No photo for Dorothy


Dorothy is a laid back easily pleased rabbit.

She is happy to explore your open spaces both inside and out.

She loves to have a good dig in a sandpit, so an area where she can do this would be fantastic.

She is not a cuddly lap bunny, but as she warms to you, she quite likes to have human company.

Dorothy is not bothered by chickens or dogs, in fact she has made herself quite at home with the chickens and on the hot days can be found sharing a nice cool dirt bath in the shade with them.

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No photo for Winston


Winston is a gorgeous snow white domestic bunny who was found on the street. He is a curious and playful boy that would love a good space to run around. He's quite happy to be handled and loves a pat - if you come bearing treats he will have a hard time deciding which he wants more. He would be best suited to a home with a single person, couple or family with older children.

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No photo for Chino


Chino, or Buns as he's often called, is bold and smart.

He's mainly
indoors and would suit a home with older kids or no kids. He's litter box
trained, so any room you keep him in, he knows what to do.

He gets along with chickens and dogs, and once you've bonded with him he'll get along
with you too. He loves his pellets for treats and running around the yard once every morning or evening, or both if the weather permits!

If he gets bored or lonely he'll chew through any wires he finds, so it's best to keep
them out of his reach and keep him entertained.

He would love a friend to play with, he's very lonely for a bestie, so
we'll be looking for a home who already have a rabbit or are planning on
having 2 eventually.

Chino has brought a lot of joy to our home, he will surely add a lot of fun to yours too!"

For more information, please text his foster carer on 0433 080 013

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Topaz is a pretty girl with big ears as she is a British Giant rabbit. They make good house rabbits. She gets on well with her 8 other siblings and is looking for her forever home. Topaz loves her greens and carrot. She is located in Bullsbrook

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No photo for Daisy


Daisy is a young British Giant bunny. She has a pretty soft coloured grey and white coat and lovely large ears. She has a curious nature and likes to explore. Daisy enjoys her greens and carrot. She came in with other bunnies so could suit a home with a male for company or be ok on her own when given daily attention. British Giant rabbits make good house rabbits and can be trained to use a kitty litter tray like a cat. She is located in Bullsbrook.

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No photo for Titan


Titan is a sweet boy with large radar like ears. He very curious and likes to explore. He came in with 8 other siblings (colours being white, blue and white, grey, agouti brown). Titan is a British Giant so will be a fairly big boy. They make great house rabbits. He enjoys his carrot and greens and gets on well with his siblings. Titan is doing fairly well with his kitty litter toilet training. He is located in Bullsbrook.

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No photo for Ted


Ted is a very curious boy who likes to explore. He is a British Giant and will therefore grow quite big. British Giant's make good house rabbits. Ted is one of 9 young British Giants looking for their forever home. His siblings are also white or blue or blue and white plus one is a brown agouti colour. All have the lovely bit ears. They all have lovely natures. Would suit a single person, couple of family with older children. They are located in Bullsbrook.

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No photo for Montana


Montana is a young girl who came in with her siblings Phoenix and Indiana. She is only around 4 months old and gets on well with her siblings so could be adopted to a home with another rabbit or should be ok on her own if given plenty of interaction and cuddles. She has been doing fairly well with toilet training. Montana is located in Bullsbrook.

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No photo for Sooty


Sooty is a British Giant rabbit which can make good house rabbits. She came in with some friend of her so used to living with other bunnies so could go to a home with a male rabbit or may be ok on her own. Sooty is located in Bullsbrook.

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No photo for Benji


Benji is a male dwarf rabbit with a black butterfly markings. He can be a little anxious around people when you approach his cage but once you have got him out he absolutely loves cuddles! He likes being alone and likes plenty of things to chew on. However despite this he is a lovely boy and would work well as being a family pet or he may enjoy being bonded with a single bunny!

Benji would love a space for himself indoors such as a puppy play pen and weather permitting he would like some time out in the sun.

Please contact us now if you would like to meet Benji!

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