

Jojo and Mojo have been identified as Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl pigeons, which are quite rare in NSW. So it's bizarre that whoever has lost these birds hasn't come forward, or contacted the pigeon society. Already, Mojo is eating out of my hand, and they are a breed known for being friendly and easy to tame.These sweet feathered friends are looking for a pet home, where they can get spoilt and loved.

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Buzz was rescued from the pound several months ago, and has been spending time getting better after a growth was removed from her cere. She is a young and happy budgie, that would love an aviary or somewhere to fly and be with others of her kind. She's not hand friendly and would rather the company of birds than humans, but is a beautiful violet/blue colour, that would make a lovely addition for someone passionate about budgies.

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Sasha is our little poster child, he is so pretty you can just see him gracing the covers of every guinea pig magazine! Sasha was born to Satine on the 11th Oct. along with his siblings; Runty, Sophia and Little Ted.

Handled every day since being born, Sasha is a confident little popcorn machine, that loves to play with Big Ted and Little Ted (Little Ted has since been adopted). Sasha needs to go to a home with Big Ted as they are a bonded couple. He has a beautiful white belt/sash around his waist, making him striking and very recognisable. We just love this little boy! Sasha has one of the biggest personalities we've come across in a guinea pig. He always runs over for pats, and will happily sit while you pick him up gently, or crawl into your lap.

Like the other babies born into privilege at the shelter, Sasha is looking for an indoor home where he can continue getting the love and respect he deserves, along with being part of a family. Not left outdoors in the hot or cold, where his social nature is not recognised. A young couple looking for a sociable pet, or a family with very gentle children (10+) are welcome to apply.

For more information or to make an application please visit

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Big Ted

Big Ted was born to Wilma on 9th Oct, with his sister Miss Perfect, at the shelter. He's only ever known a kind hand, and as such is a sociable fellow who is easy to handle and has a love of life. Big Ted's mum was rescued from terrible conditions, and as such he was born very sick and blind. We worked very hard to save him as a tiny baby, and treated his eyes throughout the day to ensure he wouldn't stay blind. The medications and care worked, with his eyesight now 100%.

This boy is just gorgeous, and is currently living with Sasha. We are only considering a home that will adopt them both (see Sasha's profile). The 2 boys love a good game, and are popcorning and doing zoomies inside all day. They love to go outside for a play and nibble on the grass, but are used to coming inside every night to continue their antics.

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