No photo for Barry And Toby

Barry And Toby

Barry (grey nose) and Toby (the spunk) are two absolutely gorgeous boys in need of a loving home! This is Toby's second time in rescue, having previously been adopted from the RSPCA, so we'd really like to see him settled into a forever home. It is obvious that both boys have been very well loved and cared for. Toby in particular has personality plus! He launches himself at you, and just loves and needs to be around people. His previous family warn that he will quite literally jump off the sofa to land on you, so you'd better be ready to catch him! Barry is also a snuggler, so happy to sit and watch tele with you. He's the quieter, more thoughtful of the pair, whereas Toby just wants to be with you all day. An indoor home where they're part of the family is a must, as it's what they've been used to. They are clean, well mannered, healthy boys. Just gorgeous <3

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No photo for Patch


Patch is a bit of a surprise. After hearing how he came to be homeless, and arriving at the shelter late at night as a scared little boy, the last thing I imagined was that he'd come from a life of privilege and love. The very next morning after having settled in overnight, Patch showed a completely different side to him! He came straight over for pats, and amazingly, enjoyed being picked up and held. He is confident, in fact, he has confidence in spades. Not afraid of anyone here, perhaps the dogs should be afraid of him! He is a lovely little boy, that is very happy when everything goes his way. Namely, that you pat him. All day, whenever he wants, lol.

We won't go into how Patch came to be with us, but after looking at his background, I can see his previous family cared very much about him while he was with them. He is used to a very good diet, having free range of the house, playing with toys, using a litter tray, etc. More of a dog than a bunny, he is very smart, wants to keep busy, and is very affectionate when shown respect.

Patch's life came crashing down a while ago, but he is picking up the pieces and starting afresh. Now he just needs a new home where he can be loved and spoilt.

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No photo for Munchies And Snickers

Munchies And Snickers

Munchies (brown girl) and Snickers (white faced desexed male)

Munchies was listed for adoption very early this year, after she'd been dumped on the doorstep to a vet clinic. She only has one eye, but being the cheekiest and sweetest guinea pig, it wasn't long before she got adopted and found herself in a home with the very stunning Snickers. Sadly, their mum's situation has changed, and both piggies have been brought to the shelter to find a wonderful new home. And we mean wonderful... not average, but the best. Oh boy do I love these piggies.

Munchies is the loudest girl on the block, as soon as she hears me coming she is screaming at the top of her lungs, hoping for a treat to earn some silence. Heaven forbid you give a treat to another animal though, because she'll quickly drop what she has and continue screaming, in utter horror that you withheld more than her share. She runs over every time, and will happily sit while you pick her up. Same goes for Snickers, who just loves pats and being held. Oh, and chin rubs! These two just can't get enough attention (or food). They love to sit on your lap, or sit next to you when on the grass (preferably while eating and getting a chin rub, says Snickers). These guys couldn't be more perfect if they tried.

Snickers and Munchies are looking for a strictly indoor home (with playtime outside, supervised of course). No young, screamy kids. No one who will mishandle or be rough with them. They want all the luxuries piggies of their standing have come to expect. Beds, igloos, fleeces, fresh hay to burrow in, space to play, fresh veggies, etc. But most of all; love. Lots and lots of attention where they're made to feel as part of the family.

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No photo for Penelope Charlotte

Penelope Charlotte

Penelope-Charlotte was found as a stray, and even the staff that cared for her were amazed no owner came looking to find her! This girl has the most Fabulous ears, they're the biggest, floppiest, widest, soft ears we've ever seen on a bunny. She doesn't look like any Australian breed of bunny. She's too marvellous. With those great looks comes a great nature! She is friendly but also independent enough not to mind if you work during the day. Loving but not needy. She tolerates being picked up, but would rather have four feet on firm ground, thank you. Would make an excellent house rabbit, as she has not been destructive while at the shelter and is so amazing to look at. Photos don't do this girl (and those ears) justice.

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No photo for Sebastian And Julian

Sebastian And Julian

Sebastian (blue eyed white mini lop) and Julian (blue eyed brown mini lop) are brothers, that are looking for a new home due to no fault of their own. Their mum needs to return overseas, and not being able to take them, she called our shelter as a last option before taking them to be put down. These boys have been very spoilt and have never known hardship, living as free range indoor bunnies. So, their mum was very concerned that they could continue living in the luxury they've become accustomed to.

When Sebastian and Julian arrived, they were very confused and timid. They did not have much handling, but slowly they've settled in and the change in them has been extraordinary. They are great to pick up and cuddle now, Julian especially will come over to get pats and just loves the attention, however in a new situation he is the shyer one, while Sebastian will want to go for an adventure and explore. Their personalities have come out so much, and they are simply the most gorgeous pair! I just want to keep them and smother them in love forever, but reason dictates that being so highly adoptable, they need to find a great new home so another rescue can be saved.

It's not only their previous owner that has anxiety they find the best of the best homes, but also myself now. These boys have been used to a mature household, so we're not looking at homes with young kids as that would scare them. They need someone patient, who will let them come to them at their own pace, and not be impatient to have cuddles while they settle in. We basically want someone who can love them as much as we do. Obviously, indoors as part of the family is a must. The boys are well litter trained :)

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No photo for Bamboo


We were completely bamboozled (haha, get it?) when we found this stunning little girl at the pound! What a sweetie! She just loves her pats and is so small, and dare I say, a bit of a snob. Bamboo definitely likes to be the head in a relationship, and would be quite happy in a home with human slaves. If there is another bunny in the household, they would need to be very meek and mild. This bun wants ALL the head rubs, and isn't really into sharing her humans. She is just beautiful, and she knows it!

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No photo for Purcey


Purcey was rescued from the pound. Although initially we thought Purcey might be a boy, we're now thinking more likely a girl, or a gay gander. So we're not certain about Purcey's gender (or sexual preferences). However it doesn't matter, this stunningly gorgeous goose is white with striking blue eyes. Purcey is very chatty, will gently take food from you hands, likes a pat, is easy to pick up, and is just all round great. However, Purcey needs a home with able bodied goose friends.

Purcey is such a love, we're looking for a very special home. You will need a water source, as she loves to have regular baths, a very secure and protected night time enclosure, a lot of space, and a lot of time to bond and become her best friend. She doesn't bother chickens and would be happy amongst them, but would love a gander friend to hang out with as well. She is quite protective of her flock, and doesn't mind telling strangers or dogs to get off her turf.

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