No photo for Robbie And Jinx

Robbie And Jinx

Robbie is a playful, energetic rabbit who is the leader of the pack. Robbie would be best suited with a family with children as he would love all the extra attention. He is litter trained and has also been exposed to dogs and other small animals.

His brother Jinx (with the grey tips on his little ears) is a relaxed bunny, with a large appetite! He is usually the first one to the food tray. He likes his one on one time for hugs and especially a tummy tickle. He is litter trained and has also been exposed to dogs and other small animals.

Please contact us now if you would like to meet Robbie and Jinx!

No photo for Dew


Dew, this lovely lady is looking for a quiet home with or without another bun, she loves her oaten hay and treats.

Dew is litter trained already, so she is all set for her forever home!

Please contact us now if you would like to meet Dew.

No photo for Rizzo & G

Rizzo & G

These two are well travelled buns, Rizzo, an approx 2.5 yrs old male, was found on the highway in NT when his rescuer came across him and he travelled everywhere with them til they settled in Perth and found him a new friend, G, from RSPCA.

They have unfortunately had to continue their travels and felt it was too cruel to take these guys with them on the road especially after Rizzo had to have his eyes removed due to getting an infection in both eyes.

Rizzo gets around really well and relies on G, an approx 18 months old female, to keep him nice and clean as shes the affectionate one out of the two!

G loves to groom us as well and she love love LOVES her bed. This will go with them to their new home as I know she will settle well with it.

These 2 lovelies love being indoors so we would love to see them go to an indoor home!

No photo for Baudelaire


This mature man has had both a series of unfortunate names and events in his life! He was widowed twice quite recently and is still recovering after being brought in to us. Two name changes are quite enough, so we are looking for his permanent home now for the rest of his days.

He is approximately 7 years old, so no toilet training or baby issues to have to deal with for Baudelaire. He is easy to handle but loves to run, so will need a secure garden enclosure for outside time.

He is still pining for both his lovely wife buns, so if you have a more mature lady who would enjoy the company of a partner, please get in contact with us to meet him.

No photo for June


June is a pretty little lady, who is looking for her perfect, bachelor-free home. She was matched up with a fun loving dude, but his unkempt hairdo just grated on her, so she kicked him to the kerb. Since then, she has been living it up as a solo gal and loving it.

You can win her over by presenting her with her favourite treats - kale and cranberries are highly rated, as is Italian parsley. She does love her alone time, but she is an absolute delight to watch when she gets chance to run on your lawns.

She would be best suited to a more experienced bunny owner who is happy to let her come to them on her terms. Once she is in your arms though, she is happy to sit for a cuddle and is very easy to handle.

Ready to let this lovely lady capture your heart?

No photo for Max And Andy

Max And Andy

Max is a creamy, ginger tinged male rabbit. Max is quite the adventurer, but loves to be with his brother and sister rabbits. He would make the perfect choice if you couldn’t quite only choose one. He is litter trained and has also been exposed to dogs and other small animals.

Andy is a sweet little boy that loves a cuddle, he is very calm and quiet but curious. He is not as big as his brothers and sisters but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality.

Andy came to us with his mum and 8 siblings but he prefers to spend his time with his brother Max. He is litter trained and good with dogs and likes his routine of pellets in the morning and greens at night and hay to munch on throughout the day.

Please contact us know if you would like to meet Max and Andy!

No photo for Jayde & Ella

Jayde & Ella

Jayde and Ella are sisters who need a home where they will get lots of attention as well as freedom. Jayde is black with a white spot on her nose and is more outgoing than Ella who is completely black.

Ideally they would love to be housed inside so that they can get to know you and bond with you and go outside with you when you are home to supervise them as they are little escape artists but enjoy binkying outside in the sunshine.

They are currently living in a puppy playpen inside and are used to having a dog, cats and other bunnies around them as long as they have an area of the house that is their own that they can retreat to if need be.

No photo for Drift & Walker

Drift & Walker

Drift & Walker are a gorgeous bonded lop couple. Drift is a stunning REW (red-eye-white) bungirl and lets her man, Mr Walker, the stunning fluffball, do the greetings ... somebun can never be sure if you're a friend bringing food, right? ;)

Walker's main traits seem to be his extreme curiosity & cheekiness, whereas Drifty is the comfiest looking rabbit - always flopped & relaxed. She is doing really well and came out of her shell in her foster carer's home - enjoying pats and not being timid at all.

Due to Walker's beautiful coat, which will make him get too hot outdoors in summer, both bunnies are looking for a spacious indoor home with access to the occasional lawn time - you will be paid back with heaps of binkies! Walker's beautiful cashmere coat will also need regular brushing.

Did we mention food? Food is not a problem as long as there is enough of it! Both bunnies love their hay, greens and pellets - no fuzz! Besides a bit of paper shredding for their entertainment, both bunnies are quite clean and doing well with their litter training.

Please contact us now if you would like to meet these 2 cuties! Drift & Walker are a bonded pair and for this reason inseparable.

No photo for Xavier & Lolly

Xavier & Lolly

Xavier and Lolly are a bonded pair who are very inquisitive, curious bunnies. They love playing, cuddling up and grooming each other.
They enjoy cardboard boxes and tunnels and plenty of toys to chase around.

They would suit a home where they are able to free-range inside with a space they can have as their own to retreat too such as a puppy play-pen or dog crate.

Xavier and Lolly are cat social and whilst they are OK with dogs, they would suit a home with a calm dog. They are good with kids but they do not enjoy being picked up but rather prefer to be patted on the ground.

Xavier and Lolly are both vaccinated and sterilisation is included in the adoption fee, they love fresh grass and go crazy for their Asian greens! They cannot wait to meet you!

(Age - Lolly, 3 years and Xavier, 4 months)

No photo for Whitney ***On Trial In My New Home***

Whitney ***On Trial In My New Home***

Dear Whitney is super soft and needs grooming a couple of times a week to keep the excess floof at bay!

Whitney came into our hands recovering from a flyblown wound that needed extra flushing and a mini surgery to be extra sure the flesh wouldn't turn! Once given the all OK, she got spayed and vaccinated!

We would love to find Whitney an indoors home where she will be loved and well looked after. She's a Netherland cashmere, so she's quite small .